Arsenal v Man Utd review – Stunning start gets Gunners brilliant win

The only complaint that I can have with the Arsenal performance today was that we did not score more goals. I have no problems at all with the way we eased off and sat back after storming into a three goal lead against Manchester United.

What a start though. Electric stuff from the attacking players of Arsenal and United just could not deal with the crisp incisive passing of Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey and the pace and movement of Alexis and Walcott. Boom, boom, boom and the Gunners were three goals up after only 20 minutes.

A brilliant improvised Alexcis finish from Ozil’s cut back was quickly followed by a well taken first goal of the season from the German and he also provided the assist for Alexis to score his second and our third with a scorching long range strike.

United looked lost and the game was over. Well it was after we then took stock and became more solid and compact and with Cech making a few key saves, Arsenal managed to stop the visitors getting a goal back and gaining impetus. That was a perfect way to hit back after the Chsampions League nightmare and we head into the international break in second and buzzing. COYFG

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  1. I guess that is the difference between Ozil and Mata..
    The fast incisive counter suits ozil, coz he starts it..
    In your face United fans..

        1. (A) Cech is now Mr. Clean of the premier league…worth mentioning.
          (B) Ozil 1 goal, 4 assists in 8 epl games, how bad is that??
          (C) Walcott is officially a striker
          (D) Alexis 6 goals in 3 games simply WORLD CLASS
          (E) shout out to our Back 4, #COYG

          1. @muda
            We were like a boxer, “stick and move, stick and move”. Then we leaned on the ropes dodgin shots till the bell(whistle)

            1. FANTASTIC! Thank you players for stepping up. We arsenal fans know you can do this , pretty much all the time. Its all a matter of concentration. COYG!!!!

      1. Exhilarating breathtaking football in first 20 minutes! Fergie Neville and rest of manure deluded windbags are in a shock! After so long lets just enjoy the win!

        1. Monreal, the most underrated Arsenal player of 2015. Where was Mata their best player? Monreal, my respect.

    1. This is the kinda Arsenal we should be seeing everyday…………….playing for the badge…….playing for Honour……. With hearts on sleeves………. Any objections?

    2. I can’t believe how overrated mata is. How can you compare him with a guy who had most number of assists in the world at some stage? He might be a pushover sometimes, but he will kick you right in the nuts at the most apt time, Mesut Ozil >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mata.. Don’t dare ask this again..

    3. Now Charlie, Coquelin is Shniedelin and Swienstiger rolled into one, best 20million saved for Jan to buy for what ever Wenger needs CB

    4. Indeed and they were saying that Mata is what Arsenal fans ‘pretend’ Ozil to be. Every player has their day, but let’s be honest Ozil is better when both are on form and that’s what counts. United looked absolutely dumbfounded the first half it was great to watch. Our passing was slick and precise and Ramsey should have made it four. Second half, Van Gaal made some good changes and they seemed to claw their way back a little bit, but I think we were solid 95% of the game. Cech made some brilliant saves and they were right, he will win us a few games this season. Another great buy by Wenger, never felt so calm with him in goals. Looking forward to going to work tomorrow, half the office are United fans!

    1. Wait till we lose again…when the rollercoaster goes downhill, you will hear the screams from them WOB’s. One word – Chelsea

      1. I am seriously thinking of banning ANYONE who posts WengerOut today. How can anyone carry on shouting that after beating Man United and moving up to second in the League. Can they really be classed as Arsenal fans?

        1. They most certainly are not! Today we can clearly see who is an Arsenal fan and who’s not. If a 3 nil win against a team we haven’t beaten for a while in premier league added with that blistering start does not make fans happy, then we clearly know what/who they are. It would be too obvious to ignore.

  2. I can’t believe we played like that within those few minutes, we put Manure off their game-plan.

    Good win!

    1. We played like that against them last season but the finishing let us down, could have been the same score if lack was on our side that day.. Exactly the same game, we came out buzzing and created so many chances but could not put them away..

      1. You know Arsenal know quite well how to bottle it when they are just at the point of doing something special. I enjoyed those minutes. They were not scared to shoot when needed and got in the face of Manure players. I guess the Walcott and Sanchez was the reason the attack was buoyant, it give Oil confidence to deliver. Giroud would have made that attack slower and impotent.

