Arsenal v Liverpool review – Unlucky defeat in 7 goal thriller

Arsenal were made to pay the ultimate price for not making the most of a dominant first half performance, because Liverpool drew level on the stroke of halftime withg some help from a soft free kick from Referee Michael Oliver. The second half went badly wrong with three quick Liverpool goals. Arsenal hit back with two but ended up on the wrong side of a 4-3 scoreline.

It was a funny old first half, with Liverpol not really pressing us or playing with the intensity that we have come to expect from a Jurgen Klopp team. At the same time, though, Arsenal were not as crisp or incisive with our passing as usual, but we should still have gone into halftime in the lead.

THeo Walcott let the visitors off with a poor penelty after winning the foul from the hapless Moreno. He made up for it just a minute later with a crisp finish and he should have had at least one more as the Liverpool left back was all over the place. A couple of times he made great runs but the pass was overhit.

And just to add to our disappointment at the break Coutinho scored a wonderful free kick into the top corner from distance which Cech could not get near, Replays showed that the award of the foul on Holding was super soft and so the Gunners were left cursing our luck again because Coquelin and Elneny had done a great job of helping the weakened back line cope with everything until then.

It was no surprise that Liverpool were boosted by that and they were much better in the second half, cutting through Arsenal at will and blasting into a 4-1 lead. The Gunners made it a bit easy for them though, as we were knocked back and did not really get going after the break, un til the Ox came on for Iwobi and made it 4-2 to spark a fightback.

Chambers then made it 4-3 by heading in a Cazorla feee kick but it was then a frustrating 10 minutes with lots of time wasting and the run of the ball seemingly always against us. The upshot of it all is that Arsenal and Wenger are already under pressure and desperately need to win away at Leicester next weekend.

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    1. Guys what just happened in the second half ? Where was the defence. I saw the game and it looked chambers was all over the place. Did a lack of chesion between the cbs do us in ?

      2 other things are clear to me
      – cazorla has to play cam and no one else ( specially not Ramsey)
      – Sanchez as lone striker wont work. Its just not his game

      1. the gameplan was the problem, not Chambers. I thought he did pretty well honestly. Monreal was too far forward for no reason way too many times. Why are we doing that when we know we have two inexperienced CB’s??? And Elneny is useless, sorry. I don’t see what he adds to the team besides basic passes anyone can make. I think we can all agree Xhaka should’ve started. Coquelin + Xhaka would’ve been the obvious thing to do. Both can defend and tackle, and Xhaka has the creative spark in deep positions… Elneny is just a sideways passer.

        1. I agree with Elneny part- I think he is more in the team to keep things tight and clean. Going forward we will definitely see him as a backup player unless someone is injured.

          On the Chambers bit- he got away with a few wayward passes in the first half too. Gutted with the fact that he has never stepped up when we need him to. He makes way more silly mistakes than you would expect from a class CB ; with him you always sense that a mistake is just round the corner. Not the best way to build confidence in the backline. Anyways gutted by the performance. 10 years running as an Arsenal fan and its the same frustration every damn season!

          1. Koscielny was also pretty $%&$ when he started, it took him a few seasons to adjust, the same applies to Chambers. He’s young and barely gets game time so you can’t expect him to play like an experienced CB, not every player is an early bloomer like Bellerin.

      2. The opening game proves Wengers intention to use Sanchez and Wallcot as CF a failed tactic.. Last year he spent less than £ 20’million and so far he spent less than half of what Pogna costs Man Utd.. I think the world should ban the University from where he took his economics degree.. Coz he doesnot really know what is investment…

        1. Last summer we spent £47.3m on player transfers, so that includes cech but not elneny.(source, financial statements on

          Cech was about £10m, the other £37m was deferred payments to existing players old clubs. These deferred payments were why we only bought cech last summer. To buy anyone else would have required dipping in to cash reserves, and Kroenke does not allow that!

          1. I am talking about expense on new purchase, not deferred payment… Every big club would also bear this type of liabilities…

      3. Only in Wengers deluded mind Sanchez can play as a lone striker, I bet he plan these schemes to show how good is OG and that he is right….this game just proves one thing that most of our players are not WC but they are good the problem is when you play them out of position, Walcott looked dangerous and yes he missed the PK but scored a beauty of a goal an was always up to something, OX came and also scored a beauty….Xakha still needs a lot of play time yto adjust to the EPL….does not look good but definitely expected.

    2. Only good thing from today is we are 1 match closer to the end of the season. Then i hope we will be looking for a top class manger !!!!!!!!!!!! Thats if he lasts that long !!!!!

    3. Another season, same story, delusional wenger talking fairytales. We need new manager, thats only truth.

    4. we wrre lucky pool defense relaxed up 4-1 to allow us to make it look close. they came out after half time, klopp adjusted like the pro he is, and they shredded our defense

    1. Yup, Chambers scores. He played striker just now because who needs 4 defenders when holding is enough. His name needs no convincing. Chambers will now mould into a goal machine. What a revelation.

