Arsenal v Man United Player Ratings – Game of the season so far…

This win over Man United must qualify as Arsenal’s best performance of the season so far, or at least since we matched Liverpool at home when we were struggling, and I cannot help but give probably the highest ratings ever on JustArsenal.

Leno – 8
Extremely impressive and looked much more assured than ever before.

Sokratis – 8
We would not have lost so badly to Rennes if he had stayed on the pitch. Our rock.

Koscielny – 8
Him and Sokratis are building an excellent partnership. He has surprised everyone since his comeback.

Monreal – 7
Better performance. The natural third man now, but not really a wing back any more

Maitland-Niles – 8
The youngster had a great game and has proved himself a future star again.

Xhaka – 9
Where are all his critics nowadays. Excellent game from the Swiss

Ramsey – 9
Hopefully Emery will make full use of him until he leaves. Top class game..

Kolasinac – 8
Brilliant down the flanks. He is certainly proving his worth under Emery

Ozil – 7
Looked better than he has lately. I would play him again on Thursday

Aubameyang – 7
A confidence boosting penalty but doesn’t have the same nuisance value as Lacazette

Lacazette – 8
Great game. He looked hungry and lively the whole 90 minutes.


Iwobi – No rating but looked lively for his 15 minutes

Suarez – No rating but ten minutes more towards getting integrated

Nketiah – No rating but a small taste of a very big game


    1. MOTM should be going to Laca or Leno imo.Defence was good and bad at the same time.Utd effortlessly split through our defence with basic moves but some last minute tackles from the likes of Sokratis and Xhaka saved us.Leno made some very important saves too but the overall tactical defensive setup from Emery should be commended because if not we would’ve lost

  1. Great game yesterday ,I wouldn’t say we dominated ,Man Utd had their chances also .
    But what I liked, was seeing ozil with the front 2 boys which is what I’ve been waiting for all season tbh .
    My MOTM would be kola ,absolutely smashed that left wing yesterday ,really good going forward ,great crosses ,great speed to go past his man .
    Also a shout out to kos ,sokratis ,AMN,Leno ,,,Leno my player of the season so far .
    Just worried emery will revert back to this 5at the back and ozil left in the bench again ,hope I’m wrong .

    1. Xxnofx, Emery can only choose from the available players (ie those not injured, suspended or ill) and with consideration to the strengths/weaknesses of the opposition. In my view he got it wrong at Rennes; however he has got it right for so many other games, as Arsenal’s points at this stage of the season attest.
      We should get behind Emery and trust him to get his selections right.

      1. Yes but ozil has not been I’ll ,suspended or injured ,so why was not he picked to play earlier ,I disagree about his team tactics and selections ,they have. It been good enough ,too defensive in most games ,odd team selections ,yesterday was the 1st time in ages I’ve actually got excited watching us play .

      2. Yes Ozzie, True fans DO get behind him. Trouble is we have some fake fans on here who constantly post that he should be sacked. Especially those two twerps, jah son and S. How those two call themselves Gooners and with a straight face too, beats me! And they are not alone either.

        1. Its not very nice to call other fans here twerps and fake fans.There were some who were against the appointment of Emery even before he came and not because they hate him.Noone should be telling an Arsenal fan in 2019 about support and I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that .The fact that people speak out of frustration doesn’t mean they aren’t true fans.It’s annoying to hear that because many hear don’t know what others have to go through to even catch a game.Emery has a lot to prove and reasonably he should be given more time but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made numerous mistakes with some even being laughable which I won’t mention.

          1. kev, I am a lover of truth. I think it is the sign of a twerp , to put it very mildly to CONSTANTLY call, as both those two “fans” do , for the managers head. That is what I think and I expect most Gooners would think likewise, whatever word they may use, some far stronger than mine too. People who write our of sheer frustrataion as you put it, are not therefore using the brains given to them. THAT is what makes them twerps! I also have never said that Emery has not made mistakes; I have many times said that he has done. But calling for a managers head less than half way through the season as both these twerps did and still do, is unthinking . And unthinking is better known as twerpism! I believe in using language to make a serious point and do not believe in silly immature children writing out of frustration and without thought on what is hopefully an adult site for TRUE fans. Twerps they both are.

