Arsenal v Man City Review – Gunners thoroughly embarrassed

As much as we wanted Arsenal to come out fighting and peg Man City back right from the start, it looked like Wenger’s opening game plan was to try and contain Pep Guardiola’s side and frustrate them while trying to get a breakaway. It wasn’t good that Monreal had to go of injured after half an hour, but being one goal down it was probably sensible to bring on the more attackin.

And it seemed to be working until an unbelievable big kick from Claudio Bravo went straight down the middle, bounced once, and Aguero chipped it easily over Ospina’s head and Arsenal were 1-0 down after just 18 minutes. The Gunners seemed quite happy to concede possession (as if they had any choice) to City and they carried on frustrating them to half time. If it wasn’t for that moment of madness from Mustafi it could easily have been equal at half time, and the goal was actually City’s only shot on target before the break although De Bruyne and Aguero had pretty clear chances go astray.

Poor old Jack Wilshere was getting picked on at every chance from the City midfield but he refused to retaliate and kept his head, and it didn’t look like Arsenal were being totally dominated before half-time.

Chambers got booked just after half-time, and both Ramsey and Bellerin needed to be careful until the end of the match after getting a yellow in the first half.

But Arsenal’s defence looked very shaky in the opening minutes and Ospina looked lost like Cech after ten minutes with a terrible clearance, but Arsenal survived for a few more minutes until De Bruyne got a corner which bounced round the box until falling to Kompany who slotted it into the net. Arsenal were against the ropes and looking in danger of being over-run. And so it proved as in the 65th minute the two Silva’s took advantage of the pressure and the game was over as David Silva scored City’s third with Ospina floundering.

Wenger decided to throw caution to the wind and brought on Danny Welbeck on for Chambers, but is it even worth the risk as we are hardly getting anywhere near Bravo’s goal, and there are still 20 minutes to go and the score could get a lot worse yet, and just to cheer up Arsenal fans even more, Iwobi comes on to replace Ramsey….

Guardiola responded by bringing on Gabriel Jesus and with 15 minutes to go you could see swarthes of Arsenal fans leaving the ground. No one believes that Arsenal could come back from three down , but for the last ten minutes the Gunners tried very hard to get a consolation goal but City maintained their dominance. Vincent Kompany got booked for yet another foul, and then Jack Wilshere finally couldn’t keep his mouth shut and followed him into the book.

We can’t really say the result is a surprise but it doesn’t stop us feeling let down by our weak attempt to stop Man City….



  1. muffdiver says:


    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      Let me guess!! it’s Iwobi’s fault again??… delusional fans screaming bench Iwobi and he got benched so Ramsey with no match fitness could start. Well y’all got served.?
      It was clear we needed a player who could hold the ball at his feet and create spaces, that player is always Iwobi since Sanchez left but you delusional fans will never know his worth.
      Ozil keeps finding Iwobi in any match they both play just cus he’s the only gifted among the rest but y’all will blame Iwobi for this and that.

      3_0 final..
      shame!! shame on you Wenger, shame on you Arsenal..such a big disgrace

      1. Sue says:

        Iwobi came on & made such a difference ??????

        1. Efe iteire says:

          As soon as I saw Jack Wilshire in the starting line up, I knew the game was lost. Why because over 80% of games that Jack starts for us, we end up losing.

          1. Handyandy1 says:

            lol, 80% of anyone slipping on an Arsene FC top we end up losing these days, not just Wilshere.

        2. Roehahn says:

          Let me guess, because the mighty Iwobi would have stopped those 3 goals..or better yet, he would have scored 4 goals and won us the cup.
          You are the one deluded with your favouritism of Iwobi..he is not even good enough to play championship level..only knows to run with the ball ( most of the time overrun ) , and zero end product..cannot pick a pass in the final third and cannot finish even if his life depended on it.

          1. Sue says:

            I agree he’s s**t. What is Eddie Hoyte smoking??!!

