Arsenal v Monaco review – Stunned Gunners killed by caution

It was important for Arsenal to get a good start and put early pressure on Monaco tonight and we did that for about FIVE MEASLY MINUTES, and it was all downhill from there. After using our pace and the wide areas well and getting the French team in a bit of a spin, the visitors soon started to settle down and get into the game and the Gunners just let them.

Once they had a couple of good opportunities it made us cautious as concern about their defensive record and the away goal problem kicked in. The attitude was understandable but it ruined our play, especially going forwards as moves broke down and we couldn’t find any fluency, which made Monaco’s job easy and let them attack us. With great success.

There were some 1st half chances for Arsenal and better ones than the few Monaco managed, but after Giroud spurned one before halftime, we were punished with the away goal that we had been desperate to avoid. Kondogbia’s deflected shot left Ospina rooted. A bit unlucky but he should never had the freedom of the pitch.

It was going badly wrong and Wenger had a massive job to get the Gunners sorted out for the second half. A good start would be to replace the lacklustre Ozil. The manager made no changes but we should have been level after 5 minutes when Cazorla won a free kick and found him but his header was poor.

THen we hit the self destruct and left ourselves exposed at the back. Mertesacker lost his man who found Berbatov to score a second and leave our Champions League hopes in tatters. When Giroud ballooned over an open goal, that seemed to seal our doom.

Giroud went off for Walcott who almost got us back into it but his shot was blocked and then he deflected Welbeck’s on target shot over the bar to just about sum up our night. Chamberlain had replaced Coquelin and our pressing left us dangerously exposed to a third.

They nearly did before the Ox gave us a lifeline right at the end with a great curling strike, only for him to then make the mistake that let Monaco crush our fading hopes with a breakaway third goal.

An absolute disaster for Arsenal.

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  1. muffdiver says:

    Don’t worry, Gooners, it’s not WINNING the Champions League that matters, it’s QUALIFYING.

    1. AlmiR says:

      next year we will win it LOL

      1. galaxygooner says:

        Mertesacker my god. Against fast teams and quick players, he is only as good as a lamp post.
        Every single monaco players is good on the ball and can retain possession under pressure. Our so called mascot cannot trap a ball
        Arsenal needs at least a 7 player clear out.
        Shocking the performance.

      2. juhislihis says:

        Özil was equally s*it to Cazorla and everyone else on the pitch. How the hell you gave Giroud more for missing sitters?

        1. Kay123 says:

          How can someone just blame one player today, the team was woeful, esp the defence, not just because of the goals but the extremely slow side to side passing by the two centre backs, frustrating the attacking players

          1. muffdiver says:


            what were u saying to me earlier about giroud an costa u fecking c*nt

            bet u feel real proud now twat

            1. almostawinner says:

              lets not play mert any more. everyone else lacked energy: i dont know what AW says to them in the dressing room: he must be an awful motivator.

              1. muffdiver says:

                he is unfortunately.
                he doesnt do the shouting an hollering.
                same as during game- nothing

        2. ritblitz says:

          I did not watch the match… Thankfully.. But this is what I was fearing when oil came back in the squad….can be good against slow, bottom half premier League teams only…
          Wenger will loose his job with his imaginary and delusional thoughts of oil quality!

      3. muffdiver says:

        we are third tier in europe now.

        lost 3-1 to a third tier european team. drew 3-3 at home with a fourth tier european team (anderlecht)

        havent reached quarter finals in 6 years

        we are third tier

        1. muffdiver says:

          and this third tier who beat us today was missing HALF there team.

          sorry but dont care about fourth place anymore

          1. muffdiver says:

            hows this for an idea:

            we need to get 5th or 6th this year- why?

            cos at least in the europa league we can actually win the competition.

            as long as wengers in charge i HOPE we get europa league- because i want trophies- we want trophies- an thats our only chance

            1. muffdiver says:

              u lot must enjoy being failures in champions league then.

      4. phil-thompsons-nose says:

        Sanchez was the only player with heart.
        Giroud back to his old tricks missing everything and proving it was actually harder to miss than score- utter donkey!
        Clearly we have only one decent centre half in koscienly – mertesacker is useless and we will only win the race for the top4 with poor heartless players like him and giroud!
        I mentioned it a month or so ago that ozil is a quality player – but he is heartless and has no passion.. Certainly not worth £42 m
        We need a serious look in the mirror tonight..
        Very very poor.

        1. almostawinner says:

          mert should be backup for gabriel from now on.

          giroud,welbecK : we lack a worldclass CF.
          but nobody had energy today: what does wenger say to them before the game??
          esp for game1 of CL round of 16: he really has an awful record.

        2. Trudeau says:

          Sorry but as one of the poor unfortunate souls who was at the game, Sanchez my have played with heart but he didn’t play with his head. Mindless dribbling, wayward passing and one play in injury time after Ox scored summed up his night – Gibbs had the ball on the left just inside the Monaco half, Sanchez was out wide with acres of space to run into and yet he just stood there, waiting for Gibbs to make a lateral pass. Yes I’m having a go at him and it probably isn’t fair because everyone was poor with possibly the exception of Coquelin and Gibbs. What a miserable night to make a rare appearance at Emirates. At least it was a free ticket.

      5. galaxygooner says:

        Wenger either gets the players who can play his philosophy or call it quits. Where is the attack with pace, power, intelligence and precision.
        Give Monaco Aguero and cazorla and they will be smashing us all day long.

        1. muffdiver says:

          wenger just sat there!!

          he watch us fall apart an sat there.

          im heartbroken

      6. jaweant says:

        I said too. With Ozil back we haven’t learned how to play together. You guys still wish Szes was gone? He’s bigger. Stronger. Could’ve helped. I can’t believe how Sh@t that was!

