Arsenal v Man City review – Walcott Worldy sets up vital win

There was a lot of caution and respect for the quality of the opponents from both Arsenal and Man City in this big Premier League match and for a large part of the first half it looked like it might lead to something of a dull draw. But with both sides having a lot of counter attacking threat, a first goal always had the potential to change things.

And what an opening goal it was from Theo Walcott, pretty much out of the blue and just over a minute after De Bruyne had a good chance at the other end. I am not even sure if Ozil’s assist was meant for THeo but the England striker tok it, cut back and unleashed an absolute corker of a long range curling shot that Hart could not get near.

City then had to push forward and that was dangerous but it was a bad mistake by Mangala that allowed Ozil the ball and the space to grab a second assist which Giroud slotted under Hart with style on the stroke of half time.

That looked to have done it and for most of the second half it was Arsenal that looked more likely to score but despite some great play and chances we did not get the third. And that made for a very nervous finale after Yaya Toure had got City back into it with a beauty.

Thankfully the Gunners stood strong and defended well and so we took the crucial three points. How important this win will be, only time will tell but our title challenge is well and truly on track

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  1. Hard work pays off
    Walcott , he tackled,dribbled,scored He’s been amazing
    The sun rises, the sun sets, and Ozil will assist.
    Campbell man with mission
    Giroud form continue hope he should be fine.
    ramsey missed so many chances final finnishing still missing

      1. this is it lads- we are in the title race.

        both money bags clubs from manchester went home with there gold tails tucked between there legs .

        and with no sanchez no cazorla no coquelin

        what a huge win

        1. 15 assists so far and counting….. Mesut the great, EPL record he’s coming 15/20.
          Theo is dangerous______Goal threat
          Giroud is on fire_____12 in the last 14 games
          Boss_______is the best CB. Enough said.
          Monreal________is f***ing Underrated, weldon Nacho.
          Rambo________is a Machine.
          Bravo to whole the team.
          Welcome back 2014__________if you know what I mean. #C_____O___Y_______Gooners.

    1. wo Arsenal chances, two
      Arsenal goals, two Ozil assists. Is there anyone better at
      creating goals in Europe right now?

      1. two Arsenal chances, two
        Arsenal goals, two Ozil assists. Is there anyone better at
        creating goals in Europe right now?

        1. ozil is so good- u had to do the comment twice – just for us to register the awesomeness of his very being

      1. Hahaha Cheers mate ??? ?✋? ?
        you were right about the ? blowing jinx ending tonight,
        But boy did I ? myself in those last ten minutes ?
        no cleansheet and no clean pants! ??
        (There goes my Dream team points)

        Absolutely happy with the win but i wasn’t impressed with Wenger’s substitutions.
        If you’re going to defend for the last ten minutes then bring on the defenders to do the job straight away, instead of bringing on the Ox… anyways, enough of me moaning ?
        Well done to the lads! .. A Great result…. Next up… Wanyama’s mob!

    2. Happy giroud keeps banging in them goals. He’s scoring lots of vital goals…ozil is just outstanding, his assist record is crazy. He’s getting one in each game and twice in some. Wise decision from Wenger to rest him at the end.

    3. After tonight’s performance I can say with confidence that I have figured the formula to win the League.

      Keep this squad fit = Win the League

      COYG !!!!!

    4. Great win for Arsenal.
      Truth be told, with the exception of TW14, the rest of the English players in Arsenal are really Arsenal down.

    5. Great Win.
      Truth be told. With the exception of TW14 and perhaps Jack Wishere, all other English players in Arsenal are letting the club down. This accounts for the club’s trophyless years when Arsene Wenger was dogmatic on building a core of English players for the club. Thank goodness, he’s beginning to see his mistakes. It baffles me what a player like Kieran Gibbs is still doing at the club, he doesn’t have a clue of what professional footballing is about. Football does not entail in just marking your opponents alone and then all of a sudden become clueless of what to do when in possession of ball. He needs to understudy and learn from Monreal very seriously or leave the club.

