Arsenal v Man City Player Ratings – Chambers impresses again

Arsenal 3 – 0 Manchester City; Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 8
A very commanding performance by him with only one real mistake very late on where he misjudged a corner and left the goal wide open – fortunately City didn’t capitalise.

Debuchy – 5.5
Felt he was very poor today but he’s probably unfit. Played a lot for Newcastle and France last season and probably needs another week of training to really get back into the swing of things.

Chambers – 8.5 (MOTM)
He was very impressive today for me. Good communication skills and showed quality on the ball and off it. He was able to adjust with different CB partners and was only really caught out once by Dzeko early in the first half. This kid is definitely special.

Koscielny – 7
Only played for one half but was assured in his performance. He defended well enough.

Gibbs -7
A good performance by our LB. He was aiding the attack constantly but did get caught out once or twice by Navas.

Arteta – 7
He was consistent and generally composed today. Yaya didn’t really expose him at all.

Ramsey – 7.5
He was quality when it mattered today. He wasn’t his best on the ball but was defensively strong and scored yet another great goal.

Wilshere – 7.5
He was impressive today. Played the game simply and was effective in doing so. Won us a lot of fouls because of his ability to dribble past players.

Sanchez – 7.5
He was also pretty impressive. He is lacking complete match fitness like the French players but was still quality. He constantly looks for the through ball to give Sanogo a 1 v 1 with the keeper and that is promising. It means he can create out wide as well as providing that goal-scoring threat.

Cazorla – 7.5
He was also very good today. Was never sloppy, made the correct passes and opened the scoring with a great goal after a dummy.

Sanogo – 7.5
He continued his great form with two good assists against City. He was a nuisance and was constantly pushing City back with his runs.

Monreal – 7.5
I was very impressed with him when he came on. He played as a CB against a very strong City attack and wasn’t exploited like many expected.

Chamberlain – 5
He was never able to get onto the ball in the second half unfortunately.

Giroud – 6
He scored a great goal today (there may have been a deflection) but didn’t do much else.

Flamini – 6
He came on to help us shut up shop. He did that with the gung-ho approach we expect from him.

Rosicky – N/A
Came on very late and I don’t remember him getting on the ball more than a few times.

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  1. mohawk says:

    For those who believe Nastasic should be acquired, I invite to look at his play as he contributed directly to EACH of the 3 Arsenal goals with slow, lazy, weak defending.

    1st Goal. Weak challenge on Sanogo who then fed Cazorla for the goal.

    2nd Goal: Late and slow getting back to the play then a ridiculously lazy and weak challenge on Ramsey who had no problem taking the shot for the goal.

    3rd Goal: No surprise Nastasic was the defender who needed to make the challenge on Giroud but he was sleeping and reacted very late to challenge on Giroud who was thus able to get the shot off easily around him.

    Bottom Line: This was a typical Nastasic performance. Weak and not up the speed of top level football. He should NOT come to Arsenal.

    1. Gundam says:

      No… but Fifa 13 have the greatest scouts of all time… How do I know this? Levy told me so, that is how he buys players, that and copying Arsenal and Liverpool rumours. Nastastic has 88 potential.

  2. captinweestain says:

    What happened to Chambo, didn’t really see much when he came on, so i agree with that, all the other players a solid 8 for me.

    1. gamer says:

      i actually agree with kj on the ox he was pretty poor today when he came on probably still bit rusty he needs to learn when to run with the ball you cant do it all the time

  3. Skandalouz says:

    I don’t agree at all with the Debuchy rating. He made his game look like he’s been playing for Arsenal for years. Defensively solid against Kolarov and Nasri, had some good crosses aswell, combining with Sanchez and Ramsey was great. What more can u ask for from a right back?

    On the other hand, good look for giving Monreal the credit he deserved for this match, he had little to no trouble this time.

    Also think Arteta was a 6, he struggled in the first half at times. Rest of the team was superb!

    1. Arteta had a very good game. We dominated a very strong Cty midfield. ALL our midfielders deserved 7.5 minimum today.
      Would like a strong, young DM, but, at least give credit when it is due, EVEN if you are desperate to get rid of our new Captain.
      Jack also had a very good game.

  4. gamer says:

    lol before i opened the article i was expecting something silly from kj he always does this lool

  5. mohawk says:

    KJ loves to pick on one player with a low rating. Why? Most of his articles reveal his ratings debacles are directly attributable to his complete lack of knowledge about football.