      7. Wazzzimbo says:

        Gibbs & Mertesacker got di**ed on. As a Tunisian, I’ve watched Abdennour on many occasions, and I was skeptical to make a big score prediction with good reason, he is a TANK. I can live with a lucky deflection, but to get shat on by a team that scored 4 goals in 6 games in their qualifiers (on counter attacks) is abysmal. I want to say where there is a will there is a chance, but they haven’t conceded more than 3 goals since the start of the season, and to do it at their place will be a near impossible job.

    2. Dan.M says:

      Deluded fans thinking we play good football and giroud is good. Yes we do. Against middlesborough

      We are not a good team anymore play so boring never direct at all

      1. Trudeau says:

        Yes Ox scored great goal but then he lost his head for the rest of injury time and gave the ball away three times. There was no man of the match for Arsenal tonight.

    3. KickAssFan says:

      Culprits: Ozil, Mertesecker and Giroud.

      1. Mesut O-healed says:

        Everyone is to blame because no one showed up. You could’ve placed 11 Arsenal statues on the pitch and they would’ve had a better game

    4. kzm says:

      I’m really disappointed with the result anD i can find blame on so many players. But truth is we were Also a bit unlucky,we were sort of running on luck over the past few matches

    5. SoOpa AeoN says:


      1. Mesut O-healed says:

        Hell yeah they are the easiest draw, we just played like garbage! Would you have rather had Real Madrid/Barca/Bayern or Monaco?

        1. muffdiver says:

          man look at the posts from this morning-

          people here saying we can do barca real an bayern on route to champions league glory

          so delusional, its fine- we will beat everton or aston villa an everyone will swear we are contenders, giroud is quality etc

    6. ranger says:

      And the grammy award goes to merts@#ker
      fans reacctin= yaaaaaaaaaaay yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BFG lol

      1. muffdiver says:



        mood lifted!!

    7. SoOpa AeoN says:


    8. eloaking says:

      Typical Wenger

    9. sam-afc says:

      Hahaha yeah that’s true.

    10. Twig says:


      At least quote your source!

    11. joejoe says:

      After tonight MY MIND IS MADE UP ABOUT THE ABILITY OF THIS TEAM. Anything they achieve this season is a plus. WILL NEVER EVER RELY ON THIS TEAM FOR CONSISTENCY.

    12. joeboy says:

      Let’s be honest though does it matter that we lost tonight as we are never going to win it under wenger anyway let alone this season as this season has been so piss poor!
      Poor Emirates cup
      Drew with city at home
      Lost to a poor Utd at home
      Drew with spuds at horn
      Lost to spuds away
      Finished second in the champ league group again!
      Should of lost to stoke 4-0 away
      And once again fighting for the the glorified fourth trophy wenger loves ever so much

    13. sam-afc says:

      4-0 at Monaco…. Good luck with that

    14. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:


    15. disgusted1 says:

      Can’t say I didn’t told you so I keep saying that Mert. Is the worst player in the EPL and the only good thing for us is that he might loose his place in the team. if it was Kos in the centre of the park for the third goal it wouldn’t have happen Mert should have come accross and push the opposing fplayer wide, all three goals were his fault as well as Ospina’s.

      I keep saying Welbeck is and will always be poor and we saw it tonight but now that chamberlin is back I hope I stays and rot on the bench.

    16. Disturbance says:

      Dude.. I left a date, to come and see the MIGHTY ARSENAL play… Wengers really gotta go. I really don’t think he can screw it up any more than he did till now. Every season when the important games come, he does it again! We were uninterested and that hurt me more than the result..

    17. SoOpa AeoN says:

      we Let a 34yr oLd Ex FuLham player put a ball in our net while all our ballerinas were attending a ball

    18. almostawinner says:

      awful discipline by mert. he should never go past the halfway line. in fact, he should not play any more for arsenal.

  2. GOONSTER says:

    We are terrible..

    1. muda says:

      in the second leg, arsenal will win 2_0 and go out on goal aggregate. same old story every f%cking time.

  3. KickAssFan says:

    A minute of silence, please.

    1. muffdiver says:

      *grabs foghorn, creeps behind wenger….

      1. KickAssFan says:


  4. juhislihis says:

    Out of CL, now we can focus on our real trophy: The Wenger Trophy.

    1. muffdiver says:

      what for!!

      we need fifth – we can actually compete in europa league!

    2. disgusted1 says:

      I am a Wenger out BUT honestly can’t blame wenger for tonight the team played atrocious Giroud was awful he got 4 clear chances Welbeck too had chances and that’s where we lost the match. Oh and sorry RHINO lived up to his name.

  5. ranger says:

    every year the same story
    i just lost 95 min of my sleep
    miss the old Arsenal

  6. andyarsenal05 says:

    Wow. This game started out us playing well. Then we started playing a bit slow and let Monaco slowly rise. Then they scored and we played worse and worse. It went to poor play then disgusting and lastly even as an Arsenal fan laughable watching a top team playing like this and conceding a goal like that in such top competition. Here are some key sad points

    1. Mert and Kos keep holding the ball so long. Making the midfield to go back and get the ball resulting in very slow build up.

    2. I kept wondering are playing with wingers our 3 CF at once. No width at all in this game.

    3. 1st goal has to say it was bizarre but come on Arsenal still didn’t step up the game.

    4. Ozil. What the f**k was that free kick.

    5. Giroud wow. I was such a big fan of you since you came on to Arsenal. Defended you when you play poor but this time I’m sorry dude. Even if your having a poor game you don’t miss that kind of chance.

