Arsenal v Man United Team News and Stats – View From The Enemy Preview

This week’s View From The Enemy comes direct from the official Man United website and is packed full of facts and news ahead of the Red Devils trip to Arsenal tomorrow. I didn’t know this will be our 200th League meeting. That’s a bit of a milestone….

Anyway, here is the view of the game from our oldest enemy….


Manchester United travel to Arsenal on Sunday for a Premier League encounter which could prove crucial for our top-four ambitions.

While this week has been dominated by Wednesday’s dramatic win over Paris Saint-Germain in Europe, a quick look back to last Saturday’s thrilling 3-2 victory over Southampton reminds us we leapfrogged the Gunners in the race for a Champions League spot. It was our 10th win in 12 league matches under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

This will be United’s second visit to the Emirates Stadium this season, following our impressive 3-1 victory in January, when goals from Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial saw us knock Unai Emery’s men out of the FA Cup.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the big match…


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad has been boosted by the return of Paul Pogba from suspension after the Frenchman had to sit out Wednesday night’s Champions League tie at the Parc des Princes.The Norwegian suggested in his pre-match press conference that Anthony Martial, Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera could be involved and revealed that Eric Bailly is okay after suffering a heavy challenge from PSG’s Marco Verratti on Wednesday evening. There were no updates on the fitness of former Gunners star Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lingard or Juan Mata; however Lingard was pictured in training on Friday morning.


Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira begins the first part of his three-match ban against United this weekend due to the straight red card he received against Tottenham in Arsenal’s last league outing. Hector Bellerin, Rob Holding and former Reds striker Danny Welbeck remain out of action for the Gunners, while defender Stephan Lichtsteiner is back in full training and could return to the side on Sunday.


Prior to Thursday’s 3-1 first-leg defeat at Rennes in the Europa League, the Gunners were showing signs of recovery from an indifferent winter period. They have brought themselves back into top-four contention after taking 10 points from the last 12 on offer, only dropping two in last weekend’s entertaining North London derby against Tottenham Hotspur. After that 1-1 draw at Wembley and the Reds’ subsequent win over Southampton, Unai Emery’s men are fifth in the table and one point behind United.

Did you know? says….
We have met Arsenal more often than any other opponent. In fact, Sunday will be our 200th league meeting with the Gunners; the first, in October 1894, ended 3-3.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been one of the Premier League’s most consistent goalscorers since Arsene Wenger splashed out almost £60million to sign him from Borussia Dortmund in January 2018. The Gabonese international has scored 19 goals from 36 appearances in all competitions so far this season, including a strike against the Reds in our FA Cup victory.


Sunday’s match will be the 230th meeting between the two old rivals in all competitions. The Reds have the upper hand with 97 wins compared to Arsenal’s 81, while there have been 51 draws. We emerged victorious from last season’s league encounter at the Emirates when goals for Antonio Valencia and a Jesse Lingard double ensured we won 3-1 – the scoreline we have since repeated in January’s FA Cup visit.


Jonathan Moss will take control of the game on Sunday. It will be the fifth time the Yorkshire-based official has overseen a Premier League clash involving United this season, the most recent being our 2-2 stalemate at home to Burnley in January. Simon Bennett and Marc Perry will be Moss’ assistants, whilst Martin Atkinson will be the fourth official at the Emirates.


  1. They are wary of Aubameyang, but Lacazette would most likely be the striker, due to Lacazette’s unavailability in EL

    Both strikers are in bad form, therefore I hope to see the other outfield players to score from set-pieces

    Xhaka has the talent, but it’s been a long time since he scored from a free kick. Hopefully the one of CBs manage to steal the first goal

  2. Their match preview could have just stated “blah blah blah, we’re gonna win, no questions asked, our opponents don’t deserve respect”…

    And it WON’T backfire after the match. How’s that for a guarantee?

