Arsenal v Man City – How the key midfielders compare?

Mesut Ozil v David Silva

In the run up to Christmas, title contenders Arsenal and Manchester City face each other at the Emirates Stadium for the first time this season. In such a tightly fixed contest, the fine form of playmakers Mesut Ozil and David Silva will be key to the game.

Fantasy Football game have taken a look at the pair as they prepare to go head-to-head on Monday night.

Manchester City’s Silva has arguably been the Premier League’s best number 10 for a number of seasons now. Despite being plagued with injury in this campaign the Spaniard has still managed to rack up an impressive six assists in eight games.

However, Ozil has also been in exceptional form this season. With an incredible 13 assists in 15 games, Oulala’s stats show that Ozil is one assist away from equalising the combined total of his previous two seasons.

With less game time, Silva has a better average of minutes per assist with 93 compared to Ozil’s 99 minutes in between assists. However, Ozil has created twice as many chances per game with 4.3 than Silva with 2.3 per game. Naturally the German international also has more key passes than Silva with 3.4 and 1.6 respectively.

Ozil also has a slightly higher average of successful take-ons per game (1.3 to 1), as well as a higher rate of passes per game (56 to 50).

Oulala’s stats indicate that the pair are level in terms of pass completion with an impressive 88 percent.

Mesut Ozil

City’s last Premier League win against the Gunners came in a 6-3 drubbing against at the Etihad Stadium back in December 2013. It was also the first time the duo in question had met competitively in the league.

Along with four other City players Silva got on the score-sheet that day. Ozil managed to get an assist for his Arsenal side but that would have come as little consolation to him. He later apologised for not thanking the Arsenal away fans at the end of the match for their support. Ozil’s performances later that year and beyond quickly made amends for that initial mistake, as he has grown into becoming one of Arsenal’s key figures in recent years.

Arsenal will no doubt be hoping his exceptional form continues as they look to see out title rivals Manchester City. On the other hand City will be hoping Silva suffers no more injury set-backs in the run up to this potentially crucial game.

Ramsey v Yaya Toure

In our second comparison, you can see that these key statistics supplied by the leading daily fantasy sport site Football Fanager show, key midfielders Aaron Ramsey and Yaya Toure couldn’t be more closely matched.

Welsh wizard Ramsey marginally leads midfield maestro Toure in the goal stakes, and the Ivorian beats the Welshman on assists. But take a closer look at their other key statistics and they’re almost identical. Who’ll come out on top in Monday’s crunch fixture?

Arsenal fans obviously think that Ozil and Ramsey are brilliant in their positions, but as we can see they are closely matched stats-wise with Silva and Toure. Hopefully home advantage will give the Gunners stars the edge in this game, but it will certainly not be easy for the Gunners….

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  1. If Ramsey are Yaya Toure are closely matched then we can stop being bias and Add Ramsey to the list of World Class players right..

    Bias against GIROUD, RAMSEY , MERTESACKER & FLAMINI must end.. They have all featured in our last 3 matches in which we have won alll.. I mean alll either Home or Away.. So when u feel like calling Ozil worldclass remember to add Those 4 aswell..

    Just the truth, the bias nature of sum of u makes my heart swell in anger sumtymz..

    1. Admin you really do need to remove me from moderation cos is fraustrating ..
      Another sign of the biasness on u I guess…

      1. Biased? Biased against what? You were banned for abuse a long time ago using the name Enae. I will take you out of moderation, but if you reoffend you will be banned for ever.

          1. It was too long ago now and I delete all offensive comments. Let us just start with a clean sheet and forget the past . Read the comment guidelines and stick to them and we won’t have any problems in the future okay…

            1. Okay Sir. Its good to know despite being bias sumtymz u hve a gud forgiving heart. Thanks for Forgiving me and Cheers to a fruitful NewPage..

