Arsenal v Man United FA Cup Player Ratings – Not a good day at the office…

As usual when we play Man United, we had most of the possession but were let down by our finishing and defending, whereas United had 4 shots on target and score 3 goals! So I’m hardly going to give good ratings except for the star of the show…

Here are my ratings:

Cech 4
Not one of his best displays. It doesn’t look like he will have many more cup games to play in before he retires if he has performances like that!

Maitland-Niles 5
Lively going forward but he simply doesn’t suit playing in defence, but having said that he was our best defender on the night!

Sokratis N/A
It’s not good that he was forced off with a knee injury after 20 minutes and we can only hope it’s not serious. Once he went off we went two down!

Koscielny 5
Didn’t replicate his game against Chelsea. It’s hard to know if he is ready for regular gametime. But he could be having another rest if he has a broken jaw.

Kolašinac 5
Like Maitland-Niles he is not really a defender. As it was a back four I wonder why Monreal wasn’t used?

Torreira 5
Is he burnt out already? It doesn’t look like he is coping with constant games at the moment…

Xhaka 6
Very up and down which is better than his usual performances..

Ramsey 6
Played very well, but as usual no end product.

Iwobi 5
Lots of energy and he tries hard, but he really needs to find his scoring boots soon or all his effort is for nothing.

Aubameyang 6
Was in the right place for our goal but otherwise little impact

Lacazette 8
Worked his socks off and deserved more for his efforts…


Mustafi 6
Not too bad after replacing Sokratis, but he still makes me nervous

Ozil 5
He got the ball a lot after he came on, but didn’t do much with it…

Guendouzi 6
I love Matteo’s energy, but couldn’t do much today



    1. You will forget it when we get hammered by Man City next weekend.
      No doubt the 3-1- humbling by a superior United side will seem like a performance of the year next week.
      Good news though – we are linked with a new winger (perisic) and a central midfielder (Nkunku???).
      Obviously they can also play central defence.
      Emery is baffling….


        Why don’t you get a banner and stand in the high street with it, while shouting “The end of the world is nigh”! You are no more a Gooner than Harry Kane is!!!

        1. jon fox, unfortunately Leon, Jah son, Red and white and their ilk have an agenda; if they say it often enough, they will end up believing it.
          I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of one CB, let alone one of any note, available for loan, let alone transfer in this transfer window.
          Emery has already outed Kroenke and the board by stating that there is only funding for loan deals in this window. Thus due to the opportunities that are arising, the scouting team is concentrating on Arsenal’s other requirements for replacements for Ramsey (CAM) and Welbeck (wide player/winger). Seems fair enough to me given the current constraints.

  1. Maitland-Niles should have gotten more than the other defenders. Nobody could get past him on the right side last night, therefore I would have given him 8

    Xhaka defended well, but I expected more since he was supposed to be the deep-lying playmaker

    Iwobi was quick and strong, but he could not find the chance to shoot. Ramsey, Lacazette and Aubameyang are not skillful enough to break Man United’s defense

    1. Iwobi was quick and strong !!
      He was outpaced by Ashley young (and he’s Not very young is he ).
      Agreed on AMN though ,him and laca best of a bad bunch

      1. Iwobi didn’t always beat Ashley Young, but he did outmuscle and get past Young at some occasions

        The boy is clearly talented, but he needs better coaches

          1. HE NEEDS BETTER COACHES?????
            Really?If he played for Pep would he make him better?Poch?Klopp?Also notice how many of these clubs have ever shown an interest in buying him?
            I accept he is the only wide player we have unless we put either Miki or Auba out there.But let’s get sensible on this player.He just is not very good.He is below average at best.He is below the quality required at Arsenal.
            I see we are being mooted as interested in Ivan Perisic from Inter.All the transfer news is about CB’s and Wingers.If Iwobi was that good why would we need to replace him.
            He is a stop gap only until we buy a quality replacement.

