Arsenal v Newcastle Player Ratings – A masterclass display

Here are the ratings for last night’s game against Newcastle…

Bernd Leno – 6
Another easy game for the big German.

Cédric Soares – 7
I think the Arsenal fans are growing to like his style. Good game and good attacking moves too..

Rob Holding – 7
The master defender at the moment. Deserves the praise he is getting.

David Luiz – 6
Everyone looks good playing beside Holding!

Kieran Tierney – 6
Good game down the wing. Maybe not as commending as usual.

Thomas Partey – 7
Great to have him back, and a well-earned assist. We will improve if he plays regularly.

Granit Xhaka – 7
Another great game for the big Swiss. Could be the perfect partner for Tommy.

Bukayo Saka – 8
The energizer bunny cannot be stopped at the moment. Full of energy and zest.

Emile Smith Rowe – 8
Brilliant assist. He will be very hard for Arteta to drop.

Alexandre Lacazette – 7
Didn’t score but worked as hard as usual.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 18: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal celebrates after scoring their team’s first goal during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle United at Emirates Stadium. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 8.5
The Pink Panther is back! I want to see him score every game from now on. My Captain!

Martinelli (82 min) – Needed a run out I think.

Elneny (67 min) – 5
Nothing to complain about from me.

Willian (79 min) – N/A

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  1. Overall we’re having a bad season, but we have some excellent players not at their peak yet,
    Bellerin, Leno,gab,holding,
    Tierney, Partey, martinelle, saka, bolloguin, ESR, Amn,
    And more from the under 23.

    1. AubaLacaSala is an effortless Hit song for fans to sing. Number 1 in EpL and Europe.

      No wonder we are bossing that way.

      I wish Arteta saw this since season start instead all his William Ceballos Luiz first picks….

      Beyond that, it is so obvious as it is to say AubaLacaSaka!

      To not see this all that time had me simply stop comments. Useless to repeat and sing this AubalacaSaka alone,

      I got slammed here for that!

  2. Partey was MOTM for me. always plays forward, moves the ball fast, can handle pressure, and dribble, great passer.

  3. I hope Holding or Tierney could be our future captain. Arsenal also need to give Maitland-Niles some chances in the right DM and RB positions, otherwise I fear we’d lose him next season

    1. he was on same level as Partey, ESR, Saka, and even above Auba.
      but you see, football is a game where fans are sentimentally biased towards ‘who get the goals scored’, so attackers has edge, especially when 2 goals were scored by a player. thats why i agreed with the rating

        1. The rating has flaws. Don’t be like others who get carried away by 2 goals.
          Partey Or Saka but Partey for Me.
          Go back and watch the Game!

          And quit rating Holding… For he’s doing good but I don’t see him as Classic!

    2. I honestly thought he didn’t have a great game. Perhaps it’s because he’s next to Partey who’s just better at everything and Xhaka looked slow and immobile in comparison. However, almost all reviews seem to be very positive so happy to say my evaluation is probably off.

      1. Stop being biased..xhaka was has been phenomenal since he received the red red card against Burnley..he has really upped his game play

      2. @Sean M

        Xhaka vs Newcastle

        Most passes (53)
        Pass accuracy 96%
        Most recoveries (11)
        Most take-ons (3/3)
        Most amount of passes in the final third (17).

        Source: Dailystar

        1. Xhakz is brilliant against lower opposition, always has been. When he’s under pressure and is on the back foot then he is terrible

          He is consistent though…
          Consistently bad against goods teams znd consistently good against bad teams.

          1. @Mark consistent doesn’t mean always, it means if you average it out there’s a clear pattern.

            One or 2 decent games against better opposition a year doesn’t mean too much mate. Also good teams can also have off days. You have fixated on one part of what i said instead of looking at my whole statement. Xhaka is a decent player just cant handle a high press game.