      1. Spurs just lost, fact is it only means they’re more likely to join us on missing out on UCL. Third and Fourth are now more likely going to tomorrow’s winners, and of course that other team you thought were dead and buried after Kepagate.

    1. 2-1 ? yessssssssss haha we better take advantage tomorrow or I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown ?

        1. Thank the lord it isn’t Harry Kane day I couldn’t stand it Sue ? tomorrow is our last chance ?

          1. Seeing him with Dele Alli ? I wonder what Poch will have to moan about today? His seat was too hard? ?
            Yes I agree… if we lose tomorrow, we’re done. Then it’ll all hinge on Thursday ?

            1. Not necessarily Sue because Totts have Man city away Liverpool away, Chelsea have Man utd away Liverpool away we’re done with the top 6 after tomorrow ?

              1. We still have 5 away games… ? (green kit)… can’t always rely on others.. have to sort out our away form!! Although I wouldn’t say no to Chelsea & the spuds losing a few more ?

                Yes and they’re jet lagged & the ref didn’t help this week ?

                1. Sue was just checking fixtures, we might only have to wear the mint kit one more time Burnley away ? that is true but still very winnable we can do it definitely if we win tomorrow ? haha no pens for Harry or red cards ?

                  1. Hallelujah, then we can burn it ?
                    Sissoko & Walker-Peters should have gone… bet we won’t have such luck tomorrow!
                    What line up would you put out tomorrow?

                    1. Leno, Jenkinson, Sok, Koscielny, Monreal, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Xhaka Aubameyang, Ramsey, Lacazette ? did you watch tott game ? City are struggling against Watford ? Sue what would you do if next season Adidas kept the mint kit and just put their own logo on it ? ?

                    2. Not a bad team John (Where’s Mesut?!)
                      Oh good god no ? why would I want to do that & make my blood boil, just what was said on soccer saturday (& online after)
                      What’s wrong with City? Talk about a goal drought… Oh come on Sergio!!
                      Haha oh don’t John, what if that actually happened? I think I’d cry… and not with laughter ?

                    3. No Ozil for this, utd are physical this isn’t a game for him keep him for Rennes ? oh right haha I thought you watched it but remembered your at work ? lol they scored twice since I wrote that, going 4 clear although don’t see Burnley getting anything against Liverpool ? haha I can imagine Sue you’d be needing a psychologist ?

                    4. Poor Mesut ? I was working, but was back in time for soccer saturday ? the goal drought is well & truly over!!
                      Haha I think you’re right – or I’d be in a straight jacket ?

                    5. Haha just in time to see Totts get beat ?what was the pundits like in the studio when they lost ? Because they love Tottenham and Harry Kane ? 3-1 ? lol god help anyone buying you that mint kit for Christmas I’d be a fly on the wall for that one ??

                    6. Great timing hey John ? As you can imagine Le Tissier loved it… Thompson was amazed as the spuds played so well in the first half ? he drives me mad (& his nose!)
                      Good old City… was beginning to think they’d blown it!!
                      Haha imagine that – having to look pleased when opening that present ??

                    7. Well Le Tissier is a Tottenham fan when Southampton aren’t playing so that’s understandable and Thompson probably went home for a good cry ? hahaha yeah it resembles a proboscis (just Google that) lol. I thought Watford looked good for a draw ? haha you could pretend to look pleased but you’d have to wear it that would be priceless, Lichsteiner on the back ?

                    8. I don’t like it when Le Tiss is watching Arsenal ? ha no he went & had a good cry after Sterling banged in his hat trick ? hahaha that monkey with a little bit of Alex Ferguson’s nose thrown in – perfect!
                      No John, Watford can clear off!! City have to keep winning… ?
                      Haha trust you to say that – Lichtsteiner indeed ??

                    9. Come on Sue you’d be gutted if he didn’t sign a new contract for next season best right back in the league ? me too we always lose when he’s doing our games and he has a massive smile on his face ? haha Emery vs Fergie tomorrow ? dare I say it but old Trafford could catch city out ?