  3. Presenting Bergkamp-Henry version 2 – Theo and Sanchez!! Brilliant play from Arsenal. Really difficult to pick a MOTM. But I’ll give to Sanchez. COYG.

    1. I though Walcott did the damage in that first half, he pulled the United defense all over the place..

      1. Walcot is officially our starting striker now..he pulled manu defence all over the place with his movement n pace and created two assist today.his play now reminds me of King Henry days jus need a to improve his shooting a bit..up gunners

    2. Reminds me more of Henry and Pires. Sanchez comes into the pitch in the space Theo creates, just how Pires used to with Henry. Not REALLY the same, but closest comparison I could see.

      1. Let’s not forget the little magician Carzola who bossed the middle with such calm and composure today and sprayed some lovely balls all over the field..Le Coq also was an absolute Rock

  4. Alexiiiiiiiiiiis!! Love him!
    If anything like a hamstring happens to Alexis, I will hang myself!

  5. i’m hearing rumours of offering sanchez another 5yr deal worth 130 pounds………what are we waiting for? ………..SIGN HIM UP!

  6. We needed that win


    At the beginning of the season I thought we were 3rd or even 4th best

    Now, I feel we are 2nd best team behind City at the moment

    Ozil and Alexis showed their class
    Our defense were excellent

    1. Naaah. we can beat city. its all up to us. can we concentrate for 90mins? can we be consistent week in and week out? hoping ramsey/ox come good too!!

    1. The fans as well! I’m opening up a Tinder account and going for a late night romp BANG BANG BANG!

  7. beautiful, beautiful arsenal. for the first time in a while we made use of our good football early on in the game and the 3rd goal inevitably killed the game. good structure defensively to not let in any goals especially with man city scoring six yday, all round great performance just hope alexis is alright COYG!

  8. ALEXIS = Best winger in PL (honest opinion)
    ALEXIS = Best winger in World (My heart not my mind)

    1. Interesting though: where does Alexis rank in the world’s best wingers? Messi and Ronaldo are too of course, probably Robben after. Then Neymar? Bale? Alexis would be nearer to those two I think.

      1. Throw in Hazard as well. He has been a little slow off the mark this season, but never doubt his class.

  9. Most amazing thing of all, The Emirates was on effin FIRE….
    I always say. When we show up, we can do any team out there. And I mean ANY…

  10. Ozil man of the match for me.. he still proved haters wrong, you won’t see the media worshipping him in times like this, all they do is criticize him. superb game.
    I still insist Ramsey should be dropped.
    Man U next fixtures will probably do us the favour of them dropping points

  11. Roy Keane, with all due respect’ Shut up. Ozil’ just shut you up with assist and goal in a big match. Keep making the critics eat their words. Worldclass! Ozil-Walcott-Sanchez worked wonders. Do you know: Arsenal haven’t conceded a goal this season in the league when Gabriel starts. Mike Dean had to send him off for Chelsea….Welldone boys, From Cech to the defense, midfielders and strikers. I’m delighted!

  12. Just a shame A S groin problem and that will turn out to be a problem 3 weeks Mim
    Great win boys

  13. Don’t call me negative. While I can say I am happy with the win, i am not too happy. We should have scored 7 goals to compensate the other 8 they hit us. Didn’t like the way we relaxed in 2nd half coz I remember those teams never chill when they’re hitting us. Otherwise Sanchez is one hell of a player!!!!!!!!

    1. We didn’t relax, boys sat back and protected the lead, fighting for the clean sheet. Learn the difference.

      And they earned a great victory in the proces. Wengers tactics were spot on, amazing.

      1. gilo, we used to get criticised for being too exuberant .thats how we lost/tied when we were up 3 and even 4 goals. now when we lead 3 (or 2) we shut up the shop. running up the score is not rational.

  14. One word: Brilliant!!!As much as possession based football is beautiful to watch with our speed counter attacking is just clinical and breath taking!! Walcott, Sanchez & Ozil with those 3 at the hearth of it goals and assist will come…simply fantastic…now consistency will be key…the game against City will be BIG!

    1. i’m SOOOOOO glad walcott is coming good. thank you for your service these last few years giroud, but i’m afraid you’re sub now.

  15. Can someone tell me where TF we got Bellerin from?? that Boy is gon be a legend.. he’s the only threat from the right wing

    1. Bellerin is stone cold!!! He never smiles, always acts like the opposition are roaches to be crushed. Love the guy!

      Up Gunners!!!