          2. @ PJ-SA, give credit to who deserve it when due.. I am not a big fan of Xhaka, but he has been trying and consistently Doug well against strong opposition. Last season that we won fa cup and community shield, he was instrumental through out. We also won Liverpool in the league ( klopp first lose against arsenal), we won man city . since solkjear has taken over manu job, he has never won arsenal and Xhaka has been there except this season. Even Emery first season that we won manu( he scored a superb straight shot goal that make degea terrible). It got to a stage that aresena without Xhaka in the midfield, we became clue less. My question to you is this, since the day arsene Wenger signed him, all the coaches after arsene Wenger till Arteta have been using him? The guy might be sluggish and not technical enough but he is very hardworking and always devote himself to arsenal especially on the pitch….

        2. Twig, the only pass that matter most is like the one Partey gave Auba for the first goal and the second that initiated the second. Xhaka was in the position to make such several times last night with our attackers make themselves available only for him to pass back. Auba does not deserve the motm. It is between Saka,Smith and Partey for me.

        3. And how long did it take him to decide to make each pass I wonder? Now THAT would be a USEFUL stat, unlike all your other ones !

      3. No, your view is not wrong Sean! Last night, Xhaka had a half decent game playing against woeful oppponets who played like a rock bottom team.
        But XHAKA is nowhere near even adequate at desired top level and when put up against the mobile and talented PARTEY looks even more dreadful than he usually is.

        Xhaka is, frankly, too slow to even catch cold and must be sold ASAP!

        1. @jon fox, your comments lack substance as regards to Xaka. I smell hatred. A real football analysist will attest to the fact that Xaka is integral to our team. You are just a ranting fan with little football knowledge.

          1. That’s the point he is integral to a team that is in the bottom half of the table and one of the main reasons we are in that shocking state of affairs … does he perform better in some games than others … of course … but his default position is that of a championship level footballer … no team other than some hapless outfit in the bundesliga showed any interest in him when he wanted to leave … sums him up … the sooner he goes the sooner we can get back in to competing in top 4

          2. On the contrary soccerboy. I note you use the handle “boy” and assume, judging from how your comment is written and phrased, that you are decades younger than I am.

            I have been watching Arsenal since 1958 and do not flatter myself at all when I say I have a great deal of knowledge about football – in contrast to your inaccurate post.

            I generally find, with my longlife experience, that those who accuse others of “ranting” are in fact more prone to rant themsleves. Indeed , when comparing your post to mine I can conclude only that it is you who have “ranted”(to use your expression) not me.
            I also notice how very often people who choose to misuse the word “HATRED” for the mere opinion of another are in fact the intolerant ones themselves.

            I never misuse words and regard actual “hatred”( your term, again)as something quite outside my own personal life philosphy. It applies to certain others but to VERY few fans, IMO. We may have very widely varying opinions but actual hatred is something quite different and infinitely more sinister. As I hope you will agree, once you begin to think about it!

    3. Many of our players did well and the way you know this is that it is hard to determine the man of the match. Auba got two goals and we needed that. Saka and Smith Rowe continue to defy gravity and just keep on surging upwards for their ages. And then there is Partey. Look at that long pass to free Aubameyang for his first goal. World class. We miss that and he does it with so much ease. Fabregas was the one guy that did that constantly for us. Now we have Partey to ensure we break quickly and attack as often as possible. That transition from defense to attack is something he does so well in addition to his defensive duties of course. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have no clear favorite for man of the match.

      1. Xhaka had a good game, but even at his best, he is limited. he moves the ball so slow and he can’t cope with pressure, the exact opposite of Partey

  4. I would definitely not give Auba 8.5….7.5 at most

    Hasn’t been mentioned too much but the 1st goal was 100% keeper error, he went down way too early for some reason

    2nd goal was good control from a hard cross but still a tap in

    Can’t think of much else he did so great game yes….better than Saka and ESR definitely not

    1. A large portion of Auba’s goals are tapins. That doesnt really take anything away from him. At the end of the day he’s a poacher that can also be deadly on a counter. Rarely scores from outside the box or creates his own chances.