    6. Altidore. Damn, what a defender. Looking at our defenders its men and boys compared to him.

    To be honest i started writing this while watching since the 80th min. Hoping for a goal and my God what a goal was it by Ox but it is sad that a team of the quality of Arsenal had to score thanks to a moment magic instead of great play. What the hell was Merts doing not throwing himself to block the shot. Seriously? Wow. Thanx Captain. Thank you so much.

  7. Mesut O-healed says:

    We just managed to out-shit all of the other English squads in the UCL.

  8. gooner954 says:

    Have a chance of winning at their ground if we drop the rhino mertesacker was shocking get gabriel in there

    1. Twig says:

      1 – 0 is a win, but it’s useless.

  9. Greg says:

    Very poor performance!

  10. RWRW says:

    I don’t blame OX for one minute. He did something in 5 minutes that the rest of those fcuking bottlejobs couldn’t do… TRY TO FCUKING SCORE

  11. Mesut O-healed says:

    On an optimistic note, we tend to play better in second legs.

    1. Mesut O-healed says:

      another optimistic note – maybe we will show up against Everton this weekend

  12. NIKK says:

    Thank you Mr Wenger!
    Please close the door on your way out.

  13. reddb10 says:

    Once again we see
    ozil is a waste of money.
    Mert is slower than mist.
    Giroud and welbeck can’t play together.
    cazorla is back to mediocrity
    Sanchez is our only consistent player
    and wenger just looks lost.
    If this was a good draw I hate to think what a bad draw would have meant.

    1. RSH says:

      Cazorla not as bad as you guys wanted him to be today. Its well known hes best in CAM, but then Ozil came back and took his spot just because he cost 42 mill. Want the best out of Cazorla, thats where you play him. I personally dont give a flying shit how much Ozil cost, Cazorla is our best CAM, and he always has been. 12-13 season he was outstanding, and when Ozil was injured he was outstanding. Its no coincidence. But now we are about to lose him to Atletico.

  14. arsenalman365 says:

    That is why Szczesny>Ospina. Ospina should be saving the first and last. Szczesny would have saved at least 2 goals imo.

    1. Tidan2 says:

      bullshit, the first goal was a rebound in the opposite direction, no one can save those.

    2. arsenalman365 says:

      The last goal was terribly conceded. Never seen Szczesny concede from a shot so weak and close to his body. Ospina was poor.

    3. Mesut O-healed says:

      No offense, but GTFO here with that.

    4. RSH says:

      spot on. People only thumbing you down because they are the ones who insulted Szczesny for weeks instead of getting behind him. Szczesny is the way better shot stopper, taller, and wouldve saved us on two of those goals. None of our keepers are good enough to be honest, but Ospina is no improvement over Szczesny.

  15. Budd says:

    Prepare to see Gabriel paired with Chambers next season

    1. muffdiver says:

      yep hear that 100% budd

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      How about from now on…Send Ozil to the reserves. Dude is afraid of contact. Kondogbia scared the sh*t out of him time after time…

      1. muffdiver says:

        funny thing is everyone here is hyping kondogbia- hes good but not that good, its just we were so poor.

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          Kondogbia is a strong player who would be better off playing for us alongside LeCog…

  16. Matt says:

    To think we fans pay ticket prices to watch that load of f*cking horse shit

  17. ButtFlaps says:

    Very upset always to Giruod. We need top top top strikers!!!

  18. muffdiver says:

    wenger and arsenal have cemented there status as a third tier european team tonight.

    well done, arsenal, well done

    who knows we might WIN a QUARTER final one season- 6 years we have now tried to reach the PROMISED LAND of a QUARTER final

  19. phil-thompsons-nose says:

    Not wanting to sound negative but the only thing that mertesacker and Giroud will win is the race for 4th place!
    Good enough for 4th – but against European teams – still utter shite!
    God help us if we ever had to play Barca madrid or Bayern..
    Still, the 4th place glory hunters will still be happy with clinching top 4 and then coming back next year to watch the same dross..

  20. John Legend says:

    It is a curse perhaps.

    1. John Legend says:

      We did not have a proper game plan in my opinion.

      The game was won in the middle. Kondogbia was enough for our midfield.

      Arsene looked out of sorts.

      We should have drawn a more scary team like Atletico or Barca or Madrid perhaps we would have had a better game.

    2. RSH says:

      because Wenger is manager and he sucks. No other team in the tournament would’ve lost to Monaco besides us.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Yet, they topped their group…So they beat someone.

        1. RSH says:

          *left in the tournament. I would even put money on Neverkusen doing better this time


  22. Mesut O-healed says:

    We have all these creative player but we look like we don’t know what we’re doing.

  23. Greg says:

    Why didnt the ox start in the first place? He was better than ozil!

  24. g00ner4lyf says:

    Credit to Monaco tbh, they owned us today.

    1. RSH says:

      they werent even that good in 1st half. We just didnt play and gave them confidence honestly. 2nd half they destroyed us though and we got what we deserved.

  25. Matt says:

    I just don’t know why Wenger loves shit players like Mertesaker, he is a fat, lanky, useless snail

  26. gooner4ever says:

    That was f*cking embarrassing !!!!
    I nearly smashed my house and broke my hand while doing this!!!!
    Our manager is so CLUELESS and NAIVE and CAN’T motivate our players!!!’
    And most of our players are a bunch of f*cking pussies!!!

  27. mesüt says:

    Well that escalated quickly. But arsenal can never surprise you.

  28. reddb10 says:

    Oh and FFS take the captains armband off that plank

  29. GOONSTER says:

    How easy is it to play counter against us??????

    As I said The City game was a fluke. Spuds, Crystal Palace and now Monaco have proved it..