      1. The butter is the item being sliced not a chainsaw!
        You ever tried to slice through a chainsaw?
        I see where you were going but an epic epic fail
        Quality lol

  16. Great performance by everyone…

    I don’t understand Mertesacker, one minute he’s playing great the next he’s falling over and allowing Martial to turn…thank God for check


  17. We played with heart and passion today. I feel so proud of our team not only because they’ve won but because of the way they played with such hearts .

    Petr Cech is awesome .

  18. some fans are so fickle here sometimes, you give up on players who had bad games and now you praising these same players, you can criticize a player when they are playing badly, but do not bash them and question their ability, some people on this site believe in public opinion like the media, but the media and these ex players turned pundits are ALWAYS proven wrong, excuse my grammar, COYG !!!

  19. People will forget Walcott and mention Sanchez and Ozil, but I thought Walcott was really ripping United apart in that first half, he was involved all half, his link up and intelligence was top notch today..

    Take a bow son..

    1. the cf position is crucial: i’m sooooo happy to see walcott growing into that role. his intelligence/awareness is visibly improving. he did great assists + he dragged defenders all over the place today. now their challenge is to see how consistent they can be week in, week out.

    1. *raises hand* I’ve stopped watching Arsenal matches, with the exception of today, because well… Arsenal – Man Utd… As the exception to the rule, today was amazing. However, until Wenger wins the league and proves me wrong when stating he will never win it again, I will be continuing my personal protest

      Nevertheless, I’ll give credit when it’s due. Hats off for today’s performance, I’m still shocked about the first 20 minutes!

      1. Il agree though have watched all the games i could but never expect anything great but today was glad to be on the edge of my seat watching Arsenal play 2great differnt halfs of football… this one il give the players and wenger too credit for that performance today, so well done lads absolutly super. Alexis and Walcott are a handful now! Lets not get carried away its a fantastic day but we havnt won anything. I said before the league is the only thing that will see him by summer 2016 imo. Bdw Bayern beat Dortmund 5-1 today also ? if we play like today we will have a fantastic game on our hands home and away!! Rodgers sacked… Looks like Klopp will be at Anfield!

  20. Firstly, vastly improved performance. Additionally, a much need win.
    Nevertheless, this represents a Win to nowhere, wenger out; it’s just that straightforward! I refused to be sucked into the misfortune of the blinkered. Like the saying goes, water will find it’s level in the abundance of time.

    1. We’re in all competitions, FA cup holders for second year and just beat Man U. Money in the bank. Are you an Arsenal fan?

  21. What a performance from the boys. Thanks for the perfect Sunday evening.
    Having said that, it doesn’t change the fact that I want a change in d Management. I want Arsene Wenger Changed. We need fresh motivation that will push the boys. How I wish we continue playing like this every game. For today, I’mna go enjoy this, it’s a gift from Wenger, who knows tomorrow?
    We Luv Arsenal, Wenger/Giroud Out!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Claiming to cheer for arsenal, but hates on the team and coach? Closet chelsea fan then, nothing new.

  22. What a fantastic start! And what was even better was that we controlled the rest of the game too even though ManU had more possession. This was a 150% professional performance that shows that AW and the players really CARE!!
    Expect to hear nothing from Piers the mighty ORGAN about bringing in Klopp. And Michael Owen should stick to horses. Keane is just a gobshite

  23. Good win,very good and comfortable. This is what we should do to Bayern,but we’ll have to defend better. Am Happy Sanchez brought back his scoring boots,with him we have a real goal threat in every game now. Imagine Monreal,dribbling in the half way line,that’s confidence. Let us pray nothing happens to our players during and after the international break

  24. Martial
    Mertesacker pocketed you mate.

  25. Let’s not being carried away fellow fans.i did not expect a riot but for sure i would have been happy If ramsey had score that sitter from alexis.the boys put a great job today but please I’m not negative after a result like this..RAMSEY was dreadful in control and not to mentioned that miss.he support the back for 45 minutes then he became clumsy.i’m not ramsey hater just saying he has a really worrying deep in form and needs to be rested for while to get his mental focus back. unnecessary flicks when easier was to put it through, given ball away in dangerous positions so i really think he needs a break.what we have been talking for years is what we saw today. the key no matter who we play against so DID WE GET IT BACK FROM TODAY? let’s wait and see but for the moment..LET’S ENJOY THE BEST GAME PLAYED SO FAR.