        1. What like a double decker coach ?
          Have we actually got ANY coaches at the club?
          I just wish we had a bus that we could park in order to stop leaking goals.
          That and the fact that Ozil, during his 25 minute cameoappearance, wasn’t able to single handedly win the game for us, says it all.

          The game is over, we’re out of the fa cup, let’s look towards the next game under UE.
          After all’s said and done, wasn’t winning it just not seen as good enough for us anyway, along with a top four finish?

          1. Ken my friend! Have a question that’s been on my mind regarding our embarrassing defense. Would you agree it’s much worse than under Wenger as I do?

            Secondly, for the rumors regarding Emery’s supposed tactical genius, how can Big Sam sort a bottom feeding clubs defense to fend off regulation, but Emery can’t improve ours a single iota after 7 months?

            My question to you being this; do you think Emery is truly unable to improve the defense, or do you think he doesn’t see it as a problematic issue?

            Personally I don’t buy the injury excuse.
            1. Wenger managed to finish top 4 for 20 years with injury issues.
            2. Part of managers job is to coach up underperforming defenders and develop youngsters to step up and deliver for the team.

            He’s failed miserably at both in my opinion, and I am beginning to question him. Iwobi hasn’t improved, does the same fate await Nelson upon his return?

            Just wondering your thoughts, and with Wenger gone I don’t see much that’s different or changed.

              1. Just give it some time my friend. Surely someone will call me a “Wenger lover” or Emery hater, or impatient for not giving Emery 10 years and full control.

                Funny how people bashed Wenger for complete control in scouting and transfer windows. Yet they say give Emery time, let him choose players not Sven, and let him bring in his players.

                Nevermind him not fixing defense, and his choices generally invole 30 something former players from La Liga.

                Hasn’t fixed defense, hasn’t improved our average players, hasn’t brought up or played youngsters much, and hasn’t corrected mistakes Xhaka, Mustafi, Kola, etc. Keep making.

                How much time will be justified? 7 months? A full year and 3 transfer windows? 2 years and 5 windows?

                1. Durand, at least unlike some others, you have tried to put forward reasoned argument to support your concerns about Unai Emery. I personally think you are unfair, because at this stage Arsenal do not look likely to finish lower than sixth, which most posters at the beginning of the season, would have considered a pass (ie no worse than last season) given the state of the squad.
                  I would like to hear from you an example of any season under Arsene Wenger, where Arsenal players suffered such a multitude of injuries, particularly to defenders? These injuries have been of a rotational nature in that, one player returns from injury only for another player to break down, meaning Emery has never had a consistent squad to select from. The season started with Mavropanos and Koscielny injured long term and thus far three players Holding, Welbeck and Bellerin, have suffered season ending injuries. In my 57 years of following the Arsenal, I personally cannot recall a worse season for serious injuries.

            1. Ignore the three points behind Chelsea.
              We have declined defensively – Arsenal are paying him to improve us, not make us worse.
              He cannot choose and stick with a single tactical approach and adapt it – it is a different tactic, different approach every game which does not help the players who often look as they do not know what is expected of them.
              I see no improvement – being honest I would never have considered him. He seems a nice enough guy and had had success with his tactics but this is Arsenal – not as rich as PSG and we don’t have the players. Emery just cannot see this…
              I don’t agree with the principle of giving plenty of time – Arsenal don’t have time to give with a poor and ageing squad there has to be instant results and delivery. I see no improvements.
              Just my honest opinion of Arsenal…

              1. Leon, I ask again, what well credentialled self respecting coach would follow Emery to the Emirates given the current squad, the transfer budget and Kroenke as a non supporttive owner, should you get your wish and he leave or be sacked?

            2. Hi Durand,
              It’s really difficult for me to be critical of UE, as everyone will accuse me of wanting AW back, but as you’ve asked and I don’t here goes….

