Arsenal v Newcastle Preview, Team News, Line-up and Score Prediction

Thank the Gods that we are back to proper football at last, and after Tottenham’s tragic loss (hehe) yesterday, Arsenal can now go two points clear of our rivals and leapfrog them into third place in the League table. But we have the small matter of beating Newcastle at the Emirates to reach that goal.

On paper it should be easy, especially when you consider our amazing home form before the international break, in fact we have won the last 9 in a row. Here are our last six League games….

Although Newcastle have had a bit of a resurgence lately, they are still without an away win for their last 7 games, and here is their recent away form….

Although the Magpies have only won twice away this season, they are notoriously hard to beat and have actually drawn more (7) than they have lost (6). Their resilience on the road is also shown by their goals conceded (20) which is only bettered by Man City, Liverpool and Wolves. Arsenal have conceded 27!

So that tells us that Benitez likes to try desperately to get at least a point from away games and he does it very well. Then he has Almiron (who is having a fitness test), Perez and Rondon up front waiting for a quick counter attack or a lucky set-piece to give them their goals. Other than Almiron, Lascelles and Yedlin will also be tested but all are expected to make the squad, but the Magpies are definitely going to miss defender Fabien Schar, who is suspended for this, and Sean Longstaff is in the treatment room.

Arsenal themselves are missing Torreira through suspension as well, but otherwise are surprisingly injury free after the internationals. With the Gunners amazing home form it is little surprise that Arsenal are as short as 1.385 with MustardBet, and some gamblers may think there is better value on Newcastle frustrating us as the draw is over 4/1 with the same firm. I simply can’t see Newcastle keeping us out for long if we are in the same form as before the break.

Arsenal have had terrible luck with defensive injuries this season, but now that Emery has a full complement of players to choose from we are keeping more clean sheets. I don’t think that Newcastle will get out of their half much anyway, so the odds on backing against Both Teams To Score is a very good price of nearly 1.90, so that would probably be my banker bet of the game as I expect Arsenal to win to nil.

Newcastle are practically safe already and probably only need another 4 points out of their last 8 games to guarantee the EPL for another year, so I’m not sure that this game will be one of Benitez’s priorities. I have a feeling that they will make it easy for us today to conserve energy for more winnable games. They will fight as long as it is 0-0, but i think they will give up as soon as Arsenal take a lead.

Benitez is a master strategist and is well aware which games are winnable, and this is not one of them! He said: ‘If you see what Arsenal are doing, they are doing really well, so we cannot expect that it will be an easy game.

‘If we can do what we have to do and can get three points, then it depends on the others. But some of the other teams have got some points, so it’s not that you can say, “Now 37 is guaranteed”, it depends what they do.

‘We have now 35 and we are fine, but still we have to win. For me, one game could be enough, but you never know, it depends on the other teams.

‘I had a conversation before with my staff and we were taking about that. We’ll just carry on.

‘The next game is the most important for us, it’s like a final for us and don’t think about what the others will do.’

He may say today is a final, but he knows he has seven more finals ahead (like Palace and Southampton at home) to get those coveted points, so why risk injury or fatigue in a game you can’t win? Arsenal will win this game easily, and will jump into Third Place in the League. Another reason I am so sure is the fact that Emery can play his very best side again (excepting Torreira) as we don’t play again until next weekend. The boss will want to make very sure – so I am predicting this starting XI…..


That should be more than enough to blow the Magpies away, so my prediction is an easy 4-0 win for us, and we go back above the Mancs and the Spuds! I just noticed that on MustardBet the Asian Handicap is set at -1.25. Arsenal will cover that easily. Lump on it at nearly even money! COYG!


  1. Guendouzi in for Ozil, alongside Xhaka in front of the defence with Ramsey behind the front two, imho.

      1. I think that too, but with Torriera out we need Guendouzi in there somewhere as the Magpies do have some attacking threat.