  30. jackieboy says:

    Seriously we need a serious change. Wengers time is done, in fact it was done a long time ago. We’re not even close to challenging on all fronts let alone winning trophies of this magnitude, not while he is in charge. 4th place is not a trophy you soppy French cu*t!

  31. sanmi.marvellous says:

    de jàvu

    the 3rd goal technically put nail to our aspiration’s coffin.

  32. Greg says:

    Mertesacker was very poor by all standards today! What a disgrace!

  33. fred cowardly says:

    Seriously, we aren’t beating United in FA Cup playing like this.

    I feel so sick inside my stomach
    Total disgrace

    What a waste of a great draw

  34. Sumo says:

    I want to just laugh. After Bervatov scored i knew we are fcuked. Brayen defeated us 3-1 at home in 2012-13 campaing. Seriously? This is what it has come down to?

    2-1 was still achievable. 3-1 means we need to win 3-0 at Monaco.

    1. Mesut O-healed says:

      and not concede while doing so.

  35. Daedric_Lord says:

    no game plan as ever, and our defence is laways clueless, you cant attack with 4 defenders

  36. V.uren says:

    Seriously , apart from catching city unawares at the etihad …. What big game have we performed in this year ?

    We simply aren’t good enough !

    Forget that we lie 3rd in the table , we need fresh energy and ideas , no manager lasts forever !!!!!!

    1. GOONSTER says:

      I said after the Palace game that the City game was a fluke. We played them at a time they were dropping points, Aguero first game in a long time, Yaya missing, Nasri missing. And City had just lost to Middlesborough, drawn with Burnley, Crystal palace gave them a tough game etc. So we played City at the right time..

  37. gunnergl says:

    1. Im glad Wilshere didnt play, because he would have been the reason we lost accorind to all, although i think he would have made a difference.

    2. Someone tell bellerin he is a rb not rw.

    3. Ospina is no way better than szczesny, the deflection in mert was outside the box and the ball passed by his side.

    4. Giroud was so good in the last matches, but today he missed 3 goals ( 2 with the right and a header).

    5. Ozil wtf,rosicky no impact and im annoyed by walcott and no giving a F@k about defending or pressing.



  39. Sir Bee says:

    Let somebody pinch me

  40. Brendan says:

    Saw this tweet before the game, sums it all up really:

    “Arsenal will lose, then they’ll win 5 games, fans will say they’re back on track, then they’ll lose again. Repeat.”

    1. Wayne Barker says:

      Not even 5. Win 3 games then again lose an important game and then again win against the likes of burnley and will be proud

    2. RSH says:

      how do you think Wenger keeps his job? He loses all the important games, falls behind in EPL, but then acts like Messiah when we scrape 4th place.

  41. gooner954 says:

    gabriel for mertesacker for rest of season
    walcott for welbeck gave us width
    chamberlain for ozil or cazorla cannot play both against stronger teams

    1. rkw says:

      The f****** whippet was on for 30 mins and did jack sh** other than scuff a couple of decent chances…. Walcott wellbeck giroud and mert all out in the summer along with arteta flamini and Monreal but first out of the door should b the pasty faced bs manager who is now a bona fide disgrace to the club …. 10 years and all we have to show is a lucky fa cup against hull city …. Where’s the ambition in that? Oh I forgot we have a shiny new stadium with highest ticket prices on the planet and the board are happy ….his idiot backers on this site need to go back to their caves and hibernate for the next ten year so as club can move on

  42. AlmiR says:

    we cant beat shitty teams, than what to expect from big boys, tbh monaco shouldnt score one goal against us, they are crap in france, and they destroyed us on emirates

  43. Ig says:


  44. Redsoldier says:

    Very dissappointing performance by the gunners. Monaco just humbled us at home. Giroud had a very poor game because he had the best chances to score n he missed them…but then again no one played well today because we also conceded 3 goals….I said it in the last article, this was not a game for Merts….when facing a counterattacking team, gabs should play. very sad.

  45. ThirdManJW says:

    We have played four tough games this year, lost three of them, and have looked awful in all of those defeats. Apart from the ManC win, all our victories have come against poor/average opposition, games we should be winning anyway with the talent we have in our squad. Because of this I cannot understand for the life of me why fans think we’re improving or that maybe Wenger is still the right man for the job? Makes me laugh that fans keep thinking we’re going to stuff teams.

    All fans need to open their eyes and accept that Wenger has to go for us to reach the top again. How many times do have to keep folding in tough games for fans to realise this? We’re basically out of Europe now, because I can’t see us scoring three with out reply in France.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Save it dude…

      1. ThirdManJW says:


        Save what, the criticism? Should I applaud Wenger’s awful record against tough opposition or shall I just rave about how good he is when we go on a run of winning games against the likes of Villa, Middlesbrough, Brighton and Leicester?

        I don’t know about yourself, but I’m lucky enough to work from home, so I get to watch almost every Arsenal game live (around 90% of them this season), so I feel I’m in a great position to judge, and I promise you…we have been awful! Can’t even blame the injuries any more.

        1. ozgunner says:

          remember the good ol us of a iare hours behind the rest of the world NY gunner never watches the same game as the rest of us. I said in my last post how I dont have confidence ion our team anymore, how a manager can put together a squad that is an embarrassment o the true fans and doesnt do anything about it. These s…t players mertesucker, giroud, walcott and how the hell did you pay $20mil for welbeck. Sir Alex must be laughing all the way to bank and the rest dont have to worry about playing badly because the clueless manager doesnt punish them but continues to reward poor performances.Ho the hell is Per the captain… sums it all up a clueless, uninspiring player captain of a clueless, uninspiring team lead by a clueless uninspiring manager.

