Arsenal v Liverpool – A game of two halves and suicidal defending

It was a crazy night at the Emirates with both Arsenal and Liverpool giving a very clear lesson in ‘how not to defend’ in a Premier League game. Arsene Wenger sent out an attacking 4-3-3 formation side and he obviously wasn’t very interested in defending and left the ageing Monreal and Koscielny to deal with the amazingly fast Liverpool attackers. This was not such a good idea, especially in the first half when we could easily have been 3-0 down if it hadn’t been for both Sane and Salah missing easyish chances.

This is how Arsene Wenger described it: ““I would say it was a nightmare [for us] in the first half,” he said after the game, “but I was very proud of the players in the second half.

“We showed quality, character, gave everything and overall, I must say, what can you say? Mentally we were not at the level in the first half, you could see incidents of the Manchester United game here where we had the bad start.

“Overall we played too deep, too far from each other, but we were much more compact in the second half and after that we are even frustrated in the end because we were 3-2 up and could have won the game.”

Wenger may feel frustrated but that was only because Klopp’s side were just as bad defensively as we were and they somehow managed to let us score three goals in the space of six minutes to gain an unlikely lead, before getting back an equalizer before the end.

It was brilliantly exciting for the fans and it could have ended 5-5 with the amount of errors at the back that could have ended up in the net. Petr Cech was excellent and took charge of all the set pieces practically on his own, but there was very little he could do about the goals, which were unstoppable.

If Wenger and Klopp had agreed to put on a night of entertainment, then they could not have planned it better, but with suicidal defending like that there is little chance of either of their teams getting anywhere near the Premier League trophy. We will just have to be happy with the entertainment I guess…



  1. Waal2waal says:

    I would swap the entertainment “element” every time for the simple ability to etch out a win or hold on to the lead. i wouldn’t exactly call last nights debacle entertainment but rather its a display of the frustrating inconsistency of a team that urgently needs replenishing, revamped or renewed.

  2. Davin says:

    Walcott and sed should both have started that match…
    Walcott is better playing 7 and more of a threat than Iwobi who in turn should have played centre…

    1. SAMF says:

      The headless chicken

  3. miker says:

    Entertaining for neutrals. Frustrations and heartaches for fans of both sides. Who wants klopp to replace Wenger. I sure am not.

    1. jon fox says:

      I would gladly have my cat take charge of Arsenal in preference to Wenger. The man has gone from being below par around 10 years ago to a poor manager about 7 years ago to a sick and alarming joke this last five seasons. He has as much chance of organising a good defence as Monaco has if China or USA invaded. He neither cares not wants to care about defence . This is why we have the farce of not one, NOT ONE, outfielder up to the job in the entire club, since Koscielny has also joined the ranks of the shamateur defenders this season,. He WAS our only decent defender, but no more. A man who disses the whole concept or necessity for a tight defence, as Wenger has done for a full decade(or even more, in truth) should be drummed out of top level football and sent to manage on HACKNEY MARSHES, DIVISION 8, where he will find his Utopia, teams playing like Arsenal defence. In the name of God, GO WENGER! TODAY! Ready for promotion Tiddles?

  4. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Errors upon error for both side,

  5. ks-gunner says:

    It was a pathetic game played by both teams. Shame how much we and Liverpool have fallen. Liverpool do have only 1 worldclass player and two who are very good. That one player will be soon off. Where Arsenal has 2 where both of them want to leave soon. Which leaves Arsenal and Liverpool with mediocre players.

  6. Me says:

    It is clear that there needs to be massive changes at Arsenal.
    The whole defense needs to be replaced – our defending was shocking.
    Our central midfield needs to be replaced as they offer little in terms of anything.
    Most importantly of all the manager simply has to leave – Arsenal are not improving at all. In fact, they are showing a steady decline.
    Someone needs to grow a pair of balls and ask Wenger to leave.
    It is way beyond him to revive Arsenal’s fortunes.
    He has simply run out of ideas and his tactics are non-existent…

  7. Sue says:

    I hope we buy a couple of defenders next month!!!

    1. jon fox says:

      Is that all ? We need about 10, a whole team of them plus virtually a whole new midfield. But most of all we need all the pathetic jokes making decisions at board and managerial level, as far from our club as possible. The owner too, if anyone can find him!

  8. omotosho dare says:

    though sanches scored ,dont forget too quickly that he is becoming a liability ,he was responsible for liverpools draw.we would have won.all i just want is a good defensive midfielder,a good winger,and a playmaker someone like david silver or fabregas,

  9. Break-on-through says:

    I enjoyed watching Lacazette getting a bit emotional and urging players on, in particular Alexis and Ozil. It was a great feeling pulling ahead like that but I don’t think there is an Arsenal fan around that thought we would go from strength to strength onwards from there. Amazing how easily we crumbled after coming back. Alexis loses ball, defenders in panic mode, then Cech of all people punches the ball in. There was too much wrong in that game to take any real solace from it. Wenger just froze after we sneaked in front, afraid to touch anything in case it all backfires,. Kolasinac, Elneny, Welbeck, or Chambers, could have helped us see it out if brought on for the right people and were given instruction to break the rhythm of game and waste time when needed.

  10. RSH says:

    Two comedy clubs, but at least Klopp has some goal in mind. Arsenal have none. They are directionless and just declining and nobody is doing anything about it. Board are completely satisfied with the club sinking along with Wenger. It’s such a shame. Entertaining, yes, but also another embarrassing show in terms of quality on both sides. Mignolet’s Goalkeeping is pub league level, and Cech’s is only a level above. And let’s not even get started on Arsenal “defending”

  11. Avenger says:

    I wish to all the fans who join the discussions
    in this Forum a nice and peaceful Christmas

  12. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    A great exhibition of why both clubs won’t challenge for the EPL title in the near future!

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