      1. the next in line to break henry”s record.what a superb performance!!!!! Rivals beware !!!!market closes at aug 31st ……Grab him for Free (Walcott included )…..

  1. UNLUCKY to concede 4 goals in 15 minutes? Jesus Christ get some help for your delusion.

    We were outplayed by average players (I dare anyone to call Lollana, Coutinho or Mane nothing more than above average).

    Did Wenger molest the players on half time? Is that why they didn’t even try? Wenger sat on his bench looking like a idiot while Liverpool practically walked the ball in.

    Now that we “came close”, he’ll think we were a bit naive at the back and MR Cohesion is coming for the next match. Here’s something for Wenger:

    Pep, Jose, Klopp and most likely Conte = 3 points.
    Arsene FC = 4 goals conceded at home

      1. @Tidan2,

        Coutinho turns up for 4-5 matches a season. Ask ANY Liverpool fan (their words, not mine).

        Mane is known for his inconsistency. Last season he went on for +15 matches without scoring.

        Because of their horrible inconsistency, they are truly average (like our Walcott).

      2. Coutinho is known for doing nothing but coming out of nowhere and scoring nice goals. And he only does that every few months. He’s average, and today was one of his days. Don’t be fooled.

      3. They are hardly Messi and Suarez though are they ! They’re obviously better than our defence. I’m f-ing sick of it, year in year out we are associated or linked with so many players and F-all happens, Wenger, you do realise that you get 8 million a year from Arsenal FC, do you earn it ? I don’t think so. Open the wallet and go all out for top players or open the door and f*** off.

  2. Best result in my opinion…
    If we had won Wenger might have said we’re strong enough….
    Hopefully that forces him to show his hand in the transfer market
    At the moment, we’re just not good enough!

    1. @Twig,

      trust me: this is the worst result.

      Not because we lost, but because our comeback was “close”.

      4-5 to 1 thumbing would’ve got Wenger to go panic mode. Now you can just expect MR Giroud, MR Cohesion and MR Naive-at-the-Back.

    2. Agreed but you know what getting anything now of quality is almost impossible. We definitely will end up getting mustafi but why did we delay it for so long. Pay the fu**ing 30 m and integrate him into the team.

      Get ready for more excuses from wenger. The iwobi guy must start shooting. We need to shoot more often. Holding looks ready and Chambers doesnt ( what a pity)

    3. certainly if we loose next eeek to LC, this will become a panic, tho he may say he was misding kos, mert, ozil and the goat

        1. Apparently even your spell check knows Mr Giroud is the “greatest of all time ” (goat). Arsene is that you in there??

  3. As a AKB it pains me to say – but he has to go now. The whole of preseason has been a farce and he should’ve seen this coming.

    He is the expert but sadly he no longer sees this coming anymore………

    1. Nobody has ever wanted Arsene to fail, he’s done so much for the club, but it’s ridiculous and has been for a while!!! I really wish he left after FA Cup, it would’ve redeemed his legacy. But this is just silly now!

  4. How many other managers get bood off by their own fans so often and still keep their job.. It’s like the people running the club have no shame what so ever.

  5. Please admin, allow me to insult Arsene Wenger. I think the man is a specialist in failure. What more does the fans in England want to see before they kick him out. Buy us a defender when the whole world saw that we needed one and what did he do? He let us get humiliated once more. He is the most arrogant and stupid manager in the league. Please admin ,,,u can ban me now. Thank u

    1. Actually you haven’t insulted him that bad, Wenger the failure deserve much more humility. He can take a lot of insult and shame as long as he is still securing 8mil per year.

      1. @RVP,

        ask that from the executives at Emirates..

        Don’t they take down all the Wenger OUT banners..?

        Wenger’s a dictator!

        1. I was just talking about this site. But like I said in another post – Emirates was toxic today………

          1. It’s funny how the cries of ” spend the f’ ing money” stopped as soon as The Ox scored that spectacular goal!! ?

            Hey, the Vaseline came to good use in the end, by butt doesn’t hurt as much as I thought that it would.

            I can’t wait to hear Wenger’s bull? even though I can imagine him taking the positives of scoring 3 goals against the Scouser’s lol
            I was going to say ” Let the panic buying frenzy, begin” but no doubt Wenger will wait to see what happens at Leicester first.

            Like I said before, we are heading for the worst season under Wenger!… he will get the Tin – tac by Christmas!

            1. Here we Go. … ?

              Arsene Wenger made the extraordinary claim that Arsenal are not ready for the new season after they slumped to a crushing opening day loss to Liverpool.

              The Arsenal manager left out three of his certain starters in Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny; the trio only returned to pre-season training last Monday due to their Euro 2016 exerts.

              However, Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey – who later limped off with a hamstring injury – did start the 4-3 loss despite having just two weeks of training under their belt. Alex Iwobi also limped off with a thigh injury.

