Arsenal v Man City FA cup review – Extra time glory for Gunners.

Arsenal are in the FA cup final to face Chelsea after winning a very tight and topsy turvy semi-final against Manchester City, with Monreal cancelling out Aguero’s opener in normal time and Alexis Sanchez grabbing the winner in extra time.

This was a match between Arsenal and Man City at Wembley for a place in the FA cup final that was full of incident and plenty of controversy, especially in a frantic first half, which I have to admit that Arsenal were second best in.

Having said that you could arhgue that we could have had a penalty for a foul on Sanchez by Navas before the break, just as Man City fans thought Aguero should have had one earlier. We also both had the ball in the net but no goal after offside decisions.

After the restart it was much more promising as the Gunners pushed forward more and took some control back. But as we pressed City back it was a counter attack with Aguero that opened the scoring with just over an hour gone. You could point to Ramsey’s loss of the ball or Cech’s work but the City striker took it well.

Fortunately the lead did not last long as Monreal raced into the box to smash home a greast cross from the Ox less than 10 minutes later. It was pretty even after that with Arsenal probably the better side and creating chances but with the best two going to City and being denied by Cech and the woodwork.

That was true until our sub Welbeck raced into the box and had Ramsey or Alexis to find but he went for the corner and missed by inches, with his teammates fuming at the decision. As it was the game went into extra time that was a fair enough.

Six minutes into the first 15 Arsenal were so close to taking the lead with Ozil’s corner finding Holding but his free header went agonisingly just over the bar. Fatigue was kicking in and City lost Aguero for Delph. Welbeck and the Ox looked strong for Arsenal and Xhaka seemed to have the edge on Toure, but it was a nervous period for both sides.

Then BOOM The Gunners took th3e lead and fittingly enough the finish came from Alexis Sanchez who pounced after Welbeck missed. 20 minutes from the final. Two minutes before the break we had Gabriel to thank for a great block at the near post. Wenger made his second change to bring Belletrin on for the Ox and we had 15 minutes to go and it should have been clear daylight when Ozil found Welbeck at the far post but he put his header wide.

In the second 15 there were good chances for both and great tension as well as a few penalty calls but Arsenal held on. Ozil was out on his feet and replaced by Coquelin with just over a minute to go. JUst one additional minute from the ref had the Arsenal fans bouncing and that was that.

Arsenal in the FA cup final. COYG.


  1. Muffdiver says:

    Last post mystic muff!
    Said 2-1

    Alotta negativity on game day saying we were gonna get anihilated

    You know who u are people lol

  2. Admin says:


  3. Gurrosco says:

    Now this is the Arsenal I dearly miss. So much hunger, emotion. A game worth cherishing I’m a very dark season. Here’s to hoping for the same against Chelsea.

    1. Gurrosco says:


  4. mrgetyourbanana says:

    An incredibly positive win from the Arsenal team! Have to say I had my doubts going into the match, but thankfully the lads managed to pull it off this time. Ox and Holding – hats off to you lads

  5. RSH says:

    Slowly we are picking ourselves up from disaster. A few months ago the game would’ve been finished after Aguero scored so it’s nice to see we didn’t give up. Ox by far MOTM, and Monreal and Holding impressed too. Still a lot of questions as to how this 343 will work. I think it’s pretty clear that Giroud is not very useful upfront in this formation. But we still struggle to get good crosses in. Glad we are getting to finals, but obviously the worry is that board will use this result to keep Wenger here for 2 more years. Sorry, but FA Cup doesn’t make up for our club vastly underperforming for years. But for now, I am happy

  6. reddb10 says:

    At the end of the day Wenger will never leave and the board will never sack him so if we accidentally win the odd cup it does ease the pain.

    1. Deci23 says:

      How was the win accidental?

      WTF is wrong with you? We out scored the opposition and kept them from equalising in the dying embers of the game! Props were props are due. I’m pretty sure the City players aren’t saying we were lucky. They would say we were better on the day. Why can’t you?

    2. Roachie says:

      Lets just enjoy this win and worry about it next time the wheels fall off.

  7. Jerick says:

    You sometimes only need one player to turn the game around. That player today was Oxlade-Chamberlain. 2 powerful dribble and the team spirit lifted, fans started cheering and a well deserved MOTM for him. If he could control his final passes since he sometimes over hit them, he could be a massive player for us. Very direct.

    1. Muffdiver says:

      Wing back of the future?

