Arsenal v Man Utd FA cup review – Gunners get injuries and a knockout!

If Mustafi had scored for Arsenal with his header after a late flurry of possession and corners in the first half, Man United could not have complained, but as it was, the visitors went in 2-1 up. Despite the Gunners starting well and dominating it was United that took the lead and it just had to be through Alexis Sanchez didn’t it?

Until that well taken 31st minute goal the Chilean had little joy against Maitland-Niles, but he made no mistake when latching onto a threaded pass from Lukaku. It soon got worse as Lukaku again provided the killer ball, this time for Lingard to slot the ball past Cech from close range.

I have to give credit to our players for digging in and, to be fair, we did not deserve to be two down, if anything. Aubameyang did get the Gunners on the scoresheet after 43 minutes, Iwobi and Ramsey doing great work on the left, and it was no more than we deserved.

Losing Sokratis to injury and with United looking sharp on the counter, however, Arsenal had it all to do to stay in the FA cup.

It was not to be our night, though. We played okay but the cutting edge was not quite there, while United made full use of their opportunities. Arsenal had to press, despite the bad luck of losing both centre backs when Koscielny caught an accidental boot.

Ozil coming on saw Arsenal play some intricate, dangerous and probing football but there they were hard to break down and there was always the risk of a breakaway and that is exactly what happened in the 83rd minute. Cech saved but not too well and Martial had an open goal to tap into.

10 minutes of extra time but I think our legs had gone a bit and Emery had no options from the bench because of the injuries. Performance-wise it was alright but the harsh fact is that Arsenal are knocked out of the FA cup at home by Man United and we are not happy.



  1. gotanidea says:

    What I feared has come true, the big FA Cup match is proven to be costly and hopefully the remaining CBs can be fit for the Cardiff match

    The only good thing from this match is Maitland-Niles was very impressive as an RB, because he handled all Man United on the right side (Sanchez, Martial, Pogba). Kolasinac should have controlled his temper better next time

    Emery chose to use 4-2-3-1 instead of using 4-1-2-1-2 again, maybe because he didn’t want to drain his players’ energy. I just wonder why he replaced Iwobi, the only one that was willing to run at the opponents, with two midfielders that slowed down the attacks

    1. kev says:

      I will always vontinue to defend qualify players and Maitland-Niles is one of them.Can you imagine if he was played in his actual position.He has no significant weaknesses.However, as I keep saying he lacks the understanding of a fullback.In other words he’s just like a CM being played at RB.A complete waste of talent and ability.
      Iwobi like many other matches was average but just like several matches which I can remember he’ll be our best player but is so bad in his end product that it’s very difficult to accept.He shouldn’t have been taken off.

    2. st sass says:

      Niles is slow as a tortoise, which game did u watch. we need proper players in their right positions

      1. gotanidea says:

        Did you not see when he robbed Sanchez, Martial and Pogba? The boy was speedy tonight

      2. Sandziso says:

        True he is slow to be a RB but i feel we are detroying him buy not playing him in the CM. I cant stand Xhaka in CM anymore.

    3. Lupe says:

      To me, the game was not lost due to formation change but due to lack of defensive organisation and when sokratis went off, it became even worse. Man utd countered us so easily and players were never in position especially kolasinac. When the game started and i saw kolasinac spending all his time in the opposition’s half i knew this game would be different from the chelsea game. In the chelsea game, the fullbacks were very disciplined and chose the right time to attack especially kolasinac who usually can’t and won’t defend. We badly need wingers to make this team dangerous, we just look toothless, imagine having two quality wingers on both sides like the invincible days.

      1. smithy says:

        Brilliant result again for Arsenal.
        Now the team can focus on what counts.
        4th in the league and the Europa league.
        Thursday/Sunday football for the rest of the year.

    4. Pat says:

      Gotanidea I think Emery doesn’t give respect to what opposition can do home and away. We seems to play the way we want to play irrespective of what the opposition can do. We are terrible at defence, our attack was better but too many moves spoiled the broth. I don’t like Emery’s style and his defensive tactics. Once the opposition is better than us, they are sure to score goals and win the game. It has happened over and over again.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Let’s wait and see until Emery gets his own marquee signings

        Currently he has to rely on what he has

    5. Lagos Gunner says:

      Iwobi was a massive threat on the left, the Ozil substitution was a complete waste of space as expected.

      When will Emery realize Xhaka at CB will always be a disaster?

      It never works, and it will never work!

      1. Maks says:

        Iwobi was a massive threat?
        Ha ha ha ha ha
        He looks like a threat but when is time for final pass or shot on goal…. nothing. Ramsey too, they both look good and strong but where are results? Ramsey needed to presign for Juve to start keeping His player (last match – Jorgino) and today he was again just attacking. Crazy discipline!

        1. NMC says:

          Agree on both points, Iwobi was great at carrying the ball up to that top left and holding the ball, while with intricate play he brought other players into the game Kola, Ramsey, Laca, if he isn’t passing to someone else 5yrds away his final ball and decision making is awful.

          I was saying to my mate just think we replaced Sanchez with Iwobi. That is bad team a management.

  2. kev says:

    I look at a player like Maitland-Niles and I see a player who’s so talented.Sanchez could not beat him one vs one.I just imagine if he was allowed to develop in his actual position that he could be so good.To me hes average in every other position eccept CM.He’s a powerful CM and I still maintain and still stand by him that if given the opportunity he shall prove to be the right partner for Torreira.I cant stand Xhaka being in the team.On Iwobi,it’s kind of funny because when you say these things people think you rate him.As I keep saying he’s average but must play.Its useless to play any player who can’t take on his man on the wing.This team is pathetic.I can name several matches where Iwobi was average but was still Arsenal’s best player for the period he was on the pitch.

