Arsenal v Man City Player Ratings – A little better than Sunday?

Arsenal may have lost by the same score again, they definitely looked much improved from Sunday. If our defence wasn’t absolute pants and Ederson made a brilliant save we could have perhaps won 1-0…

But that was never likely to happen lol, so here are my ratings…

Cech – 5
I don’t think Cech will ever get his 200th clean sheet with that defence in front of him, but I’d still rather him than Ospina. Made a couple of good stops in the second half…

Bellerin – 3
Should just play as a right back, his attacking leaves a lot to be desired. Made just one good pass as far as I remember

Mustafi – 3
Better than Sunday, but something about him just seem right. Not happy with his partners or confidence?

Koscielny – 4
Arsenal’s best defender on the night, but a shadow of his former self.

Kolasinac – 3
Not trusted by Wenger it seems, and his confidence is shot too. Whatever happened to his early form?

Xhaka – 5
Not as bad as he has been, but can’t resist a foul. At least he looked keen for a change
Ramsey – 6
Looking like our best player at the moment. I can’t see Wilshere playing unless Ramsey gets injured….

Mkhitaryan – 5
Looked lively and I’m sure he’ll improve further with more games under his belt and more time with his team-mates

Ozil – 3
One shot and a couple of good passes but looks like he has been taken over by Ramsey as the main man. Back to his mediocre early season form. Or

Welbeck – 5
Considering his confidence was destroyed lately, he was actually our best striker for us. Maybe he can regain his early season form again..

Aubameyang – 3
Just two shots and one was the penalty. It wasn’t badly taken but Ederson made a brilliant save. If only Cech could do that!


  1. gotanidea says:

    Hahaha… The ratings seem to be spot on

    If we can give the manager, the staffs and the board some ratings too, I want to give them zero for their disabilities in motivating the players. Perhaps they pampered the players too much with big money and facilities

    There was no Arsenal player in the field confident enough to make creative turns in dangerous areas, maybe because of their lack of skills. Arsenal should make better observations before getting new players or extending contracts

    1. Arsene destroyed Arsenal says:

      This from arseblog sums it up perfectly

      From a team which competed for the title every season, to one which was always comfortably in the top four, to one which had to fight for the top four, to one which is now sixth and unlikely to get beyond that. We can all see the direction we’re going in, and now it’s time to do what it takes to change that.

      1. AB says:

        Burnley is just 8 points off us and Leicester 9. I am worried.

  2. Godswill says:

    I just want to read about Wenger’s departure.

    1. Dean says:

      Keep waiting.

      I switched allegiance to AS Monaco so I don’t have to listen to any more English “pundits” and “journalists”. Well, the refereeing and all the past and present mistakes by Arsene and the board were vital, too.

  3. John0711 says:

    Some facts for ibrahim
    We are 30
    Points off top
    10 Points off 4th Tottenham ( who don’t spend as much as we do either)
    And only 25 points off bottom

    1. gotanidea says:

      That could mean Arsenal’s football level is three levels below Manchester City’s

    2. Sue says:

      That really is crap

  4. Wibble says:

    Arsene has been breaking the wrong records for too long now. The latest list of misery is:

    The Gunners have lost more matches in all competitions in 2018 than any other Premier League team (7).

    Arsenal suffered their joint-heaviest home Premier League defeat, having also lost by three-goal margins to Coventry (1993), Middlesbrough (2001) and Chelsea (twice in 2009).

    This was Manchester City’s biggest away win at Arsenal in any competition since a 4-0 triumph in November 1912.

    Arsenal are now on their longest Premier League run without a clean sheet (10 matches) since February 2002 (11 matches).

    This was the first time Arsenal conceded three goals in the first half of a home Premier League game and the first time they have done so in a home league game since March 1989 against Nottingham Forest.

    Mr Wenger, you have had enough time to fix things since the 8-2 drubbing by Man U. You obviously do not know how to re-build the team since it was at its peak back in 2004, so please leave and let someone else have a go.


