Arsenal v Man United Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Manchester United Preview, predicted line up and score by KJ

This international break was probably the least annoying of all the ones we’ve had so far. Most fans were pretty annoyed at our last result and this has given us ample time to distance ourselves from the result and the performance and this has no doubt rejuvenated our hope that we can actually start playing good football again.

Unfortunately, we face Manchester United and there is a lot of doubt going into this game. We have notoriously struggled against any United side ever since the move to the Emirates and our record sits at 1 win in our last 14 matches against them. It is complete domination. Fergie even outlined his tactics on how he had us beat for his final years and if Van Gaal decided to flick through the book any time this week, he’ll probably have us beat as well.

It’s a shame that we are still that predictable but Wenger won’t change and we just have to hope we can outplay them. Alexis is still in form and Chamberlain is also hitting a decent patch. We also have Jack back as well as Ramsey and Arteta. We will need big games from both Jack and Aaron if we are to control the game. If we manage to do that, we may have a chance at actually winning it.

Predicted Line up:
Chambers – Mertesacker – Monreal – Gibbs
Chamberlain – Arteta – Ramsey – Wilshere
Alexis – Welbeck

Wenger has experimented a lot with the formations but I think we’ll see some sort of variation of the 4-4-2. The important part is that Alexis plays central as he’s causing a lot of problems for the opposition and tends to score the opening or winning goal at the moment.
Wilshere might play slightly out of position but his form is so good that I don’t expect that to affect him too much.

Ramsey really needs to step up massively. He has been shambolic on the ball and seems completely disillusioned on how he should be playing the game. A complete contrast to last season.

I expect Di Maria and Rooney to really run at Monreal when they can so Arteta and Ramsey will need to be diligent with runners and to ensure that Monreal has the appropriate protection.
This is going to be very difficult game and I can only see it ending in a disappointing 1-1 draw.

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  1. dan says:

    Arsenal 1 man u 3 a van pussy treble then its Wenger out!!

    1. sollygunner says:

      ok dan

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        hes realistic

    2. KickAssFan says:

      KJ, I think I know the feeling: you really don’t think it will be a draw. Just admit it. Don’t worry, it’s just some mere “prediction”, u could say Arsenal will lose, perhaps 2-1 in favour of MUFC, reason being our defence s***ks a big one and our midfield isn’t combative at all.

      However, it’s football, anything can happen, so I pray we win.

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:

      okay! Lets be reaListic ere! …….. Gibbs is our 1st choice LB, MonreaL is supposed to be his cover(i don’t see another recognized LB on the bench)…… Why risk em both at the same time?…… Why is wenger this deluded?

  2. DanielC1989 says:

    best chance in a long time we have of beating United. we better win.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      the same was said last season….

      we all know what happen..

      1. DanielC1989 says:

        we deserved to beat them last season though

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Arsenal 0 Man utd 2

    Fans have to be realistic

    1. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      So realistic means we shall go lose every match because we are having worst defence and attack is not in form except sanchez and chambo.

  4. Greg says:

    Dont care how much we score! Just want to beat man u and get victory! Coyg!

  5. Trudeau says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve dreaded a game as much as this one. But a solid win and the world will be bright again. And if we lose I’ll have an extra few hours sleep as I can’t be assed staying up for match of the day when Arsenal turns in a poor performance. Not much of a silver lining but I do love my sleep.

  6. Greg says:

    Come on gunners! 3 priceless points today at the emirates! Lets take care of business! Coyg!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      @ greg……..and all of wenger’s sins are forgiven right?

  7. Hoyte says:

    hy… I’m new here and i’ve alwyzd luvd reading the comments. my account just got verified today so i’m happy to be in this arsenal coven…LOooOL the arsenal family. regarding today’s match i think BFG deserves to be axed not monreal, he’s been decent in that CB role,at least better than he performs when he plays LB, anything we get apart from 3 points today means we have no chance of seeing the arsenal we’ve alwyzd wanted. Manure should be whooped, personally i’ll luv to see us revenge our 8-1 loss..Wenger tho an ass, should do the right thing and use the right players but we all know he enjoy doing opposite of the right thing plus who else think Sanchez deserves rest,i won’t want to loose him same way we lost Ozil ..ALL I CAN SAY IS I WISH THE TEAM LUCK!!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      @ Hoyte…..on ur 1st post, u got two thumbs down…….hope u cn go thru dat…… AKBs are not friendly u’ll find . L()L

  8. davidnz says:

    Arsenal 17 Man U 10.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      oh i get the logic…….. That’s a draw right?….. ArsenaL-17(Sanchez) \/ Manure-10(Rooney)

  9. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Arsenal 20 Man Utd 24

  10. ergs says:

    It will be a goal fest I think hopefully we score more 3-2 us hopefully……

  11. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Arsenal 6 – Manure 0

    Welbeck 2, 4, 17, 62

    Sanchez 42, 73

    1. Usmanov says:

      Are you high?!
      Stating the scoreline with such conviction..and the timing looks realistic as well. I am convinced that you are indeed high.

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Not high bro. I am RVP from the future. I am typing at 9pm this evening. I couldn’t believe it myself but Welbeck ripped them a new one.

  12. RWRW says:

    Do we have any news on Welbeck?

