Arsenal v Man City is building up to a do-or-die showdown of epic proportions

We set the pace in the Premier League last season. We were top of the league for 248 days, while Manchester City and other Premier League clubs chased us. While we were in the lead at one point, all we had to do was match Man City’s results, but when it mattered, we didn’t, and we failed to win the league.

That being said, we are on another title charge, unlike last season. We are the ones on the hunt this time. We have no choice except to win every game we play, beat every league opponent, and most importantly, beat Manchester City, whom we failed to overcome last season.A

head of the Community Shield, Mikel Arteta didn’t mince his words when he said Manchester City are the team to beat. “Very excited to play a final to win a trophy; we are playing against the team to beat,” said Arteta.

“This is what we want — fighting for every trophy. We have to prove that. What we did last year was not enough to win the big trophy, and we have to be better.

“We have to try and maintain the level and improve it for the fans.”

The Citizens have gone unbeaten in the league and appear eager to defend their crown. Nathan Ake has confessed that they are only concerned about winning.

He said, “The manager demands a lot from us, and we demand a lot from each other in every game.

“It doesn’t matter what game it is; we want to perform, and you have to perform at the highest level always.

“The club demands that of you; the manager demands it, and that is why our mentality is always to try and win every game.

“I think last season we could really feel that we were on to something. To be honest, at the start of this season, I don’t feel any different.

“I think maybe people thought from the outside, ‘They’ve won the Treble, and now they are going to relax now’, but I don’t have that feeling at all.

“Straight away from the first game of the season, we wanted to go again, and we won. It is not enough; we want to keep winning and winning.

“I think that is just a nice mentality to have as a club, as the manager pushes us as players as well.”

Ake’s proclamation just emphasises how difficult this season will be for us as we attempt to win the league. The task is clear. We must be a “better chaser” than they were last season because we cannot rely on them dropping points. We must also beat them because they cannot beat us this season since those fine margins may cost us the league.

As long as Manchester City is focused on winning, we must force ourselves to win in any circumstance, as Arteta admitted in his press conference before the Brentford game. Via, he said, “We have to continue to do that, and that’s the mindset that we want in every single game, win in any context, and we had very different contexts throughout this season already.”

The message is very clear from both teams, neither will accept anything less than winning, so when we meet Man City home and away, these could easily be the games that decide the fate of the Premier League trophy.

We simply must take Pep’s side down a peg or two, or face the consequences….

Sam P


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  1. I think beating Man city might not determine if we win the league or not. We lost to Forest last season. We played a 2:2 draw to westham despite leading by 2 goals. We also lost to Brighton. If we had won these 3 games, we would have won the league. My opinion is we should focus on the mentality of the team. Game management, proper team rotation and clinical finishing is key if we are to win the league.
    January transfer window, can we go for Osimhen? He is having issues at the moment in Napoli. Maybe we can sell Nketiah and get Osimhen. Or Ivan Toney.
    We need top Quality CFs if we are to win major trophies.

    1. Sorry to disagree with you.

      Mentality is EXACTLY the reason why we need to beat City.

      We won the Community Shield and proved that we can go toe to toe and come out on top

      More importantly, Pep and City know that also.

      Beating them and building that mentality gives us confidence to chase them down. But if we lose, the mentality issue is front and center, and we have to rely on others to beat them for us to catch up.

      A win is crucial, not only for mentality and confidence, but setting the tone to catch and surpass them this year.

  2. Though we face Bouemount shortly, and we would like to concentrate on one game at a time,

    The reality is we have one eye firmly on the champion

  3. Sincerely , not sure we have a gritty defence that can hold Man. City . We can disturb them in attack if we play Gabriel Jesus but can our defense hold the city attack machines ? That’s where the current Arsenal team is low – Gritty and Pressure soaking defense , is required .

  4. Winning this game hands us an apartment in Pep’s head rent free which in turn do them harm psychologically and momentum-wise.

  5. We managed to keep up with Man City in Community Shield using Havertz as our front-line pivot

    We’re generally weaker at home as compared to away from the Emirates, but I’m sure Havertz can help us a lot at winning the ball if he plays CF

  6. You may never able to keep a good team down, but if there is ever a time to play the champion it is now.

    With Rodri out and the continue uncertainty around the aging Kevin de Bruyne, this epic encounter could well be a defining moment in our campaign.

    This game is massive and even though the champion is limping Pep Guardiola won’t turn up for just a share of the spoils.

  7. I would say if we can’t win the game then make sure we def don’t loose it a draw would not be the worse result it still keeps us within touching distance and believe there will be plenty more twists and turns through out the season so we must stay in the race right till the end!

  8. Come on. It’s high time we beat City. I am tired of us always losing to them.

    A loss is not an option. We either win or draw with City to prove we are serious about wanting to win the title.

  9. No team remains on top for ever. What cost Arsenal league title last season was lack of dept in the team. Opposing teams knew ahead who’d be fielded in every match day and marshalled their game plans to counter them.. That has changed now.
    Presently Man City are struggling. Losing two straight games and even more is an indication things are not as they used to be in Man City. It was a major mindset booster for Arsenal in beating them in Community Shield. Pep was disappointed cos his plan is to win every trophy they’re competing in.
    Arsenal has chance to go above City this season. A lost at Newcastle and Wolves in a serious indicator. It could be exploited by Arsenal to their advantage.
    Let Arsenal believe in themselves and go for the kill. The time is now!

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