      1. That young man from ukraine would be a nice addition, uses left foot, but plays on the right, has a fierce shot and does a lot of work defensively

  26. Immense team performance. Top quality all round..and proper atmosphere created by the fans at the Emirates! This is what we want and what we are capable of gooners!!

  27. please let’s appeal to Bellerin and monreal to release Memphis Depay and Juan Mata from their pockets…..the game is won….and over

  28. Nice feeling today

    We needed this.

    Now….unless necessary pls DON’T change this winning team Arsene…take them as is to Bayern

    1. LOL Wenger thinking of rotation against Bayern? This team has to play all the CL matches…. We still can qualify…


  29. Love the fact we won 3-0 at home in a big top4 game against nobody else than Utd and did it in style… 2 i may add. 1st half dominant passing, pressing and possesion with quality runs, dribbles and finishes from our front 3 boys in Alexis, Ozil and walcott. All thats missing is a left footed alexis type for the RW because Ramsey is a central midfielder, did well but not a winger! 2nf half closed down the space, pressed and supported every player wearing the badge today… ate all up utds attack was in near enough no danger. Very happy and very impressed.

    Moving forward though, Bayern won 5-1 at home to Dortmund today also so champions league is going to be extra difficult to get out of the group and i dont think we can considern bayerns form but if we play like this today home/away we are in for 2 cracker european games ?

    Nobody is hiding and saying wenger out but look its one game, if we win the league the by all means the AOB (me incl) will say we were wrong and Wenger knew what he was doing but imo and others he has to win the league to stay at Arsenal.

  30. Manager Merry-go-round

    Klopp to Liverpool
    McClaren will be sacked by January
    Brendan Rogers to Newcastle
    End of Season Mourinho sacked
    Ancelotti to Chelsea
    McClaren to god knows lol

  31. Very very happy with. Sanchez ( He runs the show), Coquelin, Cech. Walcott. ( never have seen him run so muce h).

    Not happy with: Ramsey, Giroud, Merti. ( We need to exchang them with better quality).Thses misses where so bad, i felt truly sick watching them miss them.

    The others did very good and i salute them.

    Dont hate man. Let us be happy today. Mayb we should give up on the Cl and play only for the leauge.

  32. If we put that much effort in and played at that tempo every week , people like me would have no reason to complain …

    We got at them , we wanted it more , we had a game plan , we changed a game plan and shut them out !

    We should be doing this week in week out , do this for the rest of the season wenger and u will win me back , I’m not anti wenger , I’m anti poor football … And that was anything but poor football !

    Credit where it’s due , we were superb from top to bottom !

  33. The Headline is not flattering at all..

    I mean we just gave Manchester United a proper trashing at long last!

    ‘Awesome Arsenal crush, destroy and dismantle sorry United team’

    More like it

  34. It feels so good to see so many gooner happy . We deserve it after all!!! We must continue focus on our game because we have a difficult programme

  35. Over the moon today! I hope this sparks off a good run for us. Last season that 2-0 against city got us off to brilliant run. I hope the confidence boost of beating a big team convincingly sparks off a good run of results.

  36. wenger out…
    typical”just arsenal” moment bashing wenger another praising him as a 20 minutes football I’ve watched in a long time.hoping for improved incisiveness front of goal.

  37. In a pre-match comment I suggested United would win, I was wrong and happy to admit it.
    I am one of many who have been critical of Wenger`s selections but this time both he and I selected the same eleven (aren`t I clever?) so I had no excuses had we lost. Well done Arsenal and well done Wenger.

  38. As a side note – we just walked Man Utd’s very expensive attack back to their play pen, locked the door and patted them on the head…without Koscielny. Seriously our best defender was in the stands and we still made Rooney, Martial, Mata and Depay look about as threatening as a bar of soap. Nice to see Gabriel keeping it nice and tight. Coquelin, Bellerin, Monreal all had great games to boot. I can’t even moan about Mertesacker (though he tried to give them chances as best as he could :-P)

  39. What an absolutely flawless first 20 mins from arsenal, the best I’ve seen in ages. I was in a dream land at half time. Hope we become more consistent after this moral boosting win…… UP GUNNERS!

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