          2. Sal says:

            i’m with hoyte on iwobi he’s getting unfair treatment compared to other players, very similar to bellerin last season, for some reason all the hate is directed towards him this season.

            i see potential in iwobi as well and beleive him more useful to us then the likes of wilshire or neny or chambers or welbeck or jekinson or …. i can keep going!! we still got some players on high wages who offer nothing in return. at this rate he will follow gnabry path and end up on the bench somewhere.

            I hope he gets his confidence back and prove the doubters wrong. as he needs to work on his finishing and passing, its around and in the box where his weaknesses lie. and for a winger/inside forward whatever you want to call it that’s a death sentence, so i agree that he should be benched but sold? and rating him at 3 mil or championship level you are having a laugh!! the kid’s got flair and an inconsistent work rate but a work rate nonetheless. under another manager he would be a different player and a very decent one, it’s not easy to dispossess iwobi, his main problem is he hands it to the opposition with a silly pass, and we’ve all seen those passes all season long, you know the one that forces the counter and they score from it because our mid and defenders are daydreaming. this pass has been named the xhaka and it’s like a virus, extremely contagious and everyone in our beloved team has caught the xhaka this season! so i see no need to single out one player just because everyone else is. every single player in this gutless team should take a hard look at himself, this seasons showings have been nothing short of pathetic

      2. jon fox says:

        Eddie, Are you Iwobis brother? If not why the love in with this useless twerp who is completely out of his depth at our level. Or should I say , even at our appalling level!

        1. Rkw says:

          Jon it’s not worth the effort … These people are too far gone

          1. jon fox says:

            Rkw, Very true and it is these weird Wenger lovers, who have helped keep him in the job. We overwhelming majority who have functional eyes and a normal brain need to unite to force this ridiculous damaging fossil Wenger out of our club.

        2. bishop says:

          all awobi haters. he did not start today whom do u wanna put the blam on. awibi is one of our best young players. u guys supoae to ne saying ozil out not awobi.what has awobi done to.u our defense is shit. we need new 5&6

      3. GoonAR says:

        What is Iwobi’s worth? 3 million?

      4. Isah says:

        You’re 100% rite mate, most of the Arsenal players play the obvious, pass sideways and move. It takes a ball player like Iwobi who can take risks and play something different.

    2. Sal says:

      Shocking, no spirit this is a final and no player looked up for it, I’m ashamed to have watched such a display. we were losing one nil no changes, no willingness to go forward, and the manager needs to F off the linchpin of city Fernandinho is injured and no tactics to take advantage of that, a switch should have been made as soon as he was off injured he is their defensive mid player and without him if we pressed we would have scored, but no we sat back inviting pressure the entire game!! 3-0 it should have been more. Im ashamed to be an arsenał fan after that display. Utter shambels!!

      1. Craig Barrett says:

        We never had a chance. Our defense has been steadily worsening since bould joined. Headless chickens with no organisation. A lazy midfield not interested in helping defend leaving defenders with no chance. And isolated attackers bored for lack of real chance. Nobody can deny a change in management is desperately needed. Players have lost belief and so have the fans.

    3. Jhud says:

      a top club would have sacked wenger after we were outplayed by spurs. Two more spineless defeats later …and more to come and we still dont sack our manager. Management are spineless and Arsenal are what many predicted. A mediocre mid table team. Thats the reality. Wenger out. Today!

    4. Wenger OUT says:

      If you still support Wenger you are no longer an Arsenal fan, You are a Wenger fan. So please leave with him and go support him wherever the hell he goes next.

