Arsenal v Liverpool Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

So at last the first game of the season is upon us, and at least Arsenal have the benefit of playing at home where we rarely lose. Obviously fitness and injuries are always an issue in the early stages of every season, but it is the same for everybody and Wenger usually gets his preparation spot-on.

As Wenger said: “I’m very happy with the way we have prepared,”

“I felt the quality of preparation was there, the focus was there, the team spirit is there and the way we want to play football is shared by everybody.

“The players nowadays come back very fit compared to 15 years ago. There are no overweight people, the prevention, the work rate and rest is there. Their fitness level is quite good when they come back.

“They benefit from the fact that we finished well last season so the confidence is high. Some players also had a good experience at the Euros so their confidence level is quite high.

“It was a very positive [pre-season] overall, but now we want to transform all that work into points and that is a reality on Sunday that we have to catch straight away.

“We are full of hope, full of ambition and we are very focused to start well. We have a very intense game straight away with Liverpool, these games are always very unpredictable. We try to prepare well to be ready.”

So, although we will be without Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny and Mertesacker, the players that will be on the pitch have been training and playing together for the last month, except for Sanchez, but we know he will hit the ground running anyway!

I am expecting Holding and Chambers to take centre-back duties, but I also expect them to have extra protection from the debutante Granit Xhaka and Francis Coquelinto tryand keepthe pressure off. Monreal and Bellerin will continue on the flanks. I’m wondering if Cazorla or Ramsey will take the Ozil role, but I’m going for the Spaniard – with Ramsey on one wing and Sanchez on the other. Wenger is desperate for Walcott’s confidence to return soI think he will be thecentre-forward.

So here is my line-up prediction, although I know Wenger will probably mix and match during the game (well with 20 minutesto go anyway!)

Cech; Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Monreal; Coquelin, Cazorla, Xhaka; Ramsey; Sanchez; Walcott

It is not anywhere near our strongest team, but I expect our focus to be on protecting the young defenders, and going for our trademark breakaway goals.

Predicted Score

A conservative 2-1 to the Arsenal

What do you think of this team to start the season?



  1. It depends largely on how our young CBs hold up
    We will be at a disadvantage by not having Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny but we can still win.
    I think it will be a close match

    We need to win this match because we should have a strong start to the season if we want to be in the Title race.

  2. What will happen if we play Kos or what is the meaning of all this extended break????

    The fact is that,even if we play our strongest 11, winning is not certain,and here we are with a very light CB pairing that doesn’t instil confidence against any opposition talkless of Liverpool.

    Apart from the defence, I have no worries, I think it will 3-2 in our favour…coyg!

  3. I dunno if anyone noticed it, but most of the players that got to the semis at the Euros are already playing for their teams, Sagna got to the final and played against us in pre-season…

    Ramsey played last at the Q/final and is already back, so why can’t Kos play today and rest again throughout the week????

    Afterall,he is a CB and Cbs don’t run much, Wenger is permitting too much nonsense,this won’t make our playerrs toughen up at all, he can even come off after we have own the match…I just don’t us to lose our opening game again….

    1. Because Kos was injured in the final and he played 120 minutes. I believe it is a ‘pick your battles’ scenario.

      1. And isn’t it up to 3weeks now that the final has been played

        And moreover,if Wenger had signed a CB after Mert’s injury would we even suggest Kos to play????

        1. Can’t argue with the fact that we haven’t signed a CB. That cost us valuable experience at the back. As for Kos, you don’t want to repeat what we did with Sanchez. I would be very surprised if Wenger would field Koscielny today.

  4. 2-2 Draw

    Mane & Coutinho
    Alexis & Ramsey

    Bellerin Chambers Nacho Gibbs
    Xhaka Santi
    Alexis Walcott Iwobi/Ox

    They will attack & close us down constantly, we have to be able to counter quickly, though hold our defensive line. Going to be a tough game. This will show us where we are at in terms of being ready for the season, still need CB (Mustafi) & ST (???). Would love us to win this but with really no senior CB we are in trouble!

    1. also think monreal might play CB … with ox on the wing … our opening games have often disappointed even with full team so you never know but 2 – 2 is a reasonable prediction … walcott and ox will need to up their work rate for sure

  5. I really want us to win today’s game but am also afraid what that will translate to in Wenger’s mind. If we win, he might see no need for us to sign a striker or a defender, if we lose we start playing catch up. Aaargh….

  6. As long wenger doesn’t get any funny idea’s about playing Debuchy as an CB.?? and I would rather see Iwobi playing in Ramsey’s place!… As if!

    Anyways, I’m sure that a few eyebrows will be raised when the team sheets are announced. ?

      1. Are you sure it was last Season? ?
        I can’t remember Debuchy playing well at all, last season!

  7. —————————– Cech
    Bellerin — — Holding —–Bielik —— Monreal
    —————– Xhaka ——– Elneny
    —- Iwobi ———— Cazorla ———- Sanchez
    ————————— Walcott

  8. —————————– Cech
    Bellerin — — Holding —–Bielik —— Monreal
    —————– Xhaka ——– Elneny
    —- Sanchez ——- Iwobi —– Cazorla
    ————————— Walcott

  9. Have the back play organized, have our attack keep possession like we usually do and fight for the ball after any lost possession and we should be fine.

  10. If Wenger has any sense, he will start with the same line up that started the second half of the friendly game against City! ? ?

  11. Anything could happen
    in today’s game.
    I’d say it’s 50-50.
    Might just come down to
    luck or a ref decision.

  12. Enough of the “we have to be positive bull****” we are going to get hammered, end of

    Holding & chambers what an absolute joke

    Deluded fans thinking that the likes of Countinho, Mane, Lallana are average and if Sturridge starts then them 2 centre bks are going to be ripped apart possible career ending.

    Who are we expecting to score Walcott lol assists by who Ramsey ?? People getting carried away because he played half decent in the euros with a team who parked the bus and gave some assurances when ever he lost the ball, are we going to do that???

    If Wenger has any sense which he hasn’t the deluded fool n he will pick his faves Ramsey Walcott ox etc

    This is the team who might have the slightest chance today

    Bellerin Debuchy Holding monreal
    Xhaka El Neny
    Campbell Santi iwobi

    Atleast you have some defensive cover for the young lad in cdm and Campbell, Sanchez workrate

    But no
    This will be Wenger lineup
    Bell holding chambers mon
    Xhaka Santi
    Ox Walcott Sanchez

    Soo predictable it’s untrue

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