Arsenal v Man United review – No luck and no points for gutted Gunners

Louis van Gaal changed his tactics to try to surprise Arsenal and counter his team’s defensive problems, with three central defenders and with Luke Shaw and Valencia playing as wing backs in a midfield five, with Rooney and van Persie up front. But it was not really working as the Gunners tok control of the first half and really should have scored at least one goal before the break.

Wilshere had an eventful half. He could have been sent off, should have won a penalty and found himself one on one with De Gea. But while his finish should have been better, the United keeper was in top form and he also denied Chamberlain and Welbeck with great work.

United did have some chances themselves, mainly in the last 10 minutes but it would have been terribly harsh if they had scored. The Gunners were on top again after halftime and Welbeck brought another top save from DE Gea in the first few minutes, although our striker should have done better.

But we then lost Wilshere who had been one of our best players after a bad tackle from McNair on his left ankle. He was replaced by Santi Cazorla but Arsenal were behind straight away. Fellaini was offside but not given and then Szczesny’s clearance fell to Valencia whose wayward shot hit Gibbs and went in. And our unbelievable bad luck was compounded with Szczesny having to be replaced by Martinez.

Somehow, without a single shot on target, the jammy Mancs were ahead. And then, of course, we had to take more risks and while we were doing good things going fowrds we did look mure vulneranle at the other end. And it looked like we would need something special to beat their Spanish keeper.

Wenger had just one sub left and he brought Giroud on for Ramsey with 20 minutes left. And Arsenal went on the attack and played some fantastic tricky football as we beseiged their box, but the goal just would not come. But as the clock ticked down we had to throw caution to the wind and while nothing ran for us, United got the chance and hit us on the break with a second to seal the win. It could have been three as well as Di Maria missed from another break.

And then with four minutes of injury time left, Giroud scored a beauty into the top corner. But another late comeback was not to be this time. Arsenal will play much worse and lose but I don;t think we will lose many games playing as well. THe fact is, though, that United go above us into fourth and we languish in 8th place.

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  1. First away win of the season for United. First loss at home for Arsenal since August 2013. United’s back five consists of 2 U21’s, 2 wingers and a Smalling. Haven’t won United in 3,5 years.

    Wilshere can’t score from 5 meters out, Ramsey is so lost he probably doesn’t know what year/season it is. We bought an injured player to be our 2nd choice GK. Our manager has never taken the blame himself over the years.

    Wenger out. We can’t possibly play any worse than this. Stop blaming luck.

      1. Yeah, I know we can’t sack him now (as if he would get the sack lol).

        Just so sad to watch the club I’ve loved for 16 years turn into a cesspool.

        1. I honestly believe Arsenal will not do well with all these English Players. They always look good but they are not good at all. We can’t win anything even top-4 is looking unattainable with them around.

          Just look at how good Joel Campbell was at the world cup, will any reasonable manager play Chamberlin ahead of Campbell? Poldoski is there rotten on the bench.

          The simple question to Wenger is, “must you play all these English guys at the same all the time?”

      2. an i cant believe we got beaten at home by the worse united team in 2 decades.

        seriously go through the team that was playin today -embarassing


        weekend ruined

          1. i honestly believe we need simeone.

            motivate these players. bark at them, make them fear him but respect him.
            enforce a pressing game not seen in years.
            i like the idea of him looking at arteta flamini monreal mertesacker an tellin them “you are not good enough for this club”
            give that man free reign and 50 mill- i guarantee simeone will make us contenders in every way

            i am f*cking tired of 20 mins of tiki taka crap with little end product then nothing for rest of the match-

            mourinho said it best:


            1. u tell me the idea of mourinho vs simeone wouldnt excite our fans!!

              two young hungry an clever managers fighting it out every year

              GET US DIEGO SIMEONE

      3. Am glad everyone is back to earth. Business is as usual(wenger out). All we need now is all the United layers to get injured then we can beat them. Congratulations to Ox, he was good today he deserves man of the match. We cant beat a defense of 19 year old kids (congratulations Arsene). It amuses me when i see bald headed guys guys scratching their bald heads in amusement What surprises you guys aint you used to that? and WTF is Wenger waiting for to retire?. Wake me up when Wenger is gone

    1. We need this, sorry but wenger will never leave unless he finnish outside top 4, you can see in this match that we dont have game plan, i dont know what they do on training, they are just running from side to side with no plan, why wilshere get injuries, simple he makes stupid runs with no plan, he always get injured like this, same goes to ramsey, what happened to ramsey, last year he was our sun, now he looks like 3rd class player, i want Bergkamp on manager position!!!