      Immense from ox

  8. mcgunner says:

    Hopefully this win gives us the confidence to kick on for the rest of the season

    1. Galen Sona says:

      Yes thats my thinking too. Its funny how there are certain people who only comment when we are losing. I am looking for their messages and I can’t see them

      Big credit to Arsene Wenger. We have all said negative things to him but credit when its due. the team was a well oiled machine. proud of our boys.

  9. SoOpa AeoN says:



    Give someone a fabulous new contract..


    Not wenger……….SANCHEZ!!!!

    1. Godswill says:

      Sanchez scored the winning goal but he wasn’t in the game.
      What would you say about Monreal and Gabriel in this game? Unlike them in the past matches.

      1. RSH says:

        Agree, but 4 goals in 4 Wembley appearances. He turned up when it mattered most and when he wasn’t having the best of games. That’s what you want from your top players. And that’s what we’re not getting from Ozil. No surprise Ozil might sign another contract b/c no other top teams are pushing for him this summer.

        1. Janssen says:

          We all see games differently. Funny. I thought Sanchez had a good game. Don’t forget his role on the left wing is not the same as when he is in the central striker spot when he can be everywhere. The left wing is his weakest position. He scored when he was back in the center, scrappy as it may be but that, to me, is the sign of a top player.

          We will miss this guy so much and I am convinced had he continued to start in the center the last many games he would have 30 goals already (in all competitions)

          1. RSH says:

            I’m just used to him being our focal point in all our attacks and hes not in this formation. He definitely didnt have a bad game, I thought he was good, but we’ve seen him pull out better performances. So sad these are likely the last few games with him in our squad. Hoping we can send him off with a trophy in May.

          2. gmv8 says:

            You are right – he was showing great skill fighting for the ball as well. To progress we MUST keep our best players, because no other team will be selling theirs. The worst about Arsenal was Bellerin’s hairstyle – David James circa 2002, and that was considered naff back then. Although we showed battle and we looked like we wanted to win, we were still doing some sloppy passing and putting ourselves in dangerous positions. That has to be tightened up on – don’t really understand, because pinpoint passing used to be our strong point, with the same players.

    2. RichSAAlao says:

      Thanks there are 11there.

  10. Vish says:

    This is the fighting spirit we need to bring in every game. Even though we played bad in the first half, got overrun in midfield, we still won.
    Lets do the same to Chelsea now. It’s gonna be tough but after tonight I feel we can go on and win this cup.

  11. AY75 says:

    well, I hope we go on and win the trophy, but if we do, Wenger should just use it as a means to bow out, and let fresh ideas be infused into our club. He could even help contact Jardim, since he has connections with Monaco

    1. RSH says:

      he didn’t do it in 2014, he’s not going to do it now. He wants to stay and continue to not win the titles that matter. Man United are building themselves up again, could be in Champions League. We’re still not getting top 4 and will be playing on Thursdays as it stands. And most likely without Sanchez, and definitely not winning EPL in next two seasons.

      1. RSH says:

        thumb me down all you like (even tho it would’ve gotten thumbs up a week ago which just proves how flip-floppy Arsenal fans are). The facts remain we’re playing Thursday next season and Wenger is an average, outdated manager.

        1. Deci23 says:

          Dude chill! No one here is saying that Wenger is above average or disagreeing with you about him being out dated. We just feel that today was a good win and should be celebrated. The majority of us still want the club to go in a new direction, under new management but the FA cup is an achievement and if Arsenal can win it and beat Chelsea who are a better team and our rivals this should be celebrated and acknowledged as remarkable achievement, if we pulled it off. Today’s game gives me hope that we could pull it off and more importantly the players will have more belief in themselves that they can pull it off.

        2. Janssen says:

          Don’t understand why you get thumbs down. Guess the truth hurts. Thursday football is not in the bag yet either 😉 although we were lucky Everton drew against West Ham.

      2. Deci23 says:

        RSH Im pretty sure winning the FA cup will mean something to Conte and Chelsea and they’re are going to win the Prem.

        Winning the FA cup is an accomplishment. It’s not the Emirates cup and more importantly if we were to win it we would have done so by knocking out tougher opponents than in previous seasons.

        If we were to win I know I will be celebrating along with the team.

        1. RSH says:

          never said it wasn’t an accomplishment, but it doesnt satifsy big clubs like City, Chelsea, United, and it shouldn’t satisfy us. I already said in my previous post i’m happy for today, but I’m not drinking the Wenger kool-aid either. That’s all i’m saying. And Conte would not be happy with just FA Cup, because he’s also competing for title like we SHOULD be, yet never do.

        2. RSH says:

          an FA Cup won’t mask how disastrous this season has been.