            1. Speaking out of frustration happens lots of times in football and even keeps happening many times here.For example have we not seen many make several comments about Wenger here which disrespected him?However, we all knew fans were tired of him and hence were frustrated.But when those fans relax and have a thought they’d realize they made a mistake due to the nature of comments they made.Jah Son and co might have a problem with Emery personally as a manager but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true fans.Its not enough to judge on the basis of “Emery Out” that they aren’t true fans.Please I know why I’m saying this and not because I want to create an argument or something.

              1. Sorry Kev but twerp is a really inoffensive term for S who I in fact referred to as a twat which is quite offensive but not nearly offensive as S !

                1. kev, just because people didn’t want Unai Emery appointed as coach of Arsenal, don’t you think once the decision was made, they should as Arsenal supporters get behind the coach?
                  Similarly there are people who were livid that Arsene Wenger left and appear to want Emery to fail as a consequence. Emery had no part in Wenger’s departure, so why don’t so called supporters of Arsenal FC get behind him.
                  For me personally, I thought Pelligrini and Ancellotti were good options as winning managers in both the EPL and the Champions League and were available at the time. I also thought Arsene Wenger stayed too long; however I never wished for him or Arsenal to faii. Once he was replaced by Emery, I support the new coach as I did Wenger when he was manager, as I want Arsenal to be successful.

              2. No Kev , what you are trying to condemn is freedom to express ones truthful thoughts in unambiguus language. As a lif elong lover of unambigupous and non wishy washy substitutions for REAL truth, I think, in fat I believe , it is thr duty of all honourable folk to set out thetruth as we perceice it without fear or favour. No decent person , which I most certainly am, TRIES to insult anyone. BUT the truth is always paramount and should be to all – though there are plainly many who care little or nothing for that truth – and as such we should challenge unthinking and hastily made, without due thought comments, made on a serious minded debate site.

                If we ever want to improve the general quality of thinking , then those of us who DO think deeply and write with full details of WHY we think as we do, must be and ARE free to challenge ” twerpism. ” IF SOME PEOPLE ARE DEEPLY AFRAID OF BEING CALLED MERE TWERPS THEN THEY SHOULD TOUGHEN UP , FRANKLY, LET ALONE BE AFRAID ON SOMEONE ELSES BEHALF, AS YOU SEEM TO BE!

  2. Leno was superb especially his reading of game when long ball was lofted towards Lukaku and Leno came off his line and cleared it before Lukaku get it…
    Very much assured… Good Save to deny Lukaku in 2nd half….
    I am not agree with Ozil rating because he didn’t not get into match at all… Ramsey was Phenomenal playing today as box to Box CM
    Same side should be selected against Rennes except Sokratis and Lacazzet…
    Mustafi should replace Sokratis and Iwobi or Mkhitaryan replacing Lacazzet…
    With 3-4-2-1 formation…
    Iwobi or Mkhitaryan along with Ozil behind the Aubameyang…
    We would certainly go pass through Rennes..

    1. OMG Mustafi again?For such a make/break game I do not want him even on the bench.
      Getting the memories of Sol Campbell in Socrates, well done Emery and the boys. I am still not convinced with Aube’s low penalties, good this one went in.And getting Leno for that transfer fee seems like a steal considering Allison’s transfer fee.Emery has definitely improved Xhaka, AMN, hope he works on Iwob’s finishing.

    2. Mkhitaryan please no more boys (iwobi n guenduez)… we want team with full of men even at their worst

    3. Ozil was on the ball a fair bit in the first half, then like Wrighty highlighted, Solksjaer put a man marker on him. Wherever that man comes from, his position, all Ozil has to do is drag him away from it and it gives Auba, Laca, Ramsey and Xhaka some more space in that area. You don’t know how important that could’ve been, the space that Xhaka was running into after finding a pocket in CM, with us then straight on the ascendancy, could likely be because Ozil pulled his man away from there. Or Xhaka’s goal even, because a CM player will likely be one chosen to mark Ozil. Besides this though, people want Ozil to track back more and run more, help with pressing, he was doing that yesterday, he had purpose in his running. He was back in midfield helping our shape, to give extra numbers beside Ramsey and Xhaka.

      1. Ozil was very ineffective and was bundled of the ball so many times.I just want him to do very well but his situation is more or less a hopeless one.It would even do him more good if he left Arsenal because the weight of expectation he carries on his shoulders is something he clearly cannot cope with.He needs to be sold next season for his own good.I don’t like it when fans keeps slagging off a player with some even insulting him.Had Arsenal lost the match yesterday he and Auba would be been heavily criticised.