  2. Lupe says:

    Its the way we lose that annoys the arsenal fanbase and it is justified. Wenger should not survive this season, if he does its only going to cause a lot more negativity at the club. I knew aubameyang would not be as effective here at arsenal because of our style of play, our football is pathetic, lack of vertical penetration, lack of proper wingers to offer width and one on one dribbling or crosses from the by-line, lack of a proper defensive midfielder, zonal marking on corners instead of man marking, i can go on but we all know our weaknesses. They want us to shut up and not complain but just support because we know nothing as fans or because we are not grateful with what we’ve got.. rubbish!! Please i want to ask, where was our 350k superstar ozil, he’s got his contract now so he can go back to not trying. Honestly, i don’t think anyone is surprised, we should all come together to get wenger out before all the remaining available managers are taken. Wenger out!!

    1. muffdiver says:

      Hector Bellerin says Arsenal are determined to win the #CarabaoCup for Arsene Wenger.
      few hours later

      hahahaha joke

      1. AWout says:

        No doubt he ll have a large cup full of Carabao and Vodka in his hand at some London night club latter tonight.

      2. arsenal#7 says:

        Hector Bellerin needs to come watch my U10 team t learn 1c1 defending skills.

        The boy is pathetic!!!!

    2. gotanidea says:

      Ozil at Arsenal has different level than Bergkamp. Remember Bergkamp’s excellent ball control and vision?

      1. Raja Danish says:

        Bergkamp was on another level… he was from another planet.. its not even a comparison… he was one the best player of all time…

  3. gotanidea says:

    Yes! One step closer to Wenger’s dismissal. If I don’t hear his sacking in three days, I would be surprised

    I just couldn’t believe that City still put an extra effort to win a tiny cup. Even with hundreds of millions investment, Arsenal’s football level is still several level below Manchester City’s

    They should not recruit a player from a bottom-table team (Mustafi from the almost-relegated Valencia). If they still want to recruit Evans and Butland from the red-zoned clubs (WBA and Stoke), they are nutjobs

    Actually this is a good time to replace our Supreme Leader Wenger, to pump our players’ motivation up with a new manager. Because carrying on with this mentality in Europa League would be a suicide

    1. bran911 says:

      Very true, but if he stays, we should kiss the Europa cup goodnight coz with Wenger, even this below par AC Milan will look like Barcelona.. now AKBs, this is the reality

    2. AB says:

      You have high hopes from Arsenal board my friend

    3. Craig Barrett says:

      I agree if he goes now a good manager might still win Europa

  4. reddb10 says:

    thank god its over.
    wenger, kroenke, gazidis out.

  5. Raja Danish says:


    1. Maks says:

      Yeah! Nice and simple. Bravo man!
      Frak all wenger lovers!

      1. Raja Danish says:


  6. Mertinho says:

    Bellerin said “We want to win this for Wenger”…

    Not sure if he being serious or funny based on that performance. If that is them genuinely trying to do it for the manager then we might as well call it quits now. Nothing good will ever come of this team, especially while our Supreme Leader Wenger remains in charge.

    Im off to smoke a fat J to help me recover from the BS i just witnessed. Good day fellow gooners.

    1. gotanidea says:

      They wanna thank Monsieur Wenger for giving them million dollar contract extensions and less pressure

  7. Tatgooner says:

    Wenger is staying guys dont even imagine this as a chance to bellow your wenger out jibes

    1. GB says:

      Wenger out!

  8. John0711 says:

    That little arsenal fan epitomises the fans I would love wenger to answer “ why he feels this is acceptable”
    No more excuses no more sam P bull^*## click bait
    Wenger be gone

    1. Sue says:

      He couldn’t care less, as he goes to pick his runner up medal & 8m pay packet

      1. Maks says:


  9. Sue says:

    I can’t see us winning another game this season, playing like that….. awful, just awful

    1. GB says:

      And our next game Sue, is against……….City

      1. Sue says:

        I know ? not sure I want to watch….

  10. AndersS says:

    I never believed we ha much of a chance, but I thought Arsenal at least would have turned up motivated and looking to make a fight out of it.
    But we looked like we weren’t even trying to win right from the start.
    What a disgrace.
    Wenger should be sacked now, but if he had any dignity he would resign by himself.