      1. If I wasn’t serious I wouldn’t have suggested it. Not only can he tackle but can also put through a defence splitting pass. Yes he loses the hall occasionally but he also sees more of the ball than any other player.
        Anyway, I think it will be a tight game tonight and think we will win by the odd goal.

        1. That occasional loss of ball is a risk too big to take at this stage.
          As for his splitting passes, he is still second fiddle to Özil.

  2. Admin, I like your 3-4-1-2, but I think Emery would use 4-2-3-1

    Anyways, this match is supposed to be a breeze for the Gunners

    If they can’t win, perhaps the international break was too long and we can see the players’ effort today

  3. the only team that came back from the break with rhythm was city … utd chelsea spurs and pool all looked a jaded … still i expect a good 2 goal difference victory … moving above spurs should be incentive enough surely

      1. Yes I’m sure Tott fans will feel more at ease if we can overtake them, they must of been in a panic over the last two seasons, it wasn’t fair to take them out of their comfort zone like that.

  4. Arsenal should or rather would win this game, but it is not going to be so easy .Our main motivation is to leap frog spurs and that will be sweet indeed. Our home record is impressive. So there is no stopping the gunners. It is good Emery has now discovered the right formation and the right players for our matches .I hope he doesn’t change a winning team. I am predicting a 2-0 win for us.

  5. Even a draw would put us third, on goals scored above Spurs. But if we draw – and I think we will win narrowly tonight – how many would then agree with me when I say my opinion is that we will miss out on top four. I see Spuds and United making it, with us finishing 2-4 points from fourth. Sorry to disappoint those who are eternally optimistic but I am a professional gambler and make much of my money on Arsenal(and other top teams) by being able to separate my desires from what I think will happen. In other words, using my head, NOT my heart.

  6. There is different between a Gambler and a footballing philosophy… I for one can’t see anything stopping us from 3rd place, this is not from the heart it from the head… Benitez knows he doesn’t have a chance against us.. The stats Arsenal are compiling gives guarantee for third place… Except when the God of Soccer does it thing with injuries to most of our key players… Aside that Gambler I don’t see the Tots or any one else taking 3rd place

    1. If , which I disbelieve, it is indeed from your head, I pity you! When you write such nonsense as “Benitez knows he doesn’t have a chance against us” it is obvious that thinking is not your strong suit! In fact I don’t think you use your head at all, only your wishes. That is precisely what my post was about distinguishing between.

      1. I have a dabble now and again John and like you I have bet against arsenal quite a few times this season and made quite a profit ,but with the remaining matches I can’t see ya being out the top 4,I’ve said 20 points we should achieve from the remaking games ,but I’ve been done in the 96 th minute of matches plenty of times to know football is quite a lot luck based

        1. Xxnofx, Luck obviously plays a part but proper analysis and unbiased thinking and study is the most useful tool. Stats, skilfully used, also play a part but a slavish reliance on them is foolish and often leads to wrong analysis. Most stats are far too generalised to be of serious use. You need to look into team matters FAR MORE DEEPLY than most stats ever can do. That is ONE of several key differences between amateur and pro punters. I have tried educating people on how to use and how not to use stats but some only want to prove me wrong and themselves right and are too daft and biased to ever learn. You need to leave your personal wishes right outside your thinking if you want to make money on backing or laying your own team,. True fans have the real advantage, which many totally waste, of knowing a great deal more about their own team than outsiders . Such a shame that pigheadedness gets in their way. Not in all but certainly in most. You can only lead a horse to water , but you cannot make it drink!

      2. Tonight score and Tempo of play will give you the insight of what is to come…#that’s your opinion if you think it merely a wish, I tell you it not. it being realistic…I watched games and I believe in the Process the fighting spirit within the Lads am sure we’ll see lots of that spirit till the season ends… Instead of using your Gambler sense I do believe that the only thing you use your sense for to Gamble

  7. Off topic:I love warnock comments about the match officials,””It’s the best league in the world with probably the worst officials at the minute. I don’t know what Mike Riley does with his linesman, but he’ll probably get a game next week. They don’t understand what’s at stake.I mean the man has said it all,the referee will surely get a game again next week,this is becoming embarrassing and am so sure the next thing the stupid fa will do is to find a way to punish the Cardiff manager,I mean that Chelsea equalizer may end up relegating them and it may also end up getting Chelsea into too four,what a bunch of losers those officials are.