          1. NY_Gunner says:

            Says the guy from the colony on the other side of the world. I live in N. London dude, and happen to be closer to play than you…

        2. NY_Gunner says:

          If you’ve watched every game live, then you are well aware that AW is not the guy out on the pitch…

  46. RSH says:

    We couldn’t have asked for an easier draw. Horrible performances all around. Cazorla the best player again and that was only for 45 minutes. Ozil FLOPS again, yet I’m still going to see idiots defending him. Giroud flopped and missed easy sitters. Welbeck starting was AW’s fault when Theo was the VERY obvious option. I just have no words left to describe how disappointing Arsenal is as a club now. There is ZERO hope we will win anything significant under Wenger as I’ve always said. It’s well known he’s taken Arsenal as far as he possibly could, but wake up and look at this result. It’s disgusting.

  47. Greg says:

    Our defense was in total shambles, everytime monaco were on the attack! Heaven help us!

  48. Andrew U says:

    Anyone who watched Crystal Palace dominate Arsenal at the weekend knew that trouble was brewing for the UCL. This should be no surprise. The squad is not top quality in spite of what Wenger says.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Ozil is weak as h*ll. Offers zero on the defensive side and hardly ever has his head in the game. I don’t care how good he thread passes, it just does not equal up to his lack of involvement off the ball. Monaco came to play and fight for a win, not a draw. Mission accomplished by them…

  49. Aussie Jack says:

    As long as Giroud is the striker and Metesacker central defence Arsenal will go nowhere.
    Ozil offered nothing, as usual, and I have to say Sanchez is in danger of catching the Wenger disease. Poor show Arsenal but something we`ve learned to expect…..boring!

  50. LoCkAy says:

    You said it all… I don’t why some fans are panicking.
    As long as we finish top four we have done great.
    Keep paying those ridiculous ticket seats prices…lol
    Ozil and Sanchez wages represent the all Monaco salary mass (including staff: see France Football)

    We are officially Monaco B*TCHES…!!

    Mertesacker cannot even come back because he too SLOW…!!

    That is not a manager, Wenger does not even shake the Monaco manager hand… Sad loser and poor “found out” manager…



    The work ethic, the courage and the performance of this team was spot on. They have played with their strength…

    Why did Wenger sign for 3 more years…??
    May be because he is a shareholder or something else.
    Mourinho even wonder why he was in position for so long…!!
    Because any other manager would have been sacked long time ago.

    The “big” advantage he has, is that a great majority of Arsenal fan are satisfy with this bullshits…!!
    Monaco manager is 40 years old.



    We need to regroup because Everton is next…

  51. fred cowardly says:

    We could have used Kondogbia tonight

  52. Daedric_Lord says:

    hope this is the last year with wenger in charge, i dont want this humiliations anymore

  53. mesüt says:

    That was our best starting 11 we can’t field a much better 11 than that. That loss is totally the players fault nothing a manager can do.

    1. RWRW says:

      That is complete bullsiht!!!!!

      A manager can easily stand his lazy arse up and direct simple fcuking orders to his players. Like ‘Danny, stay the fcuk wide’ or ‘Mesut, you give one more ball away and your coming off’.

      Fcuking bottlejobs the lot of em

  54. Sumo says:

    This just depressing. It was Monaco. At least last year we had an excuse that Szczesny was sent off. This year 11 vs 11 and we fcuk ul so bad? And I think last year we played better than this shower.

    I am sure i will get dpression some day now.

  55. LoCkAy says:

    Souness complains about Welbeck playing wide…!!

    Welbeck cannot play wide or as a striker… That is why Man United had no problem to sell him and guess who were the suckers???

    Why is Walcott not playing ??????

    Giroud will be out of the Everton game because he missed few chances…!



  56. john0711 says:

    Totally disgusted 100s of monoco fans in the arsenal end not only celebrating but mocking the gunners fans I had to leave the game early or I would of kicked off, asking the steward why they can throw our own fans out for wearing a Wenger out top, but not away fans inciting the home fans
    Also anyone who says Giroud is good enough needs sectioning 3 chances from 8 yards or closer and no goals NOT GOOD ENOUGH
    Welbeck not good enough for UTD but plays every week for Arsenal
    Gibbs average
    Le Coq was found wanting tonight tbh

    we are not good enough forget CL and for they Pl thumb me down if you want but comment if you think otherwise

    1. phil-thompsons-nose says:

      Spot on..
      We aren’t good enough with the players you mentioned.. Only for top4 and then a repeat of this performance next season..
      What’s the point??

  57. RSH says:

    no chance of holding onto Cazorla anymore either. Gone this summer now.

  58. RSH says:

    Ozil still has some value left on him too. Better to sell him this summer so we can regain at least some of our money. Can someone name a big game where he played well please?

  59. JAmerican says:

    Missed the game again due to work but had it recorded. Maybe I’ll go ahead any delete it right away because it’s bad enough for me to hear or read about the game but seeing it I won’t do it to myself, not today. The one true thing that angers me though more than the loss besides it being a “home” game is the fact every time the players talk up a match they embarrass themselves right after. To let Berbatov an ex Spurs and Utd player score makes it even worse…

    1. Daedric_Lord says:

      better you dont watch it, really

    2. RSH says:

      I can describe the game to you right here
      First 5 minutes- Excellent
      Rest of 40 minutes- back pass, back pass, Giroud miss, back pass
      45-89- Mertesacker mistake, Giroud miss, Giroud miss, Giroud miss
      90 min- HOPE FROM OX…. BUT LETS ATTACK SOME MORE INSTEAD OF BEING GRATEFUL FOR PULL ONE BACK! At this point we had both fullbacks pushed up and all our attack midfielders on yet we still think we can be clever and dribble out of right spaces and throw EVERYONE forward except Koscielny.