      1. Exactly, Gibbs and Oxy are not premier lg Standard. They need to be loaned out but who would take them. As soon as Campbell who fought back every time and got stuck in went off for Gibbs we were in trouble. Just replay the game last 15 and see how Gibbs never won a tackle or passed to an Arsenal player. The ball Oxy passed to Ramsey was so over hit and that is his trouble a very erratic type player. We need to have players who come on not weaken the team as most of our poor results have bitten us in the bum for weak subs. Just think where we would be if most of our squad was available CB

      1. @muffdiver
        I’ve been watching dude ever since we signed him. I knew dude would be a gem once he got some games under his belt and got used to AFC style of play.
        We need to bring Wellington Silva back next season. That kid is unreal. Can’t wait to see him in action in Red&White tuckin into some Ozil’s sweet passes.

        1. Hey NY,

          JC is a joy to watch, technically gifted and always puts in a shift. His continued evolution as a player provides incredible squad depth and allow Le Prof to rotate players down the EPL stretch.

          Sadly I see both Gibbs and Ox’s days @ Arsenal numbered.

          Still would love to Wanyama and maybe a Nolito in January with Welbecks predictable injury setback.

    1. Theo Walcott on Sky Sport after the match:

      “Mesut Ozil is very modest! He sees things that
      nobody else does, you just have to make that run.
      When you have special players on the pitch it
      makes our jobs so much easier.”

  2. Ahhh we were the better team for 80 minutes. Ramsey was so close making it 3 but Hart’s fat face stopped the first one. Özil – IMO wasn’t as magical as usual but still managed to get 2 assists LOL. Giroud MOTM!

    4 points off City, mind the gap!

  3. Did you guys see how Flamini completely neutralized silva?!! Oh….and Mertesecker! what a class. Per + Kos = best partnership in the world! Giroud & cambell…..good work rate! good all round performance by everyone! And Wenger too!

    1. @Gunnerphyte
      I owe “Ole Daddy Long Legz”(Mert) an apology. Dude put Sterling and anyone who came his way, in his pocket. Well done BFG…

      1. He reads the game really well, he gets in a mess when other players don’t do what they are supposed to do. I think having Coq and Flamini as proper DM’s instead of Arteta etc helps both him and Kos no end. I’ve noticed Kos has become far more confident at striding out with the ball too.

  4. We should have killed the game before Yaya’s beauty. Theo goal was top notch too. Giroud can’t stop scoring. Ozil with two assist making it 15 in total in the league (Wow)…

    My MOTM is Boss KOS. He stopped their attack and dealt with Aguero pretty well.

    Mr. Consistency is definitely ‘Monreal’

    Vital 3pts before boxing day…


  5. Had visions of a draw at the end – well done though lads.

    Considering all our injuries – the title is well in our line of sight.

  6. Well done!!!
    I said over and over again in the days leading up to this match that anything other than a win would be a shame and mean that we are not serious about the title.
    They have shown they are are serious about the title and now its time to go on a run. Man City are not that strong now, we should take advantage and create a reasonable gap while also hoping this Leicester fantasy crashes soon.
    We can do it…this could be the season.

  7. Yes that Theo goal. Many more of that. OZIL is the man. 42. m is counting now. But we don’t have a WC stiker yet we have the highest GD. Giroud is not in the class of Aguero and Costa, but the are behind him in the number of goal scored. This win is massive. Happy Christmas lads. Onward we match. we are the ARSENAL. So happy for this win.

    1. Giroud is finding his feet big time. His finishing is getting better and his hold up play is the best in the league… he keeps this up in the league and sends barca out in europe then we have a world class striker even for a season or 3. His 4th season and has passed 60+ goals so far and playing great stuff im. so have to give giroud credit for all the stick he has took (deservidly so sometimes) and came back better, stronger and determined to prove everyone wrong incl me and hes doing that!!

