Arsenal v Ludogorets review Ozil hat-trick on perfect night for Wenger

Arsene Wenger had been preparing the Arsenal players for a tough test against Ludogorets and it was just as well, as the visitors started well and could have caught us out if we had not been ready for them. We had already seen a couple of big defensive moves from Koscielny and Cazorla in the early stages so it was a reliefg when we got an early opener.

What a goal it was as well, with Alexis Sanchez showing great composuer along with the skill to loft a perfect chip over the helpless keeper. After that you might have thought we would be well on top and Arsenal did continue to create chances but too often the final ball was poor and the Bulgarians did not crumble.

Both teams had good chances to add to the scoreline before Theo Walcott produced another stunner, striking a fierce and swerving shot that doubled the lead just a few minutes before the break to make the manager’s team talk a lot easier. Maybe the timing of that goal or their exertions in the first half took their toll on Ludogorets, but the second half was much more comfortable foe Arsenal.

Ozil carried on his recent scoring form with a great hat-trick after the Ox made it three soon after the restart, as the Gunners ran riot and cut the opposition to shreds time and again, with any little chance for them being snuffed out, with Coquelin and Mustafi excelling.

Six goals and a clean sheet with Wenger able to bring Walcott, Cazorla and Alexis off early. Happy days and a perfect night for Arsenal.


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    1. Not only hatrick but also 2 assists, WOW what a game by mesut.

      Guess they are betting with Walcott and Sanchez to see who produce/score more.

      #COYG Happy days, #WelcomeBackMyArsenal

  1. great game from Arsenal… there were some shaky moments in the first half but we quickly sorted it out.
    Congrats to Ozil, also Perez little cameo reminded me of Ljunberg 🙂

    1. Get back quick Monreal we need you, Gibbs ok but would be out of his depth against a stronger team. CB

  2. i never thought the day would come when i would stop celebrating after Arsenal scored. Well done boys!!!! COYG


    Wonderful, just wonderful. Özil hat trick, OX managed to score, Theo and Alexis screamers, Coquelin was EVERYWHERE, Gibbs was impressive, Ospina of course with some worldies..

    Hope Santi is okay. That crucial Koscielny interception to Santi to Özil – BEAUTIFUL.

    Oh and Lucas looks HUNGRY. Release him! COYG!

    MOTM? I would have to say Coquelin. He was everywhere and saved us many times with his interceptions

    1. still first choice over xhaka

      we need to protect him, hes so crucial, cant overplay him
      wrap him in cotton wool

      then wrap that cotton wool in a rainbow, protected by a unicorn

      thug life!

    2. I have nothing against Le coq but Ozil is the MOTM handsdown, you just don’t score 3 and assists 2 that’s 5/6 goals and still you are not MOTM.

      1. I thought about that but Özil scored 3 goals when we were already 3-0 up. His goals were great but not crucial.

        That’s why I opted Coquelin, because his presence was crucial throughout the first half.

        1. How about the winning goal he produced? And the one after it??
          Using your logic then I might go for even Ospina for his crucial saves or any of Mustafi or Boss himself.
          Its cool anyway.

          1. Stop whinging it’s a team effort it doesn’t matter man of match we won 6-0.
            Now let’s worry about Sat we need to win and win with goals then we will be top. Could be our best team, what am I saying is our best team since 2005 CB

      1. exactly. Hard part has been putting 2 halves of a season together for us. At the moment though, let’s just look at the next match, very happy with the way we’ve been playing

  4. Like I said, I wished Arsenal lead by two or three goals before 75mins so Perez will be on. Glad be got two assists and almost scored from ozil pass.

    Theo Walcott has scored six goals in his last four home games for Arsenal, as many as in his previous 24 at the Emirates. Faith.

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has scored and assisted a goal in the same Champions League game for the first time. Busy

    Two English players have scored in the same CL match for Arsenal for the first time since October 2000 (Parlour and Dixon). Lions.

    Well-done boys….Good hat trick from Ozil. What a beauty Sanchez. Glad Walcott is having a good season. Keep improving Ox.

    Ossssspina. .nice saves in the first half.

    1. Damn, some interesting facts. Here’s another I managed to find:

      That was Mesut Özil’s first club career hat trick (I think).

      1. i can top that.

        mesut ozil father was a extra on the movie..never ending story

        (he was the dragons missus)

  5. Ozil shows just how lethal he can be if played further forward
    A shout out to Lucas. He had a very productive half hour 🙂

  6. Our DEPTH is set to take us places this season! To drop Monreal and Iwobi and still get a fluent performance is amazing.

    Wenger impressed me making early changes today. The likes of Santi and Theo needed that early rest!

    I am just glad! And oh! Lucas looks damn hungry. Giroud has a fight on his hands.

    Did you see the Ox? That’s what competition for places does; it brings out the best in each player.

    The season is long, let’s continue going about our business quietly.

  7. Great game all round…. It feels like everyone in the team can score. Coquelin was immense!. Perez was hungry… 2 assists. Great time to be a gunner!!!

  8. Ozils first touch on his second goal was best I have seen, 25 yard pass and w his left foot running full pace he brings it down to his right foot without even a bounce… skill on steroids… stay healthy boys, nice to see theo & Ox getting confidence. We can play w anyone right now… Mustafi filled a huge hole, stay healthy boys… thats going to be the key.

    1. lol, You didn’t see Bergkamps hatrick against Leiceister all those years ago? Check his control out!