    For KJ, today was an improvement. Normally he would have given his target/Debuchy a rating of 3.

    The good news: KJ is so ridiculous that fans now often just have fun with his stupidity.

  6. rock88 says:

    Debuchy deserved atleast 8 and Gibbs also deserved 8.

  7. NickTheYank says:

    The most important thing about this is that all the players played very well and rarely left the back four exposed. When your whole squad puts up 7+ rating performances you’re gonna win a lot of games.

    Chambers… What a signing he is! He and Sanchez were so good today. Only wish Alexis had scored one.

  8. B.R.94 says:

    Sanogo 7,5 giroud 6 OR sanogo 6 giroud 7,5??!!

    1. mohawk says:

      KJ simply is a football idiot. Every striker that scores he claims that he “did little else” or something. A striker’s job is to score, not to set records for the most touches on the ball.

      Sometimes when a striker does not touch the ball he has indeed had a weak game. Sometimes when a striker does not touch the ball it is because he is playing his position correctly and the midfield did not get him the ball.

      KJ does not know that nor does he know the difference between the two. He just does not know anything about football.

  9. rock88 says:

    KJ deliberately gives lower ratings to get more comments. Wtf All our player deserved over 8.
    5.5 for Debuchy is ridiculous.

  10. Ks-Gunner says:

    okey, i am not Girouds biggest fan and pretty much want us to get a new striker, but now i think that priority lies more in the Dm role, and a new defender is also a must.

    1. mohawk says:

      Ask every football fan/pundit in the world and 99% will tell you that Arsenal’s biggest need is DM. This is not a close call. I only hope Wenger is in the 99%.

  11. Robin Vanpayslip says:


  12. rock88 says:

    Koscielny is our leader.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Kos is a dragon

  13. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Somebody give this guy a copy of football for dummies (the extended version).


  14. Goontz says:

    OT: Among the potential top 5 teams, I think Chelsea had the best pre-season preparation. Not in terms of results, but in terms of fitness. I just hope our qualifier against Besiktas will help us get up to speed quickly.

  15. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Somebody give KJ a copy of football for dummies


    1. mohawk says:

      In a way it is unfair to ask KJ to apologize. Perhaps he cannot control his complete lack of intelligence. But he should find a job far away from football – perhaps shoveling sh#t or something which fits him better.

  16. Just what I thought henry.
    He defended very well and was a threat going forward, certainly NOT our worst player, and worth a 7 at least, also, he made a great goal saving block point blank range.
    For all I believe he will be great for us, Sanchez, would get a 6 from me, good workrate but, lots of misplaced passes, though he is not yet 100%.

  17. Jim A says:

    Last week KS you replied that you will hi five someone when he scores a goal against a big side. Not only did he score but he scored after a goal kick from Schez which he then won the header to DeBuchy who played it back to him for the goal.
    I hope you were able to hi five someone.
    Yes I agree another defensive player would be a good purchase for the side.

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      That game was to easy, i expected us to win without having a single daub t. I think he comes best as a bench player, and that is something i am totally fine with.

  18. DanielC1989 says:

    I think he must write these reviews mid-game because it seems like he doesn’t watch half of it. Jack didn’t play well at all really. Debuchy was class. and Giroud’s goal was never ever ever a deflection.

    1. mohawk says:

      The TV announcer originally (wrongly) called it a slight deflection – that is probably where KJ was mis-informed.

  19. Cal says:

    As far as the rating for Debuchy goes I think the author is either seeking a reaction or help.

    Pundits and fans have been saying this for years and Wenger has chosen not to bring a powerful DM in, this season it seems as though we have tried or are atleast looking. For me Carvalho is a realistic option and plays CB too. It wouldn’t come as a shock if a new CB was our lot this season and we are left with no DM but lets hope AW has something up his sleeve!

  20. Hafiz Rahman says:

    people are forgetting city started slow and never lead the table but won the title in the last few games

    1. mohawk says:

      No. You are wrong. Nobody is forgetting anything. Arsenal fans know that this lone victory does not really portend an invincible season.

      But there is a double standard. When Arsenal loses to a top side all we hear from pundits is that the team is too weak to win any trophies. When Arsenal come up with a nice win, all we hear is that the game really does not mean much.

      In the end, Arsenal fans should be allowed to enjoy this nice performance and victory for what it is.

  21. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    Debuchy 5.5??????

    Is you crazy?

    Also, I would give Giroud 7

  22. Renoosenal says:

    Kj is a twat.