    1. gotanidea says:

      The players do not seem to be willing to work with him anymore

      I won’t be surprised if Wilshere and Ramsey followed Sanchez’s, Giroud’s and Chamberlain’s footsteps, if they have better offers at the end of this season

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        Wibble, thank you for a great summation.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Also it is the first time Wenger has lost at home to city.

  5. Konstantin Mitov says:

    It’s so funny how people will be all Wenger In the moment we win a football game. I’ve seen this too many times. If this mood of Wenger out could stick for more than 5 games, we would’ve gotten rid of him a long time ago, but we deserve this. Until we learn to stick to an opinion that’s how it’s gonna be. This manager has been dead for 10 years, finally people are starting to catch up to reality.

    1. RSH says:

      exactly. If we get past Milan, everyone will be back to saying wait until end of the season, or let him see out contract. Arsenal fans ALWAYS flip-flop. It’s always Wenger Out around Jan-Feb, then we go on a little run April-May and AW saves his job and everyone is blind again. Wenger will stay another season because of this. Guarantee it. It’s the never-ending nightmare

      1. Mobella says:

        Well it is going to be end of season otherwise he would have been sacked by now.

        1. GB says:

          When we win it is not everyone ‘all Wenger’ but it is ‘all Arsenal’, there is a difference Kon Mit.
          I can’t really remember any extra AKBs coming out of the woodwork when we win, just the usual ones who are always here.

        2. RSH says:

          and then that’ll extend onto one more year, and then another contract offer then we keep doing this dance. IT needs to be a clean break in order for it to happen. A review at the end of the season, where HE WILL BE PRESENT is ridiculous. He’s conned the fanbase for 6-7 years, he can easily take care of some old dinosaurs

    2. rkw says:

      you are right sadly .. if we get a draw, let alone a win against milan — and they arent a great team by any stretch of the imagination — the usual suspects will be back on their football cosmic jive with their half backed histories, bizarro use of “the facts” and fear mongering about an uncertain future … until of course someone dumps us out of the europa cup .. and it will be back to their silent rage at the (so-called) fans who have been pointing out the truth about wenger and the decline of the club …

  6. lugdush says:

    OT: Wenger has to stop of talking about money and start to asume responsability in this situation. Not long time ago he was talking about money is not everyting and asking for apologies to us cause Holding didnt cost us 50mm (you opened your mouth to early my friend).
    The difference with city is just that we cant get too much mistakes with our Budget. They can gamble, and if Guardiola think he get a mistake buying a def by 50mm he just has to buy another.
    But wenger has not being accurate with his decitions and thats what is afectting us now.
    Buy mustafi for 35mm
    Xhaka for 35mm when there was kante avalaible for 30mm, who suits our needs better and has epl experience (aside he is twice a player xhaka would ever be).
    Not selling Alexis to a rival (citieh is not our rival anymore, since they are fighting for everything while we are fighting just for top 4 with Liverpool) just to sell him after to a rival in a switch with a player value for about 20mm and big wage (and a player without the characteristics we need, but one more skillfull but unconsistent player).
    Buy two players in a combine 110mm that our coach will not play together without outbalance the team. U will say any top team need at least two top strikers…ok, we are not a top team and we could survive very well with auba and giroud/welbeck
    We pay ozil better salarie that any citieh player just for being the worst player in the last two games against them. ¿how can we pay that kind of salarie to a player who has never been able of carry on the team?? We should payed that to Alexis and sold all the other player without hunger, with wenger, so they could play in the park, where a team with so low spirit diserve to play
    And so on, plus never solve our real problems on the difensive side of our game.
    Now wenger will not have all the power on the transfer side, and im happy with that. But we need a coach who know about tactics, who start to screamy on the sidelines even if the weather is cold and if we are winning 0-3. A coach who can motivate our players and get out the best of Ramsey, wilshere, and in general, give to our team a fighting spirit…the only way to win against Guardiola citieh is putting a fight, every ball is a war and with a team with a winning mentality, not ghostes walking on the field crying because Alexis was to hard with them.
    We need players who feel the game and the shirt but wenger is blind to find them. He prefers luxury and cold players, like ozil, those that givesbeautifull moments but who cant gives you glory (not for themselves at least and thats why they doesnt deserve 300.000 a week).
    Sorry for the english

    1. jon fox says:

      Please don’t worry at all about the English! I love your passion and honesty!