              Speaking last Sunday after their pre-season win over Manchester City in Gothenburg, Wenger said: ‘I feel we could see we played together for a while, physically we look ready.’

              But Wenger changed his mind after watching his team lose for the third time in four opening day matches, saying: ‘We are not ready physically.

              ‘When will we be ready? I don’t know. We have to be ready next week because we go to Leicester.’

  6. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…. This team needs a striker. Sanchez isn’t a lone striker. If you want him to be a striker then you have to play him with another striker. More like playing a 442 formation…Most of our players do miss PK. We need to address this. Entertaining game for the neutrals but hope Wenger learns and get the players we need or adjust your formation. More like playing to players strength.Arsenal have now lost 6 of their first games in last seven years….Looking like a long long season.

    1. Why are we waiting for wenger to learn is it now wenger university where we will always hope he learns.this is now getting to an unbearable point.this guy is done he has tainted his legacy.sadly he will be remembered for his failings failings and failings

    2. The season is over already before even it starts. When you have arrogant and stubborn manager who doesn’t see what the team need. He doesn’t even know what he has.

    3. I think one thing we know for sure now is that Wenger will not learn from his mistakes. He like an addict who won’t admit he’s got a problem. You can’t learn if you don’t think you’ve ever done anything wrong.

    1. l dont usualy drink but after that im having 8
      l cant believe what i seen i just cant what the beep happened for 15 mins of second half was like no one cared they gave up and liverplonks goals were not that great (except free kick) all couldve and shouldve been stopped before they began was a lack of fight or something i dont know all i do knnow im ashamed of that 15 mins

      1. I agree.
        I seriously believe that Klopp had a serious word with the players at half-time, as he was all during the first half.
        Wenger probably just said “carry on you are doing well”
        The big thing that annoys me is Wenger does not stand on the touchline shouting like all other top managers….

  7. Lessons from today:
    1: We need a second striker, better or not than Giroud, a striker is a MUST.

    2: We need a new experienced outstanding defender asap.

    3: Iwobi is going to be of great impact this season.

    4: Sanchez should never play striking again.

    1. Biggest lesson from today was that points get sacrificed for money. He could have bought but continued to wait for his transfer day deadline bargains and sacrificed points for that.

      1. Biggest lesson dont give bleeping up after u let a goal in im still in shock.
        2 cans down 6 to go hope i forget today altogether.

    2. With regards to 4) I wonder what the coaches tell him? What exactly is happening in the training ground? Does nobody shows him videos of how the no. 9 role should be played? Is a) You’re the main man Sanchez, stay in the box so your midfielders can find you and b) You don’t have to chase every single ball, the midfield will take care of it. Save your energy for finishing off moves not easy enough instructions to follow?

    3. Cut it to the chase lesson learned we need a new MANAGER doesn’t matter who you buy or how much you spent….Liverfool is miles away from us however after the break they came for the kill …deja vu anyone on those 15 minutes they massacred us just as Suarez and company did….It is just beyond absurd that every year we keep writing the same stuff, the Man needs to go end of story

    4. Sanchez playing striker does not make any scenes!

      We all know Sanchez is WC at wing but average at CF, so playing Sanchez at CF is like selling a WC player and buying an average player, it does not make scenes!

  8. Wenger is no longer a winner. He’s a top 4 manager. That’s all he’ll ever be with us. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a champion anymore. If you’re happy with that then more power to you. I’m not, I want him out.

  9. I’m impressed that we got 4-3 considering that we only have 2 defenders. Wait… Who am I kidding? I’m devastated.

  10. And by the way, now it is 100% clear for me:

    Our players CANNOT cope with any kind of pressure. ONE win today and we would’ve been top of the table, but no. One goal conceded and the flood gates are open.

    And when it’s 1-4, the pressure is off, mind as well try to do something fancy and guess what? We score 2 more.

    Just enough to look like we actually had a chance (we didn’t). Just enough for Wenger not to go panic mode.

    And by the way: Lacazette scored a hat trick today. That in addition to our invisible strikers: price tag + £50 millions.

    Out shattered defense today: Mustafi’s price tag + £30 millions.

    1. it’s why we can’t win the league. We are mentally weak. All of Wenger’s teams have been since Invincibles era ended. That mentality will never leave no matter what players we get until Arsene himself goes.

    2. Oh Wenger, he become not only specialist in failure to win league but also failure in transfers. But who cares he is still making 8.5 mil per year, a lucky old man.

  11. we were outplayed by a former southampton team
    We need to stop overrating players.
    Today i have witnessed the specialist in failure at his finest

  12. We need a striker as well as Giroud. We need a striker for heavens sake Wenger and a quality CB.

    This result is embarrassing because if you would of bought correctly and used the right tactics it could of been avoided.

  13. xhaka is a disaster just waiting to happen . he is going to cost us very dearly this season , he is a walking time bomb.