      And Then Wenger got another contract extension.

  60. Roythelegoboy says:

    Chambers or Gabriel in for Mertesacker, atleast for now. Per has like one good game out of four.
    I can’t think of any player on our team that can held their head high after tonight. Todays desicion-making was just awful, passing the ball the completely other way of where the players made good runs etc. The pressing was either to slow or to desperate. No one cared enough to help a teammate out when being pressed by 3-4 monaco players. Everything was just so frustrating and awkward to watch. I’ll bet alot managers and players in the PL had real good smug smile on their face after tonight.

  61. sam-afc says:

    Don’t worry my fellow gooners we might just scrape a 2-1 against Everton to make it all better. Here’s to hoping lol

  62. phil-thompsons-nose says:

    Souness says it from a neutral..
    But actually tells it like a true arsenal fan..
    We need a manager with his passion..
    Everyone knows where we are going wrong but the imbecile content with 4th doesn’t..
    All will be forgiven after beating Everton on Sunday.. Won’t it..?

    1. NIKK says:

      Yes and Girouds name will be sung on terraces once again!

  63. marky958 says:

    Get that french old cu@t out of our club! Arsenal have become an embarassment to English football and the clubs fans!! WE are a laughing stock and the blame lies at WENGER!!!

  64. Cappieee says:

    This is a Terrible performance. Seriously, Wenger must leave at d end of d season. Am tired of dis crap. How is one supposed to sleep after dis heartbreak.

  65. Sir Bee says:

    ‘I think I’m just a little behind costa and aguero’-Giroud. You son of a thousand fathers, my kits running on d field can score more sitters than u fool

    1. muffdiver says:

      hahahahaha looool

  66. Wayne Barker says:

    The last 2 goals that we conceded were absolute shambolic. Mr Wenger champions league is a two legged battle, with the way we were playing I would have taken 2-0 or 2-1, conceding the third goal was just unacceptable.

    1. RSH says:

      2-0 was actually more beneficial to us than 3-1 :/

  67. john0711 says:

    Oh and by the way the Monoco fans were chanting
    How embarrassing

  68. gmv8 says:

    None of their goals would’ve been scored if we were playing the same way as we were playing against Man City. Inspite of Wenger going on about the counter attack, we turned up as if it would all be a breeze, and didn’t need to defend.

    Of course there were other problems like leaving the fastest players (Walcott and Ox) on the bench, so desperately needed to get behind their defence. I don’t know why Wellbeck took up central striker position – he is not a striker. Wellbeck needs to be the man on the bench in important matches not Walcott.

    We need to treat every match as if it’s an away match against Man City….

  69. kaybiks says:

    Trust me, Wenger doesn’t have a clue of what tactics is. How did Ozil last 90 minutes on the pitch. Santi was doing the job of two players while our record signing was busy throwing away his efforts. I thought Theo Walcott was coming on for Ozil for Alexis to play behind Giroud but it was Giroud out. Then Thomas for Santi instead of Ozil again. Wenger is delusional, trust me. He can’t lead arsenal to any glory again. Trust me. Wenger out.

  70. GOONSTER says:

    Play OZIL in the middle blah blah. He has played there in the Crystal palace game and against Monaco today, but as always went missing..

    The whole team lacked cohesion,

    Welbeck just seems to just run and run everywhere like a headless chicken. Lol.

    Sanchez is a fighter but as I have been saying since the season started, he has a lot to improve, his passing and link up is poor, he holds on to the ball for far too long. Needs to work on that.

    Overall we it was coming, all season we have been poor. Absolutely poor..

  71. mdma777 says:

    Wish Poldi was back….

  72. KickAssFan says:


  73. LagosGunner says:

    It’s absolutely shocking and disappointing to play in front of 60,000 fans in suck lackadaisical manner.

    If we crash out of the UCL, These players must beat Man Utd and win the F.A Cup as a way of saying sorry to the fans, nothing short of that.

    1. RSH says:

      nope. Man Utd is a big game. It seems to be an Arsenal tradition to lose those.

  74. gooner954 says:

    time for wenger to go upstairs either now or end of season cannot coach a very talented bunch of players
    we need to be balanced not so attack sided in an important champs league match

  75. jonnhirons says:

    One ray of light for us arsenal fans.
    Imagine what would have happened if their team wasnt decimated by injury.

  76. Gigi2 says:

    I am done
    Simply too much suffering.
    A Divine intervention gave us a MASSIVE chance of going through and some were even thinking wonning it, and why not, we have several players capable of anything.
    I am more tan ever so sure that Wenger cant and wont be able ever to give a motivational speech, like I am sure Simeone does.
    We wont win the league, we will have a hell of a battle for UCL positions, (and what for one kight ask oneself) and we wont win vs ManU because …wel the same reasons why we lost tonight.
    I am done, since a while ago but this confirm my fears, enough sufffering.

  77. jonnhirons says:

    Giroud, Welbeck,Cazorla, Ozil, Mert, Gibbs should all be dropped for our next game, Apkom, walcott, Ox, rosicky and gabriel should all be given their chance at the weekend!!

    1. HA559 says:

      Those players you list there that should come in, out of them who would actually defend for us.

      Our full backs went gungho from the first minute and that made it difficult for both centrebacks. That is why I rate Monreal more than Gibbs, Monreal has a good discipline

      1. jonnhirons says:

        All of them, the reason we are so shocking is because we do not defend as a team, one full unit.

  78. RSH says:

    Szczesny wouldve done better lets be honest today. I know you all give him stick, but Szczesny is a damn good shot stopper and wouldve stopped the 1st goal (WTFFFF on that Ospina??)