    1. John0711 says:

      Spot on comments

    2. gotanidea says:

      Agree man. All those expensive Man United players could beat Maitland-Niles on the right side tonight. I still see him as a talented DM, because he is tireless, brave and quick

      In my opinion, Iwobi is the best left winger tonight, but he lacked the confidence to shoot. His movements caused some problems at Man United’s defense, unfortunately he was substituted with central midfielders

      1. gotanidea says:

        *could not beat

    3. Malik says:

      I really didn’t want to concede the truth kev but xhaka is an awful footballer. Watching him play is exhausting, his lack of mobility, rash challenges, poor positional sense and awareness, lack of pace and inability to tackle is just too much to bare. He’s excellent with the ball at his feet but theres waayyy too many weaknesses in his game. Ozil, mustafi and xhaka are the biggest waste of wages I’ve ever seen. Combined total of 110m in transfer fees and 30m plus in wages a year, makes my stomach turn.

  3. Declan says:

    We got to the edge of their box and we didn’t know what to do.
    They got to the edge of our box and we didn’t know what to do.

    1. Maks says:

      Hell Yeah, I agree with you. Brainless perfomance from Arsenal. There was no real plan except to try to run over the ManUtd. I am afraid another Emerys mistake. The game looked like Mourinhio is still manager of ManUtd. We can not really on Iwobi, Kolasinacs, Xhakas and Ramseys brains. We need Ozil in form, and we need a backup plan cos most of the time something goes in another direction then perfect.
      And I hope we want see Cech in the team anymore, he was a great keeper but now he is done for good.
      Torreira was great today, and Niles have a future in Arsenals 1st team.

  4. S says:

    Did you ever expect anything less than a resounding defeat, these days opponents lose to us only when the game means nothing to them…

    1. Sandziso says:

      So the game we won against Chelsea did mean anything to them. Seriously? You are a joke. We lost today yes but we are from a big win so if you have nothing to say just keep quiet.

      1. Goonerboy says:

        He is obviously a Spuds hence his useless name, idiot!

  5. Wolf says:

    How long have we been shit? Almost from the year Stan took over. He ain’t getting another penny of my money and I’m not going to any more games until he’s gone.

    I think fergie is running things at manure. hmmm!

  6. pires says:

    Kroenke out!!!

    1. Maks says:

      and then you will ask for Wenger s return? 🙂
      Kronkea want leave as long there is money to be taken.

  7. John0711 says:

    Same old same old
    P poor
    Kola can’t defend
    Xhaka what does he do
    Iwobi average on his best days

    Auba average but gets away with it
    The treatment of ozil is shameful

    The club needs to sort money out before we end up a mid table team

    Why do we refuse to pay £175,000 for Ramsey but it’s ok to pay for lesser players

    1. gotanidea says:

      I suspect Ozil has a suitor already, hence he was kept to avoid injury

    2. Sandziso says:

      Why do we pay Ozil so much money and fail to pay Ramsey.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Because Gazidis gave Ozil the contract and Sven took Ramsey’s away perhaps?

  8. Oh well atleast AFTV is gonna be lit tonight. Got my popcorn ready.

  9. John Wick says:

    I was right not to get carried away after the Chelsea game! Same old Arsenal good one game bad the next and of course just always bad against man utd! That team is just not good enough and Emery chops and changes too often! And before anyone has their period I know it’s fa cup but he does it in league games too! Dreading man city next weekend.

    1. NMC says:

      We were controlling the game mostly in the first half until Sokratis got injured. That injury and the first goal changes the nature of the game, ManU could sit back and hit us on the break (awful second goal, don’t Know why they loose there heads every time the opposition scores)

      I still thought we could get another goal after Auba scored before half time, we presssuered them before the whistle and 10 minutes in the second half but props to ManU they stayed compact soaked up the pressure and hit us again on the counter.

      Emery has to learn from these situations and hopefully he has the resource to sort it out in the next season or so.

  10. Bur says:

    Get that Stan boy OTF! I wouldn’t wish anyone I’ll health but…………………….

  11. Goonster says:

    The ball refused to fall for us in the box. United had their first 2 shots on target and scored from them.

    As I keep saying, this team is not good enough, Emery has tried everything with them. Has tried all sorts of formations and change of personnel but still the same of wenger team we are well used too.

    The midfield is dead, nothing in there apart from Torreira.

    1. Goonerboy says:


      I share your sentiment but are you sure Torreira was good today?

      I thought he has gone off the boil a little in recent weeks…i could be wrong though

      1. ozziegunner says:

        The team is just not good enough to compete consistently. You only have to compare the Man U bench to Arsenal’s.
        This squad needs an injection of funds and Kroenke is not going to provide the money. Kroenke out!
        No matter who the coach is, you can’t make a purse out of a pig’s ear.

        1. NMC says:

          I knew it was over when we bring in Ozil and Guendouzi and they bring on Rashford and Martial and we were the ones that needed another goal.

  12. Goonerboy says:

    As usual, there will be moanings but really proud of those lads,they gave their all and while we were lucky against Chelsea in taking our half chances, we were completely unlucky today and a little bit of quality have pushed us through.

    Am disappointed but at least we fought till the end…
    Now let’s face the league and Europa …coyg!