                    10. Hahahaha still on form John!! I’m counting down now until that contract is up!!
                      Oh John I can’t believe you said that ?? I really hope not..
                      So I just saw a trailer.for a new film called Us..from the people who made Get Out.. looks good, the trailer made me jump ??
                      So I wonder what grief I’ll get from my son in law over tomorrow ?

                    11. I hope he doesn’t play another game, Jenks is much better ? is it in the cinema Sue I haven’t seen it advertised yet ? Don’t you mean what kind of grief are you gonna give him ? watching training day ?

                    12. Mkhi wasn’t in the training photos from earlier ? I wanted him to play, ex player & all that!
                      It comes out at the end of the month (cinema)
                      I owe him a lot of grief John.. he’s been with my daughter for 7 years! We’re due a win surely?!
                      I’m watching School of Rock ?

                    13. I don’t mind he doesn’t play him or Ozil I would keep them fresh for Thursday, for me Rennes is just as important I’d be gutted going out to them ? I’ll YouTube it ? haha 7 year man u fan son in law how do you cope ? (jokes) Jack black haha ?

                    14. If I’m honest John, I can’t see us winning both! We’re either going to be on cloud 9 or seriously depressed.. I’m not sure which ?
                      I know 7 years!!! I ask myself that every time our teams meet ?
                      Jack Black’s hilarious!

                    15. Oh we’ll beat Rennes there’s absolutely no doubt about that, will we beat man u ? I honestly don’t know we don’t usually do well against them so it could either way ? just ban him from the house ? when my daughter starts dating she will never be allowed to date a man u fan I don’t care if she’s 25 it’s forbidden ? haha yeah Sue he is I like him in Envy with Ben Stiller ?

                    16. Haha love it – just a man u fan?! ? I like your way of thinking though! Ha I bet the look on your daughter’s face will be priceless when you tell her what’s forbidden!!
                      Maybe I’ll have better luck with my other daughter ?
                      Envy is good ?
                      Right John, it’s that time ? enjoy Supernatural if you decide to have another binge! Tomorrow is huge…. I’m nervous & excited at the same time ?
                      Goodnight ?

                    17. No no Sue, I watched right up to the latest episode which was fantastic now gotta wait for new episodes can’t wait ?. Haha you gotta let them know there’s something’s in this life that isn’t acceptable and unfortunately man utd fans come into that category ? fingers crossed then Sue ?? it certainly is I can’t wait ? alrighty Sue Goodnight ? ?

  3. Tiny Tots are doing everything they can to get us into top 4.

    Only we need to do is beat United at home. Emery should be able to outsmart Solskjaer.

  4. A win tomorrow doesn’t guarantee anything but I can’t think of a PL match in recent memory for us that had so much riding on it. COYGs!

  5. Disgraceful behavior by so called Arsenal fans at the airport, shouting wnkear and you are rubbish, come face me blah blah at the team. I don’t know if they really were Arsenal fans or just other supporters taking advantage of the situation, likely they were supposed Gooners. These fans don’t know how to be supporters, we’ll only back you when you win something Emery, they seem more that type. There is no excuse to act like drunk louts out in public, at an airport hurling abuse, and not everyone cannot handle there drink anyway. Rubbish supporters is what this lot were, and they were the bunch of wnkears.

    1. Totally agree… look at what happened to Xhaka (in his car with his wife) how can you call yourself a supporter when you’re hurling abuse like that at your team?? It’s disgusting…. I know after a loss everyone is disappointed, but you don’t do things like that (or any normal person doesn’t)
      Even at the ground I’ve heard players called names (& appalling ones at that) it just baffles me, it really does

      1. No excuse Sue & BOT but when you’ve spent many hundreds of pounds to travel and see your team perform like that it does become understandable.The players would likely have come face to face with fans who flew in and out the same day.I know of at least a dozen or so mates that were on this trip and doubt they would have been too offensive towards the team but I’ve been there dozens of times and get why the fans react and it does the players less harm than you may believe to understand how feelings can often be directed at the wrong time.They deserved the stick they got after ANOTHER very poor performance.I met up with two mates at lunchtime before the kick-off and haven’t spoken to them yet (will be having the odd sherbet or two with them tomorrow before the game).I will ask them what happened but as far as I’m concerned it might give the players a reminder that supporters follow the team but expect far better than they were given in terms of performance on Thursday Evening.