    2. Some of those chances I think wenger would have finished them.
      Let’s hope giroud is back for good.

      It was really disapointing it felt like we lost the game instead of Man U winning it.

      Had we taken our chances in the first half I genually believe we would win around 5-1

    3. Wenger will never resign,he may be sacked but remember he has a 3 years 8 millions contract.He will never forsake this this money,stop dreaming.
      If you tell the man you are doing that wrong,he will keep on on doing it with the hope he does well this time and prove you wrong.Oh who cares if more often than not he fails in that,his feelings come first.
      Arsenal looks like a Benny hill show,running around with few sense.
      The favourite of Wenger are just not quite good enough.
      The next coach will have an overhaul to do,i think.

    4. We have had worse squads, worse teams yet right now there is no desire, no conviction, no performance. You know when Arsenal are not with it when they don’t cut open defences like we have in the past soooo easily.

      We are a defence short of being great. New goalkeeper, new centre backs with Per Mert as back up (imagine Hummels and Kompany as our CBs> that’s the level we need) . A poor defence unable to give confidence to them above and help read the game makes for a weak team full stop. If you can’t win you don’t loss!!

      So many people who can be blamed, sure…but let’s start blaming the players. As good as they are, they are not performing

      People keep saying any top club would take Wenger, that’s debatable, but only player anyone Would want from Arsenal is Sanchez…and let’s hope he sticks around.

      1. our regular cb’s are doing a good job. i’m happy with kos and mert. they are playing very well together. but we need a serious backup. playing monreal in that position is a bad joke.
        new gk yes, i’, saying that for years now. never been happy with our two guys from poland. ospina should get a chance for number 1 when he is fit. also we need a dm. have to get rid of arteta and keep flamini as backup. in front i think we have the players that can bring us success. but we need to let them play and also in the right positions.

        poldi – giroud – walcott
        özil – sanchez
        new dm
        gibbs – kos – mert – chambers

    5. Am glad everyone is back to earth. some of the fans were on cloud 9. Ox had good game today, business is back to normal as always. Its going to be Wenger out for the whole week, then everything will cease back o normal.{typical fans}. I gues we need the whole Man U squad to get injured then we can beat them LMOA

    6. Agreed! Wenger out now!

      btw….the funniest comment i have read today:
      “Arsenal managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”

    1. I just can’t understand it. I seriously think arsenal have pushed me to the point of insanity and I’ve finally snapped. Every fu**ing year. OK you found it hard to beat fergie. Um you couldn’t beat moyse…. And now with the worst man utd team in years you cant beat van gaal wtf. I mean who the hell is blacket…BLACKET!! A lot of people are gonna say “goalkeeping masterclass” from de gea but the fact of the matter is every single shot towards towards the center of the goal, de gea could of set up a damn chair in the middle of the goal and still saved those pathetic shots. How can you, a profession footballer(glares at wilshere) miss from the fu**cking 6 yard box. What is it gonna take, do all the man utd players need to be in crutches?? wheelchairs god damn it. fair play to giroud though who took his goal beautifully. we dont deserve freaking giroud let alone sanchez.

    1. Hes a pile of sh*t for arsenal, no discipline, greedy as f*ck, never releases the ball, continuously running into players.
      But then again why the f*ck not he knows he’ll never get dropped by our specialist in failure so hes just having as much fun as he can.

    1. So what!
      No end product…
      Welbeck chamberlain wilshere all have no bloody end product. Wilsheres vision just goes blurred when hes got an arsenal shirt on.

  2. The coaching of this team defensively is terrible.. How can you just leave everyone up the pitch after just 60 minutes even if we are just 1-0 down?


  3. save Arsenal from wenger
    santi in front of pod we should give award to Arsene.
    and he will still say that we can win the league.