    1. vijaygunner says:

      go check out welbz and super sanchez are back in training

  13. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    If Welbeck is injured, and Sanchez not fit, since Giroud shouldn’t be slotted directly, play Podolski and Campbell at left and centre irrespetively.

    1. Usmanov says:

      If Welbeck is injured, he will not play.
      Even if Sanchez is not fit, he will be played.
      And yeah, Giroud will be slotted directly and smoothly, because Wenger loves him and has missed him so much (it is clear for the world to see).
      And as for Campbell, don’t expect to see him play a single PL game till he leaves in January.

      1. highbury44 says:

        Its a disgrace the way Wenger treats some of his players.If he likes you you’ll play no matter what.On the other hand if he doesn’t like you ,you have no chance.I really feel sorry for Campbell and Podolski they are never given a chance.Leave as soon as you can chaps

  14. mr lean says:

    Arsenal 2 Manure 1. Welbeck and Ox.

  15. mr lean says:

    Still want Wenger out if we win though !

  16. CraigZWE says:

    Both defences are terrible.

    But Untied attack will be better.

    Man U 5 – 3 Arsenal

    Wenger out after the loss.

    Oh we will be leading 3-0 with 30minutes before conceding first goal

  17. Thando says:

    OT:it looks like wellback will play lw because giroud is back, wenger has said that the problem for wellback was not getting game not playing every knows why we hate wenger it because there is favourism,why cant we have some competition for once.

    1. Thando says:

      Giroud even said him,wellback and sanchez can play together.really?we just want sanches-wellback-theo,but everytime we have a chance to have something special wenger always f**k it up.why cant giroud compete with wellback for that cf,this guy is clear scared of facing some of his looks like sanchez will compete with theo and ox for that rw role.

    2. Thando says:

      @twig welback said that he quit manu because he wasnt getting that cf role now wenger is changing words like we never heard him complaining for being played lw instead of sucks 4 real

    3. Usmanov says:

      If Wenger loves you, you do not need to compete to earn play time. Make Welbeck and Giroud fight for the CF spot? No! Wenger would rather rush Giroud to the CF spot permanently, all the while giving excuses for why Welbeck needs to play on the left-wing.

      A journalist once said on the radio, that upon his (Giroud) return from injury, Giroud would regain the CF spot unconditionally and that Welbeck was definitely going end up playing on the wing if he plays at all. How true those words were! Wenger’s unreasonableness, favouratism and ridiculous decision-making has become painfully predictable.

  18. Ronny331 says:

    Terrified about this one today, I despise mu, rvp and van gaal so beating them today for me will feel like we’ve won the cl 🙂 can’t call the result as a lot depends on welbeck and sanchez being able to play and I don’t think we know yet. Can’t help thinking the cb pairing of monreal and per, (slow and cumbersome! ) along with our small mf players getting out muscled by felanni will be our downfall. I expect mu to score from a free kick / corner and suprise surpise we wont even beat the first man with ours. So so so hope I’m proved wrong and our under performing players step up. Let the Emirates crowd roar for arsenal today! Coyg!

  19. highbury44 says:

    I personally want Wenger out of this club so i’m hoping for a Man U win,in fact i hope we keep on loosing.I’m fed up with this same old rubbish and Wenger playing the same players despite playing crap .We need a change and it will only happen if we slip out of the champions league.So i’ll be cheering for Man U and every other team we play until Wenger is out.

    1. 61 never again says:

      Your a mûppet mate go support Chelsea then untill we get rid of arsen never in my life have a heard a supporter say they want us to lose no mater what situation were in

      1. 61 never again says:

        And that goes to all the mugs who thumbed you up

  20. Twig says:

    Seems it’s back to the left wing again for Welbeck 🙁 Life sucks 😀

    1. Usmanov says:

      Yeah. We all knew all along that it was only a matter of time before Giroud came back to claim the CF spot UNCONDITIONALLY.
      WENGER LOVES GIROUD. He loves Giroud so much, he was satisfied with having a delusioned Bendtner and a non-existent Park competing with him.

  21. vietnam gooner says:

    Why all of you show negative to wenger like this??? What you can do with this handicap team? Poor wenger!

    1. mohawk says:

      I hope you are not serious. Wenger put this team together and decided he did not need a decent DM or backup at CB. He has also decided to never use any players on the LW who can actually play the LW (Ox, Poldi, Campbell).

      In other words: He is an idiot.

    2. highbury44 says:

      Because Wenger has lost the plot.He is dragging this club down and needs to be kicked out of Arsenal.One FA cup in 10 years is simply not good enough.Wenger out out out out out

  22. Thando says:

    It started by playing ozil and carzola followed by jack and ramsey now we will see wellback and giroud,wenger is scared of his very own players.we want to see some competition and rotetion

  23. Cutietobby says:

    Let’s jst be patient and see how the combo of Welbeck, Giroud and Sanchez works…. If welbeck plays beta in the LW than the likes of Carzola and Ozil as used by AKB, then that’s ok by me….let AKB play anyone upfront, we’ll beat Man U.. My fear is our defence) RB and CB.. I hate this Punk called Monreal, he’s so good for nothing… Play Hayden instead, let wenger forget Experience, coz monreal and flamini’s experiences is shit

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