        1. I understand what you’re saying Phil…. although I haven’t followed them everywhere like you have… yes the performance on Thursday was poor… there have been times when I’ve been st the Emirates and it’s been poor & I’ve been devastated, but I just couldn’t imagine calling the players a w****r, a ‘C’…..or anything like that, but that’s just me!

          1. It’s hard when you see players strutting around and seemingly not giving a fiddlers fcuk about the club nor the fans not to get enraged, very enraged. I don’t agree giving players verbal abuse when he is with his family, there is a time and place for everything. The players have to understand to a lot of the fans arsenal, as a club, is everything and they spend a lot of their hard earned cash to follow this team throughout the season. To preform like they did on Thursday is totally unacceptable and an embarrassment. They have to take a long hard look at themselves and start appreciating the valuable support this club has.

            1. Without offering excuses, one of the issues which irks supporters who spend their hard earned money to follow the team home and away, is the lack of acknowledgement to the travelling fans. How often do you see the whole tram go to the away end and clap the travelling fans. Many of the Arsenal players can’t head down the tunnel fast enough.

  6. Emery needs to prep his team, it should be taken as war. Urgency, focus, cutting edge should all be deployed 100% tomorrow. A draw wont do us any real good, winning isn’t negotiable. May we all come back here to celebrate after the match. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Gunners family.

  7. I am really irritated with the level of refereeing in premier league. Officials make terrible mistakes with very serious consequences. How can Tottenham not get red card today, why is Everton keeper did not get a red card and how can Man City’s first goal stand. It is just terrible in these current day and age. It is just very annoying. Lots of people spend money on betting (I don’t by the way) and these referees make very stupid decisions that have major impact on the results if the games.

    1. They’re all absolutely useless Pat….. but tomorrow Jon Moss won’t think twice about getting his red card out & sending one of us off!!

      1. Lol ? Sue. Why one of us? Am not nervous anymore Sue, I just want it to be over. Spurs lost today so top 4 hope is increased.

        1. He loves to send our players off – especially Xhaka!!
          Yes good old Southampton! Since Kane returned from his injury, they’re yet to win a game in the PL…I’m always nervous Pat, this is what I’ve been reduced to ??

  8. Me!?…No way am putting my hopes up against utd…call me all you want but I don’t see us winning, I sincerely hope am wrong. But it just the nature or way of life for the Arsenal team not to turn up and win games when they truly matters. I can’t remember the last time Arsenal win this kinda match honestly… Even when we are not playing a bigger teams we almost never turn up

    I’d rather be pessimistic and win than to be optimistic and lose

  9. I have to reiterate my earlier post and hope that Emery is not nieve to think that UTD will not hit us hard on the counter attack and he should have his team set up to combat that threat. They will be flying high after their mid week result, where as us…………..well I just don’t know any more.

  10. Mustafi Sokratis Kos
    Saurez Gendouzi Xhaka Monreal
    Auba Laca Mkhit
    Niles Soratis Kos Monreal
    ……..Auba…… Laca

    Aim is to control 10 mins periods by 5 minutes in our favour with 75% accuracy in passing and 10 passes a minute. For each period we need to take 1.5/2 shots on goal.

    The likes of Ozil, Ramsay will be valuable during the moments in time like 50mins onwards if the score is 0-0.

    Draw and we take 3pts off of Spurs. But we have to consider Chelsea and their games in hand so a win would really set things up nicely.

    After city, and considering United’s form…it is our next hardest game this season.

    I’l take a 2-0

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