Arsenal v Man United – Title Decider or last chance for Wenger?

Even Van Gaal admits that Wenger needs to perform better‏ by KM

Hello again. So ahead of what used to be the title decider, the best game in England, it’s once again Arsenal v Man United close to the top of the table. So whats different? Both teams are shadows of their former selves, but United are starting to get back on track, while we keep digging in the mud with Wenger.

In his press conference LVG admitted that he would not be happy with Wenger’s record if he was in that situation. Wow Louis – really? I mean you would not be happy going almost 10 years without a trophy and failing to win the Champions League in 20?

If you look at the stats, United actually share the best defensive record in the league with Tottenham. The problem is that our attack is so predictable. We really need Giroud up front. Walcott means we are throwing balls hoping he’d run past their defense.

We need to suck the game into our half and hit them on the break. It’s our best chance for me. But our defense is so bad and our best defender is out so it will be hard. If this was Arsenal of 10 years back I’d take nothing but a win in this game, but now it’s going to be hard.

Wenger needs a win. People in England love to give time to things, sometimes it’s way too much time, but Arsene cannot afford any more slip ups. We are no longer buying the no money thing and stadium moves. The excuses are dried up and results have to be placed on the table.

Wenger simply must come out fighting. We’ll likely drop out of the Champions League, so we have to do something on home soil. If Wenger loses to United on Sunday he’ll be begging to have a press conference like the one he threatened to leave.

It may be just the beginning of the season, but we’ve already seen a sign of things to come and if Wenger doesn’t do his homework for Sunday it is not looking pretty.



    1. Let’s not get carried away and remain humble and grounded. Our home form isn’t something to brag about quite honestly. I’m with you though as far as beating Utd, we sure do need that right now…

      1. Let’s not get carried away? This guy mocked Wenger and then he backtracks on what he criticised Wenger for. If you live by your results then this is time up. No need for saying you love a club so you will stick it out because that is exactly what Wenger dos when he could have left for much more money to another club.

        Just smacks a bit of hypocrisy when you ask for the same courtesy from your boss that Wenger already affords. People can say what they want but at least Arsenal have class.

        1. chelsea just dont look as good w/o their best player, Mike Dean. real pity he was playing for them when they played against us.

    2. So Aguero just scored five goals against Newcaslte. Can we actually say we have a striker in our ranks that could match that? I mean everyone else around us seems to have someone who possibly could…. what does that mean for us…

      1. Every one else. Including Chelsea? Go get Falcoa, Remy, Pedro. If we had bought Martial, most of you would have said we went for a teenager instead a proven CF. Most so called fan of this club are critics of anything Arsenal. We win, the moan that we beat a bad side. I know some are looking forward for us losing tomorrow so that they can have what to say. But I pray that you will be disgraced at the end of the day.
        I thought we should be looking forward to a win, but immediately official team list is out, some will start demoralizing the players.
        As for me, I support ARSENAL, and any “idiot” that puts on the jersey, I will always wish he does very well.
        If we lose, am not happy. A win makes me happy irrespective of who was on the pitch.
        They team is the players.
        Courtesy of Wenger, we are not having the best we think we should have.
        Support the team? Then encourage the players to do well.

      2. I think Aguero is the only one in that class in the league. Then I think is Sanchez who can create such moments. Costa, Rooney etc are just not at that level. The elite upper bracket of strikers in the world in my opinnion: Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aguero. Then below that I will place Bale, Sanchez, De Bruyne, Reus, Hazard(though current form is awful). Then slightly lower Benzema, Aubamyang, Morata, Costa, maybe Rooney(though again his current form is awful).

  1. So much for negativity before the game. I want us to fight tomorrow and win the game. Go and beat United to go third! COYG

    1. Agreed, but Wenger can’t show more slip ups…
      He bought no player because he had faith in his team and that faith hasn’t been fully repaid…(Afraid it will backfire).

      I am not saying a draw would be end of the world, but I would like to see the fight from the team.