    1. bran911 says:

      We lost 8-2, 10-2 and still Wenger had the audacity to come out and say he saw some positives from those games, he won’t do a single thing after this defeat than stay put and honor his never ending contracts

      1. AndersS says:

        Unfortunately, I think you are right.

    2. gotanidea says:

      They tried their best in the first seventeen minutes with that super defensive setup (5-4-1), but an erratic behavior of one of our defenders ruined it as usual (sometimes it is our goalkeeper’s)

      I cannot blame one player only, because the creative midfielders also misplaced their passes and the attackers couldn’t finish the easy chances

      I can only blame our Supreme Leader

  11. Chuauhnuna says:

    Two things.. Lack of natural winger and poor quality holding midfield.. Xhaka was so pathetic

    1. Skills1000 says:

      Xhaka is not a DM. A proper DM must have pace. Must be good with both foot. Very mobile and reads the game well. Wenger was arrogant and naive. Players like Matuidi, Wanyama, Kante, Matic, John Obi Mikel are a definition of a DM. Wenger should have gone for Wanyama.15m pounds would have been enough to get Wanyama

  12. Sven says:


  13. As long as the men in this football club will not change, we will never win anything again.
    We will sometimes have a good spell of game like other teams but nothing else.
    I know you can lose a football game and it is not a problem, but it is the way we are losing. There is not a sense of emergency from the men in charge to the pitch.
    All the players should apologise to that little 5 years old boy crying when we were 3 nil down.
    So sorry for him and all the men and women paying hard earned money to watch this.

    1. georgie b says:

      The Arsenal ladies are better.

  14. Tatgooner says:

    You really thought we were gonna win against city while ostersunds brushed us aside like that

  15. Footballistrivial says:

    What shite system is this? I don’t even want to blame the players. What is the point of buying a striker when he stands there isolated with 3 defenders?
    How bad is the midfield/wings setup? It’s embarassing to watch. Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil in the same team for an effing cup final against a team that works their socks off, off the ball. Defensive midfielder anyone? How can anyone with a proper functioning brain not see the need for having at least one proper defensive midfielder???
    This isn’t Topology Wenger, you don’t need to be PhD in mathematics to figure this trivial shit out. Why the hell is this guy getting 10m a year?
    The only criticism for the players from my side is for the players in midfield. They just can’t defend. They defend worse than players in pub teams.
    Wenger just has to go because this fool refuses to change even when it has been evident for the past 5 season how horrible his team’s defend.

    1. Roehahn says:

      We only had one true CDM in the team, Coquelin and we sold him to Valencia for 10 mill..also gave them Gabriel for 12 mill in the summer window..while they robbed us of 35 mill when we got Mustafi from them.

    2. MKEgunner says:

      Everyone has been slagging Lacazette as a flop and believe me, I’m glad they got Auba, but not only do we not have a proper DM, but the entire attacking mentality has been to send long balls from the back to those strikers who are isolated with three defenders. I’m a Dortmund fan as well and that’s NOT how Auba scores his goals. That’s not how Lacazette scores. Ozil can’t do the job he gets paid when you bypass him and the entire midfield 60% of the time. Give shite to the players all you want but the complete lack of defensive organization, attacking strategy and player selection is 100% on the manager and it seems Wenger’s whole coaching method it to just say, “Uh…like, go and win.” Seriously, there must be little to no coaching. I can’t see any other reason for the continued regression of our team.

  16. ayodeji says:

    I n Wenger We rust

  17. Says it all when all we could bring on to change things was Welbeck & Iwobi. Xhaka awful on set pieces all game, Ozil disappeared. Sack Wenger, get someone new to try to boost us so there’s a chance of getting some decent players in the summer. Just awful & embarrassing (again)

  18. sol says:

    what matters the most is not what happens but how we respond…………

    1. Sue says:

      Ffs how many more times are we gonna have to ‘respond’…… we DON’T respond, we just get worse

      1. sol says:

        Sue the response has to be painful we should not be divided…a united response will bring about change…i hope

        1. Sue says:

          Well it hasn’t so far…………

  19. Avenger says:

    Arsenal fans from UK all over the world are asking from
    Wenger resignation!!!! also commentators from all
    sports Media …………..