    1. Xhaka is not worth 34 million in transfer fee and 120,000 weekly wages. That money should have been spend on a striker, Elneny is a defensive midfielder in the same mold as Arteta and his better than Xhaka, Coquelin is also better than Xhaka. But suprisingly, Arsenal fans sees it differently, halfway through the season when Arsenal fans sees Xhaka stuck on the bench as a squad player they will realize his a waste of money.

      The problem with Xhaka is this, he tend to sit deep in his own half allowing the opposition players time and space to get a good run on him and hence test his sluggish acceleration and pace, his also not prepared to get engage with one on one chase with attacking players who runs at him with the ball, he tend to foul the opposition player and get yellow or even worst red card on a consistent bases.

      1. And half a game with new team mates gives you that judgement? Wasn’t Le Kos crapp for his first season or two? Give the lad a chance!

        1. You misunderstood my comment am not judging him base on one game or this game. Am judging him base on his overall style of play and the way he has played for the past 2 years at Borussia monchengladbach and the sheer volume of yellow cards given to him in matches for poor tackles.

          There was never a big transfer fee paid for Le Kos and and they were never paid enormous wages. So what are you trying to say it’s ok for a player to be transfered to Arsenal on the back of a huge transfer fee and wages and perform poorly in their first two seasons.

  14. Why are people upset? Or shocked? This is 100% what you should’ve expected. This is why I said yesterday I’d be happy with a draw. It would’ve been a great result for a below mediocre Arsenal side to achieve. Have to be happy with only losing by one goal. Well done Arsenal. This is the new standard, years in the making.

    1. @RSH,

      I didn’t expect a win.. A draw and I would’ve been happy because I kind of knew we wouldn’t win.

      However I didn’t expect to get raped by Liverpool AT HOME.

      1. I don’t think we’ve ever conceded so many goals at Emirates. Even in UCL against the top sides. Truly embarrassing, even if it’s just a one goal margin we lost by

        1. Oh my god, yes the Champions League, I forgot about that, we are up poop creek guys, get ready to be royally fooked.

  15. I laugh at all of you who purchased season tickets again. Your deluded just as much as the guy who wrote the word ‘unlucky’ in the title. I lost interest in this season as soon as I knew Wenger was staying.

      1. Because its a public forum Admin. Just fix your sites technical problems and keep your comments to a minimum. In the last article you said it was a great spectacle and we missed a lot of players. DELUDED!!

        1. It’s a public forum because I made it into one. Don’t tell that I can’t comment on my only bloody website! When you spend six years building a site and making it a success then you could possibly tell me where I’m going wrong.
          So Wenger has spent 21 years making Arsenal a success but you call him an idiot? Who is really deluded here?

          1. Woooow slow down Admin, I didn’t think swearing was allowed on this fantastic ‘public forum’.. If you think Wenger has made Arsenal a success you are still the deluded one. Please explain to me how he has been successful for 21 years?? Oh no wait.. I can answer that for you because no doubt your the type of person who thinks reaching top 4 is a success. DELUDED!!

            1. Err lets just look at last three years shall we? Two FA Cups and 4th 3rd and 2nd in the League. Is that failure. Oh yeah you are one of those DELUDED fans that expect Arsenal to win EVERY game and, if not, you want to sack the manager and sell all the players.
              You don’t lose the title in your first game with all your best players missing.
              Our makeshift side fought well, and if you didn’t enjoy watching that game then you don’t even like football, never mind Arsenal.

          2. You say 21 years making Arsenal a success and I agree to an extent but gone are the days when Mr Wenger applies himself and buys players of the calibration of Bergkamp, Henry and Overmars, when we had an eye for talent we were a force to be reckoned with but since David Dein went it’s all gone downhill from then, it’s as though the kitty belongs to Wenger and he’s turned into Scrooge. I don’t know what they do in training but Sanchez is not a striker, he’s too small, Walcott also is a naturally puny guy. Why is Monreal picked over Gibbs ? I think Gibbs is far superior, Christ we could go on and on but on that note I am going to stop because I want to keep my iPad and I can hear the Rocky music starting to play in my head ?

              1. What difference does it make, what you typed lol ?
                And Errrr Wenger didn’t sign Bergkamp!
                Bruce did ?

          3. Oh and BTW I have seen you write “Spent six years building a site and making it into a success” about 100 times. You created a website pal, not discovered a cure for AIDS!! Get over yourself

            1. I love idiots that talk rubbish. Get over yourself and find a website where its okay to insult the owner…..

      2. we are here because we’re Arsenal to the bone. Being so, however, doesn’t mean we stick our heads in the sand.
        Everyone and their aunt can see what we need

  16. I thought the game was fun to watch but of course I would have prefered the win. lol

    Today we learnt that we should be ok once we get our full team back (plus a new signing….. I still expect at least one!)

    Xhaka looked a little shaky but he’ll come good… nice cameo from Carzola too… them two should play more as the season progresses.
    Was happy with Coquelin performance too.
    Walcott was great first half but second half it was the usual Walcott performance 🙁

    What I was annoyed with in this game though is the injuries!!! always a freaking problem!!!
    Hoping they are not serious….
    And I am old school so WTF are you resting players that played in the Euro’s!!!! same thing last couple of seasons and its getting a little annoying.