  8. As Andy Townsend said after the game, the better team won plain and simple. A true reflection should have been 4-1. That goal from Toure – I just shook my head. Our defense was unreal tonight…all back four were amazing and I truly believe they won us the game, even though I take nothing away from the hard DEFENSIVE work put in by our attacking players, Walcott and Campbell specifically. WHAT SCARES ME THE MOST IS THAT TWO OF OUR BEST PLAYERS ARE INJURED – SANTI AND SANCHEZ, and we still beat supposedly the best team in the BPL.

    1. kieran gibbs has shown so little improvement in years. hes had enough chances to prove himself

      but today…focus on the positives!!

  9. Soopa Aeon in dec 12

    “Arsenal will beat citeh…..then go on an beat barca”


    watch this space…. Hehe

      1. Oy, that match is 2 months away.

        First Xmas but can’t relax
        Shampton away, on Boxing Day
        Then on 28th, we face the Cherries mate
        Finally against the Toons, who will be slaughtered by the Goons
        Finally the buses are blue and Canaries green, I laugh at Chelsea and the Donkey Maureen

  10. Campbell…good workrate, have to improve on his finishing
    Ramsey….solid, should’ve scored
    Kos…..the best cB in the league right now
    Ozil….no comment, we knew he was gonna do it again
    Giroud….that last minute tackle….he just became a legend!

    Can’t ask for a better xmas gift! #CoYG

  11. Ozil with 15assists. Manu team 12 assists, Chelsea team 11assists. Ozil is having a great season already….

    Ozil has more assist than any player in the world at the moment.

    He has 101. Messi has 100.

    Ozil is now getting deserved credits from pundits in England.

    Presenter hailed his assists after the game but Ozil pointed out his amazing players and team ignoring the ‘assists’. Humble dude!

  12. Need to change my pants though. My heart suffered quit a bit aswell bec of the last minutes. Plz seniour Wengere. plz keep on doing the right thing and make us champions.

  13. When we show up like this and fight for the 90+ from box2box and whistle to whistle, we can beat “ANYBODY” out there…So Bring it…

  14. Its a pity I couldn’t watch the match cos am sick
    But believe me,this victory has made me whole again
    Congrats to Ozil and the whole team…..
    Altho,I dint watch the match, my man of the matchis guess who??? Ozil…….#ya gunners ya

    1. Hello ? … my name’s Fatboy ? You’re too kind!

      Okay…. You can’t start by scrubbing my pants clean,
      I made a bit of a mess in the last tens minutes,
      and then i totally stacked it in injury time ? ??

      Can you cook? ???

  15. Southampton…u ready??????
    Arsenal is coming to town…
    Leicester play Liverpool @ Anfield next…I hope they lose and we win…coyg!


    We really needed it to stay close to Leicester
    Now we opened a 4 point lead over City
    7 point lead over United
    18 point lead over Chelsea LOL

    Southampton away. Hopefully we can overtake Leicester next week

    Happy days

  17. Joel Campbell had a great game put in a real shift as i said before the game he may be the breakout star this season as was Hect/Coq. Should have scored but that will come, what about his 1st time pass on ramseys 1-2? What has happened to gibbs? (only negative of the night) No confidence at all!! Ozil is just, wel Ozil… just amazing! His bursting runs closing down impressed me the most about him this evening, defensivley he was awesome, offensivly quiet but still got 2assists! Flamini well bloody done sir on how u kept Silva in your pocket along with Per/Koss with Aguero… Ramsey your coming into your own now converte these chances (though ur last one was a dink cross attempt to walcott at back post)

    Very happy gooner going into Friday. Best gift i couldve got was beating City convincly

    COYG have a great xmas and get ready for boxing day!!!

  18. Theo looked sharp tonight! Bell had a great game ozil always delivering, boss is a beast! Lovely start to the week! Thank you arsenal! Have a great Christmas gooners! COYG!!!!

    1. Theo had looked sharp since his return from injury. Had a superb pre-assist and won a penalty the other night as well. We’ll be happy with Sanchez if he showed this kind of form.