  20. Wolf says:

    Pep would of won that game with our players. Did their keeper have any shoots to save bar the one PEA scramble early in the game?

    Peps motto. Judge me on the silverware I win.

    Wengers motto. I respect my contract. You Sh1t!!

  21. Sam-afc says:

    Wenger….. please for the sake of the club. Call it a day.

    Our defending has been non existent for a number of years now. But what’s even more worrying, we can’t even play good football anymore…

    How can players be walking about on a cup final match? Crappy cup yes, but come on what’s going on at our club

  22. bran911 says:

    I heard we had a secret weapon, was he revealed today or still hidden?

    1. AndersS says:

      He was so well hidden, Wenger is still walking around looking for him… But he should ask Sam P, he knows 🙂

  23. McLov says:

    1-2 at home to Östersunds
    0-3 at Cup final three days later

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger

    1. Sue says:

      0-4 against city on Thurs????

      1. Roehahn says:

        Arsene Wenger..the gift that keeps giving..

  24. AndersS says:

    Cant wait to hear what stupid evaluation of the game, Wenger will come up with.

  25. Rock says:

    There’s only one way to stop yhis. Don’t go. Save your money. Hit them where it hurts until things change.

  26. ayodeji says:

    Wenger love to lose games, I think he has obsession for losing games

  27. Mobella says:

    Everyone should be positive today as this defeat is what everybody wants. It is obvious how far behind Wenger his as a coach in England. Infact he is the worst. If we swap Wenger with Pep two days before this match, it is certain City will loss. That is how tactically inept Wenger is. The thing is who ever among us still think Wenger is our problem is enemy of our clubs. It is now a fact that arsenal board and Stan are the major problem if thay can’t say enough is enough to him after is constant failings. Losing today’s final doesn’t affect me at all but what affects is the manner and pattern at which we loss under Wenger. He makes things easy always for the opposition. Imaging Wigan beating this team without conceding a goal and we conceding 3 with our superior players. And the man still have a job.

    1. Wenger OUT says:

      Not even Pep could have won with this squad. This squad that Wenger put together is one of the most unbalanced in the league. We have no wingers. We have no DM, our defense is really bad. I mean we have nothing. with a team like this no wonder we are where we are.
      Summer 2015 we bought only Cech for 11M – thats where we completely lost the plot. Summer 2016 Wenger bought Xhaka instead of Kante for 5M more! that’s another place where we lost the plot. Summer 2017 he bought Laca instead of Auba. and then bought Auba in the winter.
      THis is just horrible, terrible transfer management.
      This team could have had Kante and Vidal and kept Sanchez and would have won things…

  28. Me says:

    With the clubs value never higher I simply cannot see Wenger being fired.
    In fact, I see him being given another contract.
    Results and performances clearly are not a barometer of success for this club and its scummy American owners.
    Give me Usmanov and Simeone every day and I hope to see the back of Oil, Ramsey, Xhaka, Lacazette, Aubameyang and all the other garbage that has been signed by him…

  29. Gelz says:

    Didn’t expect a win but at least put up a fight for it and go out in a blaze of glory, we have devoloped a losers mentality and its embarrassing. A new direction is needed immediately, I can’t see this team picking themselves up and fighting for something at the end of the season, top 4 long gone, Euro league not looking good, we are capable of losing to anyone and after this defeat there heads will drop even more.

  30. Boobman says:

    I think the PEA has had the pee taken out of him by Wenger in being convinced into joining him and his shower

  31. Mobella says:

    Please don’t blame these players. It is hard not to make mistake with way Wenger want them to keep possession even if under pressure. Let us ask ourselves this, why is it only out team that concede goal immediately after we or opposition pass to start or restart the match.