  4. To be frank, the so called “British core” is main reason of downfall of Arsenal this season…….If you analyze properly, the stats of Wilshere, Welback, Gibbs, Ox, chambers are pathetic, even Ramsey stats are poor this season……I don’t think any of the top 10 side in PL want these 6 players, leave alone top clubs in the world….And due to wenger insistence of playing and stating them ahead of other better player (like cazarola, roisky in midfield and podolski on wings), the result is everyone to see…..Just face it, Arsenal attack is much more worse than its defense.
    Wenger is delude to think that he can do the same as Bayern and Barca have done with their local players with average English players.

    1. I’ll save you the trouble
      Szccgcgczny =crap
      gibbs = dog crap
      mert = crap
      monreal = crap
      arteta meh
      wilshere = crap
      welbeck = crap
      ox = crap
      sanchez = meh
      chambers = crap
      ramsey = crap

      giroud = 8 you beautiful man. ahem
      martinez = meh
      cazorla = crap

  5. How did Wenger allow that Di Maria counter happen near the end? He had the perfect view of that from the bench!

    1. We were just 1-0 down after 60 minutes and we all of a sudden start chasing with everything, United had a few close calls and I could not believe we left ourselves that open just 1-0 down with 30 minutes to go..

      That’s absolutely unacceptable..

  6. I keep wondering why arsene can’t try out ajayi or hayden in central defense instead of sticking with monreal, great goal from giroud though

    1. With what they’re paying him per year I think he’ll take all the abuse which tbh is fully deserved.

    2. Isn’t he just tired of being wrong about everything. I mean how much more does he have to take before he realises that his team cant defend and that its kind of important. Stubbornness in the face of reason isn’t just arrogant its just plain stupidity.

  7. When Manu played a depleted Arsenal they won 8-2, when arsenal play a depleted manu still they win 2-0
    This is a joke of a club. Stop blaming luck and injuries for everything.

  8. WENGER OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mert is slow as mist.
    arteta was always average at best.
    we have no DM
    we have no game plan
    we still play zonal marking
    The club is run by greedy leaches who are only intetestwd in money

  10. Also monreal is a better CB than Mertesacker.
    Did you see how he closed down their attackers?
    Respect to Monreal.

    1. For a guy being forced to play a position he has never played, you gotta appreciate his defending. But he shouldn’t have been forced to play there in the first place.

      1. He should be given his wage along with mertesackers wage.
        What was that guy doing?
        Actually it’s Wenger’s fault.

  11. Worst Man U team in years and we still had no plan and no idea what to do. We looked so damn clueless.

  12. Luck has got sweet F.A. to do with it. Weak squad, no belief against the bigger sides, and a sepid manager who has been there far to long. We need a new manager who will actually buy good players and notice where our side needs strengthening cos senile wenger surely doesn’t. God I’m so fcucking angry

  13. In Arsene we trust
    —–Retard Arsenal Fan 2014

    We dont need Fabregas, we have Wilshere
    —-More retard Arsenal Fan 2014

    1. f*ck Cesc, man! You think he’d be able to save our sorry a$$ squad? Sick of hearing about him on this site. He’d prob be out injured by now anyway

      1. Hell f yeah, did you even know how many assist he made until now?

        1. 1. I don’t understand your last sentence.
          2. Cesc has 9 assists.
          3. The summer is over. No point at looking at what coulda/shoulda/woulda then. Cesc chose his team, Wenger had time and money to remedy his own.

          1. Hell yess, waiting for January transfer window arent we all?
            I am wondering what kind of attacking midfieler / striker will Wengker buy?

            “We dont need defender, we have Mertesacker”
            –Arsene Wenger 2014

      1. true, I agree with you. But the fact is he didn’t come to Arsenal and he chose to go to Chelsea instead. I hate Chelsea. And saying we should’ve gotten him won’t help our cause now. We have to move on from this reality. I don’t want to hear about him.

        1. I took my time to go through all the comments, couldn’t find anything from @NY-gunner and @Big-gun (at least, they both are key members of the AKB inner caucus.

        2. Yeah but why did we not get him? Ramsey had just had half a good season, Wilshere hot and cold and always injured, Ozil not a PL player, Cazorla hot and cold…

          Those small margins are what makes winning teams. You lot were going on about we have him and him all better than Cesc.. The midfield has no direction at all..

          We should move on as it’s gone, but what. smh

  14. This team is so weak mentally.. And to all those that keep going on about Welbeck over taking Giroud you must be joking. Welbeck is a very poor player who just runs and runs and runs, nothing more than that..