  9. My Happiness continues 🙂

    Ozil was wonderful tonight as was the whole team

    Let’s continue the winning on the weekend

    COYG 🙂

    1. impressed here. I hope the players focus on a match a time rather than get ahead of themselves. by doing so they will find themselves lifting a trophy this season. I can feel it.
      plus- Lucas played like a man who does not wish to be left out the party again. If all subs keep playing this way, teams better fear us

  10. Full analysis…. everyone was freaking amazing! Nothing our attack can’t do when we’re playing like this. Very happy about the cleansheet as well. It showed we stayed focus for full 90 minutes. Let’s keep the good form going!

    1. Wenger will get a new contract offer no matter what happens. Question comes down to whether he wants to stay.

      1. I know that.

        No one has mentioned the manger. Ozil this Ozil that. His first hatrick…….under a manager who has improved the world class player he is

    2. Dude, He needs to win the PL or CL this season. I still want him to go but we do look better this year because he finally tried to plug the gaps.

      So, No, no new contract if we fail again this year for me. Everyone getting way too excited

  11. Ozils hat trick Ospinas saves Coquelin interceptions alexis GOAL wolcott GOAL the OX lucaz perez mustafi Koscielny WOW the whole team turned up carzola Elneny, Iwobi,belerin gibbs to they all put up a show they showed up standing ovation for sure for the Arsenal

  12. A night to live Long in the memory of Arsenal Champions league folklore!

    Seriously, there were some shaky moments in the first half but they only served to highlight an outstanding performance from goal keeper Ospina. Right from the back to the front, each player should be proud of their performance. With PSG winning 3 – 0 against Basel, our 6 – 0 victory could come down to goal difference to help win the group.

    1. I don’t think CL uses goal difference … It’s head-to-head. Unless it goes down to the wire i.e. If we are tied on everything else

  13. Win the next two and then you can rest players for matchday 6.

    Mancity on the other hand, heavy investment and still lose by big Margin to Barcelona. If Pep can’t win UCL with Bayern I don’t think he has any chance with City, unless they get a similar forward line to Barca and Bayern. I don’t see them defending and counter attacking like Ahtletico do against the big teams either.

    Manu and Man city spent crazy money yet no one criticizing them about not doing well. I wouldn’t be surprise if Both lose on Sunday against Chelsea and Southampton to be honest.

  14. This was long coming. Though we have been winning, we were not scoring enough in terms of the chances that we were creating. And It happened finally. The finishing was clinical and superb. This was the best thing about today’s performance.

    Coq, Ox, and Perez were superb. Competition within the squad is already showing its great side. Players are hungry and always striving for the best.

    Ozil, Sanchez, Santi and Walcott have become the core of the team. A core which has been missing for so long.

  15. With MANC’s poor run of form continuing, we have a great chance to seize the top spot in the PL and then mount a serious challenge this year.

  16. I still think there is question mark in LB position. This is the weakest position in the team right now. We have to keep playing good to stop if from being exploited.

  17. A great victory and don’t want to be a party pooper. But Bellarin worries me. No not this speed. He is lightning quick. But his final ball and crossings. He really needs to work on this.

    1. @Invicibles49
      I agree. His decision making needs working on. He’s like Theo was before, all speed and no football brain to compliment it…

    1. @quantic dream
      Iwobi is doomed when Danny gets back. OG will always be useful as our supersub target man…

  18. Welbeck is actually a very good player for us, remember last season?
    I thought or defense were slighly sloppy today, but thats probably because we were caught by counter attacks repeatedly, its a while since we went all out attack.
    Perez drifting to the side is so effective, like someone said, reminds me of ljunberg

  19. Can’t wait for November/December. That will define how well we can do and how far we can go in the league.

  20. Ospina was my MOTM, saved our asses more times than I can count – actually 4 times.

    Koscielny oh what a boss
    Mustafi could still work on his aerial ability more but was good overall
    Bellerin didn’t push forward so much today, had a good game as well
    Gibbs- not impressive enough for someone that wants to start and has a good chance to grab the spot with Monreal’s form/fatigue

    Coquelin- went further up the pitch a few times and it did xpose our defence. good game overall

    Cazorla- brilliant and I love the pass to Ozil.

    Ozil- now has 1 or 2 assist and wait for it… 6goals this season already.. thanks to Alexis upfront with the front4 enjoying a telepathic position switch during games.

    Ox – could do some work with his pass-accuracy but had a convincing 2nd half. scored too. good game , can do a whole lot better though.

    Walcott, brilliant movements and positioning. there is still room for improvement in his finishing though

    Alexis- almost faultless xcept the one time he was out-muscled while clear on goal… probably it’s fatigue.

  21. Can’t wait to play City with Bravo giving out goals like he is Santa Claus
    Stones as easy to open as a book
    Zabaleta porous like a basket
    Bravo is gonna be generous to Alexis as he was to Zlatan and Suarez.
    can we play them like yesterday puleeezzz..

  22. Maybe unpopular, but I’ll post as I see. I was watching Ozil through the first half, and he just didn’t look like he wanted to be there, he was letting the ball go easily, he wasn’t running into position, he wasn’t chasing down balls. Then before the second half started I noticed Alexis and Ozil in the centre circle, and Alexis seemed to be having a strong talk with him, and it lasted around a couple of minutes. Ozil was a changed man in the second half, doing the reverse of what I said above. Was it Alexis’ talk? Who knows?

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