              1. I do agree that Arsene had some really difficult injury problems, but I have to say that UE has been really unfortunate with his defensive casualties.
              Someone said on here that it needs a settled defence to understand what the coach needs and GG’s team’s personified this.
              Having said that, both UE and AW had one consistent factor, that being Steve Bould. I believe he is described as our defensive coach.
              What he has done for either of them I fail to see.
              Unless UE is doing what AW was accused of (in sole charge of everything), Bouldy should be on his way out yesterday, let alone tomorrow!!!

              I have asked the question many times as to how AW achieved the top four consistently, with the dross and injuries, as I don’t know myself, do you?

              But for UE, in his first season, the defenders he signed have not improved the situation and the injuries have made it worse. I can’t believe that he doesn’t see the problem, but when the players are all fit, we will have a multitude of players that can play along the back line and I assume he sees other priorities for next season.

              2. This is a sore subject with me,as the only player he seems to feel needs extra coaching is Mesut Ozil!!
              Mustafi, Xhaka and Bellerin have all come out and stated that they are better players under UE, but, Bellerin apart, I don’t see it.
              When has he called out any other player apart from Ozil as being dropped for tactical reasons?
              Not one and, surely, it’s our defence that needs a tactical rethink?
              He had success with our youngsters when they played in the earlier rounds of the europa and league cup games and we had a glimpse of the talent that is there.
              But I don’t think he dare take a chance now, with just two objectives left to go for.

              Do I see a change since AW left?
              I have to say no.
              At least not on the field.
              Off it, there was a real lift in the players attitude and willingness to adapt to UE and the Emirates was buzzing.
              But his tactics and lineups have been so frustrating by his insistence on playing a system that doesn’t allow Ozil to play, but sees Iwobi being selected all the time.
              This has cancelled out the earlier euphoria and seen some awful performances.

              I had high hopes for UE, but, in my opinion, he is losing the fans and once that happens, top four and cup wins don’t mean a thing.

              The fiascos of contracts, transfers, humiliation are still happening, but without the satisfaction of top four and cup successes.
              It seems that the man blamed / responsible for the above has now been vindicated and the new man is, currently, failing on all points.
              But he has been soooo unlucky with the injuries and that needs to be acknowledged, something not given to AW.

              1. Thanks for the reply Ken. Just frustrating that people giving excuses for Emery yet bashed Wenger for. Like possession without purpose, not addressing defense, players out of position, playing favorites regardless of form, tactically naive and stubborn.

                Did i miss anything? Yet Wenger was a deluded fossil and Emery just needs time.

                We had our debates over Wenger, didn’t we Ken. But we stayed consistent in our criticisms and support. Yet all that out the window with Emery despite him showing no improvement.

                Maybe we should have hired big Sam; at least our defense would have been sorted.
                Not advocating for Sam, just saying Emery lacking in same areas as Wenger. Yet Wenger was deluded fossil and Emery needs time.


                1. I think we have a certain standard we expect on the field Ken, and we’ve both been consistent in expressing it. Thanks for your honest opinion and staying true to your opinions rather than changing them with a new manager.

                  I for one appreciate it, that’s why I was curious on your take of things.

              2. It hurts me when people just ignored one simple fact!

                The only people that competed for the top 4 were Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea for so many years, so it was easy to finish in the top 4, Tottenham didn’t used to be this strong, and they tried to scrape the 4th spot, but ended up finishing 5th because they had a lesser quality team. Everton pushed for 4th under Moyes on few occasions
                Manchester City had no Sugar-Daddy investments
                (Apart from the Leceister City freak year of course)
                There was nothing like the “TOP SIX” like we have now.
                Since the emergence of the “TOP SIX” Everything changed! It became more difficult for Wenger to enter the “TOP SIX”
                he failed two times! The Balance of Power (BOP) shifted because we now had SIX STRONG EPL TEAMS contesting for FOUR SPACES unlike what he enjoyed for many years

                Please we should always note this, it was easier to finish 4th when we has a “TOP 4”
                Now that we have a “TOP 6” fighting for a “TOP 4” the game changed!