    1. True true MOBELLA
      Even under pressure at the back they are passing the ball from one defender to another lol and against a pressing team like city mistakes happen quick

  32. webgooner says:

    Arsenal, please, begin to play football again. If we have any silverware dreams then a new defence is needed as well.

    1. Maks says:

      Not just a defence… Manager! and Xhaka and Ramsey to follow!

  33. Dennoh says:

    yes, arsenal did it again. thank you very much 4 wasting my precious evening Wenger and crew

  34. V.uren says:

    When does the match actually kick off ?

    That warm up city just went through went on for ages !!!

  35. Shinoda says:

    I wasn’t even shocked with that performance, it has become the new norm. It doesn’t matter who we buy or put on the team sheet. As long as Wenger is the manager, we will continue to decline. We’re worse than when we were spending less on players. We didn’t turn up at all & for a final, we made it too easy for them. I watched that kid crying & felt sorry 4 him, too bad I’m already used to the humiliations. The worst thing is that Wenger will still be here during the next match (against ManCity again) & it will be dejavu. And to the players, Don’t ever dare blame the fans after such an embarrassing performance.

  36. sfgunner says:

    so, we are going to be 6th place this yr, and this after 5th last yr, its where we belong, I said at the beginning of the season, we are becoming everton, once a big club, slowly dying off as the others pass us by, bottom line, spend or accept mediocrity. thats a mid table squad we have, xhaka, mustafi, wilshire…

  37. John0711 says:

    The best thing about the game
    Henry” of course I would be interested in the John b”
    Th guys is class
    He’s a winner and wouldn’t put up with failure

    And Any player would want to play for him

  38. ayodeji says:

    A new word in the Dictionary Wenger meaning Humiliation, wengered to be humiliated, Wengering to be going through humiliation. Arsenal FC just got Wengered

  39. AB says:

    Everyone was supporting the team and wanted a victory but none of us really surprised at the result. Sad day for all us fans.

  40. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Worse than Wu Tang post Wu Tang Forever

  41. Phil says:

    On way home from Wembley and will refer to SIR JON FOX and his hard hitting post during the week when he boldly claimed he was hoping for a humiliating loss today as it would speed up Wengers dismissal.Jon, my humble apologies Sir.I disagreed with you at the time ( which as you know I rarely if ever do) and I feel as though my heartfelt apologies will never show my embarrassment for doubting your sincerity and total dedication in ridding this club of that utter fraud of a manager that you,I and 99.9999% of true Arsenal fans hate even more this evening than I ever thought possible.
    Even I am left speechless by this latest but not surprising embarrassment Jon.
    I sign off simply with the 2 words WENGER OUT

    1. arsenal#7 says:

      Yes Wenger out but also some of his overpaid pathetic excuses for players have to go with him.
      We need an entirely new defense – 2 CB 2 outside backs- a proper DM and someone else other than Ramsey and Wilshere or Xhaka at midfield.
      Also a world class GK which was the first player that has made the difference in any club
      above us. Tottenham bought Loris- MU got DeGea – Chelsea Courtois – City got Ederson
      Liverpool once they buy a GK will challenge for the title and Arsenal maybe will buy another LEFTOVER mistake prone garbage.
      Do you think Ramsey and Xhaka should walk around the entire match for 120K a week?
      They should be doing sprints after this display back at Colney until they pass out.
      Bellerin should STF up until he learns to win a ball and stop watching Arsenal Fan TV and complain. Not a good day but is there a silver lining? I am afraid not

    2. jon fox says:

      Phil, My fellow agonised Gooner. My posts demanding Wenger out have been purely because, like ALL TRUE GOONERS I love this club and see so very clearly what immense damage he and the people above him are inflicting on us all who love Arsenal. I much appreciate your post above, (which you clearly wrote while I was typing my post below). I just feel sorry for my poor brother who had to work today , so recorded the game and will be watching it, effectively live, right now. My dilemma was whether or not to put him out of his misery, by letting him know the score, before the agony he will be undergoing this moment. I am seriously considering hypnosis to try to rid myself of the love I have for this club which is deliberately trying to destroy all us Gooners. The club we love is our own enemy. HOW DEPRESSING IS THAT!

