Arsenal v Man City Review – Arteta blows it again and our chance of the title has gone

Well, you can twist and turn it, but it’s Artetas fault by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, the dream has crashed and I’m done. I’m mentally crushed. For me it’s not good enough and it hasn’t been for a while. Our dip in performances hasn’t been a one off, it is the result of negligence and player favorism from Arteta.
This playing out of the back at all costs has backfired big time, but guess what we have no other way of playing. We’re a one trick pony that took the league by surprise and now we’ve been found out.
Zinchenko has been awful since United. His poor displays have left Martinelli for dead. We subbed Ben White for Tommy who immediately let us down by giving a simple goal. I’m sorry this is what we’ve been doing 3 games in a row.
Xhaka – Awful, Odegaard – completely missing, Gabriel – atrocious… We looked worried playing out of the back. We gave them confidence. We still managed to get back to 1-1 and what did we do then? Immediately surrendered the initiative.
We were given warnings, when Gabriel fouled Haaland only to be saved by the offside, and then what? Arteta didn’t make a change. The guy is a rookie manager that shouldn’t be the head coach of our football club. He just fails to identify problems, even if they will poke his eyes out.
Nketiah was useless again. Missed 2 sitters. You saw what happened at the other end. That’s the price of going cheap. We needed a striker when Gabby J went out and now you see it. Eddie is not good enough to win the league.  You can twist it and turn it, but it’s Arteta’s fault.
What is Trosaard supposed to do with 15 minutes? Odegaard was terrible again, but Vieira can’t do much when he’s barely played all season. A 35 million pound player who we don’t trust at all. Tierney is a bloody good left back, that can actually help Martinelli down the wing and he can cross a ball, not that there’s anyone to cross to.
And even when we did, Eddie had an empty goal and he couldn’t head it in. People call Pep mad for making changes, but I see 18 players who are all ready to come on and I see Guardiola changing tactics for games. And what does Arteta do. The guy is not good enough, he shouldn’t be at this football club.
But how am I surprised, when I already see people saying – well top 4 was the real target. This is the mentality that allowed two 8 placed finishes in a row.
I just can’t believe I allowed myself to dream big, blinded by good 19 games. It’s not happening. We should’ve been 11 points clear before the game, now we are second and we ain’t touching top spot again. I’m extremely hurt. I honestly now think winning at Villa would be a miracle.
Momentum is a thing lost very quickly. That defeat in the FA cup set the tone. All those changes, because “we’re going for the league”. I mean, how naive of me to believe with Mikel Arteta in charge.
I just want the season to end, because I need a break from football.
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  1. It does look like we’re melting like we’re used to. Arteta hasn’t done anything to change the team despite 4 similar performances and results.

    You cant just sit someone like Tomi on the bench for 6 months and then throw him under the bus against City. Its obvious he might make a mistake as he has started what, 5 games all season? Would’ve been better to rotate players against “lesser” opponents when the pressure is not as high.

    Trossard has to start. Tierney as well. I pray Partey is fit already and Jesus back in training ASAP.

  2. The problem with the internet is that it gives idiots like you a platform to express their ill-conceived opinions. You are barely able to construct a coherent piece of writing and yet feel confident enough to upload this to the internet. Please stop following Arsenal’s season, you’re not a real fan you’re an embarrassment.

    1. I think he’s being a bit harsh, but just coz his opinion is different from yours doesn’t label him an idiot.

    2. Only a true idiot calls someone an idiot, shown your real colors and it ain’t good.

      Rather you go support another team

  3. I am sorry, but this article is just plain awful. This so called “fan” has clearly lost the plot.

    So we were unbelievably good just 3 games ago, but now the league is over, despite it still being in our hands? 16 games to go, but we might as well throw in the towel.

    Clearly, it’s unacceptable for Arsenal to drop any points or lose any games.

    I’m not saying Arteta hasn’t made the odd mistake, but the positives so far this season, massively outweigh the negatives. Its hardly his fault that Jesus is out and now Partey, or is it?

    No one in a million years thought we’d even be in this position after 22 games, so a big well done to Arteta and the players! Year on year improvement is continuing.