  3. I now wonder what our season would have been like if, like the others at the top, we had been able to count on Holding,Mavrapanos, Welbeck on te bench or the field?

    I think that AMN must be first choice now until the end of the season and Mustafi should only be a sub. I think Emery is wrong not to give more time to our U23s stars but what do I know.

    1. Now is not the time to “gamble” with youth players while there is so much at stake.Rennes becomes a must win game after last weeks debacle of a performance and the team just about picks itself with Sokritis and Lacazette both out.A line up and tactics similar to yesterday and we should get the job done.But let’s not for one minute take this as a gimmee.Rennes will work hard and sit back so experience and patience will be needed.What do you expect?Nkteiha to start over Aubamayang?Willock over Xhaka?
      It’s the same with the remaining eight Premiere League games.Why do you believe Emery would even dream of experimenting at a time when he has got us back into challenging for a Top Four spot?
      And other than the youth players I have mentioned who else do you think could come into the squad?Fairytale thoughts Pal and they won’t happem

  4. When we beat Chelsea …BEST GAME OF THE SEASON

    When we beat Tottenham …SAME

    When we drew Liverpool (Whom we totally outclassed & should have beaten) …SAME

    Always good to win against the big teams

    In Chelsea win we had the best mentality, pressured them right from the onset, their defenders started shivering and making making mistakes right from the get go

    In Man Utd win, big Kudos to the Manager
    The immediate Previous wins Man Utd had against us we games where we outplayed them from 0-90 mins but they kept getting on the counter

    Yday they came with same game plan, but we slowed the tempo and go full force at them as we did in the past, rather, we gave them their own medicine in the second as they chased the game and left plenty spaces for us to counter

    The Liverpool game in my opinion was not good enough, we deserved to win but almost lost. The hype of their form was so much that we ourselves didn’t believe we could outplay so much that day

      1. Chelsea one was mine, it gave us a glimpse of the future when facing top teams. Organized, workman-like, clinical, and risking only what we need to risk. Liv one had some of that too, as did the two Tott results H-W A-D. The utd game showed us that Emery has many of ideas, we’ve seen different types of defensive set-ups, then on arguably our biggest fixture of the season thus far, he tears it all up and puts out our most offensive set-up that we’ve seen all season. I believe that it threw Solksjaers tactics for the game, right out the window, it was clever stuff by our manager.

        …And he got to rest Guendouzi and Iwobi for the midweek game, as well as Mustafi, who probably needed it mentally as he’s not as strong as the others in that area. Niles will be brimming after the plaudits he’s rightly gained. Lacazette showed our fans how to respond in the right way, when giving the spot-kick to Auba and also giving him the words that he needed to hear. Loved how Lacazette done that, he really showed his character there, many players would not be able to see past the opportunity – fans ringing round the scorers name, or using brinkmanship, with Auba having missed the Tott one. Quality stuff from one of our top Generals.

  5. There was a moment Maitland had to urge the other defenders to step up

    Our players can gradually just disappear under pressure – such that we fans can sense we would soon concede but the players will just be caving-in gradually

    At a point in the second half it was looking like that, as Man Utd were having all the balls and when we got it we would just lose it immediately again

    But Maitland was really up for it in the second half, same with Lacazette (and Ramsey, his usual never tiring self)

    They pushed us onward

    After the second goal, everybody Totally switched into Excellent Mode, we started bullying them all over

  6. So my son in law (who’s a manc) said before the game that Xhaka is the most overrated player in the premier league & that he’s crap!! So he had to score didn’t he?!!! ?
    I was so impressed with everyone.. particularly Leno, AMN & Kolasinac!
    More of the same on Thursday please COYG

  7. Can anyone explain to my satisfaction exactly WHY so many of us get all het up over somenone elses marks for our players. Like many, I will disagree with many of those given by this article but SO WHAT? What does that matter anyway? All it proves is that fans have different perspectives and opinions on our players performances! Whoever could possibly have forseen that ASTOUNDING REVELATION! For what its worth, which is less than nothing in truth, here are my own marks and feel free, as you always are free to disagree, vehemently if you wish. I PROMISE NOT TO WILT, NOT BEING A SNOWFLAKE AND ALSO 68 YEARS OF AGE INTO THE BARGAIN. Leno 9 Sokratis 8, Koscielny 9, Monreal 7, AM-N 7, Xhaka 8, Ramsey 8, Kolas 8, Ozil 7, Auba 7, Laca 8. Subs not on long enough to earn a rating.

