Arsenal v Man United – Let’s compare Alexis with Martial this season

Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez began the Premier League season slow. The Copa America success that he enjoyed with Chile during the summer appeared to have taken its toll early on. However, with a hat-trick against Leicester in the league last weekend and a goal and assist in the Champions League on Tuesday, the 26-year-old now appears back to his typical best.

Anthony Martial’s first taste of English football has begun with a bang at Manchester United after scoring three goals in his opening three games in the Premier League following his £36 million move from AS Monaco.

The in-form pair come head-to-head this Sunday as Arsenal welcome United to the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal sit three points adrift of league leaders United.

Fantasy football game have analysed the attacking numbers from both players on a per minute basis in the Premier League this season for what is expected to be an epic battle.

Despite playing fewer minutes than the Chilean, Martial leads his opponent in four key areas.
The 19-year-old has produced a goal or an assist every 52 minutes in his opening three games, compared to the 175 minutes that it has taken Sanchez to do the same in his seven games after experiencing a sluggish start.

With 3 goals from just 5 shots, the Frenchman’s strike-rate sits at an impressive 60%. Alexis Sanchez’s 38 shots are the most from any Premier League player so far this season, resulting in a disappointing strike-rate of just 8% by the 26-year-old.

Martial also leads Sanchez for shot accuracy with 60% attempts on target to 55% from the Arsenal player.

Can the Manchester United teenager continue his terrific form for his new club or is a visit to Arsenal and a battle with a now revitalized Alexis Sanchez just one step too far?


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  1. I have a question to you guys. Would you rather see Wenger off in the end of the season or Alexis? Bec right now i am sure that he is angry as hell that he choosed Arsenal over the likes of Juventus.

      1. if he left i wouldnt hold it against him
        he gives everything every game.
        i would be heartbroken but
        dont see why he has to deal with our ‘model’

        1. something has to happen.
          we cant lose him or Cech or Kos or Santi
          Wenger has to eliveer something or else step down.
          and by something i mean something big like the ucl or epl with honors

  2. Its just no comparison….Alexis is Class!!!!…
    Dont forget that most of Alexis 38 shots were from outside the box and shots which he made for himself and were not exactly clear cut chances…his last goal vs Leicester was brilliant…i would also credit him for the own goal from Palace in that game – for a guy of his height to jump that high and create a goal – that shows how talented this guy is…

    1. It’s a ridiculous comparison period. One is a bona-fide world talent while the other is an expensive prospect.

      I’ll say this much…. the fact any kind of comparison can be made to our best player makes a complete mockery of the nonsense United received for buying Martial.

      Who’s still using Martial as reason we shouldn’t have bought anyone? Thought so…

  3. our squad is just so overrated
    I once thought
    ozil=ball on dor
    bellerin =alvez
    but how wrong was i
    koscienly =blind
    bellerin <coleman

  4. Alexis>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Martial. End of story.

    Lets talk about this once the kid actually wins something first or does something of note like been the 1st player to have scored hat-tricks in prime leagues such as the EPL, La Ligar and Seria A.

    Would choose Alexi’s in my team in any form or part of the season than the kid coz there only a few players who offer what he does on the pitch in the game at the moment. Even better he wears our colors already.

  5. Sanchez is the best in league, there is no comparison for him with Marteil
    One another note, sanchez and walcott are slowly becoming new Suaraz and Sturritze of 2 season ago. They both are scoring and also creating for each other. If this works well then we will outscore opposition. Last two games they both scored and created which is nice for Arsenal.

  6. I jst wonder why arsenal did nt colect d amount man city bidded 4 WILSHERE….I hate 2 say it bt PAYET of westham was d real deal 4 me in d summer transfer window…let me ask a question..what is wrong with OXLADE CHAMBERLAIN??? gonna get a lot of thumb down bt I tink he should b thrown to the reserve because his of no use to the first team…call up IWOBI..I believe he will do a better job than OXLADE…LET THE THUMB DOWN START FLOWING BT I THINK WALLCOTT IS THE ONLY ENGLISH PLAYER IN THE FIRST TEAM THAT IS DOING GREAT….GIBBS is useless,OXLADE Nd CHAMBERS are mr OWN GOALS,WILSHERE mr injury…let me pause here to avoid stories that touches the heart

  7. kinda unfair comparing them considering martial is 19, its his first season in a completely diff league, an playing infront of 70,000 more then he did at monaco.

    its a massive step up in development
    obv alexis is better on all levels, but martial has done brilliantly .

  8. fan:
    did martin keown really beat up thierry henry in the dressing room to toughen him up?

    lee dixon today: When we signed Thierry we thought he needed toughening up. So we gave that job to Martin Keown. He kicked lumps out of him in training and to be fair it did him a favour for the games, though I don’t think he saw it that way at the time! He still does it when he sees him now!

    sigh (miss those fellas)

  9. The problem with our club can be pin down to two sets of people; the French and the British. I wish to hate Arsene but I cant…. I love him 6ft down in the same way I love Arsenal. Win or lose, I live em

  10. The comparison is unnecessary and not fair to Martial to be honest.
    1. Alexis is 26 and Martial is 19.
    2.Alexis is in his second season into EPL and played more than 45 games in England, Martial only played 4 EPL games and he has to adopt to the physicality of the games in EPL.
    3.Everybody already knows Alexis is already class player, he has showed it in three leagues Italy, Spain and now in England but nobody know who Martial is and everybody expected him to flop.But the kid managed to perform great in the games he featured so far.
    Sometimes even if a player plays for rival team there are times when you appreciate his performance and say “ehhmmm so far good but lets see how he will perform as the season progresses”. Why degrade the contribution Martial made so far by comparing him to Alexis Sanchez who is already a class player?

  11. In my view, Sanchez played one of his best game for Arsenal against Olympiakos. A shame that we lost. He was so much better in possession than he usually is, and was always looking up to make something happen. If he plays same way on Sunday, then United do have a problem in their hands.

  12. Too many of the players has always let wenger down.

    Sometimes fear factor is also neded by a manager, otherwise they just blatantly ignored you and in the end the manager always get the blame.

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