    1. HA559 says:

      Most of the time Scszesny just watches shots go by him. If he was that good why didn’t he stop those shots vs Bayern, not last season but the season before when we lost 3-1 in the first leg?

      1. RSH says:

        he’s not that good but he’s no worse than Ospina. And you wanna talk about giving up on shots right after Opsina just topples over like an idiot on the first goal which WAS saveable. If that was Szczesny someone wouldve cut his head off.

  79. AlmiR says:

    When Berbatov says he wanted it more you got problems! Carragher LOL

  80. funky.D says:

    Hi guys, I know we all feel bad today. Luck was not on our side today atall, starting from the deflected goal, 2 unnecessary counters dt turned out to be goals to Girouds miss of the rebound shot nd Walcott blocking Wellbecks shot. One of us said here earlier that we need a bit of luck in the CL. Let’s hope dt luck comes in the 2nd leg. Some players like Ozil were lost in the match. I would like to Walcott nd the Ox start in the 2nd leg. Chill out guys…

    1. kam says:

      The result has noting do with being unlucky, its down to poor performance.

    2. HA559 says:

      I understand what your saying. But our approach was wrong after 5minutes. Monaco only scored 4 in 6 group games, yet here they are away at Arsenal scoring 3 in one game.

    3. ozgunner says:

      remember the good ol us of a iare hours behind the rest of the world NY gunner never watches the same game as the rest of us. I said in my last post how I dont have confidence ion our team anymore, how a manager can put together a squad that is an embarrassment o the true fans and doesnt do anything about it. These s…t players mertesucker, giroud, walcott and how the hell did you pay $20mil for welbeck. Sir Alex must be laughing all the way to bank and the rest dont have to worry about playing badly because the clueless manager doesnt punish them but continues to reward poor performances.How the hell is Per the captain… sums it all up a clueless, uninspiring player captain of a clueless, uninspiring team lead by a clueless uninspiring manager.

      What the hell do you twits see in Walcott? no positional sense, doesnt use his supposed speed, hopeless as a striker/winger, worse than Ozil yet trys to play like him and ha sthe same lazy mentality in not helping out. I only rate Ozil because he can be a match winner but it is up to the manager to push him, to be a team player… Wenger…. heard of the bench when they dont perform or listen?

  81. kam says:

    Berbatov, “Arsenal are a good team but
    today we wanted to win more than
    them. We were fighting all over
    the pitch, winning our challenges
    and scored the goals. Football is
    about goals and today we scored
    three and we won.
    “For a team like Arsenal I don’t
    think they can allow themselves to
    underestimate, but if they did it
    then it’s bad for them because
    you can see in the pitch that we

    1. muffdiver says:

      f*ck u dimitar u bulgarian son of a wh*re.
      i will literally sk*ll f*ck your wife into submission.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Think you need to get some dude…Quick…

  82. AlmiR says:

    Who cares, we lost, its not like we would win ucl, this is who we are, its our culture, 4th place max and occesionally cup, get used to it!!!

  83. HA559 says:

    Discipline was a big problem today. Even a 2-1 defeat wouldn’t have been bad after what happened throughout the 90 minute. But even after scoring that one goal, you saw how high the defence was still playing, looking for a second goal not realizing there would be another 90 to play for in a few weeks.

    I don’t know why we have to automatically start playing a high line after 50 minutes as it was still 1-0. But that cost us the next two goals.

  84. HA559 says:

    I told you guys as well performancees matter, and bad ones will catch up eventually, especially if your Arsenal. We got away with it a couple weeks back with the same thing against Leicester, a better team came and won today. Palace almost got a deserved equalizer as well.

  85. davidrusa says:

    I have overtime realised that this is the least reactive Arsenal side in recent memory. Arsenal teams were always known for reacting to situations, not this one. I have observed that once a team scores first against us that will almost certainly be a loss for us or at best a draw. Previously our boys would fight to the end. Not anymore. What has gone wrong? Can the manager take the boys back to a fighting spirit which is now totally dead. Why were the boys so tired? Why not give Mertesacker a one month’s break and let Gabriel play? Why was Gibbs brought in to replace Monreal? Why didn’t Walcott start? All these are questions that need answers. Why wasn’t Ozil substituted when it needed players with a fighting spirit. You cannot have Cazorla and Ozil playing together and claim you intend to fight to the hilt. It is simply self deception because these two have no fight in them. Wenger should also learn that once his Lilliputians get overpowered they completely lose the plot. Let Arsenal put a halt to buying small players because they get lost against teams with big people. This was really sorrowful and none of us can pretend it is normal. It was as disgusting as it was embarrassing! No true gooner can ever take this lightly. There is no reason why we should spend so much money on people who can’t be composed and perform more so at home. The next step should be a miniature overhaul of the team. Those who have excelled in mediocrity should be released by the club.

  86. funky.D says:

    Mert looked confused all through

  87. kam says:

    In the group stage Monaco played teams like Leverkusen, Zenit, Benfica and they manage to score only Four goals both on away and home matches.But on one game against Arsenal at Emirates, on the first leg match they scored three goals.

  88. g00ner4lyf says:

    Monaco aren’t getting enough credit. We all expected them to be backs to the wall and Wenger picked an attacking line which reflected this. They surprised us, that’s for sure, and Wenger has learnt an expensive lesson today about playing Cazorla and Ozil in the same team.

  89. NIKK says:

    Our hold up and flick play was crap today!

