Arsenal v Man United won’t decide Top Four but is quite important

Every Arsenal fan would consider tomorrow’s game against Man United to be an absolutely crucial match in the race for the Top Four, but it would appear that Unai Emery is trying to play down the importance of the fixture. He obviously has in mind the defeat to United last time they visited the Emirates, in the FA Cup. The boss said: “There can be] similarities on Sunday because they have similar players, because they are in a good moment like they were then, but we played well, we created chances,”

“We played against a big team and at some moments showed we can fight and battle with them, but we lost and that is the reality. We need on Sunday to do some different tactical and individual work and after find better efficiency against them.

“We need fresh players, players with energy, we need quality, we need good combinations, and we need the players who start on the bench after they can help us on the pitch and deliver a big performance as well.”

But he refused to say that the result will decide the Final placings at the end of the season, although he admits that the points will be quit important! “It is not a definitive [match]. We are in a way of being consistent, we have 38 matches and Sunday is against Manchester United against a team who also battle for 38 matches and it is important to do it in this moment because this three points are for us or for them.

“I don’t think it is definitive, but we need to show and push on Sunday to take more possibility to finish in the top four.”

If anything, United are in even better form now than when they beat us in the Cup, but we will have to take heart that we have been awesome in our League games at the Emirates. We will have to be at our very best to stop Solksjaer’s steamroller effect to stop one of our biggest rivals pulling away from us. So is Emery right that this game is not “definitive”. I rather think it is, don’t you?



  1. If Man City get kicked out of Europe by FIFA due to breaches of FFP, we could get into CL by finishing 5th. I know I’m clutching at straws but we can hope eh!

    1. Declan. If we don’t start winning away game’s we will not finish fifth. Our away form is worse than rubbish…..

  2. .this Man United team is damn overhyped just like game of thrones lol….I think Liverpool has been the only big game they really played well…. against Tottenham, they were saved by De gea…. the same team we outplayed from start to finish….

    ….Psg doesn’t count as they were outdone by their own arrogance….if we’re disciplined and compact as we were against Chelsea and Tottenham and Lacazette finds his scoring boots again, we won’t have any issue killing them….. they are far from invincible.

    …. Auba doesn’t inspire confidence anymore and I fear for him now that Monchi is here….the man is quite ruthless especially where he sees profit…I think Ozil’s case has been long decided….

    …. Torreira’s form has dropped as he gets easily dispossessed when under pressure so I don’t think he will be missed…. Guendouzi has to be very disciplined as we don’t have another capable player in that position…AMN is out of it….too lackadaisical in his approach…

    … Emery has a plan for them, we can only hope the players don’t ruin it.

    1. How dare you James?!! How dare you Say Game of thrones is overrated? How dare you indirectly insult my beloved Arya Stark? ….. You should be sent to the Wall to go serve seriously

      1. …. LMAO! Common Eddie, the hype on that show is something else…. Jon’s going to ride a dragon is freaking people out when he has been their mother for months… seriously, what’s the big deal in that?

        …The whites are another form of zombies to me, nothing special…. sword play is overrated too…. Seriously, I don’t find anything special in the series bro….

        …. People saying they will stay at home till the premiere cos they don’t want to die before April 14th… common, I mean what’s that…. Nothing special about the series to me….prefer Vikings to it..
        #My opinion though….

        1. GOT along with breaking bad and Spartacus ,best 3 series imo .
          Vikings was good till season 3 then went downhill ,I’ve just started watching the last kingdom …so far so good .abit like vikings .

          1. …. Can’t believe I am yet to watch breaking bad….I like your list except got… After Ragnar died, Vikings died too…last kingdom is okay but I wished and still wish that Legend of the seeker was on a better network like HBO, anything other than ABC….

            1. Yea can’t beat HBO for production ,the wire another HBO one, abit old now though but top notch .loke you said ABC lol .the walking dead …that died after season one .

                1. …… walking dead should have ended years ago though but new series like Jack Ryan and even True detective are quite solid …. Netflix are more of quantity than quality…. Showtime isn’t bad at all.. Penny dreadful was excellent until the final season…

                  1. AMC really got me all pissed off when it was confirmed Into the Badlands wouldn’t be able to continue…
                    I mean come on!! That’s probably the best Martial Arts TV series out there, play perfect acting, amazing stunts and sword play and it won’t continue.
                    HBO is doing okay for me if you ask, Netflix only works for most people because of the quantity of the contents, not bad quality either.
                    I got tired of Vikings please! SMH..
                    James I repeat, GOT ain’t overrated, maybe you just don’t like it? and Yes the but only the Dead are the Zombies, The White Walkers and the Night King ain’t Zombies you know?

            1. george, careful mate, mrs.ragnar has been promised to me on a gentlemans handshake. raggy and i were close friends , and he told me to take good care of the missus should he be bitten by a viper, or other such death. so, you can look , but you cannot touch, that is reserved for me and for me may know that i am without sight, and that will make my task all the more enjoyable, discovering her , i mean, haHAHAHAHAHA.well, i can dream , right ?.

              1. ger burke…. you’re so funny!! Just for the record… she’s blonde… & they say blondes have more fun.. but as a brunette I’m not sure I agree ? hope you’re well by the way

  3. I believe we can beat Man U, I also believe we can overcome Rennes ar the emirates, but we will need some outstanding performances to do that, and a very good tactics. My problem with Emery is that he doesn’t read games correctly. In the previous game against Man U all lukaku did was to occupy one side of our defence which was vacantd by our own defender and Emery did nothing about it, and that was were Man U scored. We went down ten me against Rennes, and he did nothing to adjust until it was too late. So his in game management will be very important.

  4. We need to come out of the starting blocks sharp & press them relentlessly.So their serial fouler Herrera & mctominay end up with early cards .and be aware of the counter with lukaku & rashford.its their only doubly de gea will play his customary worldy to keep them in it at the we don’t need any f***k ups from mustang & xhaka.not asking for much are we?

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