    1. Goonerboy says:

      But I am**

      1. Bur says:

        Disappointed! Disa fn pointed? Jees man we have a squad of clowns and chocolate men. Xhaka go, Niles go Guidouso go Chec retiring thank goodness Mustafi go………… rubbish.

    2. Leon says:

      Completely unlucky?
      What game were you watching?
      It was a stroll for United. Arsenal did nothing in the game except act like a defensive shambles.
      I am completely flabbergasted by your post and came away from watching that game wondering why the hell they even bothered turning up tonight.
      No passion at all – no pride in themselves or the club.
      And “fans” like you.
      I expect you think we have a top class side ready to challenge….

      1. John Wick says:


      2. Goonerboy says:

        Yes, we were unlucky
        Sokratis injury early on
        Koscielny to follow in the 2nd half,
        That Ramsey header and a lot of poor final balls….
        I do not agree we didn’t show passion, on another day, we would at least draw this game.

        1. Leon says:

          Oh bull crap.
          Arsenal are rubbish and have been rubbish for years.
          If we had all our defenders fit we would still have lost because they cannot defend.
          And Emery has done nothing to address that.
          Even now – he is looking to bring in MORE midfielders.
          Does that make sense to you ?
          And Sokratis and Koscielny fit or injured makes little difference to results.
          The season says it all.
          Arsenal have no hope of finishing fourth or wining the Europa League.

  13. Pat says:

    We were loosing before the injury. Am just fed up with this team and it’s manager.

    1. Leon says:

      That is my weekend ruined.
      And the most realistic chance of a trophy gone.
      I would love to see Emery leave.
      Seems like a decent guy and was successful with Seville and PSG but he is so out of his depth at Arsenal…

      1. gotanidea says:

        We should give Emery at least two seasons and he has not been given substantial amount of transfer funds yet

        Remember Emery’s brilliance when Arsenal beat Tottenham and Chelsea

        1. Pat says:

          Gotanidea those are 50/50 games. Chelsea were out of balance. And to face a team and lose with dignity is quite acceptable. Until he fix his defence and realised that defending is part of attack I am not going to give him any excuse. It is common sense. West Ham doesn’t have the quality we had yet they trashed us tactically then West Ham lost the next game. How many players is he going to replace, or will he sign a 4 legged player.

        2. Leon says:

          At least two seasons?
          We should expect to see a marked improvement in the first season for him to be given at least two years.
          Arsenal have become worse defensively.
          He has actually made things worse.
          I think he should go….
          And I won’t be sorry to see him leave.
          Worse choice we could have made – the cheapest certainly…

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Leon, if you keep saying it often enough you might start to believe it.
            Unai Emery is a well credentialed coach, who is well respected by his peers and those knowledgeable in football.
            If Emery leaves, which well credentialed manager would come to Arsenal given the state of the current squad, the transfer budget available and the fact that unlike other top clubs, the owner will not contribute financially to the club?

        3. Pat says:

          Did you see how Man U wasted the whole 10 minutes, they were threatened to score more goals. We have conceded almost 40 goals this season and Man U are going to take 5th from us very soon.

      2. Sue says:

        Don’t let it ruin your weekend Leon…. I used to & it’s really not worth it… yes we always want to win & it’s gutting losing to those bell ends but life’s too short to be down… as crap as it was this game is over now…. on to Cardiff & at this rate we may have to call up Gunnersaurus as most of our defenders are injured!

    2. Sandziso says:

      Go and support spud

    3. Mobella says:

      No Pat, we conceded 2 quick goals when Sokratis was off.

      1. Pat says:

        True. But why should we concede two quick goals? I wasn’t happy to see him go off, but we were caught on counter attack by lukaku because he got comfortable staying in our defence while our defenders vacated his space. One goal we should have adjusted and make sure the space lukaku had was blocked.

  14. ThirdManJW says:

    “Ozil coming on saw Arsenal play some intricate, dangerous and probing football”, please do not write propaganda like this!

    I just watched the game, and Ozil put in yet another pathetic performance, similar to the disgrace we saw at Brighton from him. Almost all his passes were very simple 5/10 yard square balls, with the odd diagonally forward pass (that didn’t open the defence up). I don’t think he put a single cross into the box, and he lost/gave away the ball on numerous occasions. When Emery says he’s not using Ozil for tactical reasons (especially in these big games), he’s telling the truth. I really hope fans start backing Emery from now on, in this whole Ozil debate.

    Guendouzi, who came on with Ozil, was the polar opposite. It was as if HE was the playmaker. His first four or five passes were always forward, trying to make things happen, with a great work ethic off the ball as well. Big shout out to Lacazette. Very good performance, and I don’t think I’ve seen a striker for any team work that hard. Ramsey was very good as well. AMN did very well also.

    I think Emery has to be the unluckiest manager around at the moment. We’ve been crippled with injuries all season, we now have 3 season ending injuries, and then he loses BOTH CB’s in the first hour! At this rate, we need about 6 new players in the next week!

    Strange game, where we played pretty well, just got done badly on the counter, and I think we tired over the final 25/30 minutes, where we offered nothing.

    1. John Wick says:

      Agreed mate and he looked knackered after about 5 minutes lol

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Damn, I forgot to write that, and I was going to. Haha! Exactly what I thought. He looked shattered after his jog! Haha!