    2. If one of our players is WC or even close, we will be the first to say that … (Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Old Iniesta, Ronaldo, Modric, maybe Bale, Ramos, Marcelo, Neur, Lewandowski, Lahm, old Roben, DeGea, Courtois, Hazard, Silve, Toure, Aguero) these are examples of WC…
      In Arsenal I rate Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil, Kos, and Cech as WC, while Monreal, Bellerin, and Ramsey are WC understudy …
      But saying Flamini, Mert, and Giroud are WC because we won our last 3 matches, that is the BIAS itself … By saying that you swell your heart by yourself …

      1. Monreal is 29 and hez still under study just bcos we got him for less than 35million pounds right ?

        1. No because he has a year and half being at top of his quality, before that he was a bit shaky …

          1. So has Toure and Hazard. Both these players have had 1.5 good years in the PL and ars being considered world-class.

      2. Ozil just started pulling his weight this season..
        Giroud has more goals than Costa and Rooney combined nd yet u think he is understudy ???

        1. I didn’t say Gioud is understudy, he isn’t … In my opinion he will never be a WC, in fact he will never be close to old Henry, Suarez, Lewandowski, or even Drogba (if you count him as WC) and other WC strikers, his qualities are limited … Giroud is good at his own level and he is doing his best right now …

  2. OT:
    With all respect to Silva, Sterling and De Bruyne, I can see Toure is the real driver of City in big games … That’s been said we have to give them less spaces and time to move the ball, they do have real qualities …

    1. I do remember Sterling vs Mert in the Anfield, really horrible show, the German got passed every time … Using Gab might a better option …

  3. Henry has declared the best teammate he has ever played with . Not Zidane, not Messi….but Bergkamp 🙂

    They did make an awesome pair 🙂

    1. Very underrated outside England and Holland. If they don’t play for a CL winning team preferably Spanish or Italian well then they aren’t true greats in what can seem racist (or anti prem) eyes. Just because a team defeats all other teams it doesn’t mean they have the player who trumps all others, a team game last time I checked.

  4. On paper, the Man City Midfielder’s and attacking force looks absolutely terrifying ? but when you take their current form into account, it makes you feel a little bit at ease.

    To be honest, I am nervous about Monday nights game,
    Because of the importance of it ( 6 pointer) and the fact that we never know which Arsenal will turn up.

    Hopefully Sanchez will be fit to start, his energy alone gives the team a lift and his link up play with Ozil has been outstanding lately.

    I also agree with the fan’s that want Gabriel to replace mertesacker for this game, we will need that extra pace at the back to deal with Sterling, De Bruyne, Silva and Aguero ?

    I can’t wait for this game to start ?
    Come on you Gunners!

    1. Ironically, Man City will have to play at their very best to beat us. Didn’t think I’d be saying that this season. LOL

      1. So far their very best has been with Aguero and Kompany and both of dem or one of dem isn’t definitely playing.. Arsenal 4 City 1..

  5. Looooool before EVERY game fans predict that in this game mert will be absolutely beaten about 5 times and we will lose cause of him.. but well the reality is mert often plays against faster opponents and we dont lose that often… but i know the doomsayers here will say “told you” when mertesacker is beaten because of pace… but guys dont be stupid to be right isnt really that difficult if you predict something before EVERY game… and mert almost always proves you wrong..

    1. Hahhaa soo true mate, so so so true.. Is like they have a personal vendetta against the BFG..

  6. On his day nobody can touch Yaya Toure! He is another ‘Almost Signed by Wenger’.

    Yes hes getting abit older and slower but when City were playing amazing winning the league, twice, he was instrumental and a real powerhouse bombing through opposition midfields. Then add his defending, passing range, goals, assists and free kicks were not to shabby either. William Carvalho could be another? Rate both really highly! Dont think you can compare the 2 of him and ramsey just yet but he could be on his way to being that for Arsenal i he gathers momentum… no better time than at home to city on monday. Il say it again only if Coquelin was beside him id be more confident!

    1. On his day NOBODY can touch Aaron Ramsey !
      He is another gem Wenger uncovered.

      Yes Cazorla is chosen ahead of him but when Arsenal were playing amazing leading the top of the league for nearly the whole season, he was instrumental and a real powerhouse bombing through opposition midfields like they were feathers, this is because he played in the centre as opposed to the right. Then add his defending, which made him one of the most successful tacklers in the league and convinced many fans that he could play as a DM. Ramey’s passing range has been drastically improving and he’s been putting some amazing through balls lately, his assists aren’t bad but his biggest quality are goals, he can score more than any midfielder in England like Lampard in his prime. On top of that, he has a very good understanding with Ozil. I agree though, Coquelin besides Ramsey would’ve been a very interesting pairing to watch, I could imagine the midfield completely resisting any attack.

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