Arsenal v Leicester Review – Praise all round but trying to stay humble

Trying to remain humble, but the hype train is gaining pace by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, I’m trying to remain calm, but the way I felt about Arsenal is something I haven’t felt in 5 years at least! I saw a team that dominated a strong Leicester team, and showed a lot of maturity.
The obvious place to start is up front. I’m not religious but I believe in Jesus. The guy is absolute quality. That finish was outrageous. It tilted a tight game in our favor. The guy oozes class. His positioning in the final third was incredible.
That earned him his second goal, the assist for Xhaka, he had an open goal to get a hat-trick, and he was really disappointed to miss it and I like it. The guy doesn’t settle for second best. He took Leicester players on in a manner that reminded me of Alexis Sanchez. The last truly exciting player we had, until Jesus now.
There was another Brazilian in Gabriel Martinelli who was also sensational. His work rate and desire deserved his goal, which was brilliantly taken on his weaker left foot. I’m so happy he’s scored 2 goals in 2 games, because goals are the one thing that he needed to improve on from last season. And he is my favorite Arsenal player, but honestly right now, there are a few players I really like, again, something that hasn’t happened in ages.
Granit Xhaka I must say was really good. For me the weak link in our squad, but since Arteta moved him up the field, he’s suddenly scoring goals, making runs in the box and so on. I’d still like to get an upgrade there, but I will give credit when a player does well.
And the manager as well. I’ve been heavily critical of Arteta and Edu as well, but what they have done this summer is nothing short of good work. There was a shot of Edu sitting pretty in a fancy suit in the box and you could see the slight smirk on his face – that’s some smart business we did this summer.
All highlights of course will go to Jesus, but how good was Zinchenko today? I thought he struggled against Palace, but he was sensational tonight. Honestly if we buy another midfielder and a winger it will be a 10/10 transfer window.
I’ve been also watching the All or Nothing documentary and I must say Edu and Arteta are growing on me. Sure it’s directed in a way to make them look good, but I think people like to see things through emotional glasses and I’m a sucker for it. It makes you feel like they care more. Again, it’s directed, but the club finally is making an effort to connect with the fans.
And the Emirates crowd was sensational. The reaction from the fans to every Saliba touch after the own goal was 10/10. I thought he was actually great. The own goal sucked, but the way we reacted was so mature. Ramsdale immediately went up to tell him to keep his head up and how composed was he after that?
And how did we react? Immediately scored again. It took us less than 2 minute to score both times after they reduced our lead. I’ve seen us so many seasons where we concede and we are shaken. Today we were mostly in control.
The only thing that really bothered us were the long balls. Their 2 goals came from our full backs being up the field and our CB were left in a though spot, but if you watch it back, we were actually comfortable. The commentary on the game was totally anti-Arsenal biased as is the British media in general, but that’s because they are bitter.
I like it, we are moving in a forward direction. Those 2 games – Palace away and Leicester at home are arguably the toughest from our favourable 5 game run. In reality it is never that easy to win games, even against promoted teams as Liverpool found out against Fulham.
That said, expectations have risen and people expect that we will have 15 points when we go to Old Trafford. And after watching Brentford thrash United 4-0, dare I say it 18 points from 6 games is possible.
I’m happy people, and you should be too. Let’s go game by game, doing our talking in the pitch, just like we did today!

Watch Mikel Arteta on Arsenal 4-2 Leicester – Another good day for the Gunners….

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  1. Good one there @ Konstantin! We are progressing, long may it continue but we don’t have to be complacent. A few more strengthening in the midfield and the wings, then we should be competing comfortably.

  2. Off Topic..

    People have been predicting how Ten Hag at Man United is worth a few extra points just for being Ten Hag, a top top manager..

    I kept saying that he is going to have to go through the process Arteta / Arsenal have been going through since December 2019. Has a lot of deadwood to clearout. I don’t know if the Man United fans and owners will be patient enough to give him enough space / leeway to clearout and rebuild this team to his own speculations.. Their fanbase is even more entitled than ours, which is understandable..

    They are going to have many overpaid players lazying about. Will Ten Hag have the balls to cut them loose without causing divisions in the team and fanbase like Arteta? Pogba and Lingard are a good start for them I guess😊

    It looks like it’s going to be a very long bumpy road for Ten Hag. The same bumpy road we are still navigating at Arsenal..

    1. Exactly. Lots of parallels between Man U now and Arsenal a couple of years ago. We are benefiting from being patient, and Arteta & Edu being allowed time to build what we have now.