    We need new players. The likes of Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Arteta, Falmini, Welbeck, Mertesacker, Monreal just need to be replaced now. Poor players mentally, physically and emotionally.

    And I Wengers biggest advocate but this has got to be his last season,…He just looks out of it..

      1. Yeah, but he is not improving, I am not a blind fan boy like you guys with Ozil.. If a player is under performing I don’t make excuses forever like you guys..

        If players are not pulling their weight for a season and a bit then I will start questioning, I am not up any players ar”se like you guys are with certain players..

      1. @brada… I am, and as I said before the season started and I will keep saying it, this is the season I have given Wenger as his backer.. I said if we don’t compete come the end of the season then Wenger should retire… It’s not looking good but I am not going back on my word, this is his ultimate season for me..

  15. Funny:

    Giroud who is often called a lamp post (rightly so), was out for months due to broken ankle, returns for 15 minutes and scores the kind of goal Welbeck doesn’t even score on FIFA.

      1. Exactly. Similar to Cazorla’s goal against United 2 seasons ago when we also lost 1-2.

        Our players can play when the pressure is gone (when we’ve already lost).

      1. Giroud is our best striker, and he is not even a top striker.. But he is the best we have, Welbeck is just a mid table player that offers nothing apart from chasing his own bad touches..

      1. To be honest, I think Giroud just did it to impress Mrs Cecilia Kay watching from the stands.. You know, score on the field, score outside the field.

    1. That’s not really what caused us the game buddy. How many chances did United really have? The fact is you can’t press too far up the pitch when you’re 1 goal down with 30 minutes to go. Even the commentators were saying a United goal will virtually finish the game off, and then it happened. We have enough attackers in Welbeck, Sanchez and the OX to score that goal. No need having Mertesacker acting as a second striker.

    1. Yes it is. He did not make players aware of the importance of this game. They were just never up to it. And that’s poor management. You will never see Mourinho or Pellegrini’s team go up against Man utd in that fashion.

  16. The so called “sensible people” in the Emirates were rewarded for their loyalty once again. We had no excuse for not winning this game. Man utd was the weaker team. How we went about after conceding was kamikaze.

    1. the grass on the pitch looks good for tuesday?

      my hair smells nice?

      if i eat my hand – i can claim disability benefit?

  17. Green arrow me if you think this was the weakest manutd team in 30 years. And then look at the result. And then think we were at home and then consider we haven’t lost here since 2 years and then think this was utd’s first AWAY win of the season and then look at the position we are at (8th) and then close your eyes in horror. The season is over.

  18. thats it im done i will no longer watch arsenal untill that dictator leaves this club soo sick of it absolute sick, wenger you are not a legend you have been a failure and you deserve no statue or a stand named after you get lost get out of this club you dictator , boycott begins now!

    1. Hahaha…..been there so many times.
      Can’t boycott though.every weekend i decide not to watch our team again.
      but,like a junkie……..

  19. This is just embarrassing we lost to Utd now wenger needs to leave the game was won when utd had a CDM we didn’t arsenal are not lucky. Our premier league chase was on thread it’s like we will never beat Man Utd Chelsea or Man City they our weakness congrats to Utd for talking their chances and Gibbs with a half rested half sitting position diverting the ball into the net! Let’s hope that the true arsenal supporters what they have got to say ,they will be hit in the face by angry fans. Well Ill bet on arsene leaving at end of December

  20. All of a sudden every1 is saying wenger out I been saying #FACK AW #wengerout for the past month & a half & all I waz getting iz thumbs down now the table have turn #wow!!!

  21. I’ve told you guys over and over again, this stretch of games will be the end of wenger. I’ve listed the schedule coming up and i’ve said at the end of this run of games, he’s gone!

    Next we have dortmund in the CL
    WB- Away

    then we have southampton coming in. He’s definitely done, that’s for sure.

  22. Sanchez shouldn’t have played the whole game, he was so tired.
    Chamberlain will be so disappointed, the guy did everything perfectly today.
    We lack the urgency to score a goal. No player on this planet can cure this, only a manager/coach can. We haven’t evolved at all with time

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry would now know how to score against Arsenal.
    Wenger has to go at the end of the season or sooner.