                1. Lagos gunner, you have hit the nail on the head. The money in the EPL now, including the overseas financial input (apart from Arsenal’s owner) has made the league much more competitive.

            3. Durand, you are factually wrong in saying Wenger had defence injury issues for all his CL qual years. He had nothing on the scale of this season for all but two years which, though close in number, were still not this bad. Though obviously all clubs have injuries every season. It is all about their DEGREE. This season has been totally beyond what WENGER HAD TO MANAGE AND FOR HIS FIRST DECADE HE STILL HAD TRUE GREAT DEFENDERS. To defensively blame Emery in this injury crisis is incorrect, unfair and unworthy, esp of you! Do not get caught up in the premature hysteria from fair weather fans on here. You are far better than that !

              1. Fair points Jon, you’re right. I merely question Emery in the sense that our defense was rubbish when they were healthy earlier in the season.

                We have leaked goals throughout the year regardless of pairing. Holding was bright spot and surprise, and his injury surely a setback for Emery.

                Emery didn’t choose these defenders, but he hasn’t coached them up either, I think is fair to say. Think we agree Kos is past it and not the answer, Mustafi def not the answer, hopefully Mavro gets a run now not Xhaka at CB.

                I don’t expect Emery to stress defending as Graham did (shame tho) but never figured Emery was so allergic to coaching defense. We have no money is fair, but then shouldn’t he dig in, coach them up, and improve what he’s been stuck with? Isn’t that part of the job? Or at least fire Bould for criminal malfeasance?

                1. Durand, I agree whole heartedly on Bould because apart from being a sitting billboard for Wrigley’s, what impact has he made?
                  However, as I have stated on a number of posts good defense relies very much on teamwork, not only ability and self belief, but also confidence in the players around you.

                2. Durand, I agree whole heartedly on Bould because apart from being a sitting billboard for Wrigley’s, what impact has he made?
                  However, as I have stated on a number of posts good defense relies very much on teamwork, not only ability and self belief, but also confidence in the players around you. The disruptions caused by injuries to key defenders have impacted on Emery’s ability to train and select a consistent defense.

        2. This is what Iwobi always has done. Get into great positions and areas and then make the wrong choice. I don’t see him ever growing out of it, at least to fulfill his potential. He’ll have moments where he is in form at the most, but nothing beyond that. He’s a backup player, not a starter.

    2. Maitland Niles was responsible for the first goal. He played Alexis on side. Ozil shld leave the club already, if this prolonged absence still didn’t draw a response. Cech was awful. Our team is generally better if we are to look beyond the bad result.

  2. Torreira needs rest to get back to his brilliant best.

    Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira and Guendouzi have been are best players this season

    All the others have ranged from very poor to average with occasional glimpses of good play

    1. I’d only be happy with that if we wouldn’t be forced to buy after loan. Apparently Inter want 35mill, and that much for a winger who is 29 is just too much. This January window has truly been a nightmare. I’d be happy with just one player, any player at this point. Arsenal need to get somebody in.

      1. Whenever I’ve watched him play, he’s been pretty good…. but the age is an issue…but things are becoming desperate now!!

        1. Yup. When you just want anybody in, it’s out of frustration. Perisic is a good player, but i know Stan will put us on a tight budget and blowing too much of it on a 29 year old winger when we need to completely revamp the defense wouldn’t be a good move.

  3. ill be honest, i stopped watching at HT. I saw enough in the first half to know how the game was going to go. Guess I’m plastic. Let’s just fast-forward to the Cardiff game.

    1. I didn’t last that long…. not plastic… just can’t stand watching them lose to a team I deteste (with a player I deteste) I’m going on Tuesday so am looking forward to it… not like me, usually I’m devastated after a loss & don’t want to go ?

      1. Yeah it was just depressing watching them and I wasn’t in the mood. Sometimes you just get that feeling about Arsenal and yesterday was that day. Enjoy the game Tuesday, I hope it will be MUCH better.