  42. jon fox says:

    While , of course agreeing with all the Wenger out and our club regine stinks comments on here and elsewhere, I am actually glad we got walloped. I only wish the actual scoreline was far more embarrassing – not merely the “performance” – as ALL I am concerned with this season is getting Wenger sacked. I wanted to win but knew there was no serious chance of that with this team and squad under Wenger. So therefore I wanted next, in preference, an embarrassing defeat, rather than a close and/or unlucky defeat. This we “achieved” and what an “achievement” , fellow Gooners. Now we need an even more comprehensive defeat on Thursday in the league game against City followed by another of our infamous away day disasters at Brighton. OBVIOUSLY, I say this simply to make Wengers position even more untenable (which , in my view it has already been for a full decade already). My only short term aim is for his sacking, preferably in total disgrace. We clearly are not going to finish within double figure points of top four, nor will we win the Europa and I am glad of those things. Anything at all which gives the club even a scintilla of an excuse for keeping this disastrous man I want not to happen. My honest desire is to lose every remaining game this season by double figures goals. Unless he is sacked before the season ends and a sane manager appointed in his place. Only THEN, would I again want to win games. Most importantly, I DO believe he will be sacked but, sadly, not until seasons end. The club seems intent upon suicide and unless he is soon sacked , I think our club as a top club , is effectively dead.

  43. Jide says:

    Its not surprising that we lost. Arsenal has become the whipping boy. I’m not even hurt by our performance anymore. I am pretty sure that we will not win the Europa league and we certainly will finish sixth and Arsene will continue to respect his contract. We will wait and see.

  44. mark says:

    I’ve come to terms with the fact we are no longer a top club. While AW is there, we are going nowhere other than getting painfully worse every year.

    Sure, we may have a good spell now and then, but football has moved on at the top level, and we are not keeping up with that progress. We’re where the top teams were a few years ago.

    This loss was entirely predictable given current form, and we’ll be lucky to get top 5 let alone top 4. Should we perform a miracle and win the Europa league that would be great, but we’re not even doing well there and will likely get found out in the last few rounds.

    Ah well, something has to get better, so maybe our new striker will find some form once he gets a few more games..

    1. GoonAR says:

      We’re a mid table club anyone that says we are a top club now hasn’t faced reality.

  45. gmv8 says:

    I don’t really get this defensive strategy – it failed against the Spuds, so does Wenger really imagine it will work against Citeh? If you are going to play a defensive strategy, you need a strong defence, or at least a strong defensive midfield, with someone who is able to distribute the ball a la sadly missed Santi Cazorla. None of the players believe in the defence, so they won’t believe in a defensive strategy, hence the lack of belief, passion and fight. It’s like fighting the battle of Britain by grounding the airforce and using the artillery, hoping the odd unescorted plane may do irreparable damage to the enemy’s capabilities. You could taste the lack of belief in the team in the first five minutes and knew it was going to be one of those games. Totally Wenger’s fault.

    1. jon fox says:

      You refer to a “defensive strategy.” What exactly would that strategy be then? Buy the most crap players around and tell them not to mark forwards, not to try full out and tell them to make constant mistakes perhaps? Now THAT is the only “strategy” I see at our club under Wenger.

  46. Efe iteire says:

    Even if we have players like messi, Ronaldo,Kane,KDB, Lukaku in our team with Wenger as the manager,we won’t win the league

  47. GB says:

    If we don’t change our manager at the end of this season, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could get relegated next season.

