Arsenal v Man United Review – We were convincing in attack AND defence

An absolutely brilliant performance from Arsenal against Man United yesterday lifted us up to second in the Premier League table, and broke our duck against our great rivals in the League. After flying into a 3-0 lead with two brilliant goals from Sanchez, including a back-heel that reminded me of a Gianfranco Zola goal that was once Goal-Of-The-Season, and an easy Ozil finish after being set up by Walcott.

The Gunners sat back and defended strongly in the second half, and my only regrets were that Aaron Ramsey couldn’t break his duck with a great chance on the volley and Oxlade-Chamberlain hit the bar with an excellent chip after replacing Sanchez. WE could have scored a hatful and let United off the hook, while Cech showed De Gea that he may not be the best keeper in the League.

Wenger was pleased with the performances in both halves and he said after the game: “We won our last Premier League game 5-2 and we won here 3-0 so in the Premier League we have scored eight goals in two games against two difficult opponents. Overall it was a convincing performance. It was a strong response against Manchester United following our disappointment on Tuesday night. It shows the group is very united and very strong as well and from goalkeeper to No 9 everybody played very well, which is what you want.

“Everybody was very good today. Alexis was very efficient on top of that.

After losing to Olympiakos on Tuesday, Wenger was looking for a response that proved his team could answer the criticism and get back to winning ways in the League. He continued: “That is what you want in games of that stature. I believe in the [first half] we started very strong and decided to press very high and play with great pace, and we did that very well.

“After in the second half we decided to be disciplined, control the result and we did that very well. We had two aspects in our game that was pleasing and we were convincing today. It gives us a strong answer to all the questions raised in the week.

“I’ve been at the club for 19 years and I know what you want is a strong response in a big game when you have a big disapointment. But we [took it in] perspective and focused on what it is important. It’s us and not too much what was said and we focused on what is important in the game and that is part of being at the top level. The pressure on any disappointment today is massive and it’s maybe a little bit more difficult to deal with it but we did well.”

And deal with it we did! Now we can all go into the international break in a positive mood and look forward to a much easier game against Watford on our return. I have a feeling Wenger will put out some reserves in that game to prepare for the massive game against Bayern Munich to follow….

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Strong sides for both games. Ospina has earned the bench…no more fluffing with that change. Every game is a must-win. Watford, Bayern, Everton…strong sides and then break it up with Wednesday on CapOne game

    1. cech for that olympiakos game could have saved our cl campaign- but….
      if we had beat olympiakos would we have been so fired up for manure?
      i still maintain the league is our priority not the cl

  2. This Arsenal team reminds me of the Liverpool side of Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge. Even when we lose (like in the Olympiakos game), we set pulse racing! I think that is all down to playing Walcott down the middle as his pace and movement allow the likes of Alexis and Ozil to do their thing. I hope we can do one better than that Liverpool side though!

    1. Fully agree with one caveat

      Although i do like Ramsey a lot, he is not most effective on the right, and Ox is not in good form. It would have been great to have bought an alternative winger/striker like Aubomeyang, Greizman, Draxler, one of these guys would have completed the trident.

  3. Always play the strongest possible in the premier league and champions league! especially the back 5

  4. We were just awesome in defense and attack yesterday, totally destroyed man u and LVG with his game plan! Coyg!

    1. did u see how dejected lvg looked after the game in his interview-

      thats shell shocked dutch – in the flesh

      1. @muffdiver
        Respect to him though. He owned it…And gave us mad props. Funny thing was, how every talkin head out there was sure Rooney would score all over us…lol

        1. i would, but i saw his pre match interview, he was arrogant, thus had to walk it back, at least he isnt jose, would would blame it on the pitch

          1. This EPL season has been a shocking roolercoaster ride to me.

            I never expected too many shockers in this turmoil results.

            Maybe it would the most shocking season in EPL history.

  5. Just like LvG and Mata. They accepted that we outclassed them. They have given credits to whom due. Even LvG said he was stunned. Do you know what what a certain Jose M would have said? “The best team lost” bla bla bla. Respect to our boys at least for that yesterday. How I wish they can keep it up.
    But am afraid Bayern will take note of the match and would not take us for granted, even knowing that we had beaten them twice.

    1. yes we did great, the league- injuries permitting is a possibility
      but bayern are best team in europe right now

      they have recently beaten :
      dortmund 5-1
      wolfsburg 5-1
      zagreb 5-0

      those first 20 mins of yesterday gives me alot of hope, but lets get some perspective here lads

      1. I know we would not lie low for Bayern. It is as if we like difficult situations & winning when not expected. Check our away form. Chelsh*t won because we were down at the back. they were no where near us before then. Inconsistency is our problem that one cannot say we are good or we are bad.

      2. @muffdiver
        I’m sure that we could pull it off on both legs if we play like yesterday. Plus with Kos coming back. Who knows????