  23. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    Best Arsenal Goal
    Tie between Cazorla and Giroud

    Best Citeh goal

  24. gooner954 says:

    Wenger gonna make jack dm and bring in maybr another defebder and striker

  25. pishilis says:

    There is only one explanation.. Sagna wrote the article.. Hahaha!!!

  26. jonbonjovi says:

    I would genuinely say Debuchy was MOTM he’s got that bit of steal that we sometimes lack and very comfortable on the ball. Improvement on Sagna

  27. mark says:

    Giroud only 6 ?

    He scored a world class goal, deserves an 8.

    Ramsey a 9, everyone else 8. It was a good game to watch.

  28. Renard says:

    Here are my ratings for this game.

    Szczesny : 6.5 – A couple of nice saves, but some worrying moments in the second half. Unconvincing.

    Debuchy : 7.5 – Brave going forward, solid at the back bar one or two minutes. Sanchez’ future best pal.
    Koscielny : 7 – Not as authoritative but just as reliable as usual.
    Chambers : 7 – Excellent job for a 19 yrs old. Got turned by Kolarov a few times though.
    Gibbs : 7.5 – Great game from Gibbo. Very pleased with his progress. Future England LB.

    Wilshere : 8 – He’s good and will only get better. Had a great game. Go Jack !
    Arteta : 7.5 – I’m not a fan but his experience and leadership were important today.
    Ramsey : 8.5 – How can you not love that man ? Best player on the pitch – MOTM

    Cazorla : 8 – Looks like he’s in the mood and back to his best !
    Sanchez : 7.5 – I love his commitment and determination. Seems hesitant at times though.
    Sanogo : 7.5 – Kept a cool head for his assist. Clumsy but oh so promising.

    Subs :

    Giroud : 8 – Amazing goal (no deflection, check the replays). Our starting CF without a doubt.
    Flamini : 7
    Rosicky : 7
    Oxlade-Chamberlain : 7 – I want to see him start in the middle again.
    Monreal : 7.5
    Campbell : /

    1. gamer says:

      there was defiantly a deflection you can tell not sure it would of gone in without that deflection im not hating just saying the truth

    2. muda says:

      Chambers 7 for 90 outstanding minutes, and then Rosicky 7 for 7-10 decent minutes?? KJ is that you in disguise??

  29. seatofthesoul says:

    Why is this guy writing articles? Is he making ridiculous ratings just to try and be controversial?

    5.5 for Debuchy is ludicrous, he was at least a 7. Obviously a lot of Arsenal fans think OG isn’t good enough and KJ saying all he did was score, but he did score and it was an amazing goal. A lot of strength to hold off the defender which none of our other forwards would have been able to do. People generally feel Drogba is one of the, if not the best striker in Premiership history and he has very similar goal scoring records for his first two seasons to OG, I think Giroud may even have more. I think the Arsenal fans who want us to play 4 attacking pacey players upfront are naive, if any of those players (maybe bar Sanchez) had half as many knocks as OG had last season they would have got injured. But this season some pressure is taken off OG as we have many good players who can score.

    Wenger please sign a tenacious, battling midfielder and we are seriously golden.

  30. gamer says:

    walcott, sanchez, ox,
    cazorla, campball, podalski
    2 quality players will not get to play as much as they like hope wenger rotates well and keeps the harmony

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Agree but it is a “problem” that Wenger would have been dreaming about for quite a few years now. Rotation is key to teams progressing and succeeding on several fronts; and players in successful teams accept rotation more easily – it can be a win/win if you get the winning habit.

  31. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    I hope I am wrong but just expect 1 more signing.
    I honestly don’t see Wenger bringing in a DM, for same reason he said he won’t bring in another striker: “we have enough”

    I think he will bring in a defender, but don’t expect a top defender like Hummels. Expect an average one like Agger.

    Also, forget about Reus or Di Maria or striker. Again, he already said no more forwards. Only exception is if he sells Campbell, Podolski which again is unlikely.

    So only expect 1 or 2 average defenders and expect our DM to be Arteta, Wilshere, Flamini and Chambers. Also strikers: Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell

    1. Ozil_Sanchez says:

      Long Shots: Chicharito, Nani because Van Gaal is selling them and Wenger rates Nani highly

      1. mohawk says:

        I hope he passes on Nani. Nani is an amazing athlete but perpetually underperforms as a footballer – season after season.

        Remember when Ronaldo departed. Everyone claimed that Nani would get a chance to show his talent – he never showed it except in sporadic spurts.