          1. Deci23 says:

            But it’s better than the alternative. The alternative being finishing with nothing. I’m glad to see you care about the club at heart you had me wondering for moment. At first you sounded like you bet your Rent on City and lost. lol. Just playing.

    2. Katrix says:

      Ohh… Its you the prof wenger….Yes you are the boss…we think Mr.Jardim too be successuful at Arsenal. Our best wishes to him. Let him succeed at Arsenal, we will feel so generous!

  12. SoOpa AeoN says:



    Wenger celebrating Like it’s a cup finaL…… I expect him to come out now and announce his 2yrs contract…LoL


    Up next CHELSKI

    1. Deci23 says:

      I dare say Guardiola would have celebrated the same if City had one. I wonder if their fans would be saying the same and down playing the victory.

      1. Deci23 says:

        * if City had won.

  13. Javier says:

    In a unimpressed performance Arsenal overpowered in extra time and undecided Manchester City

    Lucky Wenger

    1. Deci23 says:

      Wow! Just Wow!

  14. eddyhoyte says:


    1. Vish says:

      I agree, Cech should have saved that by coming out or doing whatever. But that shouldnt have gone in.

    2. cech fingertip is crucial dude

  15. Kiko says:

    That was redemption for the performance at the Etihad. Beat them when it mattered the most. Only Chelsea stands in our way from lifting a trophy. If we don’t get top 4 which is sad to say please let us at least lift the FA Cup one more time.

    1. Janssen says:

      Kiko for me it mattered the most at the Etihad. I would have rather have 3 more points in the PL and City having 3 less than play the FA cup final. I rate 4th over the FA cup.

      1. Janssen says:

        Seriously??? You guys would sacrifice CL football and the ability to attract top players over an FA cup? Not me.

        1. Deci23 says:

          Man United were out of the top four for how long now? Didn’t they just sign Pogba and Zlatan in the last Summer window?

          Didn’t Liverpool sign Mane without champions league football. Beating Chelsea, our rivals and lifting the cup would mean more to me than finishing top 4 at this point since it would give me hope for next season. Chelsea didn’t have champions league football last season and they may get the double this season. Some food for thought. Oh yeah and attracting quality players is not synonymous with having champions league football. A new quality manager with good links would do the job.

      2. msty says:

        what will 4th mark in the history books… another 10-2 agg scoreline against a big European team???

  16. ArseOverTit says:

    Played well after a nervous start. I agree is a good way to bow out for Wenger so we can focus on now being competitive over a season at home and in Europe.

  17. gotanidea says:

    I didn’t expect a win, because this was only the second time Arsenal used the 3-4-2-1. Wenger is brave for using it in an important match like this. Arsenal was very tough at defending and the misplaced passes could be recovered by the shorter distances between the players. They were also lucky to win this, because the ball hit the bar twice. Chamberlain shone again.

    I hope they keep using this formation for the rest of this season, as Arsenal need to get used to it for the next season. If they lose when using this tactic in the Premiere League, I hope all of you and the other fans would not blame Wenger and his staffs, because they need to do some experiments for the next season. The Premiere League matches do not really matter anyway, since we will not get the title. Remember what Chelsea and Leicester City have achieved when they focused on Premiere League only.

    1. Janssen says:

      Chelsea have not achieved it yet.

  18. Godswill says:

    Well. Something in a long while to remind people that Arsenal is still a fc.
    Not my wanting Wenger to leave could stop me from wishing we should win and we won.
    But a win of the FA cup (which we are going to) should make Wenger to stay. Am just fade with him. No champions league? Oh no.

  19. Uzi Ozil says:

    Impressed with Ox in a big game today.

    It will be sweeter if we defeat Chelsea In the final and Wenger steps down. I will respect him so much.

    Meanwhile, let me enjoy the win. Well-done guys!

  20. Janssen says:

    Perhaps the 3 at the back works for us. Thought we looked more solid defensively. For me Ox and Holding and very good games. And Sanchez was Sanchez, boy will we miss him. Also thought Ozil had a good game with a solid work rate. Xhaka was more influencial as well.

    Ramsey and Giroud didn’t do it for me. What makes Ramsey think he has the ability to take on three defenders when he lost the ball that lead to the goal? He is our future according to Wenger.

    Also credit to Wenger, whatever he said at half time had an inpact. We came out stronger after the half.

    Is Walcott being punished?

    Great result and well done to the lads.

    1. JP says:

      If I was manager after Walcotts interview the other day he wouldn’t even be on the bench

      1. Janssen says:

        For merely stating the truth??? For acknowledging what we all saw and said??