      1. it’s just two games played and the season is a long way to go to make such a bold conclusion. only at the end of the season we can assess our teams performance and achievements and see if we made any progress. Unless we are back in top 4 or win atleast one trophy, anything else isn’t progress IMO.

    2. What is happening with Ten Haag has made me see Arteta’s progress in new light. Was it the right approach? I will reserve judgement for the time being while monitoring both teams results.

      But it has certainly made me think.

    3. GOONSTER, OUR so called “bumpy road” was caused largely by such lazy coasting players as Ozil and Auba in his last two seasons. And before that , Walcott too, and Mykitaryan too later on under Wenger.
      They HAD to begot rid of and were.

      Pogba was another in this camp for United(or should that read Divided!)and he was sensibly ousted. They still have many lazy players and will suffer until and unless they are ALL ousted.
      In MANY teams, their are players who have great ability but who lack “balls” or the ability/desire to fight for the club that pays ALL PREM PLAYERS obscenely unearned and unwarrented salaries.

      I always stand for those who matter most to the clubs; the great fighters who give every last ounce of sweat and effort in the cause. We NOW have not a single first team player who is lazy and after many long years of Walcott, then OZIL and Auba, that is a very recent accomplishment at our club IMO.

      I credit the dynamic and demanding Arteta for this healthy state of being and contrast it to the last stagnating decade or so of Wenger, who was always FAR TOO SOFT on discipline and who allowed coasters and mercenaries to exist in our team .

      IMO, that hatred of coasters and those who refused to give their all, was the prime reason that both RvP and SANCHEZ wanted out and they were proven sadly right, in my view. Also such as NASRI, SAGNA and some others too.
      To logical thinkers like me, it is as plain as rain is wet, that unless ALL PLAYERS , ALL THE TIME, give their all, as ours are NOW doing, NO team stands a ghost of a chance of success.

      This is one , among other reasons, why I applaud Arteta and am convinced he is the right man for us.

  3. Haven’t watched the game yet but will be catching up later today.. Will watch the full match then give my opinion..
    It feels like there is a lot of optimism around the the club, in the stadium and majority of our fanbase..

    Hope Arteta does not disappoint this season..

  4. Damn good start, for sure. Now the Coach has got to get the second string up to or near the level of the starting 11. They need match mins. to keep them match fit. Never know when they might be needed…IJS

  5. Good review Konstantin, but then you spoil it by saying the commentary was totally anti Arsenal, what? All I heard was constant praise for our players, tactics and great football. Some people need to cleanse themselves of the stupid belief that no one likes us.

    1. I was trying to find an English speaking stream, but had to settle for an Arab one (not sure which country but BeIn Sports were the TV company)), and from what I could make out from the over the top excitement and the few English words (hat trick, player names) it was very pro Arsenal. Like you I find the media are fair with us and to be totally honest a team has to make its own press.

  6. I agree with you Konstantin. The team is gradually getting shape. Me too, an emotional critic of arteta and edu. But one can not but to say bravo to both of them. They did a good business in the summer. If they can get Tielemans and a winger to cover Saka and move Pepe on, that will be great.
    On Xhaka, a good game and has really improved. Though there are still flashes sluggishness in his game. Licester would have taken the lead all to his sluggish game.
    All the same, good game, good points. Congratulations to arteta and boys. We move!

    1. Don’t need Tielemens, I don’t know why we are linked to him and why some of the fans want him. He is not a defensive mid and he sucks at creating as well. I would rather see Xhaka moved to DM when Party is not available and Viera to play as deep play maker along him.

      1. Logic, I hav ebeen certain and have been saying for weeks that tth rumours linking us to Tielenans are barkingup the wrong tree. When these irritatingly prolonged and foolish rumours first bagan appearing, I think there was just a very small chance that Edu and MA were keeing YT as a third or fourth choice, fall back option and no more than that.

        But as the season drew nearer and we signed others but NOT Tielemans, it became obvious to proper logical thinkers like me and other Gooners , that there was no truth in the rumour.

        HAD we WISHED to have signed him , then by now we would have done so. We have not and will not.

        Though I DO think we are seriously still seeking a right winger and to move Pepe out, IF POSSIBLE.

  7. A team with one Jesus and 2,5 Gabriels will definitely take us to another dimension. Are we going to be unstoppable 🙏🔴⚪️

  8. I’m not a doubter anymore, Arteta is going to win the league with Arsenal within 2025. You red it here 14/08/22 COYG 🔴⚪️

  9. Very impressed with Martinelli, his pressing, his direct play, he should have the most dribbles of all our players so far this season, the right hand side not firing yet because we are not yet playing with a proper right back who supports the attack like Zinchenko does, white is mostly stuck at the back, since Tomi is fully back, hopefully we get to see the best of Saka and Ode again, what a good way to start the season. Diaby from lerverkusen would be a very good addition.