  4. Ramsey our best player last night in my humble opinion. I thought Torreira played well too. Even though he only lasted 20 minutes I thought he was our best defender. I’m reading he broke his ankle while Kos has a broken jaw. Worst defenders were Kolasinac and AMN, both caught out of position far too often.

    1. Declan, your last statement is one of the reasons why arsenal’s defence as always been shit and would always be shit until we change. Our fullbacks are caught out of position too easily, it’s why i don’t rate kolasinac who i think is always guilty of this. In the chelsea game, kolasinac was reasonably disciplined and i just don’t understand why it can’t be a consistent thing. I used to wonder why wenger never instructed his players especially the defenders to be more disciplined and defensively aware and it seems emery is guilty of this too. Watch all the goals back and watch kolasinac’s positioning and you will see why we will never progress with defenders like this.

    2. says a lot when a player much maligned by fans – including myself – turns out to be our MOM against mutd. i must say iv the greatest sympathy for sokratis who clearly wanted to make his mark and capt kos who it seems had been intent on continuing a bright spate of form had he not received the facial injury. Although evident from the outset were lapses of concentration from AMN who does not strike me as confident in defense.

      The opposition it seemed had a tactic to invite us to steam forward …yet knowing that to do so, with elements of the personnel we have, we would be committing our propensity towards harry carry (…otherwise described as shooting ourselves in the foot and living to regret the act).

      Granit Xhaka had the touch of a character named Lennie in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ there’s – in short aspects of his game were woeful last: Seems he’s not able to temper his passing by it i mean his touch. To say I was disappointed last night is an understatement – i’m still upset.

      In Of Mice and Men Curley’s wife’s preoccupation with her own beauty eventually helps precipitate her death: She allows Lennie (Xhaka) to stroke her hair as an apparently harmless indulgence, only for her to upset Lennie when she yells at him to stop him ‘mussing it’. Lennie tries to stop her yelling and eventually, and accidentally, kills her by breaking her neck.

  5. I do read to some comment about Niles on this site. The guy has no brain. Jekinson is far better on that wing that him.. He plays like a kid.

    Emery is just a brainless version of stubborn Wenger. I still prefer Wenger to emery. At least our wingback isn’t as porous as this… I dont blame our central back,, the have to play as a wing back too. Who does that…. See how compact man u defence was..

    If Emery continue to bench Ozil, then we should settle for 6th…

  6. Who cares?
    With these players and this manager the season is done and dusted as far as I am concerned.
    I hope that we do not sign perisic – last thing we need is another fossil…

  7. This is completely off topic-Has anyone been following what Sol Campbell is doing since he took over at Macclesfield?This is a player who had been continually overlooked whenever he applied for a Managers position.He finally got a chance in November I believe and has somehow turned around their performances to get them with a fighting chance of staying up.This afternoon they are 2-0 up away at Cheltenham and go above them if they hang on to that result.Down to 10 men when 1-0 up but still scored again.
    Good on Sol for what he’s doing there.Has obviously sorted out their defence.Should be offered a job at the Emirates.Its not as though he doesn’t know what he’s doing

      1. Now losing 3-2 with 10 minutes to go.They should sack the Chairman who employed Campbell.Who ever really thought he would cut it as a manager?Not me

        1. Brilliant Phil, don’t ever stop. Your 3 posts have accomplished what took Emery 7 months.

          First it was a new dawn, now merely polishing a turd. Phil you are the King of wit and banter.

          Long live the King

          1. Phil, was it Ozil who let him down by not winning the game in his 25 minute cameo or Iwobi for his 65 minute catastrophe?

            Seriously though, shouldn’t Sol replace our defensive coach Bouldy?

            As Durand says, .we now have a King and a Lord, what about Queen Sue?

            1. Nope, sorry Ken, Sue is an Ozil lover. No way she can be Queen. Ozil’s at fault for everything, even our billionaire owner who doesn’t have money now because of Ozil’s contract.