    1. Oh absolutely, he’ll get a fine for sure.. maybe even a touchline ban… but I applaud him for what he said & for his actions yesterday.. everything was bang on! Those errors yesterday will prove to be very costly… and what’s the betting we see some more later with good old Anthony Taylor?

  8. I was wondering where everyone was, nobody on the last two articles, it was grand I had an entire thread to talk to myself. I played the Specials, this place, is becoming like a ghost town.

  9. Seriously sue this is becoming frustrating,3 weeks training and you ruined everything because of some foolish officiatin,the fa should be ashamed of themselves,I don’t even know why you have a linesman if he can’t see a clear offside like that,don’t worry about Anthony Taylor,am sure he will have a good game tonight.

    1. I totally agree with you! I think they all need to go to Specsavers….
      I just expect them to make a huge blunder in each game… not a case of if… but when!!! Hopeless the bloody lot of them!

  10. @Break on through,wait till arsenal lose a match,believe me there are some arsenal fans here who wants the arsenal to lose t prove some stupid points,or maybe if the admin write an article on iwobi and ozil,that always seems to bring people to really comment lol.

  11. It is a shame to any Arsenal fan saying that his head or his heart is telling him that we will run short of making top 4, Such fan will be disappointed at the end of the season as we are already in the top 4. Gamblers and bettors should becareful not to bet against us . Up gonners

    1. Arsenal Vs Newcastle have seen a fair number of goals, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Auba… If he doesn’t wear the mask on all his goals them I’ll be praying for a hat-trick.

      It’ll be a dream if he gets it in his first full season with us.

  12. Arsenal line-up against Newcastle: Leno, AMN, Mustafi, Sokratis, Montreal, Kola
    Iwobi, Ozil, Guendozie, Ramsey, Laca.

  13. Hayden would love to score against us! I hope Almiron doesn’t score his first goal ?
    After seeing the line up I’m a little nervous ?

  14. Aubameyang has been ill all weekend and the boss didn’t want to risk starting him but he’s on bench.

  15. Damn who is fooling who.. this referees are ruining everything .. let’s go third gonners

  16. We have 7 Games Left : “2 HOME – 5 AWAY”

    Tottenham have 7 Games Left : “5 HOME – 2 AWAY”

    They definitely have the easiest run of games till end of season & will be in the top 4

    The last spot is btw Us, Man Utd & Chelsea

    And we will drop as much points as they would going by our much more lofty AWAY MATCHES COUNT

    (I know they still have to play each other, but we also are not domineering in away matches, and we have more of it to play than them all)

    1. It easier to correct a wrong than to start making one… I believe Emery and his backroom staff knows what is at stake. Quite alright we don’t get all points away matches… But with the right mentality it is a sure win for us… Knowing this I expect the players to perform up to our expectations as they have been doing till now… The tide have been changing for Arsenal it best to move along with it and not get our self stagnated in the past…

  17. Wow this is what I wanted now it’s official we win.Newcastle will be sat deep auba will have little space for runs on the defenders spot on Emery ozil will score today

  18. Hmm not best attacking options and 3 at back with mustafi…could be vulnerable to Benitez tactics

      1. control the game and we should have no problems, AMN vs almiron should be a good battle…i’m not so worried about the other flank with perez as he has the widest man in the PL on his flank and montreal as the important back up, yes kola is for sure not the best defender but he’s built like sponge bob the guy is a square with muscles, plus in this game we are the ones who should be attacking so he can do what he is only good at pushing up and using that square body of his 🙂

        i like our formation, we should be able to control the middle

  19. FFS put sky sports on and they’re drooling over VVD & Salah….. omg it’s meant to be Arsenal V Newcastle…. sick to death of those bloody Scousers

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