Arsenal v Newcastle Player Ratings – Koss and Cech stars of the show

This is a very strange game to work out the ratings for each player, as although we won the game, there was not much for Arsenal fans to rave about.

But here goes….

Cech – 8
There is no doubt that Petr is our signing of the summer (our only signing lol) and he was magnificent again in keeping another clean sheet against a dangerous Newcastle side. Magnificent is not strong enough…

Bellerin – 7
He looked very lively at the start and was bombing forward throughout the game, but with mixed results. Hasn’t looked the same player since his injury and if Debuchy wasn’t his backup I would say he needed a rest…

Koscielny – 8
The star of the show and was needed to score the goal as our real strikers never looked likely to get one. Immense in defence as well and could have done with a better partner than Mertesacker…

Mertesacker – 5
Not impressed at all with his little contribution today. I can’t forget the sight of him losing out on a corner to a header against a player 8 inches smaller than him which nearly gave Newcastle the equalizer..

Monreal – 6
Monreal and Bellerin looked more like wingers in this game and were up the pitch far to often, and Nacho was not as effectively defensively against Sissoko and co

Flamini – 6.5
He tries. He is aggressive. And he could have got sent off at one point when his high boot just missed someone’s head. I really hope that Elneny is twice as good…..

Ramsey – 7
Another trier. Keeps running but like everyone else kept losing the ball and shooting wildly

Ozil – 7.5
He must get bored of making chances for others that don’t get converted so he tried for a couple himself today. Ended up as centre-forward but only tried to assist himself…

Walcott – 5
I’m not sure if he was doing good runs off the ball or just running away from it. Honestly he hardly contributed at all

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 4
I have no idea why Wenger thinks he is as good as Campbell. Maybe he hopes he can get his confidence back by playing but only seems to sink further…

Giroud – 6.5
Olivier seems to be in one of his slumps again. Too many mistakes and too busy holding his head to bother trying to win the ball back. Looked lazy. Bring Sanchez back quickly please….

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  1. Please Wenger Give Kos a relief and play Gab along with him … I don’t care about Mert being calm and determined, just give Gab his game time or buy a new CB who you trust … Every time Kos move forward even a little bid I got nervous because I know what a counter attack against Mert means …

    1. People love exaggerating things. Gabriel is good enough to replace Per. When Gabs plays with Koscielny, Koscielny feels very free and he plays much better. Per is good, but I think the bench needs his butt.

  2. AW saying we need 1 player and then the same crap that we have players coming back? MA our captain that can’t cut it anymore should be sold to free funds up MF should be given a new 1 year contract Our keeper wants more playing time and I think a keeper as good as him should do that and AW should let him go. We have FA cup next week and no way in the world would I not play peter simple. That man has done what everyone said saved up 15 points so far easy. Players in well 3 needed DM AM CF and to be honest if he off load a few players then he can get EPL players that won’t mind coming of the bench to do a job. The other thing our left back that wants to go well see yah and get Carl back then we have 2 players pushing each other.

    1. The other day he said he’s right not to have signed a striker, then Sanchez suffered a set back. Damn it!!! Our flanks don’t cut it at all. When Sanchez is not there, the flanks just echo. Walcot nolonger plays well on the flanks like he used to, Campbell is trying hard, Ox is just playing like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

      Giroud is good, but certainly not good enof (truth be told). Welbeck??? I’ve always wished him the best, I wonder what’s wrong (stupid injuries and Arsenal).

      This is just one of the rare times when we have the chance to win the League, Arsene had better sat up!!!

      1. The guy not good enof went up to fight for a corner, went up a second time when everyone was watching and waiting for the ball to come down, attacked it and headed it to Kos for a vital 3 points.
        Love the beautiful football and assists Ozil provides but no mention of the assist from OG to Kos which gave us a victory to take us top of the table.

    1. If it wasn’t for Cech then Kos would have been at fault for the loss. Kos was in nowhere mans land when the ball got played straight through the centre. I don’t like how people pick their favorite player for kicking when down and justifying it by saying Im just calling it the way I see it. But when a form player or favorite errs well all is forgiven and not even seen it would seem. Bellerin too was horrendous, and look how the author lets Ozil off the hook by saying oh well he must be just fed up creating so many that go begging so he wanted to have a pop instead. Yet Ramsey Ox will get the full brunt of the stick. If you are going to be harsh and/or criticise well at least do it fairly.

    2. I think only Cech deserved the MOTM gong.

      Fine, Koscienly scored. But with 0-0 scoreline, we will still be on top of the log because Leicester too did not win.
      Cech probably kept us and gave us point(s) in the game owing to many great saves including one-on-one chance yesterday !!!

      For me Cech was the secret of the Owl yesterday.

  3. rating Ramsey 7/10 for what???
    go and see his stats.
    and rate agine.
    Ramsey is over rated Arsenal player

  4. Bellerin seems to be on a downward spiral. All he does now is to run and run. Pace is great but is that it? Yesterday, he nearly cost us a goal with a wayward back pass. Wenger should take the kid out of the firing line to regain his focus.

    1. Nearly? I don’t think that was even close to concede in the end. However he had a very poor match. He should rest for the FA cup and return to XI for the Liverpool match. Still by far the best RB option we have.

  5. rating Ramsey 7/10 for what???
    go and see his stats.
    and rate agine.
    Ramsey is over rated Arsenal player his good for mid table clubs. look at Chelsea Bayern Barcelona man u thy let go of average players even if there is a bond bn the player and the club Bc the club come first.
    should leave the club for the sake of Arsenal fc.

  6. Ramsey is over rated Arsenal player his good for mid table clubs. look at Chelsea Bayern Barcelona man u thy let go of average players even if there is a bond bn the player and the club Bc the club come first.
    should leave the club for the sake of Arsenal fc.

  7. Ramsey should be 3/10. He has lost his way yet again and I’m not sure what he is trying to be but at the moment he keeps losing possession in the middle of the park which is not great news for a team that relies on possession!

  8. What does Gabriel have to do to break into the side ? Looks good every-time he is given an opportunity

    Per needs to be used only selectively now when playing sides such as West Brom who rely heavily on an aerial threat

    Otherwise GAB all the way !!!!

  9. My ratings go as follows, if we are judging the players of whats expected of them well then every single player was poor except for Cech and Monreal. And considering how we expect certain levels from certain players well then I reckon Ox is being harshly treated, he was poor but I expect more of Ozil Bellerin Giroud Walcott as these are starting players. Everyone is being influenced by the twitter jerks, a most unreliable bunch.

  10. Cech IS just….IS just..CECH!! One of the best keepers in the WORLD.
    Per I have said this a few times this season should be his last as our starting CB (maybe put him on the bench) Gabriel should play ahead or/and depending who it is Sign a good young CB.

    I’m am happy we are looking at a replacement CDM in the market and that Mohamed Elneny does not look to bad got some great qualities (at least from what I have read and seen). Flamini is good only as a emergency player.

    Bellrin is looking like he is taken a step backbecause he is tired he has played alot..andeven when he came back from injury it was a week or so too soon. If debuchey is leaving we need to secure a good cover for him.

    The same applies to Guriod and i think the lack of direct comp (like what wallcott gave him at the start as brought his level down a step or so)

    We are waiting for 5 of our regular starters to comeback that inculuded with 1 maybe 2 signs in jan we COULD!! hold out for the title.


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