    2. I think the way Auba took the chance deceived the keeper. It looked like he would finish across the goal but instead went to keeper’s right. Not sure if it was the intended contact but if there was some luck involved, he really needs it at the moment. Overall he looked much more like his old self, but I agree he wasn’t the best player on the pitch yesterday (actually thought it was Saka again)

  5. Ad PAT, Dan constantly gives ratings and that is fine but also a totally random way of marking , considering that anyones ratings mean something only to them.

    To have any real merit at all there needs to be a JA table of what the rating marks mean, so that all cam judge by the same criterion. At present and until you provide your own JA ratings with what exactly each mark means, then they continue to be largely pointless .

    For context, newspapers all much use the same criterion; ie 4 poor, 5 below average,6 average,7 good 8 very good, and so on. Only very rarely does anyone get even a nine or as low as three.

    Up to you if you rise to that challenge or not PAT! You have the opportunity to make your site more meaningful and I at least will be watching with interest to see if you adopt it or not!

    1. Great suggestion! In line with your suggestion, if Admin sees fit, they can kind of make a ratings article along with the match or just after, where the posters can pick ratings between 1 to 10 for each player. After the match the ratings could then be given based on average rating of each player by the posters. This would be based on collective opinion. Only downside I can think of is it would be too much work to average out the ratings.

        1. Bit of a technical noob really lol. I am really a dunce when it comes to computer technology, except games and MS Office, 😂

      1. I think it’s a great idea. We can create a ratings email address maybe, and Lord Jon could collate the results on a simple spreadsheet, maybe?

        1. Does that mean you will use this suggested table of what marks mean then PAT? Or not? Happy to help if I can, provided the basic suggestion of meaningful ratings is accepted!
          Don’t see why you need a spreadsheet though, IF you are serious. All we need is a simple list at head of DANS, or whoevers, ratings article, saying what all marks mean.
          I am not available enough to collate everyones marks, thats for sure, but since its not necessary, I wonder why you mention it?

  6. Awesome victory

    Always believed TP really added extra dimension to arsenal. He is someone like Viera all rounded player and create a presence.
    Auba is back slowly. With the others key players and slowly 1 more play maker in Jan and some good squad players in future.

    Getting Top 4 or even Top 2 is not far away.
    This season we have a good chance for Top 6 as long the key players have enough rest n consistency.

    1. Agreed. We must get a play maker and if possible, a left back to deputize for Tierney when he is not available. We are one injury away from being in a crisis if Smith Rowe and Tierney get injured. I don’t mid selling Bellerin to PSG so we can raise money for a left back. Cedric and Maitland Niles have the right back position covered. Niles is tidy when playing in right back or defensive midfield. He is not a left back and playing him there kills his confidence.

    2. As to your penultimate sentence , how far in the future are you talking about? You surely cannot be serious about THIS season though for top six, unless you are one of those fantasists who inhabit this site.

  7. David Luiz – 6? He deserves a 9. If you re-watch the game closely you will see that the Newcastle defense feared his long passes and could not risk playing a high line. Our players therefore had more time and space to express themselves and do well. This is the real value in playing Luiz. No other defender in our team or even the entire league has his passing range or skills. We should re-sign him again when his contract ends.

  8. Interesting that our standout, most reliable performers thisseason have been:

    ESR, free
    Saka, free
    Holding, £2m
    Gabriel, £23m
    Elneny, £5m
    Tierney, £25m

    Then of course a world class player in Partey.

    Pepe, Willian, Xhaka, Auba and Laca at some points during the season have let us down. They are our highest paid players..

      1. Everyone looks good playing beside Holding ? The Holding we know or another ? No now ! That’s an insult on David Luiz. Show some integrity, apologise.

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