Arsenal v Man City match report and player ratings

Arsenal v Man City – Another display lacking in passion and fight by ThirdManJW

1st Half

As always, we started we with no passion, fight, aggression, tempo, structure, which quickly led to City’s first goal. Martinelli not tracking de Bruyne into the box, giving him a free shot at goal, for a wonderful finish.

Not long after, we were two-nil down. City slicing through us with ease, for a simple tap-in at the far post for Sterling. Kolasinac deciding to mark the empty space, instead of Sterling.

For City’s third, de Bruyne easily spun past Guendouzi just outside the box and finished brilliantly into the corner on his weaker foot. Leno then denied de Bruyne his hat-trick with a world-class save. Very comfortable half for City.

2nd Half

Not sure Freddie said anything to them during the break, as our approach to the game was exactly the same. Jesus nicked the ball off Chambers in a really dangerous position, only to be denied by the brilliance of Leno. Not sure Ederson had anything to do, and it was a relaxing half for City. The stadium looked so empty as well.


Yet another pitiful, but expected performance. We were just an empty shell of a team. No pressing. We’re not defensive or attacking. Neither possession-based or counter-attacking. No identity at all! Freddie didn’t really have a choice with the starting XI today, but no tactics whatsoever from him. It was more of a training session for City, who barely got out of second gear.

I stand by what I keep saying, if we cannot get the right manager now, then bring in Allardyce until the end of the season, because relegation is a real possibility. At least he would give us an identity, but most importantly, sort out our horrific defending!

Player ratings:

Leno 7 MOTM – Distribution not great, but pulled off great saves to deny two more goals. Had no chance on the three conceded. He’s won more MOTM awards than anyone else in my opinion, since his arrival. Which says a lot.

AMN 4 – Got forward a little, and defending not too bad. Nothing much else really.

Chambers 2 – Very poor today. Nearly cost us a goal, gave the ball away a lot.

Sokratis 3 – Did nothing of note.

Kolasinac 3 – Poor for the second goal, and went off in the first half with an injury. Subbed for Saka.

Guendouzi 3 – Worked hard off the ball, but City ran rings around him.

Torreira 4 – Made some good tackles, but pretty much the same as Guendouzi. Subbed for Willock.

Pepe 5 – Put some decent crosses in, and nice tricks that led to nothing. Extremely isolated when he got the ball, and City seemed to double up on him all the time.

Ozil 3 – Typical non-existent Ozil performance. Arrogant, slow walk off when he got subbed, kicking his gloves away as well. For all those who keep defending him, look at de Bruyne’s performance. That’s what a world-class playmaker looks like. Subbed for Smith-Rowe.

Martinelli 6 – About the only player who was really working hard off the ball. Willing to run at, and commit defenders. Not his greatest performance, but I loved his work ethic.

Aubameyang 4 – Given zero service, but didn’t show enough effort individually though.


Saka 5 – Did a decent job out of position at LB.

Smith-Rowe 6 – Drove forward very well on occasions, opening up space behind the midfield. Gave us a different dimension in central midfield.

Willock 5 – Standard rating for someone not on long enough.


Ljungberg 3 – The team sheet picked itself, but no tactics at all! Not sure what the plan was? I feel bad even rating him, because he has no experience, and has been put in an unbelievably difficult situation. City is just on a different planet, and he had lots of injuries to deal with as well. I just hope the board appoint a manager soon before fans get on Freddie’s back because he doesn’t deserve to have his legacy tarnished in any way by this.


  1. AdMart what do ypu mean by there ws no plan and tactics from Ljungberg. That isnt being honest.
    The main problem yesterday was that our players just wasn’t good enough. Ljungberg in some few weeks been able to implement a pressing system and proper attacking football. In the first half Arsenal won the ball off City so many times. That was much more than I had ever seen from Arsenal this season.The goals were down to ball watching and individual mistakes. In the 2nd half we were trying to score a goal thus left gaps for City to exploit.Ultimately we were going to lose because our attack couldn’t break down City’s defense.
    Ljungberg had it spot on yesterday with the exception of starting certain players. A shame he’d have to take this loss which others would’ve taken

    1. Totally agree!

      The whole squad are unmanageable and need a total kick up the arse! Freddie is not to blame. The club are ro blame for accepting mediocrity and lazy attitudes. I dont identify with many of this squad and the lack of passion and determination shows how unprofessional they are. There is no honour or allegiance to the badge. It’s a team created of individuals who have no direct supporting passion to Arsenal. It’s just a job. It was never just a job to Freddie! He was professional and passionate..

      Not this bunch of over-paid under-achievers!! This is the worst squad I have seen in an Arsenal shirt! No identity and not worthy..

  2. Been watching Arsenal now for 64 years. This is probably worst set of players I have ever seen but it is definitely the worst ownership I have ever seen. No sane manager will want this job while the Krankies are there but I have absolutely no idea how to get rid of them except possibly do not go to matches, do not buy merchandise and to subject them to constant stream of abuse and criticism. This probably will not work either because they just do not care about Arsenal. I am utterly sad and depressed that we are in this mess. To quote from the film The Godfather , I wish someone would make them an offer they can’t refuse.

  3. I am so sorry for our younger players like Martinelli and EMR to start their first team careers surrounded by a group of experienced but substandard players.I exclude Leno from this generalization.It really does not matter who is appointed Manager because until we clear out the dross the same problems will arise.You simply cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.The saddest feature of the match yesterday to me was the fact that we were well beaten by a Man City side which was well below its best.They do however have in Kevin DeBruyne probably the finest player in the Premier League which begs the question why wasn’t anyone detailed to man mark him?

  4. A part from Matinelli and Torreira the rest should be sacked. They offered nothing yesterday……..nothing at all.

  5. I dont see the point in player ratings whilst on such a downward spiral……………`s like giving soldiers ratings after losing a war!…………..

  6. Bur, Leno is a quality keeper. Any top keeper will struggle with a defence like the one we have. So I plea to you to include him in your statement.

    To add to that, I struggle to understand why he, Leno do not shout at the defence or any other player that commits suicide during matches. One incident that comes to mind is Chambers’ mistake the other day.

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