  4. That was an embarrassment, to lose 3-1 at home against your supposed direct rival for the league. All the pundits who said we would fall apart have been proven right it seems.

    Let’s just make sure we finish second.

  5. This writer sounds like a fair-weather fan. Too many of them popping up at the moment. Glory hunters where all of this is new. Football is full of ups and downs. Sit down and stfu, go and support another team if the pressure is getting to you.

    1. To be fair the writer of many years on this platform has been consistent in his view.

      You must be new to the site to call him a fair weather fan.

      Seems we are upset with the loss and taking it out on fellow fans

  6. If we win our game in hand we are back on top how has our title chance gone?

    This is just the start I expect Dan to pull his red folder anytime now.

    The drop of form has come at a good time there is still enough time to wrap it up.

      1. You are the biggest and the best writer here and I have always agreed with you because there was evidence for everyone to see.

        But being sceptical this season despite our excellent results it gives some envious person who labelled you negative before because of envy a ground to stand on.

        1. Yeah mate but I am negative lol
          That’s what I don’t get
          When my team fail I am negative and yet people say your negative and I’m like yeah I’m negative lol
          Like heres a spoiler…..
          If we play badly at Villa park like we have been doing …..I will be negative

    1. You all keep saying a game in hand forgetting that, it will most proberbly be cancelled out at the ethihad. A things stand now it’s city’s title to lose they are in control and with momentum.
      Most fans are complaining because we have seen this movie quite too often

          1. Our game in hand has not been played. If we win we will be ahead as things. There are also many other games to be played including the game at the Etihad.

            1. Even if we win our game in hand that’s 3 Point lead that they can cut when we go to etihad if it comes down to that game they will be confident because they have been beating us for fun especially at etihad. So they are in driving seat

    2. “if we our game in hand we are back on top how has our title chance gone??”

      But that will depend on if we can be able to win the next 2 games.

  7. People like Konstantin Mitov makes this site a joke. Always waiting for defeat in order to bring the roof down. Pls , admin should do something to writers like this on this platform, demoralIzing people is not allowed

    1. Criticising writers because they have a different opinion is also not allowed.
      Is there anyone else you want me to get rid of because you don’t agree with them?

      1. Come on AdPat even you must be fed up with his konstant moaning. As for throwing in the towel when we are just over halfway through the season and second with a game in hand, he acts like a baby whose dropped his dummy.

        1. I have to agree. The author is an emotional wreck and one questions the rationale for allowing him this kind of writing on a fan’s site.
          He wants to sack everyone and take a break from football. The team is second in the league with a game in hand.
          Surely, there’s got to be better than this kind of diatribe.

      1. But Dan, the team have been playing better and, yet, you still found reasons to criticise them.

        As for Konstantin, it’s back to the days of when he wrote article after article criticising Wenger, the owner, the players and the fans, so it’s back to normal.

        I suggest you DO take a break from football Konstantin and give the rest of us a break!!!

        Come back at the end of the season and discuss where it all went right or wrong.

        1. When Ken ?
          After Man United and Spurs wins I praised the team
          Find me an article where I wasn’t positive after a win
          I simply gave my opinion in terms of title race that mentally it’s too big a step
          Not even a knock on the team just a reflection of what it takes to win Prem
          With all respect in world , Everton Brentford and twice against City were not playing better
          We can only talk about what we see
          So if we won yesterday and it was negative article then of course that’s odd
          A second half where players went missing , following on from Everton and Brentford displays ….. Got to report that
          No point pretending

          1. But Dan, we have lost three games all PL season, one less than city.
            We have had terrible experience with those running VAR, having twice received an apology from the PGMOL.
            We had, probably, our two most influential players missing last night (Jesus and Partey… alongside ESR).
            We are second on goal difference, with a game in hand.
            We were not overrun by the current champions, as it was not until late in the second half that they took the lead… with their strongest team available.

            Now, take ALL the above into consideration and then tell me, once again, that we cannot win that game and the PL, if city had the same scenario.

            Out of interest, do you agree with the article?