  19. BARCA here we comes…by the time we play BARCA,Coquelin,Wilshere,Welback,Rosick will all be Back and Fresh for at least a week before the game,I have a feeling we will beat them,just wait and see…

  20. I felt Wenger should have thrown in Iwobi for Giroud in the dying minute to really occupy the City defenders. Giroud held the ball up pretty well but his pressing was almost non-existent. We look a bit static upfront. A CF should be able to win the ball upfront and start an attack.

    1. Thankfully your not making those game decisions, Giroud was incredible all over the pitch and although his last ditch tackle in the box was a momemt of madness he controlled the game 4 80 minutes.

      If Ramsey could provide a simple finish on one of his sitters the game is done and dusted. But he works hard and leaving a 31 yr old DM exposed all game is part of his magic. Lol

        1. Do we not play better with both, considering they both scored? We give the defence two things to think about. They can push higher for giroud CF, or drop deeper for walcott CF. But with both on the pitch it gives our game more dimensions.

  21. A CF should be scoring goals, and Giroud did that today fantastically, he’s been in great form and doing what a CF should do. A hat trick to get us through to the last 16 and keep us out of Europa, and scoring another goal this evening which has given daylight between City and closed the gap between us a Leicester. But yeah, Giroud’s pressing….

  22. 15 assists so far and counting….. Mesut the great, EPL record he’s coming 15/20.
    Theo is dangerous______Goal threat
    Giroud is on fire_____12 in the last 14 games
    Boss_______is the best CB. Enough said.
    Monreal________is f***ing Underrated, weldon Nacho.
    Rambo________is a Machine.
    Bravo to whole the team.
    Welcome back 2014__________if you know what I mean. #C_____O___Y_______Gooners.

  23. I have really been impressed with joel campbell, looks at his shorts wen he was subbed, attacked and defended accordingly. Please can anyone make a case for kieran gibbs?

        1. To many emotional thumbs down for Your view on Gibbs. In today’s game you can’t be sentimental on a weak player just be honest as the best thing for Gibbs will be to move and get game time like Jenkinson who gets better through play time, although Gibbs is not strong in tackles as timid for getting hurt CB

  24. BFG doesn’t get near enough the credit he deserves. He was very solid tonight. Pisses me off the amount of stick he gets from some quarters. He is what he is – tall, slow, bloody smart and virtually the perfect partner right now for the best CB in the PL.

  25. Said it other day Giroud acid test will come against City n he passed with flying colours not only scoring but his wurk rate also, would like to big up campbell also wat a shift that boy puts in game in game out the ox is defo behind him in the pecking order now that’s a certainty.

    Ozil Wow
    Whole team was outstanding
    Oh yeah turned it over after 60 mins just couldn’t watch it no more esp after that ramsey sitter to finish it off 😉

    Credit to wenger also tactics spot on tonight


  26. A strange game. We could have won 4-0 and could have lost 2-3. Great performance from Walcott, Giroud, Ozil and Koscielny (Y)

  27. Giroud up to 15 goals this season. If he keeps his fitness and form going, he may get to that 30 mark which we all have been craving for. Come on Giroud, prove everyone wrong and be the CF that leads Arsenal to the title!

  28. Great team performance from everyone + AW did his Ali Rope-a-dope tactics with City again.
    Yes they had more possession and more territory but we could have had 3 or 4 goals.
    Even saw Theo tackling back, and once again Ollie put in a big shift. And Mesut was excellent as usual.
    5 wins + 1 draw in 6 games when we have been without key players injured. This is EPL winning form

  29. If it wash’t for Checz leaving a shot he thought was going wide – it would have been a much more comfortable victory-

    Loved how we played at 2-0 up, we were still playing confidently and looking like a 3rd goal was inevitable – under the error

    Even then we stood up to the mental challenge-

    Awesome whole-team performance – and without so many key players

    We have all the characteristics of Premier League winning team

  30. Have you seen Bellerin’s run to gain ground on Silva when Manchester City broke 2:1 via Kevin De Bruyne? It seemed he was some other species to all the other humans in the frame.

  31. I am here to mention the name ” Ozil” to make my day. Every team member trusts and looks for him in a game. U think we have fully utilized his 42m value, we are now making profit.
    Concs gunners!

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