  23. You think we lost that game because of luck!! You are as clueless as the manager and as poor a judge we are a team

  24. Well at least the AKB’s have finally started to give up! Wenger seems to think possession actually means something. Christ I’ve read De Gea should have been MOTM yet lets be honest nothing he saved was testing!

  25. We have to hand it to their keeper, he was the main reason they won, he played out of his skin. As four our players, no fight in the second half…and their defensive duties fell by the way side. HTF does a player like Mertesacker even get picked to play anymore is a mystery, the guy is far too slow…and what was he doing thinking he was a CF? I

    1. @ Big-gun……. Who selects the team? …….. Who dictates the way the game is to be played?…… Who decides the formation to be used? …… Who decides the player’s position? …… I don’t expect you to say WENGER anyway.. Since he’s ur master and ur Lord

    2. Their keeper made the kind of saves any half decent keeper should. Everything was straight at him and with little pace. if he had of let one in, it would have been because of a mistake, Nana Moon could have saved everything we created yesterday. Mertersacker hasn’t been great by any stretch of the imagination but the problem yesterday was that we failed to score against the worst defensive unit we have come up against. Welbeck has proved himself to be exactly what he was a s United, Average with a poor goals to games ratio, Wilshere has 1 goal and 1 assist from 16 games, Ramsey is so out of form it’s like he has regressed to 2 seasons ago, Cazorla has become a joke yet the manager leaves Podolski, Rosicky on the bench and Campbell can’t even get a place on the bench!

  26. my gf better give me a nosh tonight or shes getting dashed by tommorow.

    this sh*t just got incredibly real

  27. Bring the retired Jupp Hynckes to arsenal and let go of Wenger now!! This team won’t make top 4, i guarantee it now.

  28. Man united let us play for 60 minutes and we still couldn’t beat them.
    Then from 60+ only Monreal has the discipline to stay back, even the speedster Mertesacker went upfield. Gibbs was looking to be the hero after scoring own goal, he was playing as a LW from there.

    Wenger described this match perfectly in prematch conference on Thrusday but did nothing to stop the same mistakes happening. He said something like we are in the top three team to least allow opposition in our third, but we concede from the fewest chances they get. Man United had 2 shot on target and scored 2 goals from it.

    Beside the manager Ramsey and Welbeck played like it was a training match, who cares they will still start the next game.

    I have to give credit to Sanchez, Chamberlain ( I said he was lazy 10-15 games ago, but he looks changed in the last 4 matches) and Monreal. They kept their discipline in the match and had a good game, the rest were poor.

    Sanchez didn’t get a good chance beside that header, he was slightly pushed just before it.
    His long throughballs will feed Walcott all day when he returns.

  29. Think hard, all you stupid fakks on this site, who keep babbling about patience and so one.

    Mertesacker is a stupid potatohead who is slower then a snail and thinks he can play up front.
    Seza is nowhere near DeGeas level. Not even close.
    Wilsher did his best, but his best is not good enough, we need to play him deeper bec he aint good enough infront of the goal.
    Was Ramsey playing? Totally useless.
    Monreal, i salute you.
    Gibbs, unlucky basta$rd.
    Chambers, well done.
    Chamberlain, well done.
    Arteta, well done.
    Alexis, you are god to us.
    Welbeck, you cant score son.
    Giroud, i hate you, but i love your guts. Keep on doing your best and dont fall on the ground to much.
    Santi, your time is over.
    Wenger. piss off already.

    Under Wenger we will never win again.

    1. @ Ks-gunner ……that weird moment when he (mertesacker)tries to Jump and head a ball but finds his feet stucked to the ground

  30. Being an ignorant yank is there a reason your cherished Arsenal is unwilling to fire the biggest 8M joke of a Manager in ANY professional sport? American owner, blah blah, hit the Douche and his merry band of underperforming, overpaid cast of characters where it hurts. QUIT PAYING the prices to see this Shitshow.

  31. Best Christmas present I could possibly have this year is for wenger to go!

    I’d love for a wenger lover to explain how wenger has allowed that yet again! How many other teams have you seen in top football that allow at least 3 times a season someone to have a one on one from the half way line? Stupid French pr#k

  32. 15 points from the top, 9 from the bottom, perspective!
    If Pool and Spurs won tmw, only GD is stopping us from being 10th.
    I say it now, we will not get CL football next year, maybe not even Europa league. Only way we could is if Wenger buys big in Jan!
    How will Stan and Ivan feel about the lost revenue?