  90. mike1977 says:

    Players like Ozil should be put on minimum wage and forced to work in a crap job for a few weeks for him to appreciate what a luxury it is to be given £140,000 per week to do something you love doing. I find it ridiculous that these idiots get paid a fortune and show no hunger or desire to win. We turned up with a “Yeh but we’ve got the easiest draw” attitude and it backfired gigantically. Sanchez was our only player who showed anything remotely like what we should be like but even then he kept the ball to himself longer than he should have (although with the way the rest of the team were playing who could blame him). So yet again we face another second leg of having to go gung-ho for the jugular rather than doing the right thing and trying to get a result in the first game. If i’m being honest i only really blame Mert for the second goal as the first couldn’t be avoided. Ospina could hardly do much better with the 3rd either. But in total 3 players need a f*cking rollicking and they are Mert, Ozil and Giroud. We are out of the UCL as far as I’m concerned. A team that only conceded 1 in 6 group games ain’t gonna concede 3 at home in one game. Cheers Arsene!!

  91. Wayne Barker says:

    Our fans today were joke, hardly made any noise. the only time I could hear them was whenever berbatov touched the ball. We were more busy in booing ex MU and Spurs player that we forgot to cheer our player. When will our fans grow up

    1. RWRW says:

      Thank you mate, finally someone has pointed that out too. From minute one we were fcuking silent. Shame on every single one of you who were at emirates today. Quite frankly the fans attended deserved a loss.

      1. Wayne Barker says:

        Gone are those highbury days mate. Today’s generation of arsenal fans ( sorry to say) are more obsessed with opponents. There were times when our fans used to stand toe to toe with the likes of Man united fans . there are couple of co workers of mine who are arsenal fans and half the time they talk about how much they hate Fabregas and RVP. Get over with it. I say the same here, let us take one game at a time and not get overconfident.

        I have received a lots of dislike for saying this but Giroud does not deserve to be our first choice striker. We can slate bash rvp all we want but in his peak he did much much more than Giroud. Which other top club right now will take giroud. Manchester united’s striker this season are in huge poor form but still they wont pick giroud over Falcao. Hell they will play without a striker than playing giroud. Same with Liverpool or chelsea or Man city. No top club who aspires to win trophies will have giroud as their striker.

        1. RWRW says:

          Quite frankly. Moving to the emirates has been nothing but a an increased income to the powers that be. I’d move back to highbury tomorrow if it meant the slightest bit of atmosphere.

          As for your point regarding us talking about our opponents- couldn’t agree with you more.

          It’s about time we start looking internally and start addressing serious issues like WENGER OUT!!!

  92. GOONSTER says:

    Now that The Ox is back and Wilshere, lets play one of them in the B2B position and let Cazorla do what he does best, let him control the game by floating around the pitch..

    Play Walcott and Sanchez on the wings..

    Play Giroud up front..

  93. mike1977 says:

    Does anyone have an idea of Kondogbia’s value? He is a seriously top notch DM.

    1. muffdiver says:

      hes good but not that good-

      why would he leave a team that just rolled us over at home.

      1. mike1977 says:

        Agreed, Muff, but he looks a top talent. Stupid thing is that we have a team that can do anyone over but it takes commitment and passion and tonight we had neither. It’s about time we treated these two leg games as two cup finals and stopped f*cking about.

  94. fred cowardly says:

    I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight

    Well at least we have 4th place trophy and maybe FA Cup

  95. cboy says:

    Arsenal’s Road To The Champions League For The Past 5 Years.. 
     1. Finish 4th 
    2. Advance from UCL Qualification
     3. Advance from UCL Groups 
    4. Lose in knockout last 16(1st Leg) for UCL 
    5. Put up a superb/’Never Say Die’ performance in the return Leg but still get knocked out thanks to “4”.. 
    5. Go to Step 1………….#StoryOfOurLives

    1. arsenalvienna says:

      we finished 3rd in 2012 😉

  96. RichSAAlao says:

    Is it not curious? they are still celebrating the invincibles. monseour wemger is a callous great grand match-fixer, maybe a murderer too. HOW CAN A COACH OF HIS STATUS be in mess like this, could get players to obey instruct or they did d executioner. he should have commented he is short of words

  97. Hafiz Rahman says:

    wenger out!

  98. ger burke says:

    so , do the little boys on here who were shouting and crowing that we were going to win two cups this year still think so after that performance tonight lol. and with the best number ten in the world playing for us as well !!!. wow , what happened to all your macho predictions eh?.do you still think the bug eyed ozil the owful is the best 10 in the world , and what about winning the champions league now chaps , what a shower of wa**ers you fools are .

    1. RSH says:

      cant believe a few days ago I had to explain why we wouldn’t win UCL… yes, some teams get lucky, but they EARN their luck. What did we do to earn our luck besides play a bunch of backpasses?

  99. Mick The Gooner says:

    End of the line. Line in the sand. Whatever you want to call it, this is it. Per Mertesacker is not good enough to be a first choice Arsenal centre back. It’s not a knee-jerk reaction, this has happened far too many times this season. I’ve reluctantly put most of his mistakes down to the absence of Koscielny, but now there’s no excuse. Gabriel starts against Everton so far as I’m concerned, and starts until there’s a reason he shouldn’t be started.

  100. arsenalvienna says:

    This Arsenal team should have been on the pitch today vs Monaco:

    Bellerin Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Coquelin Flamini
    Walcott Cazorla Sanchez

    Gabriel over Mert when you play against a counter team
    Flamini because with a stronger defensive midfield we would have been less vulnerable against their counter attacks
    Cazorla in off midfied. in def midfield he is clearly misplaced
    Theo over Welbeck because one is worldclass and the other is simply not
    If Giroud has a bad night move Theo upfront and bring Ox for the right wing
    NO Özil because he is simply shit. Cant compare this man to the one he was at Werder
    Bremen where he knew how to fight.

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