  48. Bur says:

    Dear oh dear another defeat that wasn’t weegor’s fault. My oh my who will that person blame this time? Farcical!

  49. Grandad says:

    Throughout this season I have been subjected to a certain amount of abuse for my criticism of Mustafi and Xhaka.After their performance today perhaps more fans will agree with my views.£70million down the drain.

  50. ArseOverTit says:


  51. Gily says:

    Wenger and the players have for long taken all the blames for bad games. Well the bitter truth is that the fans are also to be held responsible. Why can’t the fans just do their duty – cheer and motivate the team. Every time it is lambasting, and making demoralizing comments about the team, and still expect them to perform wonders. Other teams’ fans keep supporting, but at Arsenal it’s destructive comments and actions. SORRY!

    1. John0711 says:

      Poor players I bet they cry on their 110,000 a week wages
      Grow up

    2. Sue says:

      Oh ffs Gily…. were you there today cheering them on? Cheering Mustafi when Aguero nicked the ball of him & scored??? Cheeŕing all our crappy defenders?? Omg I’ve heard it all now……..

    3. Gabby says:

      What are you smoking,? How long have the fans supported this team and they have failed to give the fans any bragging rights. What else needs to hapen for wenger to leave

    4. jon fox says:

      How out of touch with lifes reality can you be! I presume from your crazy comments you must actually BE Wenger, posting under an assumed name.

    5. Phil says:

      Mate you are an absolute idiot.
      These players are paid in ONE SEASON what MOST supporters will never ever earn on their LIFETIME.
      Arsenal enjoy fantastic support year in year out at home,away and abroad.Do you know how much this costs the fans to follow their club?Do yo our know how over the last 8-10 seasons the support,AT the games and those who can’t attend WE have endured a team in RAPID DECLINE while we continue to be charged THE HIGHEST TICKET PRICES IN WORLD FOOTBALL.
      These last few weeks I have been unfortunate to have a number of posts REMOVED due to the INAPPROPIATE REPLIES I have posted to comments similar to yours.Admin,to be fair must protect the integrity of HIS SITE and I have no complaints with his reasoning.
      As much as I would have no problem in this post being removed it would deprive you of the opportunity of knowing the contempt I have for anyone who offers the most ridiculous excuses for our teams demise.
      I cannot say anymore and leave you to understand my thoughts on you and your stupidity.
      Admin-I trust o have not gone too far

  52. John Ibrahim says:

    you will never win against a fifa 18 team….

  53. Maks says:

    It s nice to see so many fans posting without thumbs up and down. Words and thoughts are better then fracking likes.
    … and also very very low number of wenger lovers.
    Due to very spinless performances of the team, EVERY CLUB in top 5 leagues in Europe would sack its manager by now!
    But not here, not fracking Arsenal Board!

    1. Bur says:

      Maks you are 100% correct. No other club in the world would put up with embarrassing defeats, humiliation, lack of tactics, buying pure dung, a pure disaster of a defence, do I have to go on and on and on and onnnnnn?

  54. Avenger says:

    and our own goal scorer Nacho Monreal left injured in the first half……..

  55. Craig Barrett says:

    We played a little bit with the handbrake off. There was not enough cohesion in the team. Lol

  56. ArsenalGR says:

    As much as I hate Gary Neville, this time he was spot on with his comments about the players’ performance. The major difference between our former players and the pundits from our rival teams, is that they don’t criticise the players so much, rather than Wenger himself, who is the cause of this mess, while the Neville brothers and everyone else are happy with Arsenal keeping Wenger and continuing worsening by the week…

  57. clara Weldon says:

    We tried our best. The Man City squad was too physical.. I missed Mkhitaryan

  58. Sue says:

    It was tough to listen to….

  59. Efe iteire says:

    We need a manager with a strong drive to win

  60. bishop says:

    ramamsy ozoil worse dan awaobi

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