  6. Just loved the deadly display in attacking foitball we showed yesterday, if we continue to play with this swift attacking football we can beat anyone, and strike fear into our rivals again! Coyg!

  7. I have alwaaayys said it….and il say it again until ice cream comes out you’ll ears.

    Walcot is probably one of our most effective players in this squad. When he plays I feel a goal coming or a assist for the very least.

    Sanchez is basically our suarez/aguaro. If we win the PL and have a decent shout in CL(unlikely)then he”ll be in line for balon dor. Sanchez is better than hazard, and no im not biased, but alexis is in the bracket of world class footballers. You see how ozil comes alive with pace around him? our wishes has been granted amigo’s.

    I don’t know about you guys, but if our squad stays fit till xmas, you can add rosisky,welbeck and wilshere. That is some serious dept like deep blue sea. wilshere really needs to stay fit, he might be cazorla’s successor. We just need to approach each game like this. Fire in our bellies and a zealy determination.

    I feel City and Gunners will be a mouth watering clash.

    But first Kos/Gab will need to take care of Lawendoski.

    #Ya Gunners Ya#

    wenger prob dippn his cookies in milk thinking…”mmmmm told u so”

    Poor Brenda

    Arsenal forever…..

    1. arsenal could fight city all the way for the league if we fire out the blocks in first half hour- score few goals, then sit back defend and hit on the counter.

      theo alexis ozil
      aguero silva de bruyne

      cant wait for that city game

  8. Yea we won,now get over it. This articles are now becoming too much.And it’s usually the team’s biggest downfall. Probably now they will become arrogant and hot-headed until they are brought back down to earth by Watford. And suddenly the talk becomes about bouncing back and the cycle continues. Atleast let them win 5 games on the trot b4 you akbs start overhyping the team.

  9. Are people actually surprised. This is the Arsenal way. We always F… things up and then soon after we fix it.

    Its a never ending circle.

      1. quarter final of CL? we havent seen that stage in years lol
        thats why i think that if we dont beat bayern in our first game vs them, we should totally prioritise the premier league.
        theres no point in letting the CL hinder us in the premier league just to get knocked out in the last 16, we can concentrate on that when our team actually has the experience, drive and passion to get through that stage.

  10. We need to improve finishing, even after winning 3-0. Giroud, Ramsey, OX and even Theo.

    Ozil needs to shoot more often

    Alexis should just keep on doing what he is doing.
    Alexis is fooking PERFECT LOL

  11. let’s cut Manchester utd some slack, they lost because their defenders were small, young and blind…….!

    1. Yes. Van Gaal brought in some impressive players but didn’t strengthen defense well enough

      Also didn’t get an experienced top striker just like us. Only difference is Walcott and Alexis are scoring goals. Rooney is scoring the odd goal here and there. Martial is playing well but his inexperience showed against Mertsacker who basically owned him

      Honestly, I think when Fellaini came on he was playing better than most of the starting midfielders even Schweinsteiger, who I rate highly And Carrick. They should use Fellaini more often. He was seen as a joke when Moyes brought him in but he is a very good midfielder in both defense and attack

  12. The way Chelsea are just going down, and digging further down, they might just found oil.
    And Abrahmovic will be happier. That’s where he got his money from.

  13. Man Utd fielded:

    1) YOUNG and inexperienced
    2) BLIND who cant see
    3) SMALL(ing) without stamina

    players against a fast and furious Arsenal side.

  14. Off Topic: The FA will review the video and Alexis could face a long ban for using Rockets in a soccer game. Man utd players be like ” It’s just a game we ain’t here to kill nobody”. COYG!!! see ya in two weeks


    “A few clubs in the United Kingdom and abroad
    have approached Arsenal to take Alex on loan
    but Arsene Wenger wants him to be with the
    first team because he did very well in pre-
    season,” Chuka Iwobi told Goal .
    “Alex’s preferred option at this stage is to go
    on loan to gain first team experience and come
    back to Arsenal later on to fight for a place.
    “Hopefully a loan move would have been
    sorted out by the time Alex comes back from
    international duties.
    “As regards the likely club Alex will play for on
    loan at the moment discussions are ongoing,”
    Iwobi senior disclosed.

    1. He should go on loan and gain experience in the PL if possible

      We are okay with Walcott and Giroud. Hopefully Welbeck will be back by January

      1. lol if akpom cant play for a BPL side atm then how can iwobi. imo id rather let him get 20+ games under his belt in the championship than hardly see him play in the bpl.
        look at gnabry for west brom.. and hes a much more proven player aswell

  16. The Gunners will improve. Since to volley in the ball has become a problem for Ramsey, I suggest he should try grounder shots like the one he scored against Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium but ruled offside. Ramsey should not stick to one particular shooting option but vary his options. Oxlade will do well if the Boss continues to play him at left wing. But he should learn how to lower his shots so that they stop flying off the mark.

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