      Let’s fight for the three points

    1. ozil needs to STFU before the game. how can he be so chatty online when he’s not scored and has been awful?? do your talking on the field.

      1. Yap, Ozil can not take the physical game in PL, so sad.

        So if you wanna see WENGER OUT,

        do you prefer us win or lose vs Manure?

  2. if it pleases us………we should go all out against manure and play our usual , slow boring, passing football……. Or we can play heavy metal and defend with our Lives…… The choice is ours!

  3. Moureen sh!ttin himself of getting sacked in the morning…how he must be wishing he was Ars manager!

  4. My prediction for the Arsenal-manure game

    (1) Arsenal fans will be on the edge of their seats

    (2) Wenger would be sitted all day in his sweat coat as usual with B-bouldy quietly biting on his fingernails

    (3) Wenger will be caught complaining to the 4th official at a point in the game

    (4) Wenger will make subs only after 60mins even if things are awry


    1. What about wenger hiding his face in his hands,
      When martial scores…. a hat trick? ?

      And refusing to shake Mr nobody likes him’s hand,
      after the game ?

      I predict that wenger will kick a water bottle
      and it injures one of our players sitting on the bench!
      Probably Ospina lol ?? no reason. .. just a hunch,
      More tips and lessons learned from mr hairdryer Ferguson.

    2. Okay, wish that we lose because you hate Wenger.
      You are not a supporter.
      How a real fan wish his his team to lose because of the manager.
      Get out of my sight you Chelsea fan.
      You’ll be ashame by this time tomorrow.

      1. u probably meant to reply to fatboy? soopa didnt say he wanted us to lose. fatboy implied we might when he says martial has a hattrick and AW refuses to shake vangall’s hand.

      2. Hey sometimes fans had got to the point of enough is enough.

        How do we know you’re not manure fans trolling here?

        No one will know.

        Same applied for everybody.

        #KLOPP IN

  5. We need about 4 or 5 more Sanchez’ or others need to start following his lead. Fighters from start to finish. Even the best players or teams are vulnerable if you’re constantly in their faces. Give them no room to breathe or think, exactly what the Saints did today in the second half more notably.

  6. i know its wrong, but having fun stirring up the sh**t on the chelsea facebook site, fun to see em complain about cesc…

    1. O h no its not wrong man…it’s a actually right to do so.
      I am having a big laugh at chrlski buy t even more at cesc…..

    2. Well, congrats to chelsea and cesc. 🙂

      Agüero woke up….but Wel newcastleisnt on fire (even with krul de super be trick from lvg at the world cup).

      Let’s check Barcelona since wenger has been at arsenal. Then les check which year they missed UCL. Then let’s check who was the manager.

      Clue : the same manager whose genius tick was krul….from Newcastle and to replace sketelenburg who was in front of chelsea today.

      yeah…lvg is BS

  7. I wonder how arsene prepares our team for them to produce such lacklustre performances.Its very perplexing for us to lose or draw against poor teams like chelski and looserpool.I was always a wenger out due to I being a frustrated fan.When our players are on the pitch they show no desire and no hunger at all.They produce such mediocre performances in front of fans whove paid so much to watch these games.It makes you womder why on earth they have such heavy salaries only to put on a flabbougasting show in front of 55000 fans.Its very ironical that we here on this site shower praise on such performances.players like ozil recieve such unwarranted praise you might think they are from another planet.Then we have an extremely overrated english core of gibbs ox and walcott
    Sorry to say this but players like draxler and rodrigiez are twice these players.This is food for thought for you who support the team blindly due to wengers compulsion that makes you believe that we are playing the worlds finest brand of football and have a large array of talent that excused him for not going into the transfer market
    as at the moment we are currently losing the clubs most coveted round of 16 trophy and putting such dissapointing performances in the league.

    1. “Disappointing performances in the League…” Great last line eh?
      If we beat United tomorrow we go equal second, just two points off the top! There are 30 games left before the end of the season and Arsenal have as much chance as anyone – and much more chance than Chelsea! Where is your confidence and loyalty to the club?