              Just kidding Sue, I’d vote for ya. I don’t mind Ozil; he doesn’t defend much, but neither do our CBs or FBs.

              1. Careful Durand, a certain Jon Fox is questioning your views and criticism of UE!
                It seems that, although AW did have injuries, they were not as bad as UE has.
                Didn’t we say that?
                Following up on your reply, we did have some great debates about AW and I was hoping you could explain how he managed top four consistently with the dross weedy players etc etc.
                I have asked Jon on many occasions, but have never had a reply.
                What’s your take on this specific question old buddy???
                I personally have no idea how he managed it by the way, perhaps your explanation might help UE!!!

                1. Ken I would say that the level of league competition is more than in years past. What I mean is that massive influx of tv revenue has allowed other clubs to rise to the next tier.

                  Let me preface my comments by my own experience. Here in the States I was aware of Arsenal during Invincibles era; we simply didn’t get the matches broadcast in USA. I followed them, but broadcasts started around 2008, hence I chose Arsenal as my club b/c I was familiar with them moreso than others.

                  For many years after it was only Utd, City, Arsenal, and Spuds as the top clubs, so it was merely where they finished. Rodgers came along with Liverpool and broke in.

                  Now however, the money influx has 6 or 7 teams fighting for top 4, much more competitive than earlier under Wenger. If we built stadium later with constraints, his CL run would have ended sooner.

                  In short, with 4 teams Wenger was tier above 16 other teams, but cheap owner when others spent was the end for him. That’s my reasoning, and I wasn’t around to see the Wigans, Portsmouth, Leeds, etc.. in their chase. My limited experience only goes about 12 or 13 years back, but enough to see tv money alter the landscape and claim Wenger as it’s victim.

                2. Ken, Rather disappointed to note you have not replied directly to me rather than using my name in this secondhand way in reply to Durand. WAS IT NOT YOU WHO WERE LOYAL TO WENGER AND STILL ARE WHENEVER ANYONE COMPARES HIS REGIME TO THE PRESENT ONE? YET SEEMINGLY IT IS OK TO TURN AGAINST THR NEW MAN ONLY 5 MONTHS INTO THE SEASON EH? I am so angry at this mass betrayal by people who I have respected that further words fail me.

                  1. Jon I don’t see it as turning on Emery. I am only questioning what he has changed or done differently. I criticized Wenger for what I perceived as mistakes, and I’m merely treating Emery the same.

                    He hasn’t had time or money to set a new path, I would agree with you wholeheartedly. But knowing this, why not work in training to cut out Xhaka’s repeated mistakes? Or coach up Iwobi to improve decision making or finishing? Or stop automatically gifting Xhaka with starts?

                    Help Kola understand he’s a defender too, and not always bomb forward? Improve Bellerin’s defensive side?

                    I never said I wanted Emery gone, merely want Emery to improve the coaching aspect of his job, and improve these dross players anyway he can. Surely you would agree with that?

                    Kronke won’t release funds for CB, so why hasn’t Emery stepped up to improve the players we have?

                    Big Sam can help a bottom feeder stave off Relegation, is it too much to ask of Emery? Get Mustafi to be calmer and less rash, Kola to pick and choose his runs, Bellerin to stick a leg in defensively?

                    Hopefully this makes my position a bit clearer as I respect your views towards our club. Don’t think me so shallow and perceived as being so easily turned, but rather consistent in my views in what I expect from players and managers blessed enough to be with our great club.

                  2. Genuinely sorry Jon, but I have just come across your post while looking up Durand’s reply to an earlier question from me.

                    Jon, I am not turning against UE, just questioning his tactics, selections and coaching.

                    We saw tonight that WHU were beaten in the cup by AFC Wimbledon, who are bottom of league one.

                    Yet, due to UEs tactics, selections and coaching, we were humiliated by WHU just recently.l

                    Now I’m not stupid and know that one result doesn’t necessarily impact on the other, but aren’t you even the slightest troubled by our performances lately.