            1. Will said. Overall, we are to date having our best season in 20 yrs and the coach should be fired? And we should stop following the team? And we have 0% chance of winning the league? Of course we have a chance, a better chance than we have had in a long time. Perfection is not what is required or Pep should be fired as well

  8. If you need a break from football now already you’re not REALLY in it for the long haul are you? …..the season is literally halfway and we are level on points with one of the best teams and managers in the world. We have the youngest squad by some distance, a first time manager, and very light in key positions like CDM and FW – Nketiah and Jorghi are trying but they are not as good as Jesus and Partey. We were not up to scratch against Everton and Brentford but we were also unlucky not to get something more from those games. Listen man, give yourself a reality check and calm down. We totally could and should have won last night if we had put our chances away and used our superior possession better. But Man City are not repeated League winners because they’re a crap team – they are literally outstanding. So before you buy into all the media hype that “Arsenal have blown it again” just take a second to see how far we’ve come with what we have, and realise we still have a game in hand and hopefully we get back on form. But seriously Konstantin, just chill a bit, even though i agree it is frustrating – we made a few mistakes and paid each time yesterday – to KDB, Grealish and blimmin’ Terminator – easily 3 of the best in the world. Having perspective is your goal for today!! 😉

  9. I can’t see how we beat villa with eddie upfront the guy has no Link-up play no hold-up play needs 3 to 4 chances to score a goal

  10. A completely negative article that is way off the mark! If VAR had been used correctly against Brentford, we would still be 3 points ahead with a game in hand. Yes we have made some costly errors which we seem to be making all to often and it is those errors that are haunting us. That is not MA’S fault. Tomi didn’t even look when he made the back pass yesterday. That is a rookie mistake. Gabrielle was found out again because is he came up against one of the best in the game. Appart from that we are suffering to convert good chances. Nketiah is not a fantastic striker but he is young and still learning. It is obvious we lack some quality in certain areas but this season is still beyond what we thought it would be. If win our next game our confidence will return. We don’t need this negativity right now please Konstantin! Save it for another day. Let’s stay faithful and positive!

    1. Lost 8 points in 3 games.
      Yet to win a game this second half of the season.
      City’s first away win against the current top 4 teams this season
      Surrendered all we built in the first half of the season like bunch of amateurs…
      We get angry when pundits disrespect us that even with 8points lead we won’t win the league it’s not an insult it’s because people have seen this movie many times, lost top 4 with 3 games to go been the most recent… I can swallow the disappointment of losing the league to city but if united somehow wins it going 11points above them after 19games it will be an embarrassing thing…

  11. Maybe you took it little bit to far but again there is valid points here the biggest problem we not adaptive to the game situations as a team and the less I said about Nkeitah the better because this guy if he was not an English player he would playing in the Championship not in a big team like Arsenal Tomiyasu was not suppose to come after halftime and we waited until he deflected another goal in to the back of the net Gabriel Magalhães his flows were exposed yesterday.
    But I know I will attacked so its fine

  12. My, my. See how the”trust the process brigade” has folded up their tent and moved to the dark side so quickly…We’re still in this and in charge of our destiny. We keep our heads up, regroup and get back on track. It’s part of the game…Jus sayin

  13. Konstantin your anintelligent person and have wrote some good pieces in the past but this particular piece has to be your worst.
    Blown it. As Mr DK stated. A few more ganes to go yet.
    I mentioned in a previous comment. It was bad night at the office.
    We move on to the next game.
    Leagues are not won or lost in mid Feb
    Stay strong and don’t let this loss make your faith In the team dissappear.
    We are all hurting this morning from losing last night but this team carried us to this position and we will kick on again
    Onwards and upwards

  14. What a pathetic mindset, jeesssss?
    How long have you had this written down?
    Why are u disappointed in a team you never trusted or supported to achieve anything, Arteta and the boys got here without you fair-weather support and definitely don’t need it now, if ure not happy and sad please jig on and the few who trusted the process have their peace of mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day and Areta has done more this season than your feeble support so to save ur self many more sadness you can write this season off in your books and stop watching Arsenal and if u must do please don’t bring your negativities under the pretense of having another view to the internet as much right you have for your negativities so much right do we that support the team and the process also have to read positive feedback even in defeat.