  7. Ray says:

    All those ratings and not one for Arsene Wenger?

    How about Arsene Wenger : -10 and an extra -90 for the BS he keeps spinning!?

    It’s a shit-show and we all know it!!!

    How you can even make excuses about the weather keeping the fans away is just PATHETIC!!
    The City fans had no trouble getting there!!!

    1. Rob says:

      Ever been yourself warrior??

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Arsenal fans are not city fans, they are fans who pay the highest prices and shush people so they can eat their cucumber sandwich and watch the game in peace. The few that showed up will be the AFTV crowd not willing to miss out on a few bucks, fam, ya get me fam.

  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Huge improvement from Sunday

    Top marks to Wenger for working night and day and making this happen

  9. jon fox says:

    Ratings for our players are pointless. We all know-or should do- that most of them are nowhere near good enough. I knew for example that Walcott was a dud and would never be good enough for a top side , a full decade ago but he was kept, indulged, grotequely overpaid AND even had occasional good spells and sometimes even a blinding game.; OCCASIONALLY! But what matters is no one game but regularly good enough. On that criterion virtually all bar three or four or five are rubbish.

    1. Mobella says:

      Sir you are too harsh on the players. What do you expect from them when they are coach by man with soft personalities. He cuddles and pampers these players. Imaging the only reason he want Welbeck to extend his contract is because what he has gone through and how he came back from that. Whatever that means.

  10. Welbeck 5? You must be joking admin! That joke, however, isn’t as funny as Ozil being on 350K-a-week! Another great bit of business by the inept cancerous parasite.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Do you know what the biggest difference was in that game despite money spent and finishing abilities. Professional fouling, city are very good at it as Chelsea were when they had a very strong team. Arsenal are so weak at it that is unreal. Take Sane’s goal, if that was us threatening a bare city defence then the ball would not have made it to far side because Sane would have been taken down. The opening goal is so important and we just let them have a fair crack at it even though we are the ones in desperate need. Some common sense and that game might have went differently, look how city squash the best chances when we are breaking with them out of position or low on numbers in own half, whereas we just chase them up field trying to win the ball and trying to get an extra man back to help. That is a huge advantage to hold over another team. It’s a crazy advantage to give away to a side that already spends more, scores more, defends better, and looks better. Stupid for us to not give them a taste of their own medicine, they done it in the cup game too when it was 0-1, but not as professional as they did it last night, the way they try to bump into you.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Not Sane’s goal, first goal that Sane made, I meant.

  12. Innit says:

    Wenger has shot Kolsanic’s (one of the best LB in the bundesliga), Lacazette (one of the best strikers in the French league) and Aubameyang (one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga) CONFIDENCE

    He did the same with Podolski, Perez, Oxlade, Walcott, Coquelin.

    Wenger is a confidence killer.
    He keeps players on the bench who shouldn’t be (ie Kolsanic, Lacazette, ) and plays players he shouldn’t ie Welbeck, Iwobi. He also plays players in wrong position ie Oxlade (when he was here) on LWB, Niles LW, Nelson RWB, Eleny as CB etc etc throughout the season.

    Wenger can’t manage his way out of a paper bag (lol @ Tony Adams)

  13. Willz says:

    On aggregate over the three times we played city this season, score ended 9-1. horrible scoreline must need mental strength to admit. british core experiment officially failed. it’d be crazy if whilshere and the likes got contract extension. massive clearouts needed. wenger be gone already.

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