        Nani will go the way of Arshavin and Gervinho even more quickly – within a couple of months – dead wood pile.

    2. mohawk says:

      Even Wenger has suggested more signings are needed. But Wenger always refuses to pay more than he believes a player is worth. We can only hope he can make the deals he feels are prudent.

    3. Al the Gooner says:

      As with everyone else, I saw Debuchy have a good game, at least a 7. Also I think your are being overly generous with Sanogo who IMO is just not ready, great prospect but he needs experience out on loan. 7 at the very best and that’s pushing it

  32. Jake the Snake says:

    Now we have a dilemma:
    Where and when do we play Chambers? He has arguably been our best player during pre-season so to not play him would be silly, but do we want to break our fantastic central defence parternship from last year in order to play him. But nonetheless, I’m excited to see this guy in the future!

  33. arsenal_indonesia says:

    Debuchy 5.5? Did you watch Arsenal FC North London base, or Arsenal Club America last night?

  34. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    I’m still holding on to my dream (even if it’s unrealistic)
    1. Carvalho
    2. Hummels
    3. Reus

    I will hold on to this dream until the transfer window closes.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      caralho possible…

      Hummels maybe but need convincing he wld want regular football

      Reus not likely unless someone is sold

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Come on mate, there are dreams and there are dreams – but Wenger jettisoning half his first team in one transfer window – never, ever gonna happen.

  35. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    KJ must stand for Keith the Joker

    I still can’t get over 5.5 for Debuchy

  36. Hafiz Rahman says:

    news about how liverfool pounding mighty Dortmund and not Arsenal ripping city

  37. georgie b says:

    You would never know our new players are new ;they play for Arsenal like they been playing on the team for years. They fit in well. there is something special about playing for us.

  38. AFC_Gunner says:

    It is great for the new players to win something straight away. Confidence breeds confidence and hopefully it translates into league success.
    Is the team strong enough to beat Chelski and Man Chitty in the league? Possibly. They are the teams to beat home and away and if we had done that last season, Arsenal would have had a double.
    Anyone fancy a double for Arsenal again? Oh yeh said Duffman

  39. 100percentARSE says:

    Who gives a crap When Distin is 38.

  40. Al the Gooner says:

    For those moaning about the lack of a new DM, I agree that we need one, but, the fact is while we have renewed spending power we have already spent GBP65m this summer and anymore (other than replacing TV) seems unlikely to me. We do not have bottomless pockets and I feel sure we need to sell to buy anyone else significant. Having seen just how impressive Chambers was yesterday I think he’d be worth a try at DM. That kids clearly got a great footballing brain.
    Arteta being made captain may indicate Wenger expects him to be DM all season… or it may mean he is next out the door, given the record of our recent captains.
    Good to see Jack have a decent game, hopefully it has sunk in that if he doesn’t buckle down and mature a bit he’s not going to get much game time.

  41. arsenallove says:

    I will rate KJ.


  42. jaws09 says:

    Debuchy should be getting a 7, maybe a 7.5 but Gibbs should be given an 8

    Gibbs was fantastic today and only got caught out once by Navas. once in 90 minutes by a spanish international who is 1 of the fastest players in the world!

  43. kia says:

    Ever since KJ wrote that article on how we should get rid of Rosicky, I have never taken any of his articles seriously…

  44. cardo87 says:

    Sick of this Kj and his dillusional ratings. Debuchy 5.5?! Wtf he was solid and all over the pitch. He always has to slot at least 1 player. It was chambers (also had a good game I agree) who got turned inside out by Kolorov not Devuchy. It’s like KJ just picks out random numbers or does not realise how dire a 5.5 rating means.
    Anyway great win, great work by the gaffer, let’s have a bit more and beat the likes of city in the league. GOOOONERS!

  45. GunnerForLyf says:

    I thin…. After Match…. KJ starts his FIFA 14… He played a similar match to generate ratings and post those ratings on……. Now everybody is bashing KJ for the genuine reason, KJ is planning to buy FIFA15 so he can get the better ratings out of that 😉

  46. GunnerForLyf says:

    I think…. After Match…. KJ starts his FIFA 14… He played a similar match to generate ratings and post those ratings on……. Now everybody is bashing KJ for the genuine reason, KJ is planning to buy FIFA15 so he can get the better ratings out of that 😉

  47. gooner96 says:

    When I read “Player ratings by KJ” I just expect stupidity.

  48. gooner96 says:

    Go home KJ you’re drunk bro

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