                    This has nothing to do with AW, except of course, when the tired old excuse of dross, weedy etc etc players inherited is quoted as a reason when we lose.

                    Did I expect more? Yes, considering he addressed the issue of defenders and DM in the summer.

                    Am I concerned? Yes, considering we now only have the europa and a top four finish to aspire to.

                    Let’s see what happens at the end of the season before the back stabbing begins, but let’s also not pretend everything is rosy in the garden either.

                    1. Ken, where we differ is on the chance , or no real chance, Emery has so far had to implement his own way. I give the full due, unlike so many, you included , to the overwhelming injuies we have had this season. It is on a scale quite unprecedented and only in two of Wenger seasons did we have anything even vaguely near the amount and duration of this season. It has wrecked everything and it is only being honest to say so. Also you know as well as anyone, as do I, that Emery has not had a chance to build his own squad as Wenger had for all those years. On Kroenkes pittance allowed he had to cure Wengers aversion to a decent DM and strengthen the keeper situation , which he did. This gave him NO MONEY TO BRING IN QUALITY DEFENDERS. I accept Licht was a bad buy but all the other buys have done well, Even in relative terms, Sokratis. I am only standing up for fairness and our new manager being given a proper chance , which I say he has not had. I would expect experienced and wise fans all to do likewise.

              2. Ken & Durand
                Iwobi did what he does in most games.Plenty of effort and ran himself into the ground with little or nothing to show for it.He is a very mediocre player out of his depth at a Club like Arsenal.Tough Assessment but true.Ozil tried to make things happen but we were all too predictable going forward and even the worst MU defence in years found it easy to defend against us.
                I continue to be astounded that some posters on this site have slated Ozil last night for his 35 minutes.Did anyone really impress last night?Not really.Yet its all on Ozil again.Imnot commenting any more other than Emery,PAL,sort out your issue with Ozil and get him in the team.
                As for Sue-How about HRH Sue.Just Arsenal Royalty

                1. Ha, well it’s true tho. I expect some to be frozen out any day now for “tactical reasons”. Forgive me if it reminds me of the “cohesion” talk Wenger babbled about.

                  I like Ozil, but I would like to see a bit more from him if I’m being honest; team needs it.

  8. How people think Laca had a good game, is strange, he’s a main striker. Some good work-rate “at times” but that isn’t enough for a striker, esp the CF. If we’d won the game one nil people would be saying Auba the difference, right place right time. It was an important goal none the less. I don’t think he had a good game but he done what strikers are supposed to do above all else. I believe he’s being relied on a bit too much this season, the effects from the Che game and all the others were visible. We had a set piece before half time – I looked at Auba and he looked absolutely knackered before the first half even finished. He was breathing rapidly trying to catch his breathe. He hasn’t been spared enough unlike Laca, players do need a bit of rest from time. I do believe utd deserve some credit for stopping our threat, they picked up the right players and gave little space in the final third, even before they took the lead it was that way. In my opinion, Cech, Torriera, Kolasinac, Koscielny, Laca, Auba, worst performers on the night – Cech worst of them all and Auba scored so that redeems him ever so slightly. The guys who came on to try and change the game, were really poor, though Guendouzi not the poorest one.

  9. AMN and Laca and Ramsay in the first half were our best performers.We lost the match for two reasons-Firstly we were tactically naive in that our full backs were far too attacking minded and left us completely vulnerable to the counter attacks.Secondly our goalkeeper and centre backs are basically sub standard and will not improve.Until we bring in better quality defenders we will continue to leak goals unless Emery gets his full backs to concentrate on their defensive responsibilities as their first priority.It’s not sour grapes but I did not think Man Utd were particularly good.Xhaka and Torreria were poor on the day.

  10. Liverpool only 16pts ahead of us, people were right, wow, we might actually have a shot this season. Remember the 22 game run, ….title shot!!!!!! …lol

    Now fans calling for his head, jeesh. We’re trying to get into the CL, like some fans mentioned even back then, some of our fans are bipolar.