        You would have preferred for him to say “we tried our best”? When we all knew we did not?

        I prefer truth over two-faced nonsense. Our effort against Palace was terrible and credit to Theo he didn’t bs us. You can’t fix a problem unless you acknowledge it.

        As fans we tell Bellerin he is not fit to wear the shirt but as captain he can not say our effort was not good enough???

        1. JP says:

          No, he can speak the truth but like the media you are skipping over the comment of saying “they were more up for it” …. that is the words of a loser and not a good person to be around if you want to be a winner… if he’s like that I’m sure thats the way he speaks behind the scenes… always doubting and that is not a good thing as he is sometimes captain and those words are not good for team morale, plus the younger players that look up to him will end up thinking like him too.

  21. ramterta says:

    man city were overgenerous
    And the referee was on our side.
    They all wanted us to win the game.
    It could easily have been 6 0 to city

    1. Vish says:

      Are you retarded? Did you even watch the game?

  22. this season still not over yet, come on final…!!!
    holding is superb and brave play from ox and sanchez

  23. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I hope Wenger Lifts the FA cup and take a bow…….

    Something he should have done 2/3 yrs ago

  24. khangunners says:

    Yes we hve something to look for. The boys showed fight today and the desire loved it!! Coyg.. Second game where ox has been superb he is my man of the match

  25. FA cup is ours cos we got wenger says:

    Please give this cup to wenger so he can leave us in peace.

    1. Deci23 says:

      Or give us the cup because we have earned it by beating the opposing teams.

  26. Guneal (English Arsenal fans let me down) says:

    I am that black sheep of the family that never sees anything his parents did right praise deserving.

    I just gave everyone that’s happy with the win today.

    1. Guneal (English Arsenal fans let me down) says:

      Thumb’s down

      1. khangunners says:

        Atleast wenger used his brain today! Imagine if he had brought in theo am sure we could hve lost this game nice subs

    2. khangunners says:

      I think we played well but no way will that game change the stance that wenger needs to go!! Its good to win a game convincingly and without luck i missed it man

  27. HA559 says:

    If we conceded as many chances as we did today against Chelsea we would’ve lost, they aren’t as wasteful as city. It is easier for teams to go through us in 3-4-3.

    1. Janssen says:

      Not sure I agree. Yes, City had an off day but we still looked more solid at the back than when we play 4 at the back IMO. This does not mean we look good enough to beat Chelsea or Spurs (we will soon find out) but we looked better defensively (to me) than when we play 4-3-3.

      1. RSH says:

        That’s the main improvement with this formation. Although we conceded from a counter today, that was really the only time they had a very dangerous countering chance. Usually we give those up every time the ball turns over. Our problem is defintely our uncreative midfield (which is due to not having good enough midfield options), and how our front 3 work. Sanchez is noticeably out of the game more, Ozil doesn’t really know what to do, and Giroud has less of an impact. For sure we need to learn how to get all of them involved more. 4231 and NEVER changing the formation just made us the most predictable team in the entire league and defensively vulnerable.

  28. Invincibles49 says:

    Great Win!
    Mr. Wenger: Get us the FA cup and top 4 and then leave. For you, this will be leaving on a high.

  29. ger burke says:

    i say chaps, lets give wenger a ten year extension to his contract. the man is a genius , a total genius. give him an extra five million a year on top of his already overpaid salary. all is well at arsenal . crisis ?, what crisis !!.

    1. Deci23 says:

      Did you bet money against us? You don’t seem happy about the win.

  30. RSH says:

    If we keep 343, we need to try Elneny-Xhaka partnership. And Welbeck upfront for Giroud. Idk what’s going on with Mustafi, but I’m actually pretty satisfied with Gabriel-Kos-Holding at the moment. For defenders who probably played this formation just a handful of times they only had a few bad moments the past few games. And Mustafi is another player that has been terribly out of form like Bellerin.

  31. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Watched the game, well done the Arse, now win the cup.
    Wenger out.
    Just been watching Liverpool loose to Palace and Palace are playing good football. I would take Big Sam to be our manager in a heartbeat!

  32. ade says:

    Great game, this new formation look good, bring on Chelsea ,

  33. ger burke says:

    @ DECI23, i am never unhappy sir. i am reeling here in the fact that wenger is getting closer to the exit door every day he wakes up . life is all good here , hows about you ?.

  34. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    My respect to Wenger for:

    1) F.A. cup is special to this club and he delivered

    2) The tide had to stop somewhere. This is not about formations or players. At half time he actually fixed it.

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