        1. John Wick says:

          ? that’s his 350 grand earned for the week! He’s gonna be sore in the morning haha

    2. Goonerboy says:


      You are absolutely spot on, very well said bro and God bless that your brain.
      Losing is so painful, but people have to be matured when reacting after a loss. To some on here, the whole team should be replaced, how pathetic….

      1. Leon says:

        You think we have a championship winning team then?
        Would Liverpool want Iwobi?
        Would Spurs want Mustafi?
        Would City want Xhaka?
        Would Chelsea want Koscelny?
        A lot of the team needs replacing.
        If you cannot see that then you need to go to specsavers.
        I despair.
        I see Arsenal going down the toilet but the worse thing is that the flush is broken so even our fall from grace is becoming a shambles.
        And despite the occasional glimmer of hope like last week you find that shot to pieces when they quickly revert to being shite once again.
        And then people like you come on trying to convince yourself as much as the rest of us that we in fact played well and were simply unlucky…..
        I just cannot take you seriously….

    3. gotanidea says:

      Excellent observation

      The only Arsenal player that hid from one-on-one situations and body contact was Ozil. As if he was afraid of the opponent’s tackles and worried of losing the ball

      Maybe Ozil is already disinterested or perhaps Arsenal have made a deal with Ozil’s new club. Guendouzi was the one that dared to take the risks

    4. rkw says:

      LOL … we had a midfield that lacked skill and thrust but ran around alot … thats ffing schoolboy football … pogba matic lingaard herera looked like they new what they were doing were never pulled out of position by ramsey xhaka and iwobi … yes iwobi tried but he never really got the better of young .. ffing young a 30 something has been …. so lets trash ozil thats right brilliant

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        At least everyone one else was trying! Did Ozil even sprint? Did Ozil take even ONE risk?

      2. Sue says:

        You know it’s always Ozil’s fault rkw…

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          My point is that we were losing, so isn’t a so called WC playmaker meant to create something? No one can defend that disgrace of a cameo, and it’s become a regular occurrence. All he ever does is jog around, playing simple risk free passes. I never want to see him play for us again! Time to back the manager on this on.

          1. Sue says:

            I hope he goes too… to somewhere where he’s bloody appreciated! Jesus Christ it’s the same thing week in week out… he plays he’s sh*t we lose it’s his fault… he’s on the bench, we lose it’s his fault…. he’s not even in the squad we lose its his fault.. we’re thrashed at Anfield it’s his fault… When he scores or assists he’s sh*t & could have done better…. Gazidis gave him that whopping contract… it’s his fault…. he’s injured… he’s sh*t he’s depressed… he’s a weed… it’s getting really boring now! FFS

            1. ThirdManJW says:

              Your lies are getting boring, because clearly you think it’s only Ozil that gets criticised! I suggest you start reading people’s comments from now on. I’m sure many fans will be taking about Iwobi’s end product tonight.

              1. Sue says:

                I have read everything I’ve written on a regular basis TMJW .. they’re really not lies! I didn’t say Ozil is the only one criticised… he’s not & I know he’s not…. the only thing is Ozil gets blamed for most things – you can’t deny that surely? And I’m sorry how my message came across…

                1. Dan kit says:

                  As soon as ozil came on the game opened up for us so I’m not sure what game you were watching , even the commentator said iwobi should be the one going off ,there seems to be a lot of fans on here recently with rose tinted glasses when it comes to iwobi .yes he played one of his better games but he was still fcking awful ,why was he the 1st one withdrawn ?did you see him ghost past a 55year old Ashley young ?for some reason ozil is getting a lot of flak on here recently just because he was given a massive contract ,but isn’t that what big clubs do now ?its not like we pay the highest wages in the league .and yes I wil be talking about iwobis end product !!it was sh1t.

                  1. Dan kit says:

                    And no need to apologise sue you’re only posting what any normal arsenal fan feels .like I said there’s this growing love affair with iwobi recently,would love to know what will happen when he’s sold on ,will these same fans still be arsenal fans when he’s gone ?

                    1. Sue says:

                      Just trying to work out who would buy him???? ?

                  2. Sue says:

                    Nice one Dan ? (especially 55 year old Ashley Young ?)

                    1. John Wick says:

                      I’m older than Ashley Young I must be 60 then ?

                    2. Sue says:

                      Making out on here you’re 36… yeah yeah ?

                    3. John Wick says:

                      Making out?

                    4. Sue says:

                      Was joking John!

                    5. John Wick says:

                      Haha it’s fine Sue I just didn’t catch on ?

              2. ken1945 says:

                ThirdmanJW, with regards to your comments to Sue about being boring….you have written four posts tonight.

                Every single one slags off Ozil.

                No mention of any other player that didn’t play well, just a complete player character assassination over a 25 minute “cameo appearance”.

                Just a little over the top and a bit narrow minded perhaps, but I wouldn’t accuse you of being boring or lying… heaven forbid!!!

                Sue, apologize for what? Giving your views?
                After all it was just the one post that you had a perfectly legitimate hissy fit on and there was only one perceived error… he’s not going anywhere, just read his Facebook page ?

            2. ken1945 says:

              Sue, I hope this appears under your 11.19 post:
              Ozil came on after sixty five minutes to replace Iwobi.
              For the remainder of the game, it’s expected that he can come on and deliver the goods?

              This is the man who has been ignored, benched, publicly criticised (“no different to any other player”) by UE.
              Yet it is expected that he can suddenly turn the game on its head and do the things that no other player in that team tonight could do.

              After being accused of, as you say, being weedy, s**t and a depressed footballer, he is judged on 25 minutes against a team that had already won the game without breaking sweat.