  17. You know what keeps ringing in my head? When the commentators keep saying this is Wengers 20th season and Klopps 1st full season. You would think it’s the other way around. Not a good look Wenger not a good look. Should I now expect Arsenal to lose every time in the opener at home? Aston Villa, West Ham, and now Liverpool. I hope next season we open away. Now time to drink more and wash this away…

  18. as i have said endlessly until fans start to accept that walcott ramsey ox etc are second rate players wenger will constantly get away with his bs … need to spend a good 90m to stand any chance of prgressing … eg draxler or griezman and a decent CB … though why would they bother coming to a second tier club … that said if we had had xhaka and cazorla on from start it might have been different

    1. agree except on draxler. Another good winger that can’t score goals. we need goal scoring wingers cause Ox, Walcott, etc are not on the scoresheet on a regular basis, even if they both were today. Ox usually only scores twice a season so at this rate he has one more goal in him for the whole campaign.

      1. Btw who let Walcott take the penalty today? When we have alexis in the team how does he take it? Pure madness. We should have killed off the game in the first half; we didn’t and paid the price.

        I keep saying this again and again that flair in a team is important but so is discipline, and in that respect Ramsey just doesn’t do enough. Misplaced passes (under no pressure) in the midfield costs the team and he does it way too often!

        Given that we had 2 new CBs playing wenger ought to have given strict instructions to the other players- he clearly didn’t. Klopp comes in and in the second year the team looks like a well oiled machine with OK players. Our team always seems to miss some part of the jigsaw puzzle !!!! God you cannot do this to us every year!

  19. Kos, Mert, Gab out and a certain board and 17th century minded coach thinks a certain young, unknown and unproven Holding will be good enough to face Liverpool and Leceister City, absolutely shocking!!!!

    You can’t plant corn and expect to harvest chocolate!!!

  20. Unlucky?? Have you ever watched good football, ADMIN? Pathetic team put out there by Wenger.

    Hey, let’s ask for more 20 year-olds signings to keep such great performances……

    1. Actually it was a great game to watch. As for defenders. How was winger to know that Per and Gabriel would get injured in preseason? It was a typical first game of season and I’m not giving up with 37 games to go…

      1. We needed a CB even before Per and Gabriel got injured. Neither are good enough if we want to win the league. Had the whole summer to improve that position and we waited until an injury crisis.

  21. Sanchez was swallowed up in the striker position. When we lobbed balls up to him maybe 5-8 times each possession was lost.
    Ox runs at players I love that. Even a lost possession allows the attack more room because the defenders will be on the back foot next time which creates space.
    Our defensive coach must tell our defenders to man mark any player that runs across the goal. That second Coutinho goal should have been thwarted.
    Cech should have been favoring that side the ball was struck on the free kick as it is easier to curl on the nearer post.

  22. I knew someone would be left reeling after that sanchez is better than coutinho jibe.
    But massive year ahead for the ox.
    Announce madness and mustafi

  23. What is unlucky about losing a game to an attacking team while fielding two kids as CBs despite having over a month to strengthen the CB position?

    Can’t believe the species called akb still exists even after suffering humiliation year after year

  24. Goog game, bad result. Not as disheartened as i thought I would be – we can field a much stronger team than this and hopefully will strengthen before the window closes.

  25. Wenger has once agin showed how much of a poor manager he has become,wow so many things he got wrong today starting with our starting 11,Sanchez is waisted as striker,Ox should have started,Carzola ahead od Ramsey and Liverpool sign a player for 34mil he scores a wonder goal,we sign a player for 34mil bench him and then bring him on under seious presure,Wenger we need a forward ASAP who can make a goal outta nothing like Mane did,and we need Mahrez for his unperdictable dynamic ,Wenger you are poor poor poor poor,gutter poor,go and coach a french ligue 4 side ,you pub quaity manager.

  26. I haven’t watched us since the 3-3 at West Ham last season, so thought I’d give it a go today, and more fool me! Yet another farcical performance, and it wasn’t a surprise either when you consider the problems with the starting line-up.

    It’s depressing to think that Klopp was available and could have been our manager.

    1. so many great managers we’ve let slip to keep this failure. Arsenal job is a top job and any manager would take it…. maybe not so much anymore because Wenger is truly tarnishing the club and the position.

  27. I feel my stomach burning. How can I free myself from all these continues pains.
    I hope to stop supporting the club under Wenger but I just can’t do it.
    Monday is coming and I will become a laughing stock at work when Wenger will be drinking a cup of rich coffee with a chiwawa looking into his eyes.