  15. Arsenal vs MCI justifiably evokes thunderous outburst of emotions from ardent Arsenal fans for the disappointing outing. I ask what is our pattern of play? To hold possession without shooting to score? Look at Xhaka in 18-yard box confused where he was holding on trying to pass ball before opposition goalkeeper. Tomoyasu made a collective error with Ramsdale who couldn’t discover his team mate was under pressure to take vantage position. For Tomiyasu, he would have kicked the ball out of play at the mid-field for a throw in. I saw his genuine efforts and involvement. His errors came because he dared. Many took to non-involvement. Tomiyasu made the common error of our players who over-trust the less-confident Ramsdale. Our head coach should begin to start Martinelli, Trossard and Saka. If we continue to dance with the ball without shooting to score we will end up losing all we had yearned, planned and gained in the 2022/2023 PL Season.

    1. Our pattern of play has seen us top the PL for weeks, lose just three games in the PL and have a club currently being investigated for breaking over 100 PL rules as the only club above us.

      1. Ken and Eke
        I could be scathing of Arteta, but I have to be getting behind the team who have done so well till now.
        For Konstantin
        We are all AFC fans. We are all hurting. But throwing in the towel with 1 games shows a real lack of character. Character is something we are expecting from our players. Common mate: Chin Up and support the team.
        Yes Arteta has made mistakes as noted by many fans but that is bound to happen. This is unknown territory as we have not been in this position for quite a while. But remember, Leicester lost to us twice but still went onto win the title. Only give up when it is mathematically not possible. Don’t give up.

    2. Thanks I’ve been saying this for so many times that our front 3 should be Trossard Martinelli and Saka because this thing of Nkeitah its not working and it won’t work .he is not giving us that aggression and we don’t have that point of referrence on our last third but the question is does Mikel Arteta sees that

  16. After about 20 lines of the same ****I did a bit of speed reading through the rest. A couple of weeks ago Konstantin was full of praise so yes, I do recommend you take a break and get your head sorted out rather than pen an over emotional rant

  17. There are lots of mistakes being made again, when the pressure is on by the manager and the players. the lack of rotation and reliance on the same players is killing us rather than making things work. Yes we have got to where we were by doing what we were doing but a few of us said, it wont last because of the lack of rotation and reliance on a chosen few and i think partly, that is paying us back. Our tactics are limited and arguably being found out. i didnt and dont expect to win the league but from where we are, i dont expect a collapse either. If we fail top two from now, that is a failure, whatever people say.

    1. For Reggie
      I had the same concerns as you. In agreement with you on all aspects except for the last line. After 10 games I started to believe we would be in the top 3. After 19 games I thought we had an outside chance of 1st or second. That run could not continue.
      Based on this season 3rd is par, 2nd or Ist is incredible.
      For me failure would be 4th or below.

      1. So looking at Chelsea, Liverpool, United, and City this season and been 5points clear with a game in hand after first half of the season, you would be satisfied with 3rd place finish shows why will have not won the league for 19years….
        These mindset is what make rivals fans and pundits always making mockery of us

        1. For Gun down

          I could not care less one way or the other whether other fans or our own fans choose to laugh at me being an AFC fan.
          The same thing about other major teams also happened in the year Leicester won it. Others were not there and us and Tottenham both bottled it.

          This is a discussion forum and I have put down my view.

          Of course I like any other fan would love to be proved wrong and go and win the PL.

  18. Why is everyone on here triggered by Konstantin’s post? Grow up guys! At this age, if you cant put up with such then you need help! It’s just a rant from a pained soul! We made two unforced errors that cost us the game. We fix that and we’re cooking again. I’m happy that this is happening so early in the second half of the season which gives us time to regroup and get back to doing what we did well in the first half of the season.

    1. Why are we triggered? Perhaps because he is always whinging without any constructive comments. He’s a complete melt.

  19. Here’s my two-pence worth and then I think I need to take a break from this site so I can enjoy the rest of the season without being told the sky is falling.

