Arsenal v Man City match preview and predicted score

Arsenal v Man City match preview – tough opponents but Arsenal can get something from the game.

In all fairness, Arsenal goes into this fixture in much better shape than some thought they would, myself included.

It could have been a whole different story if West Ham would have prevailed last Monday but the lads fought their way back to claim a 3-1 win and boost their confidence significantly.

City has their own issues right now, they have already lost the same amount of Premier League games that Arsenal have and their defence is hardly watertight. In fact, Sheff Utd has conceded fewer goals than City this season.

Of course, Pep Guardiola’s men can put any team to the sword if they play to their very best but the thing is this, they have not been at their consistent best this campaign, their season has been one of inconsistency and that is why they are closer to Arsenal in the standings than Liverpool.

It is fairly obvious how to beat City, on the counter-attack. That is what worked terrifically well for Man Utd, Wolves and Norwich City and there is no reason it cannot work for Arsenal today. They certainly have the players to be able to do it.

The big question is, can Arsenal transition fast enough to mount regular counter-attacks? Another big question is, can the defence hold the City frontline back for an entire 90 minutes?

There can be no slouching from the backline, they have to be tight all game long, they cannot be making silly errors and dilly-dallying with the ball. City will put pressure on from the start and Leno has to distribute much faster and the defence has to connect with the midfield at pace free of mistakes.

It sounds a tall order but if the likes of Norwich City can do it then so can Arsenal.

I am of the opinion that both forward lines will be too strong for the respective defences and so a high scoring game is on the cards.

Predicted Score

Arsenal 2-2 Man City


    1. @townt254.
      We won’t win by 4. I reckon a 2-3 goal victory is more realistic 🙂
      Freddie and the dreamers rock 🙂

      1. agu eman, You failed even to understand towny 254 post! He was saying we will lose 0-4 “more realistic”. As a realist I agree with him. Only a fantasist could predict a 3-2 win for us and then stupidly claim it as being “more realistic”. Why don’t you visit Planet Earth, sometimes at least!

  1. If City play to their potential they should win with a regulation 2 goal victory.
    Freddie’s successor would be announced Monday.
    Yet Bournemouth just beat Chelsea at the Bridge and Norwich drew at the King Power.
    The atmosphere will be fantastic and maybe a magical Arsenal triumph is in store?

      1. To what extend? A million people in prison for no other reason than their faith. South park was pulled off air the other day as well. China is bullying everyone because of the size of their market and they know it. Football is involved in human rights so what makes what is happening in China any different. Btw the people who live in that part of China share an ancestry with Ozil.

      2. QD, Utter nonsense from someone who clearly knows litle about how humans function AND of how they have the unalienable right to their human opinions. MERELY BEING FOOTBALLERS IS NO REASON TO STOP THAT RIGHT. GROW UP!

  2. If we start as we have the last few games today could be very bad. However it is also an opportunity for the team to put in a good shift get a result and keep building up on our confidence. A draw is possible and I’d be one happy gunner but a win is what I’m going For as it’s my team and they always win before a game in my mind

  3. If he goes bold and starts Leno Niles Chambers Mustafi Saed Torriera Guendouzi Saka Pepe Martinelli Abameyang we got every chance of scoring 4 and conceding 3

  4. The English in this article is like the present Arsenal defence. All over the place without proper order, sometimes pointless. Claerly the writer obtained his English by working hard at it, at a moden comprehensive school somewhere in England. Like the school Iwent to.

  5. It all depends on the formation. If we start with three at the back, I expect them to mangle us ridiculously. If we start with four at the back we MIGHT get a draw but I’d be happy if we lose gracefully.

  6. We have been averaging letting in 2 goals a game for a time now and that is against much lesser teams. Can we limit City to 2 goals, and can we score at least 2 goals?
    Haven’t seen any signs lately, that make it look realistic to me.

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