  28. This is totally embarrassing! Im so sick of this horse s**t. Why can’t he just buy some top players? Even if he think he’s right buy not buying, why wouldn’t he buy some to shut us up? He’s had a lot of time to bring in players and get us prepared for the season ahead. I wish the fans made more of an uproar at the stadium, a subtle boo won’t do anything. Maybe its easy for me to say being in canada, but surely the ones who pay top money to see this must be annoyed? I’m not writing them off yet obviously, but I would like to see something change. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. hey!! can you recommend a nice place to watch Arsenal matches in Canada or to be more specific Toronto GTA area? Not that its a lot of fun these day but you know how as fan we cant just turn away

      1. I live in calgary so I don’t have a clue about Toronto 🙁 for the big games you just have to go to a bar and ask to change the channel to tsn or whatever. I’d love to open an arsenal pub here but I have no clue what the fan base is like. Problem is , because of the breakfast/lunch games, finding a bar that’s exclusive to any football team is hard. Sorry I couldn’t help

        1. No problem, thanks for your reply. And i agree, early hours really spoil the mood for a beer or two.

  29. Hellooooooooooo season 2016/17.

    heres a great quote:


  30. People going on about the CM positions, that wasn’t the problem. Koscielny should have played, and we should have Mustafi by now. Ozil should have been playing, Alexis our only great winger should have been on the wing. We should have a striker other than Giroud, but Giroud should have been available either way. This was the problem for me, no experience at the back, lack of quality up top. Unless RKW is correct, and Elneny and Coq’s strong defensive cover cost us the game.

    1. the point surely was that given the lpoop defence is also weak do you try to exploit that or not …wenger went for the not…coq + elneny are never in a million years going to do that and with ramsey’s miscontrol as obvious as ever we couldnt really exploit their weak spot and put them on the back foot… for a top team playing at home that is just inexcusable … the kind of approach you see at wba or crystal palace not at a top tier outfit … that simple really

  31. Unlucky? More like well deserved due to the lack of deals made to address the issues plain to see today:
    1) 2 of our seniors CB are out injured & another one is resting from a long summer. Wenger’s answer to that is to field a CB that he didn’t trust playing last year and a player who has never played on that level = BRILLIANT. Mustafi is longing for Arsenal yet again we’re baulking at the price tag.
    2) Clearly Sanchez wasn’t comfortable at the #9 spot and his abilities are better used on the wings…Walcott had a bright display only for that missed penalty. Get Lacazette (who scored a hat trick today) or a Mahrez who can provide more from the wings than a Walcott or Ox. Or both for that matter.

    Shameful & frustrating is all I have to say!

  32. Coutinho’s free kick was the turning point! Hard to defend Wenger on this one, Liverpool first game at home. Shameful preparations! Wenger just proved every doubter right, it’s a shame Chambers and Holding had to be involved with his decision instead of learning from top class defenders…

    There goes the Emirates is a fortress in 1 game. I’m still holding off on buying the new kit. Why did we move from Highbury again?

  33. First half wasn’t bad. That “foul” and set piece by Coutinho gave them some momentum going into the break. Before that I was actually surprised by Liverpool’s lack of attack. Le Coq and El Neny did well for the first 45.

    In an EPL where a few points can get you the title, 2nd place, or CL spots this is a very tough loss. The most frustrating part (as usual) is the lack of transfer activity in the market. It was obvious since the end of last season we needed a quality CB and even more obvious since (4, 5, 6 years ago???) that we need a goal scoring ST.

    I wish I had two more hands so I could give that performance four thumbs down.

  34. Shock !!!

    You go into a season with no defence and concede 4 goals ….

    It’s laughable that the only person who can’t see these things coming is the man in charge who gets paid 8 mil a year !

  35. Unlucky? That wasn’t unlucky, that was the result of a great football club running like a McDonald restaurant which matters nothing but the profits it makes.

    Today also showed not only how incompetency Wenger is, it showed he is tactical inept and absolutely clueless!

    Playing Eleney and Holding, and Alexis as #9 are just jokes!

    1. Hey wow wow, calm down buddy! Let’s make one thing clear:

      McDonalds are delicious! Don’t you dare to use the Mother of Big Macs as a negative thing!!

    2. We go out there with no strikers, and a central defence who have played 2 full games combined in the EPL last year while Wenger is arguing over 50p for an experienced centre back. Oh but we were ok in midfield, so that’s obviously were we should get reinforcements first. It wasn’t the players, but the management and the board I blame, as the board should have the ability to override management if they feel they are making suicidal decisions, rather than just having the ability to count money.

      It was an embarrassment to be at the stadium – we will lose Ozil and Sanchez, if we don’t sign at least a decent striker and centre back. It says it all about our ambition, when even Vardy won’t sign for us. I didn’t think Eleney did too badly TBH, but the centre backs both looked out of their depth, not their fault – we all knew that we needed at least one expierenced CB.

    3. Cor, unless a club has a sugar daddy owner then it is a business and has to pay its way or it goes bust. Macdonalds know what their customers want and provide it at a competetive price, otherwise their customers will go elsewhere.