              Just as Kos was judged to be useless after just one game and following a career threatening injury that kept him out for nine months.

              Well, that’s two of the five objectives gone for this season and I guess we can add the title to that as well.
              That leaves top four and europa cup, I wonder if he might just give Ozil the luxury of the extended run he’s given to others
              With 60% of the objectives gone, wouldn’t it make sense to do that, if only for those who are slating Ozil, to rattle their Sabres and say”We told you so” when we fail to deliver on the other 40% at the end of the season?

              If, on the other hand, Ozil is given that opportunity and we win both or even one of the objectives, wouldn’t that be what every supporter wants?
              It’s a win win situation for those that continue non stop to criticize him and for the others that continue to support him the opportunity to watch him given the chance to perform.

              1. Sue says:

                Please excuse my few choice words Ken ? I was pretty annoyed at the time!!
                Just really drives me crazy how everything comes down to Ozil!!
                Your comment is brilliant (once again Ken) if only everyone saw things the way you do & explained everything the way you do (myself included) there’d be no arguing on here!!
                You’re so calm and nothing ever seems to rile you! I sure could learn a thing or 2 from you (again!) Thank you Ken ? Enjoy the last few days of your holiday ?

                1. Andrew E says:

                  I haven’t been reading the posts on this site for a while due to personal reasons. Obviously nothing has changed the Ozil bashers are still at it blaming him for all the ills at our club even though he rarely plays. His self confidence must be zero when he hears UE try to explain why he didn’t pick him for ‘tactical’ reasons, what the hell does that mean? Why isn’t he honest and say he does not fit into his style of play in which case move him on. Saying that I don’t see many of the current squad fitting into his high press game.

                  I keep asking myself, knowing that there would be little financial support from the owner, why did he take the job on in the first place? I can remember all the hassle Wenger got for ONLY getting us into the top 4 on a regular basis as though it was the easiest thing in the world. Things are going to get worse and there is only one man that can make it better i.e. Stan Kroenke and I for one am not holding my breath. He is spending 3-4 billion dollars building a new stadium in LA most of it coming from loans, do you honestly think he gives a damn about AFC?

                  1. ozziegunner says:

                    I’m sure Emery communictes with Ozil one on one regarding how he wants him to play. Emery’s personal approach with players was given by Denis Suarez as one of the reasons he wanted to play for Arsenal.
                    Emery has to provide an explanation to the media as to why he is not selecting Ozil, without criticizing him publicly.

                  2. Sue says:

                    Andrew… I hope you’re ok… totally agree with what you’ve said

    5. Maks says:

      So where was those great assists fromRamsey and Iwobi then? Just brainless runining and trying to run over ManUtd. Stupid tactics. Chelsea was very poor other day, so we were missing creativity and brains, we need Ozil or Mkhi or somebody new but we can not play like Sevilla did. We are Arsenal, we need to create chances and have some shots in goal and there is no way that Iwobi, Ramsey and Auba or Laza can replace Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe, and that is what Emery is trying to do.
      Maybe he can do it but in alternative universe where Kronke is not owner of Arsenal FC.
      So Ozil is not the main problem at all. Problem is much deeper but you are welcome to enjoy yourselfs and trash who ever you want. Pathetic.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        If you’re comparing Ramsey, and Iwobi’s performances tonight to Ozil’s, then you definitely didn’t see the game. Because you just wouldn’t say that otherwise. Lacazette didn’t score, so I guess he must have had a really poor game as well!

        Ramsey had a decent game, and was so unlucky not to score. Iwobi’s final ball was awful tonight, but at least he was probing all night, and causing slight disruption down the left. Ozil just went out for an evening jog.

        The reason I keep going in on Ozil, is because some of our fans think we need him!!! How delusional is that? It’s pretty unanimous amongst fans, that most our defence needs replacing, and the likes of Xhaka, Iwobi, Miki, etc. But for some unknown reason, some still want Ozil, and then criticise anyone who dares to write anything negative about him. Remember that I, and many others, are only writing about the facts. Not opinion, not belief, just the facts!

        1. Maks says:

          Ozil was always like that but he was playing good. And today was not the worst on the pitch. Ramsey had a very good game against Chelsea when he was pressing Jorgino or what his name is, but today he was again same old just thinking how to attack. I am glad that he iis going, hell yeah and if Emery can not work with Ozil send him somewhere but then I am all ears and eyes what he will do with this Arsenal.
          I am afraid that he is already lost, and not that Kronke or anybody else help him. Thats the main problem and not the Ozil and his wages. Why wouldnt he get those money, are we a hig club or not? Why wouldnt we have more players on big wages? We are Arsenal!