    Further thoughts: Ramsey is still giving his all and will be welcomed back when he visits, IMO; Ozil still needs to work harder , though working harderthan usual yesterday; I much like AM-N and would keep him in team even though he is really a central midfield and that is where he will end up; if anyone still does not rate Leno then they need a brain scan urgently; Laca and Auba should play regularly together and are a real double act. The more strikers you play, and PROVIDED both work hard, than in general the more goals you will always score. I still think we will not make top four and our away fixtures 5 out of 8, will be the reason . None are easy and IMO we will need 18 points at very least from those eight games to make fourth, which is 5 wins and 3 draws and though doable , is unlikely. Lastly I predict, that going into April 1st Spurs will lie 6th. Happy days!

  8. One of those rare moments that I agree with each rating, before coming here I was wondering how Xhaka and Ramsey would be rated compared to the others, and I was half expecting the boss to probably get the top rating.

    Leno, if it wasn’t for himself then those defenders ratings would’ve likely gotten shortened. Our defence got split by a long ball just the once, and he expertly read it and made it look lighter work than it actually was, glad he was switched on.

    Ramsey and Xhaka, the benefit of them two knowing each other for a few seasons now really paid off. I was expecting to see Guendouzi, and the second half subs surprised me again, thought he would come on and Ramsey would be pushed forward. It was a risky set up, a gamble if you had asked me before the game, and even at one nil he stayed with an attacking setup.

    Niles had an immense game, I felt bad that I spoke against him leading up to the game, his concentration looked more than good enough on this occasion. For a young player to start in a game of this importance, and looked well up to it, it was a great sign of the improvements that he’s made.

    Delighted that Ozil got a start in our biggest game of the season, and we went on to win.

    Every one of them deserves a footnote, end to end stuff, and they all played their part. Well done getting the performance out of them Emery, and once again showing people that you are not a man to easily second guess.

  9. Thanks Jon just picked it up.I was only asking as your reply wasn’t linked to a post.
    Jah Son is someone who I completely ignore whatever he writes and have done so for as long as he has posted his nonsense.I have “questioned”Emery after bad results that were inexcisable.Southampton and West Ham away were reloaded that should not have happened.Injuries aside they were “Wenger Like”performances that were totally avoidable.Rennes away was the same.Even downnto 19 men we lacked leadership and any type of team pattern.But yesterday shows what improvements the Manager has made.A performance full of determination and effort with a result that was IMO deserved,if only for the decision to go with such an attacking line-up.
    If we win our next game we will have equalled our pointsctally from the whole of last season with 7 games still to go.(A statistic I heard on the radio on way home after the game).This time last year we were THIRYEEN POINTS off a CL position and yet now we have one that is ours to lose (again from BBC Five Live).
    Those statistics show improvement.And if Emery can get a Top 4 position then the Club MUST INVEST in the Manager.Otherwise What is the point of it all?
    Great atmosphere yesterday and as I posted after the game,the conditions were atrocious.Playing Manure was a bonus I believe.There was no way they came to defend and hit us on the break like they did under Maureen (even at OT).The game being so open allowed us to go toe to toe with them and although they had chances so too did we.
    We are not yet at their level.They have better players than we do and in Pogba one of the best in the World.He really is that good.But a clever Manager who understands his teams strengths will always get a chance and there is no doubt Emery is using his squad as best he is able.
    ANY fan can be critical of the Managets mistakes this season.I have been as frustrated as anyone.But to suggest he should be sacked is not only ridiculous but not worthy of any true fan.The end of season is when he is to be judged.Adfitional CL revenue into his transfer kitty will not only help Emery but also prove the choice in appointing him was the correct one.
    A couple of points regarding yesterday’s performance
    •AMN looked the best RB at the club.When will he get s chance ahead of Guendouzi as a CM player?
    •Leno proving early season doubters wrong
    •Kolasinac was outstanding

    I finish with the F***ing IDIOT who ran onto the pitch after our second goal.I simply ask WHY?
    Will the Club do the right thing and BAN THE W***ER FOR LIFE.
    This will stop anyone else doing the same in the future.
    Credit Chris Smalling for not reacting.No true football fan would have blamed him if he had reacted and given the TOSSER a right hook.
    Also OT but the same reasoning credit to Jack Grealish Of Aston Villa for his reaction to that Scum Fan who thought it big and brave to swing a punch at the player with his back turned.He will no doubt be put in a cell with some Villa fans while having his 12 months holiday curtesy of HM Prison Service.