    1. B-O T, I am spitting blood at how even so many on her whom I normally much respect are now openly questioning Emery as a coach. Some of these were so loyal to Wenger to the bitter end, even ewhen tens of thousands stayed away regularly, thuis finally forcing his sacking -or resignation if it thelps them face the truth – but on esalient point they forget is this: Wenger bought a succession of duff CB’s over many many years and left some behind for Emery. But Emery has had no proper funds at all and on what he was given HAD to fill the decade long hole at DM with Torreira and aslo shore up the parlous keeper situation with Leno . Emerty has had no serious chance as yet with all thise injuries . Some fans refer to those injuries, which have crucified us and just say “Oh it is a pity but….” There is no “but”, as they are the reason everything is in a state defensively. Oh I am the first to agree that Emery has made selection and shape mistakes. All new managers do , and at top level clubs, no other mamager has to overcome the huge handicap of our owner and also be expected in 6 months to turn around the appalling defence WENGER FOISTED ON US FOR YEAR AFTER YEAR. IN SHORT, THESE FANS ARE GETTING CAUGHT UP IN THR GENERAL MASS HYSTERIA AND I am massively disappointed in them for behaving like the many newbie snowflake panickers on here, instead of the measured and wise fans they usually are.

      I remain steadfast in my belief and confidence in Emery . You do not have such a wonderful and RECENT CV unless you ARE a top coach.

        1. b-o-t, Seems it is virtually us two against all the others. We HAVE THE MORAL HIGHGROUND AT LEAST. Never believe in panicking , personally. I use full perspective when making judgements, as do you .

  11. i am by no means an ozil fan, have never been actually. but, i think the stick he is coming in for last nights performance is idiotic . no one player could have changed that game last night.united were superior in every department. you cannot blame ozil, not on his own . our problem is , that , as a team , we are utter crap. okay`,we do put in a good performance every now and then.but , on the whole , we are utter shite !. we have no leader, no motivation, no heart, no cause,no outlook, nobody knows what they are doing . united could have demolished us last night , if they were in the mood to do so.i dont have the answers on how to fix all of the above , not even the board have those answers, obviously.the transformation of our team from the wenger years will take at least 3 seasons. i would be prepared to give emery the benefit of the doubt for that period, if, our team responded to his coaching . but i just dont know. there is something terribly wrong. i pity the fans who pays good money week in , week out, to support our club.they are being shortchanged. i cannot imagine what last night felt like to those loyal fans who turned out to see our team humiliated.fair play to them all .

    1. @ger burke-I watched the game in a Hotel bar in Dubai sat next to a Birmingham City fan.His second team is Arsenal because he was brought up 20 years ago be a football mad father who appreciated how Arsenal played the game and the quality of players we had during those glorious early Wenger years.What he cannot understand is why we continually seem to invest in attacking players yet infinite the obvious-DEFENDERS.I explained the years of austerity when paying down the Stadium debt but found it very hard to argue his point.Until this problem is sorted out once and for all we will NEVER be in a position to challenge for the big trophies.Bellerin has been consistently good this season.Holding began to look the player we hoped he would be.Sokritis has been good in most games.BUT.We are still too easily breached in defence by having the full backs giving width to our attack.How many goals have we conceded on the break this season?Brighton away was just so typical.Forget the mistake by Lichtsteiner.They equalised 20 seconds after we had a corner.FFS.When will we ever learn.The Mancs has a game plan yesterday playing Lukaku and Sanchez wife with Pogba ang lingard exploiting the space in the middle.We could all see it.But Emery failed to.
      Too many times this season we have resembled the shambolis defending of the latter Wenger era.In fact Emery has somehow allowed us to be WORST than previous seasons.
      I accept we have been decimated with defensive injuries this season and losing Welbeck Holding and Bellerin for the season is just downright unlucky.But do we ever learn?It seems not.

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