          1. Phil says:

            TMJW-The word “Delusional” gets used a lot on this site.A word that doesn’t get used as much is “Contridictory”.You say Iwobi had no final product (IWOBI HAS NEVER HAD A FINAL PRODUCT) but you seem content with him “Probing and causing slight disruption”.Ate you serious?You are content with that?Once again the player did nothing.He rarely beat Ashley Young for pace,he should have pulled the ball across the box for Aubamayang instead of shooting straight at the keeper),he again gave a performance that was all HUFF AND PUFF.What did Ozil do?He tried to be creative that’s what.He tried to offer something to the attack that we do not have with any other player in our squad.CREATIVITY.And to do this you need to find space to get on the ball.You do not need to run like a headless chicken.And at 3-1 the game was over.Utd camped on the edge of their area leaving very little space.
            This is all now very predictable from supporters who would rather Iwobi was in the side than Ozil.A comment earlier suggested Ozil will outlast Emery.Im beginning to believe it would benefit the Club immensely if that was to happen.
            Emery inherited a squad with no natural width and pace.The two best players at the club who can attack from wide are BELLERIN AND KOLASINAC.Two fullbacks.Surely If we can see thi# the Manager can work out a system that allows us to attack while not being left exposed as we always are.All 3 Man U goals were as a direct result of a counter attack.Most goals we concede are the same.Emery should start to realise the squad limitations and get working quickly on curing the most obvious of problems

  15. Declan says:

    I am fu**g pi**ed off.
    I detest MU nearly as much as I detest spurs.
    We cannot keep playing without fullbacks keeping their positions. AMN did ok but was continually caught out of position. Kolasinac cannot defend, end of. Iwobi always looked lively, took people on, beat people, but his final ball was usually rubbish. We need a proper winger and one who can cross a ball too. MU were there for the taking, they were poor in the first half yet scored two goals. Sokratis twisted his ankle and it looks like Kos has a broken jaw. Who we gonna call? Ghostbusters? If I wasn’t doing dry January I’d be getting properly pi**ed by now.

    1. Sue says:

      ???? Ghostbusters!!! Brilliant Declan ??

    2. Leon says:

      I would prefer to call Allegri or Simeone and offer them a massive contract and bumper transfer kitty to get us out of this shite…

      1. Sue says:

        If only it was that easy…….

        1. Andrew E says:

          No big money to spend no top manager. Kroenke’s spending his money in LA building a 3-4 billion dollar stadium, why should he care for us? I believe Allegri was approached but did a runner (or laughed) when he was told the amount of money available. We have to face facts we have become a cheapskate club looking for loan players to fill in the gaps.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Leon, you are in “cloud cuckoo land”!
            “Offer Allegri a massive contact”; he is not keen to leave Juventus for Real Madrid, one of the reasons being he didnt want to learn a second language. How much money would he want to come to Arsenal?
            “bumper transfer kitty “. Where is the money coming for that, if there is none for Emery?

    3. Maks says:

      Noooo, we have lost cos of Ozil!
      and Emery made a “brilliant” tactics again or he just surrendered in despare cos of players he have. Poor guy. I have a feeling that he has been cheated by Arsenals Board.

  16. Tom says:

    If OGS remains at united I wonder if longer term the fans will be happy with 35% possession and rely on counter attack (does that not remain you of fergie) against top 6 teams. It won’t make them win the league, it won’t make them win in Europe.

    But then again it was the same for fergie vs Wenger. And it felt like that today. Arsenal play good football, pass and move but the same naivety is starting to make my nails scratch my eyeballs. It’s not an unai thing in my opinion, nor was it a Wenger thing.
    It’s education of understanding what the opponents are doing. United lured arsenal in, and sat deep and in wide areas arsenal has little (but their best chance) possibilities to get through. This leaves the second ball to me punted for their forwards to exploit space.
    When arsenal are lured our defence creeps forward and in the end it’s high risk.

    It’s small team mentality that we see against top teams. It’s why 343 is interesting but with sooooo many injuries and again 2 more today it’s been a tough first year for unai.

    You could ask ‘shouldnt the manager deal with this error?’ I would say he does with the desire for high press. We did this so well that United looked vulnerable until we stopped (after sokratis injury) and suddenly their game plan was allowed – through no master planning of theirs But through our help of dropping our concentration.

    And I think it’s there, concentration and education – both which was lost when sokratis was injured. Not enough players were reading the game and not enough players where learning.

    Both of these traits are so important when you have the ball, equally as important of when you don’t But it’s importance to arsenal when they have the ball needs to be understood quickly because we know we will play and therefor have the ball more then our opponents…like today…65% but our outcome was zero..we got nothing.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Tom, a very good assessment, in which I concur.

  17. Gele says:

    Well done to the lads. Man UTD are a team in form. The amount of attacking talent they had, and our defense being depleted, Emery’s boys did all they could.

    I will say now that I do not rate Iwobi, however, that boy was clearly our best player today. Everything we did or tried came through Iwobi/the left. Ozil came on and we tried to play through him/the middle, but we were toothless. Ozil just doesn’t work hard enough for the team. Too slow. He and Lacazette were at fault for the third goal. It’s a shame we lost Sokratis and Kos, I really hope they regain fitness in time for Cardiff. Mustafi like his German brother needs to go.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Lacazette ran himself into the ground.

  18. st sass says:

    AMN as a right back didn’t work today, the third goal came from his side, wer was he wen martial jumped on the ball like wise sead kolasinac,
    arsenal needs a complete overhaul at the back, proper wingers and a back to back midfielder. am just missing super santi

  19. Sue says:

    3rd round last season…. 4th round this season… we’re improving ???

    1. ozziegunner says:

      And at least Arsenal lost to an EPL team, Sue.

  20. GunneRay says:

    Ground hogs ground hog day again!

    No width, caught out on counter attack and concede goals from mistakes!!

    After 10 years you would think some of the defensive training would work but this lot look as s**t as ever! Same s**t, different toilet!!!!!!!

    No pride and no passion for the club. Just a bunch of Muppets who are guaranteed a pay cheque next week and an owner who couldn’t give a f**k as long as he makes a profit!!!!

  21. Durand says:

    At least we’re consistent in one aspect; getting stung on the counter. That tends to happen when managers give defending a back seat.