      If Arsenal was run like macdonalds then they would do more to keep us fans happy and be clear what the aims of the club are. The striker issue would have been sorted last summer or earlier. They certainly would want the summer transfer period to be a pleasant customer experience, not the nightmare we have to put up with. Prices would be lower to compete with our rival clubs.

      Kroenke looks at fan loyalty and treats us as a captive audience.

      I wish arsenal was run like macdonalds.

  36. Sorry for you guys that paid arm-and-leg for the season tickets!
    That’s really unlucky of you guys!

  37. So is anyone really surprised by today? The lack of business has left us with a squad lacking depth, but more importantly confidence. What was most disturbing to me was the body language of Alexis, even when we scored he didn’t celebrate. When we conceded in the first half he looked very much resigned to what was going to happen. Even worse Santi looked equally unhappy when he came on. Ramsey getting injured only reinforced the whole Groundhog Day feeling I had watching this game.
    This situation is a joke. We have obvious gaps to fill, we have the money and there are suitable players available. Instead we are left hoping the kids can step up or that players that have so far failed to live up to expectations suddenly find some form.
    I was spot on about the last 2 seasons, so I am really worried now because for the first time I don’t believe we will get in the top 4 with this squad. That will for sure cost us Alexis, Ozil and Bellerin, not to mention a shit load of Arsene’s precious money.
    The definition of stupid is to repeat the same mistakes. WTF Arsene? I thought you were supposed to be an intelligent guy.

  38. Hopefully Mahrez wasn’t watching this game, if he was on the fence about joining us this might have tipped him over the edge to stay with Lesicester… The defending champions!

  39. Wengers brought this on himself.

    The mood was sour before we’d even kicked a ball , that is down to nothing other than our penny pinching !

    We needed a centre back and a centre forward before any of the injuries we’ve sustained pre season , where are they ?

    We as fans are being made fools of and I shall not be putting any money into their pockets until they start giving us our “value for money” !

    1. It was just amazing to see wenger’s countenance at the end, i think he is really good at acting. Why would he be shocked or devasted with the result? I guess he was hoping Liverpool wouldnt show up and they almost didnt till half time.

      But they have a manager who works for his salary, and klopp got them running after the break while wenger didnt even substitute Coquelin at half time. Who is always a risk if he gets an early yellow? Does he even have a strategy? What was ramsey doing there instead of cazorla who is our best player by far and especially since Ozil wasnt there.

      Playing Sanchez as the lone striker meant that he missed this match, i was hoping it would stay 1-4 but like someone else commented they played better once the pressure was off.

      Do you guys think he will still go and buy a striker? When do we ever get a goal scored by our forwards on their own like Mane did today.

  40. Ok finally i get to talk again i had put a Ban on myself until match day today.

    Where shall i start from ok we LOST, many of us thought it was a strong possibility that we would and unfortunately we did, first game of the season and 3 points given away.

    Who is to blame WENGER AND ONLY WENGER, he has mention he loves to gamble and his gambles have not paid off, because of his arrogance and stupidity.

    Not buying a forward even before the euros, not getting in an experience CB before the season starts ARROGANCE AND STUPIDITY.

    The next move is yours Mr. Wenger.

    Just some comments
    I thought Coquelin had a wonderful game, and showed why he should be a main stay in the DM position, i thought him getting a real light yellow card in the first off allowed liverpool to get in the game more.

    Sanchez did not get the space as the sole striker therefore was ineffective in the position/

    Iwobi nalthough providing an assist seem to be out of the game and did not provide that penetrating run

  41. We live in a world that has NO respect for authority!
    And thats the main reason for Admin getting thumbed down and nothing to do whats being said.
    Opportunistic behaviour ?

    If I was in Admin’s position, I would have blocked you @ “and keep your comments to a minimum” ?
    Bloody cheek! ?

    1. He’s gone.
      I believe in free speech, but that doesn’t include personal abuse to me or any other reader.

    2. ? I wondered what happened to this comment,
      But wtf is it doing down here! ???
      well at least it has something in common with our league position in the table. ?

  42. Sometimes I wonder if Arsene Wenger is insane. How do you enter a season with Holding and Chambers as your CBs?? How do you give Kos, OG and Ozil a very long holiday yet other teams are already playing the players that were at the Euros finals?? Who doesn’t know that Arsenal need a striker and a CB?? Why would you play Ramsey in CAM yet Cazorla is on the bench?? What are Debuchy, Gibbs, Walcott, Per and Chambers(loan) still doing at Arsenal? I think this is the stupidest manager I’ve ever seen and heard of. I’m sorry for the bad mouth.

  43. Same old Arsenal fairy tale.. We now wait to hear Arsene Wenger’s excuses. Even a small kid knows that we need a world class striker and A SOLID DEFENDER.. But Arsene will say the team has stability. How does a stable team concede 4 goals in a record 15 minutes? Nothing UNLUCKY about the loss, if anything the Away team deserved a better scoreline!