  8. mourino just said ” it is difficult to win the leaque becuz the distance between us and the leader but I feel confident we will finish in the top 4″. LOL, not only does he hate Wenger he now steals his line!

    1. This was a very funny video about them going viral:
      h t t p s://

    2. HAHAHA.

      I do believe right now mourine’s obsession to AW is found the reason.

      He will probably will ask AW to tutor him how to get 4th trophy consistently.


  9. Konstatain, I have good news for you. Arsenal will not drop out of the Champions League but they will win the Cup. Arsenal will tomorrow at the Emirates Stadium pounce on Man Utd, pound them and hammer them comprehensively. Arsenal will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee unfailingly against Man Utd tomorrow. In this wise, I am updating my full time plus added time score line as AFC 3-0 MUFC, for Arsenal to go 2nd in the table before the international break.

  10. Who saw Jekinson goal today? I thought it was a good goal….Arsenal have their own issues but Mourinho should focus on his own crisis in Chelsea. Ever since He had problems with Eva, things have gone sour. I believe something is wrong in the dressing room… All of a sudden my friends (Chelsea fans) are quiet. LOL.

    1. Cant wait for Jenko the gooner to come back next season….times you need to put aside airy fairy technical stuff, just roll up your sleeves and get stuck into opponents!

  11. Mourinho, Chelsea…that is a reason to discuss a crisis. Wenger, Arsenal Not!

    The problem Chelsea have that Arsenal don’t have is that under Mourinho Chelsea don’t have a style. Normally they have a solid backline with good protection with industrious CM and allow the forwards to be creative. Mourinho properly works on defending styles mainly as they appear to be a team hard to break.

    But with Cech, a player and personality they miss, a Terry and Ivanovic out of form they appear lost creatively going forward…they lack belief that mourinho knows how to forge a system to score goals and get ahead.

    With reflection on Arsenal we have a system, a style that means we will create a standard of play that offers a performance of encourage,net, even when we loss.

    So I find it hard to ask for a change, to question the players and manager.
    Yes performances have been mixed, but not to get me concerned.

    Mourinho let De Bruyne, Schuller, Mata, Lukaku and Cech go. That’s a sin of a level you can’t imagine.

    He lacks knowledge of tactics other than his pragmatic defensive style. He attracts conflict, he creates conflict.
    He could of said ‘let the FA discipline me but I have to say through my sadness that the referees don’t want to give us decisions, maybe because of what happened against Arsenal’.
    Instead he said ‘let the FA discipline me, they don’t discipline others…’ CONFLICTS. He attracts it, asking the FA to respond. He became blind and made himself look stupid in that (what will now become famous) 7 minute interview.

    Reflecting on a man losing his mind, in Wenger, alongside all the sh#t giving by us Fans and media and mourinho he still has the hunger to continue.

    Is this a title decider? No
    Is this to decide Wengers fate? No

    When all is failing at Chelsea they have nothing!
    When all is (seen) failing at Arsenal we still have style of play, togetherness, class, dignity and belief!

    I would hate if I was an opponent to see us in full confident mood.
    Support the team tomorrow and I think we might just see that…

  12. `Title decider or last chance or Wenger?` Neither……Yes,we will be kicked out of Europe,: No,we will not win the Title: Yes, Wenger will survive: No, we will not sign anyone in January: Yes, we will make the top four. That`s all folks. Any arguments ?

  13. Title Decider or last chance for Wenger?

    Neither. A very important game, and one where we can establish a positive trend, but not a title decider. I think that Man U and Arsenal are both chasing Man City at this point. However, i think if we get the best from our attacking players and no defensive lapses, we can beat Man U at home.

  14. I think this season has highlighted more than any other in recent memory that form is irrelevant and reputations count for nought if you don’t bring your A game onto the pitch. This is neither a title decider nor Wenger’s last chance. We have nothing to fear from that mob. . ..It’s a great opportunity to deliver a performance at home, secure 3 points and build momentum. Let’s do just that…COYG!

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