    Goals win games, but defenses win titles. Liverpool sorted their defense, watch them go. We ad hoc our defense and result is no surprise.

    Give us 6th place and move on to the Summer. Nervous about City match; 5 – 1 anyone?

    1. Sue says:

      We’ll be lucky to score 1 Durand!

  22. ArsenalGR says:

    Emery decided to play a strong team tonight as he should. Putting Auba on the right though was a mistake. He was completely useless tonight and his goal was a usual tap in. Gouendouzi should have started instead of him and could provide the missing creativity in midfield. Ramsey was really annoying playing the whole time out of position and messing up the attack. Xhaka is deteriorating by the minute unfortunately, his only attribute are his fast sideways passes. We clearly need a RW, a RB, a new no. 10 and to play our players in the right positions. If we keep like this our year is already gone.

  23. Raja Danish says:

    When will stan kronke leave arsenal please this is enough. Its painful to watch arsenal these days with no money to buy quality we are turned into an average side and mind you this is club is in the top 10 list of richest clubs and with such a famous club we are and with history we deserve alot better than this atleast please i have to go to an important work tomorrow morning but for the love of club i didnot sleep tonight and watch my club play its been 3:30 am in pakistan but my club surrendered this match way easily. My friends mock me about my club Arsenal but i keep telling them that this team needs 1 or 2 more years with emery and we have no money and our owner is not ambitious he is just arrogant and penny pincher and i think we will not become a top club again unless stan kronke leaves or sells his shares to a new ambitious owner that will be willing to spend huge money on any player that manager wants so i think the supporters in uk need to make a strong protest in london and in emirates stadium and bycott matches unless stan kronke sells his shares. I share the pain with my fellow gooners all over the world. Pray that stan leaves and sells his shares to a new ambitious owner as soon as possible. COYG!!

  24. Drayton says:

    I hate to make excuses, but yet again, more defensive injuries. This squad just simply can’t deal with them bc of no depth (not Emery’s fault). Also, Iwobi shouldn’t have been subbed. I get that his final ball and awareness are so, so poor, but wingers are essential for obvious reasons, and without them (even without Iwobi), it’s an easy attack to defend bc you just gotta get central with 9/10 players. Not surprised by the result, I hope it helps our top 4 chances, but the top 4 isn’t possible without bringing in another winger in January. I don’t know who the hell Nkunku is, but I hope he can play on the wing or it won’t help us.

  25. ToluCOYG says:

    Yes it was a wrong pass for him which got intercepted from less than a yard quickly by Pogba , can’t blame him for that. What was shocking was simply the way he jogged behind Pogba. Torerria, Iwobi, AMN, Gwendozi and even already tired Ramsey would have closed Pogba down even if they have to get a yellow card just to keep us in the game and keep pushing for the equalizer. Yet the lame overpaid duck couldn’t run at good speed after just playing for less than 15mins to help cut the counter attack.

    Ozil should just go, we need to free up his wages for players like Docoure, Nainggolan etc.

    1. Maks says:

      So we have to free up wages and sell players cos Kronkea doenst want to invest anything?
      Frakk that thinking! We are Arsenal.

  26. GunneRay says:

    I said in the summer that I would give Emery a full year before I judge his progress but I have to admit, I e expected the squad to be far more advanced by now!

    He doesn’t seem to be getting anything out of them that Arsene couldn’t? It’s just the same. Not moving forward. This team is incapable of advancing!

    The team needs tearing up by at least 60%

    1. John Wick says:

      100% agree with you nothing has changed actually defensively worse. The team is hopeless it’s just painful to watch

      1. Sue says:

        I didn’t see it all ?

        1. ozziegunner says:

          How often has Emery has a full squad, particularly in defense, consistentl available for selection?

    2. Sue says:

      I can’t help but wonder were we really good last week or were Chelsea really crap??

      1. John Wick says:

        We’re very average just had a decent game against a decent team Sue and then back to square one tonight

        1. Sue says:

          I expected this tonight…. still hard to take though ☹

          1. John Wick says:

            Especially lingard scoring Jesus I can’t stand him ?

            1. Sue says:

              Can’t stand any of them… especially that Chilean pianist ?

              1. John Wick says:

                Tell me about it haha at least Niles looks the real deal Sue ?

                1. Sue says:

                  So Koscielny may have a broken jaw?? FFS… what else can go wrong? Yes good old Ainsley… I’m finding it hard to be jovial right now ??

                  1. John Wick says:

                    Damn we’re fooked ? it could get real ugly against man city I definitely will not be watching that it’s looking really grim! Soks could be out for a while as well! So who’s gonna loan us a few players ?

                    1. Sue says:

                      This really is sh*t John, the result was bad enough…. but now it looks like we’re going to have no fit defenders… So Lichtsteiner will play…. Xhaka could play there again (?) Jesus we can kiss goodbye to the Europa & top 6 at this rate… a few more thrashings on the horizon??? Urgh I really don’t want to go on Tuesday now ????

                    2. John Wick says:

                      No enjoy it Sue you pay good money so might as well! I just personally wouldn’t line the yanks pocket he doesn’t put in so neither do I and won’t be buying anything arsenal related the club is taking the p*ss out of fans! Hopefully not I’m sick of the hammerings it’s depressing! Good old Chumlee can always cheers you up after a bad defeat haha

                    3. Sue says:

                      Chumlee? Is that what cheers you up??
                      This is really sad but Ted always works… love that film ?