    This is our worst start to the season since 1982!

    I’ve no patience left #Wenger out.

    1. We will get top four, he will sign players in January for the sole purpose of that because he is a specialist in 4th place.

  33. Wenger will say the same thing he said after the Swansea game he will add ‘We were unlucky with the injuries to Wilshere and Scszesny which affected the game.’

  34. How much more shame can Wenger have? Nothing we win this season if we do that is will make me forget this game… Nothing!!!

  35. Does anyone see us winning games like this with Welbeck as our spearhead.

    Not gonna spend another penny on Arsenal FC!!!!

  36. The only 2 games from now until the New Years that i can see arsenal winning are maybe away to WB and at home to QPR.

    Wenger should’ve bowed out in style while lifting the FA Cup, instead he chose to take the money thinking UTD and liverpool would falter allowing him to get top 4 again.

  37. Arsenal 3 – 3 Anderlecht. after we had gone 3 goals up.

    4-4 against Newcastle after we had gone 4 goals up.

    Got thrashed 8-2 by United when we presented a depleted team.

    United still beat us 2-1 in our home when they brought very very weak defence. Mark you, they have not won an away game this season till now.

    …….Guys, I want to take a break of my comments from this site and other things related to Arsenal for a while. Since Wenger cannot change his tactics, I have to change mine.

    See you later Guys.

    1. C’mon bro harden up.
      Fan is a fan no matter
      how bad it gets.
      Arsenal has been a lot worse
      than this. Hang in there bruv.

  38. 15 mins into d game, i felt we can really take some revenge of d 8-2 defeat, 30 mins into d game, just score a goal before d first half ends, second half begins just score man, do it stop passing around, 56th minute we go behind ( i don’t wanna use any excuses for dat goal ), den giroud replaces Ramsey and we commit forward and d danger of conceding a 2nd on counter is d first thing dat comes to my head, 86th min, di Maria breaks free and every one puts dere hope on monreal , but Rooney scores, 2-0. Now i was only prepapring for a sleepless night but giroud scores. Good game wenger, good game.

  39. Our players are sucks
    Can’t beat the Man Utd team that just consist the weakest backline in their history
    Mcnair and Blackett..two inexperienced CB
    our so called great midfielders cant even create clear cut chances properly
    This Arsenal team should be ashamed of themselves

  40. Brace for impact we are going down and badly, we can forget that we will even make our precious and glorified 4th place….. WENGER if you still have some self respect QUIT….everything is lost this season, so just start looking for your successor and leave honorably while you still can.
    43 Years ARSENAL fan never felt humiliated like this.

  41. Tonight Wengker will droen his sarrow by lookin at hid bank balanc Muffdiver will b diving like hell but rest of us alchy tonight we drink cheerassd

  42. Ohhh I give up. Watching Arsenal is not good for your health!! One more pathetic shot on goal and I’d be in cardiac arrest!! It’s taken me a while to agree, but Wenger out!! Got to go mate, I hope we finish in the top 4 for your last season but have to call it a day and move up!

  43. Guys as the AKB’s would have us believe it’s a conspiracy by the Refs Association. It’s not because we’re cr@p it’s because they won’t let us win. LOL!!!!!

  44. What quality does he keep speaking of in post match interview? Only Sanchez is showing quality every game. Wenger says to take the positives, No! you take the negatives and fix them. We concede the same goals every matchday because we are taking positives out of those matches when we should be taking the negatives and fixing them.

  45. Where are all the effing AKBs?? Where Is NY and all his shithead friends Where the Frack are you? Why dont all of you crawl up Arsene’s a$$ hole and go to HELL with Him.

  46. We were not that bad, yall changing mind just because we lost one game now its ” Wenger out ” ? I cant even call you fans, get behind the team, our performance today was far from bad or average, fact is we controlled the whole game from minute 1 to the 98th minute. Chamberlain/Sanchez were good tonight, Wilshere had a good game too before his ankle got destroyed by a nasty tackle from Mclair. Our finishing cost us badly today end off story, saying our english core is crap is bollocks

    1. No goal scorers
      Poor defence
      Pass pass passs……………get hit on the counter!
      We have been pathetic for a while and our british core has been poor. So yeah WENGER OUT!!