    1. OMG-just re-read this and it looks as though it was written either in a drunken state.Apologies for the many wrongs especially the 19 players in Tennes when it should have read 10

    2. I like the fact that you when AMN will get his chance over Guendouzi.This shows people are starting to see that the guy is a complete waste at RB?Have you observed that since the Utd match at Old Trafford he’s earned Pogba’s respect?If only I could’ve wished for one player to have a breakout season in his actual position it would be him.

      1. Kev I agree AMN is wasted as a RB or RWB.But with the (very much improved defensively) Bellerin out I would rather AMN fill in than Mustafi or Lichstiener.Jenkinson is an okay(ish) option but would anyone have trusted him there yesterday?
        Guendouzi has potential but makes far too many errors.AMN and Torreira together COULD just be a perfect partnership.
        And let’s not overlook Willock who has shown real promise when called upon.

        1. Guendouzi has potential like you said but I believe he’s being more hyped than actual performances suggest.This might be possibly due to the fact that he’s from Ligue 2 and he’s 19 years old.Imo if you pair him with Torreira they both can individually have a great game but as a partnership they are weak.They don’t compliment each other at all and I could even argue Guen is better when asked to be the one who remains behind and dictates the game.If you observe his form has dropped since he was paired with Torreira but he was very good at DM earlier in the season.

          1. I agree with you here Kev, not on the overrated part, on the part about Guendouzi having great individual talent. I believe it could be only a matter of time, before Guendouzi either finds his right partner or he gels with one of these players soon. Rabiot was a bit like that too, Verratti is an accomplished player, and Rabiot looked very good individually next to him, but they eventually formed an understanding, after they sold your man to Juventus. Torriera and Guendouzi might need similar time, but Xhaka has been earning his place this season, and even Ramsey has only got that one game in CM as far as I’m aware. Guendouzi is a great talent, his confidence, his ability to both run with the ball and play the ball, he isn’t half bad at trying to retrieve the ball neither, he also adds physicality and height to the team. He’s definitely on peoples watch lists, the bigger clubs will all be taken an interest, there used to many massive names in CM, but I believe there are a few more openings than usual these days.

        2. Phil, While Bellerin is out, clearly AM-N is the best for RB, then Jenks , with Mustafi and Licht nowhere in sight (nor preferably even at our club!). My only real criticism of Emery is that he has been slow at times to see that some things can NEVER work. LICHT MUST ONLY EVER PLAY AGAIN IN DIRE INJURY EMERGENCY. Likewise Mustafi, for me anyway!

  10. The game yesterday was spot on… Emery had said himself there would be a change of tactics… No one see Ramsey along With Xaka And Ozil starting in CM… Without a true DM player… In truth we are all expecting Guendozi to start in place of Ramsey or Ozil… Emery knows what he wants even before the game… He knows what he want before the league started bad luck to injuries we should be further ahead in the table

    It was a Master plan yesterday and the players carried it out with almost perfection…
    More of it come Thursday.
    Can’t wait to see Ben arfa at the end of the game

  11. With respect, the ratings suggested are in my view over the top with the exception of Leno who has proved to be an excellent acquisition.A great win nevertheless and one which should give the players the self confidence they need for the crucial season run in.On a more serious note , yesterday was a dark day for English football with the appalling incident at Birmingham which could have had fatal consequences.Apart from the low life individual who attacked Grealish, what was even more unbelievable was the reaction of a large number of Birmingham fans who actually applauded the idiot.It will take Birmingham City FC some time to recover from the damage caused to the Club,s reputation by these mindless idiots.The offenders should be named and shamed but that is unlikely to happen in today’s political correct society.It makes me sick that a sport we all love should be damaged perhaps beyond repair by these bufoons .

    1. I know it’s the wrong thing to do and say but if I’d been playing in that game he would be spending time in hospital not prison.

      1. Declan-He may well do so if he finds himself in a cell with a Villa fan.For gods sake Pal don’t whatever you do drop your bar of soap in the shower or you could find yourself well and truly buggered.

  12. “Game of the season so far”
    No, I’m sorry. United had the better chances and should have won. Fortunately, they missed them.

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