  44. Déjà vous…
    Just saw Wenger post match comment and I felt like slapping that deluded incompetent…

    The team will get better, we know that… But what is the point?
    There is no will, no passion (except from the fans) and ambition.
    There is no objectives or aspirations.

    Booing is not even necessary, it is a waisted (like playing Sanchez as a striker, Wenger genius move… He is not ashamed to be a fool) of energy and air…

    Wenger is not accountable and never under pressure (you still have fans singing “there is only one Arsene Wenger”… I mean are they on crack or eating their own stool?).

    I don’t understand why the fans don’t react, it is a comedy.
    I got my money back for my season ticket last year after I threaten to sue them when they refused… I don’t buy the shirt (I mean seriously !!) and I will never go to the stadium until the “deluded one” leaves.

    We always talked about the same things here, why? Because there is nothing else new to talk about Arsenal. Same stuffs every season and mostly same disappointing results.

    Good luck for the ones who care and enjoy the mediocrity status established?

    1. At what point in the season did you threaten to sue them, and what was your argument for the return of monies paid?

    1. Against a team called Nancy (may as well call them poofs), who have just been promoted to Ligue Un.

  45. Wenger “might” get Mustafi and that would be all…
    Only Wenger can play Arshavin or Sanchez as a striker with no real tactical scheme or plan b.

    This is someone called “manager” and who is paid gracefully to answer difficult football questions, but does not seem to raise to the challenge and even goes as far as blaming the fans for some team performances…

    I mean WTF!!

  46. A few issues yes just a few, this result was not a surprise to most fans
    before the game
    why did we start will Elneny and le coq santi is one of our best 3 players ,
    why pay 34m and sit him on the bench
    why did walcott start, and why did he take the pen
    why at 2-1 down did he keep the 2 DMs on the pitch
    the camera panned onto the mangers Klop was shouting out orders, Wenger looks quiet and almost confused as what to do

    after the game
    does anyone think a striker or Cb will be cheaper now that clubs know we are even more desperate
    I think we will sign 1 CB

    i also think top 4 will be a struggle this year, i got thumbed down the other day for predicting more chants and uproar from the fans, wenger will go this season trust me

  47. good news guys… this loss has forced the old fool into buying a defender finally… apparently we are the front-runner for signing Ethan Ampadu, the 15 year old Exeter City player… now the morons praising wenger at the emirates will be over the moon

  48. Typical Arsenal same situations for 12 years, typical fans responses and comments for 12 years, typical Wenger same reactions for 12 years,
    Wenger is not a fool, fans check yourself, stop making it easy for Wenger with your hard earned money, its obvious his ways is not your way

  49. Question. Is there any other current premier league manager who could do a worse job at arsenal with the current sqaud? I sometimes feel just a change of manager is all that is needed. Can you imagine the shake up simeone’ would bring!? 🙂

  50. Can we actually say we are surprised by this result though? Everyone has heard the phrase “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Wenger seems like the only manager who doesn’t identify where his team needs strengthening and actually sorts out the issue. Everyone has said we need a CB and ST, he moans about players being over priced but can’t acknowledge that waiting til the end of the window to buy a premium player doesn’t exactly drive their price down does it? Clubs will demand more as there’s less time to get a replacement in. We fielded two inexperienced and young CB’s and conceded four goals.. at home.. I am sorry but that is no coincidence. Us fans are not asking to spend 250m in one window (well at least i’m not) we just want the gaps and weaknesses in the squad to be filled. If our window is actually over then I don’t really have much hope for us but all we can do is support the team.

  51. Considering the make shift defense we had I don’t want to go too harsh on team. However there are two points where I am questioning Wenger’s plan.

    Eleny and Coquelin where both playing to shore things up in midfield which is logical. But what I didn’t get is why Coquelin was mostly playing in front of Eleny? He is much better in breaking the opponent play and Eleny is better is moving and passing the ball forward. It should definitely have been the opposite and I felt we were definitely not effective protecting our back 4 when Coquelin was in advanced position, which happened too often in this game. We need coquelin as a marshall, he shines in that role. Since he came back from injury last season Wenger started playing him a little more advanced and I just don’t get it.

    Second point is Sanchez. He had a really bad game, hardly participating , offside all the time and the little he saw the ball he did nothing with it. What did Wenger do? Absolutely nothing. And that’s a red flag for me guys. Do something you know? Try little fix like switching position with Walcott if you don’t want to get him out. But no, Mr Wenger just prefer to bite his nail on the bench.

    One game in and I can hear “wenger out” coming already.

  52. This game has clearly shown me that Arsene Wenger didn’t make his transfer home work properly and he made a wrong game plan for the match. We were playing almost with out a striker and with no proper cover for the back line. We were lucky that Liverpool didn’t press us in the first half. For me, Sanchez and Ramsey had little contribution to the team because of the wrong role given. In general I can say that Wenger is an old man who is living with an old fashion and unable to cope up with modern dynamic football world. What a shameless rigid manager we have?.

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