  10. Still so many things to improve on, ode needs to step up and Saka not yet seen his best the past two games butso far I’m impressed with what is on show and now that tomi , Tierney, smith are back Will be interesting to see how arteta manages the squad. He seems to be doing them so late in the game yet we are back to 5 subs, some Will say you don’t change a winning team but then now we have quality bench players

    1. Nah, who really need is Frankie de joong or Savic who would improve us Immediately.

      A player that sometimes will take the ball from Saliba and carries it all the way to Jesus.

      Marquee ball carrying midfielders

  11. ‘I’ve been heavily critical of Arteta and Edu as well, but what they have done this summer is nothing short of good work.’
    They are proving me wrong

  12. I am seeing a lot of fair weather fans. Finally, cynical naysayers are coming round. However, it is easy to come out and say positive things when the team is doing well.
    The challenge for a true supporter is when the team is struggling or has set backs.
    Many of those now saying they trust the process were insulting and deriding the manager and any of us who felt that Arteta and Edu needed more time to transform the squad.
    It will be interesting to see the comments when we drop points which we eventually will.

    1. Oh dont you worry David, i and others wont let you down. I bow to you and many more for being model supporters.✌

    2. I wonder wether utd fans think their fans should be “fair weather” fans or wether they should say what they think. I know i would be upset with anyone who just accepted their situation, if i was a utd supporter. I do have an opinion of so called self appointed super fans but truth is, there are no such fans, in the real world. We are all fans and we all have opinions. Respect that, it will make you and anyone a better fan and person.

      1. @david a lot of fans frustration with the manager comes from the fact of how we blew 4th when it was ours to lose

        1. Palmer, yes you are right and the truth is that we blew it. I set my goals for Arteta (they were not unattainable at all) and he failed. I judge on what i see not what i hope i see. Why should anyone tell me i am right or wrong in what i think, when i dont follow their ideals. And what gives them the right to judge me?
          I have always said and stand by it, i am an Arsenal fan first, when Arteta achieves something, i will be an Arteta fan second. When Arteta has gone, i will still be an Arsenal fan.

          1. Totally agree with you reggie. The big frustration for me last season was losing 4th especially from the position we were in. And sometimes I think some fans forget it happened and just jump on the fact we’ve started this season so well. I’m absolutely buzzing for this season on current form but think we still need 2 players in. A top drawer MF and competition for saka. Not one person has the right to judge you my friend but a lot think there entitled to do so. I love banter and a good talk about our great club and I believe what I believe not what others think i should believe.

            1. Yes Palmer, we have started great and thats exciting but im not yet going to say, ok we beat Palace and Leicester, we’ve cracked it. Im sorry i need more than that.

            2. @Palmer17
              Most Arsenal fans are frustrated by the way we finished the season. Like a number of other fans I was concerned about the thinness of the squad and expressed this view. However, that did not mean I would automatically call for the manager to be sacked if we did not take that fourth spot as some were were doing.
              A number of fans continue to contend that they are within their “rights” to demand the sacking of a manager if the manager does not achieve their arbitrarily determined “goals’. Others such as me feel that this is unreasonable given the circumstances in which we are competing.
              It is worth noting that this does not mean one cannot criticise the team or the manager.

  13. Yes Konstantin I saw Edu in his pretty suit and most noticable that smirky little grin across his face.
    He has got his act right and he knows it.

    For a person who had call for the club to employ Chelsea Marina Granoskaia in the pass I must admit Edu struck gold with the two Man City additions,

  14. Hmm.

    Man Utd sold Henderson, their backup keeper, and De Gea suddenly reverted back to his old “oopsy” form.

    Arsenal sell Leno, and suddenly Ramsdale can’t keep his legs together.

    Ramsdale was fraying around the edges towards the end of last season. Let’s hope he fixes these problems ASAP, or, without Leno, we might well be in trouble.

    As far as our current form goes:

    We played well against Leicester, but they are team very much like Arsenal. They are not daunting in their tackling.

    I watched Spurs against Chelsea today, and they were both quite uncompromising in midfield.
    I still feel we are a trifle week in the middle, and quite slow in some places (Xhaka and Zinc) for example.

    If we are to miss out on 4th this season, I believe it is because the smug looking Edu might not have fixed the one glaring hole in our Fabric, a top class DM!!!

    A 19 year old winger may look sexy, but we have enough sexy in the team already.

    What we need a little bit more SOLID!!!

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