                    4. John Wick says:

                      The episode of pawn stars where Chumlee is working from home on his iPad and the security fella is holding his iPad up to customers as though chumlees actually there cracks me up ? haha that little teddy bear with Mark Walhberg ? ?

                  2. Sue says:

                    Have seen some of pawn stars, but clearly not as much as you ?
                    Yes that little teddy bear… not usually that keen on MW… but in that he’s hilarious, especially when he & Ted fight…. didn’t like the 2nd one as much ☹

                    1. John Wick says:

                      His singing in boogie Nights is absolute classic he absolutely murders you got the touch song and actually thinks he’s good ??? I’ve seen some of ted but not it all ? it was pretty popular though haha

                    2. Sue says:

                      He sings in Ted too ??? best stick to fighting teddy bears!!
                      I’ll never tire of watching it… So gross, rude, hilarious… the perfect pick me up ?

                    3. John Wick says:

                      Walhberg definitely has not got a career in music I don’t know why the hell he sings in his movies ? bit like me with Goodfellas everytime it’s on I watch it which is all the time and I’ve seen it about 200 times already haha

                    4. Sue says:

                      He was a singer though… Marky Mark & the funky bunch!
                      Goodfellas is too vicious for me ??

                    5. John Wick says:

                      DT losing it tonight but he’s right in everything he said! Man u do see Arsenal as a joke and that Milly rock thing is really winding me up ? didn’t he have a band with his brother Donny ? Haha it is violent I’ll give you that Sue ?

                    6. Sue says:

                      Donnie was in new kids on the block!! And I was only joking about you making out you’re 36 btw!
                      I can imagine him having a right breakdown..milly rock ?
                      Sod United!!

                    7. John Wick says:

                      Sue, its fine don’t worry about it haha it’s not important ? I thought MW was in that as well they were crap anyway ? I don’t know where this Milly rock came out of I’m gonna Google it haha

                    8. John Wick says:

                      It’s a rap song with rappers doing that stupid dance haha first I’ve seen of it ?

    3. Maks says:

      I am afraid I agree more and more… I m afraid that Emery got stuck somewhere in the dark and dnt know what to do.
      Who would?

  27. John F says:

    Name me any team that would cope with four first choice defenders out injured.If we didn’t have the useless Cech in goal and Bellerin,Socratis,Holding were on the pitch there is no way an average Utd team would of won that game.

    1. Sue says:

      When we played United at OT Hector, Rob & Sokratis did play (Cech didnt) and we only managed a draw

      1. Sue says:

        Plus if they’re average… what does that make us??

        1. Maks says:

          Bravo Sue,
          lets stop pretending that there is hope this season. Arsenal is in problems and no one is innocent

          1. ozziegunner says:

            You only have to compare Arsenal’s bench to that of Manchester United.

      2. John F says:

        Holding went off injured.Sokratis and Holding were just starting to show a promising partnership.Defending is about forming an understanding with your fellow defenders and you only get that by playing together over a period of time.Arsenal have been really unlucky with injuries.Look how City coped when they lost just one.I will reserve my judgement on Dic k when he gets his own players in and he has a settled back line.

        1. Sue says:

          Well how long will that take????
          Yes & look at the depth in City’s squad due to that bottomless pit of Arab money….

    2. GunneRay says:

      Problem is, our 4 choice defenders are crap or ageing!

      Mustafa is all over the place, Xhaka in a liability and does not cover. Lichstiner is a goat. Kolasinac looks lost going back and Sokratis is equally inept.

      I doubt any would make it into any top 5 EPL team!

      Do me a favour!

  28. ForeverGooner says:

    It’s not just our Defense

    We lack creativity in central midfield and attacking power in the midfield
    With Aubameyang and Lacazette we should be scoring more but Iwobi, Ramsey, Ozil isn’t good enough, nor is Xhaka behind them.

    This is the first time in a long time that we were poor in central midfield. we’ve had Cazorla, Rosicky, Viera, Fabregas, even in 2016 Ozil scored 19 assists. But first time in a long time we’ve had defensive midfielders of the quality of Torreira and Guendouzi. I’m very happy with them. But we lack In quality box2box and CAM now.

  29. Sue says:

    Koscielny may have a broken jaw???? FFS

  30. JohnF says:

    Exactly my point look how a team with such depth struggled when they lost just one defender and even let in three against Palace think how they would of got on losing four defenders.I am not supporting or condemning Dick but it is a bit soon to be writing him off when he has not been given the resources to improve the team and has been very unlucky with injuries.Bellerin was improving,Holding was looking good and Sokratis is an old school defender and he lost all three.I repeat my question what team no matter what resources they have in their 25 man Sqaud could cope with that?.I do agree that the final ball was poor tonight but he has inherited a side without any wide players.

    1. Sue says:

      Not sure how long Sokratis will be out for… but with him, Bellerin & Holding out (our best 3) I fear for the rest of our season!

  31. ozziegunner says:

    Again Lacazette really put in a shift and gave 100%. Too bad some of the others didn’t follow his lead and gave Manchester United too much space.

    1. John Wick says:

      Absolutely Ozziegunner ?

  32. eazzy says:

    we need 2 wingers who could take on defenders one on one successfully (Douglas Costa, carassco, Ben afra, marhez, Malcolm, badenichi, Zaha, Christian Pavon, …………) a replacement for Xhaka cos he cannot handle pressure….then a solid defender who barely goes on injury (scout for him, not necessary a big name but good) with this we would be a treat

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