    2. You must be kidding me.
      No urgency at all. No grit to score.
      Sanchez plays the whole even though he’s clearly very tired.
      When you control the game, you also have to be able to contain the opponents when they do break away. Get that? If you don’t then go play some football or otherwise shut up.

  47. Bob please stop writing these silly articles
    Bad luck ?
    Was it bad luck that jack missed from 5 yards no it was quality
    Was it bad luck Danny missed 2/3 chances no again it’s quality
    Was it bad luck to concede the second no lack of quality
    We got lucky jack should have been sent off
    We have a serious problem at Arsenal , I said weeks ago we will struggle to finish top 4, now I am sure we won’t so what’s the so.ution
    Please don’t thumb me down explain why you think I’m wrong

    1. i am one of those who were backing up wenger for a long long time. but in the last weeks my
      opinion has changed. i dont know why, but this man changed from genius to biggest fool. letting play the wrong players at the wrong positions week after week dispite seeing that it
      doesnt work out. letting players on the bench week after week that could make things turn around for us. so if someone is blind to the consequenses of his behaviour and is unable to learn from own mistakes then you should not give him any job, especially when it’s paid millions of pounds.

  48. Brilliant goal from Giroud, once Bossielny, Ozil & walcott are back then we can judge our team & wenger.

  49. I get it- we lost another game, but we need to stop dwindling on the negatives, yes we should of won, but we didn’t, however there’s positives to reap from today’s match:

    We played much better football, we made a lot of chances, but couldn’t take them, but we made them, in contrast to the previous matches, we attacked through the whole game. We didn’t just leave it to the last minute, we had those toerags on the ropes for the majority of the game- there is progression!

    Everyone’s forgetting Olivier Giroud, he came on today and scored an absolute blinder, a great goal, which shows nothing but positivity for the Frenchman, it shows he’s ready for the game and he’s on form.

    Form. It wasn’t just our fault we couldn’t score tonight, De Gea was on scintillating form tonight, he stopped everything we had to throw at him.

    It just wasn’t our night, unfortunately we had one of those nights that we were just too unlucky to get anything out of the game.

    It’s a sad night for us Gunners, but we need to reap the positives, as painful as it may be.

  50. Other than Dortmund every game we’ve played we’ve all but dominated. The problem is our defense has more holes than an Amsterdam brothel and we need a dozen attempts to find the back of the net!

  51. If its true that steward disallowed fans frm showing
    banner as someone claimed, then let fans boycott
    stadium. We must kick wenger out. With our last
    blood, We can’t achiev anytn wit him. We r playing
    without a good striker until Giroud came in, playing
    without good defenders. Someone talked abt good
    tactics of Man U, I don’t believ dat, tactics without
    good players to carry it out is nothing. Arsenal had
    7 shot on target in d 1st half, yet no goal, man u had
    no on target until their 1st goal.

  52. I kept seeing Mertesacker pushing up all the time.. What the hell does he think he gives us up front, he kept pushing up just for the sake of pushing up even if he was not needed up top.

  53. We have more problems than solutions, you all here are frustated and led by emotions, look logicly, our manager has 8m salary to do his job, while we spend our priceless time here on this forum, logic says look at table, look at players, look at salarys, our players dont deserve that much money, cuz if you are overpaid you are expected to do thing other cant, correct? our problem is 8m manager, who has one of the biggest paychecks for what? thats logic, we want new manager !!!

    1. Arsenal had everyone charging forward on many possessions before the counter that led to the goal. Where was the Manager telling them not to charge forward (same place he was the too previous games). Arsenal over commit going forward. When it happens over and over again without correction, that is on the Manger.

    1. i honestly believe we need simeone.

      motivate these players. bark at them, make them fear him but respect him.
      enforce a pressing game not seen in years.
      i like the idea of him looking at arteta flamini monreal mertesacker an tellin them “you are not good enough for this club”
      give that man free reign and 50 mill- i guarantee simeone will make us contenders in every way

      i am f*cking tired of 20 mins of tiki taka crap with little end product then nothing for rest of the match-

      mourinho said it best:


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