    It feels like some folks got carried away with our start and had already booked the day off for the parade. And now that reality has set in and things might be harder then they hoped (something more level headed fans have been saying from the start) they’ve taken it personally and reverted to slagging off Edu as cheap, Arteta as clueless and the players as bottlers.

    I appreciate those who haven’t – AndersS, Sue P, Jon Fox, Grandad and loads more who I know would have been joining in with the fans at the end of game chanting “Arsenal, Arsenal”. That made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    I’m not a fair weather Gooner but sadly I’m a fair weather fan of this site.

    So I’m taking a break and will see you at the end of the season (as long as I can remember my password)

    Thanks admin for everything you do.


    1. Voyageur. I could not possibly agree MORE. I quite understand your position and – though I will always stay and fight my corner in any battle- I feel your hurt and frustration at having to be included in the heading “Arsnal fans” , given a number of the self centred selfish comments on JA right now.

      Hope you change you mind, as we need all proper and emotionally grown up fans to stay and fight for the club we love and will always support.

      1. For Voyageur
        I echo SueP’s and Jon’s thoughts.
        Hope you change your mind.
        This is a family of JA.
        You are very much a member.

  20. Poor little Konstantin! Some nasty person took his sweeties away and now he is crying, sucking his thumb for comfort and needs his Mummy.
    I do not come on JA to read about spoilt little self entitled children crying and feeling sorry for themselves.

    You are male Konstantin, so grow a pair, quickly, and start behaving like a grown up. And one who is not a pathetic snivelling little whinger at that.
    That our great club should have spawned so called “fans” like Konstantin. UGH!

  21. Hey, nihil desperandum folks.

    How we go for the rest of the season, I believe, depends upon when the EPL referees think they have punished Arteta enough for his touchline Antics!!!!

    It was obvious, at least to me, that the ref in the Everton game, let Everton kick the snot out of Saka and Odegaard. This to the point where Arteta had to take them off to protect them.

    In the Brentfdord game, a more subtle shot at Arsenal was aimed, the allowing of an equaliser that wasn’t. Even Howard Webb noticed this.

    Then, in the City game, the ref reverted to the tried and trusted method of allowing more kicking the snot out of Saka.

    Playing Bernado Silver at left back was a very subtle move by Pep. The ref could book Silver for his tackles and then Pep could simply replace him with say Ake, and continue the punishment of Saka.

    Why the ref did not brandish a yellow card to Silver is what leads me to this “conspiracy of referees” (I nearly said Dunces).

    I have blamed the refereeing decisions, but this could be a Premier League conspiracy, trying to make the league look more competitive, rather than Arsenal running away with it!!!

    This is just me being Cynical of Sydenham again, but WHO KNOWS?


    NO PARTEY NO WIN, this for the reggae boys amongst you

    1. SAKA Has certainly been kicked from pillar to post in most games this season and has zero protection from our dismal refs HONEST, but dismal refs.

  22. “I’m done” says poor old Konstantin. Well thank f**k for that ! I can just imagine how much drivel you would have written in the ’89 season after we lost and then drew our last 2 home games before heading to Anfield.

    You say that Arteta is a rookie and that he shouldn’t be at the club. If you had any knowledge about the history of the club you claim to support, then you would know that we have done that quite a few times and won major honours.

    You whinge that we spend money on players that don’t play, but you would be the first to whinge if we didn’t sign anyone and just relied on Hale End youngsters to make up the squad numbers !

    Yes top 4 was the target at the beginning of this season. Anyone at the start of this season that thought we would be top of the League for this amount of time would have been very high on drugs.

    There’s still a long way to go till the season’s end and City will drop points. We more that likely will as well. It will come down to who drops the least.

    As the old saying goes; If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. In other words, if you don’t like how things are going, I dare say you can go and ‘support’ Man City.

  23. funy fan, some fans are really funy at times, what we are going through right now is just a test of time and it won’t last, we are fighters hell gunners, trust me Mr writer Arsenal will bounce back. my only problem right now is our little school boy nketia that guy is not fit to lead our front or maybe we should go back to our old 3-4-3 formation.

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