Arsenal v Newcastle review – Poor performance, Right result

This was far from Arsenal at our best and even though Arsene Wenger has made a few changes for the last couple of games, it looked like the busy festive period was making itslef felt in our legs. We managed to survive a few scares from Newcastle United with a few great saves from Petr Cech and then Koscielny popped up with a tap in after a corner.

The performance was not great but the visitors gave it a real go and all that really matters is the result and we now have a decent break to rest and recover and we can do it with the comfort of being on top of the Premier League.

It was not the best of opening 45 minutes from Arsenal, even though we started pretty well and passed the ball around well. But the real fluency and penetration was not really there and that allowed Newcastle United to first settle down and then to grow into the game.

And at halftime it was Arsene Wenger that had the bigger job to do as the visitors had a couple of god chances before the break and perhaps should have been ahead. The Frenchman’s team talk did not seem to have worked though as things were even worse after the restart and but for a great piece of work from Petr Cech to deny Wijnaldum and then a failure from Mitrovic to make proper contact on a cross, Arsenal would have been in big trouble.

The Magpies continued to press though, while we struggled to get into top gear. An in the d that was pretty much the way it went for most of the second half, so you have to say that Arsenal were lucky to take the lead with about 20 minutes to go. It was Koscielny who nipped in to tap the ball home after Giroud headed on after a corner scramble.

We had a few chances to grab a second but one was enough and Arsenal won again.

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  1. Happy new year from Arsenal to all the premier league team.
    A good beginning makes a good ending
    Mertesacker neeeds to be dropped

    1. newcastle should have won.
      bossed our midfield, an looked sharper in general

      but who got the 3 points? who won ugly?
      what kinda team plays poorly an still wins games?

      title contenders…..COYG

      elneny is not enough

      1. @muffdiver
        What midfield? You mean NCU bossed Flamini, Aaron was too busy trying to do Ozil’s job to help him out…

        1. liverpool an stoke away next…im worried-
          campbell needs to play over ox
          sanchez is back,
          please wenger give gabriel a chance- just a effing chance

        2. Once again criticizing Ramsey for no reason, he’s been involved in all our big wins and our form during the whole of 2015 and not to mention Ozil’s. His job is to attack more than defend and he does both excellently. Did you not see him and Ozil toy with Newcastle players? These guys have a partnership that’s gone unnoticed by many.

          1. pLs give this GoonerLad the massive thumbs down of his Life……

            Next time, be sure to watch the matches properLy before anaLyzing

            1. I’ve watched them play together since 2014, did you know Arsenal won the most points in 2015? And guess what, Ramsey and Mert were part of the first XI. So please forget about his flaws when he’s been in theteam in all our big wins. You criticize him like you expect him to be a DM when he’s clearly not one, and you forget he doesn’t have a player like Coquelin by his side which why it’s easy for teams to counter attack. Wenger already stated having a midfielder remain defensive is like being down to 10 men when you attack hence why he let’s Ramsey bomb forward. And he’s already proven to play defensively when it’s required i.e : Bayern game

        3. Glad somebody else noticed it. If Ramsey wants to take over the Cazorla role he needs to be FAR MORE disciplined.

          Flamini was not on his game and Ox was just plain lost. I suspect he is suffering from some yet-undiagnosed illness because he was only 1/10th of a player today.

          1. As I said before Oxy only has speed, not in the same league as Campbell and when we make subs somehow we seem to be weaker for it. That shows our depth. Why was Gabrell out don’t understand Wenger,hope he is in for Mertisaker and Campbell back. Looks like it’s going to be Walcott out when Sanches back so he needs to get on the goals soon, must say his defending has been outstanding so just needs a goal to make him whole. CB

      2. you know our team someday they play like they are best team in the league and someday like today we played but Now this is our chance and we just need win nothing else no matter how it comes JUST WIN

        1. And the thing is, the Newcastle midfield was just all muscle no brains and yet they managed to boss us whole match long. We would’ve needed an enforcer but we don’t have one.

          1. ask yourself where would be if laurent koscielny and petr cech werent in our squad

            saved this season so many times its quite silly

            1. I remember 3 games on the top of my head where Kos cost us points. He is great defender, but he is no saint. Defence worked a lot better with Mertesacker and Gabriel. Kos needs a long rest.

      3. Amazing how many people simply do not understand football.

        It is one thing to say Arsenal were fortunate to get a result. It is another thing to say they don’t deserve to win.

        I have checked the rules repeatedly. No points for possession, pretty passing or creating the most chances.

        Unless there is a ref error or some strange circumstance the team that scores the most goals DESERVES to win. The rules are clear. It is simple. The most goals wins.

        I don’t understand giving the opposition credit for NOT taking their chances. Nobody gives Arsenal the credit when they don’t take their chances.

        Arsenal DESERVED the win. But none of us were impressed with the manner by which they accomplished it.

        Ox should have been off before half-time. He needs a sports psychologist.

        1. Agree. The Ox seems to try too hard. Same as the team played better once they were in front. Giruod has played better since he hasn’t got the breathing down his neck. Although competition is good, it can be counterproductive.

      1. did u see the header of mert he did not win the single one even in our defence now a days he is very soft its time to come GAB to take his position.

        1. @ranger
          That is something I do not understand. The tallest guy on the pitch has no arial ability whatsoever…

          1. height is not sufficient to be a jumper. you need to have a larger muscle ratio.
            actually, especially when one is tall.

      2. Exactly. This was ALL midfield problems. Flamini was off his game and Ramsey did not help him at all.

        Ramsey’s position discipline is terrible. He just wants to hand around the box and wait to score goals. He has NO regard for the role he supposed to be filling.

        At the end of the game, when Arsenal should have been protecting their lead Ramsey was standing on the 6 yard box hoping to score instead helping Flamini in the rear.

        Terrible. But Wenger won’t do anything about it.

    2. and fLamini may have to choose between footbaLL and Kung-fu! ………. Can’t wait to have Le coq back

      1. SoOpa AeoN, you are so arrogant it hurts. Stop spewing out your opinion like it matters. These are professional footballers, and Flamini might not have had the best game, but he still did his job and Arsenal won. He was 6/9 in tackles, the highest number in the game.

        You are talking about a player who was a part of the squad that got to the Champions League final, you are never going to do anything as remarkable in your entire life. A hittle humility on your part would be appropriate.

  2. Nice to get a dirty win, BUT what really pisses me off is, that ramsey doesn’t have any positional awareness, always bombing forward leaving us exposed and trying to do flicks! We are dominated in midfield, because there was so much space in there. And also at the end, could have finished that game by passing the ball to campbell but decides to shoot!

    1. Thank You. So often it is seen as Arsenal blasphemy to identify Ramsey’s recklessness. Ramsey should have been off the pitch with Ox by halftime. No discipline whatsoever. He just wants to stand 6 yards from goal and wait for service but that is not his job.

    2. Please stop with the unnecessary Ramsey hate, our midfield wouldn’t struggle with Coquelin, Ramsey isn’t the problem, our lack of adequate back up is. Do you know any other midfielder who constantly gets into the opposition’s box and creates chances regardless of which defence he’s facing.? There’s a reason Wenger let’s him bomb forward, he’ll be disciplined when he’s told to be.

  3. Poor? That was disgraceful. Home against a relegation team with the worst manager in the whole league (even the Magpies fans agree with me) and got outplayed them most of the match.

    Bellerin, Walcott, OX and Ramsey were utterly CLUELESS throughout the whole match. Ramsey even missed a 5 yard chance at the end, Jesus Christ no wonder we can’t score goals to save our life. Özil would be on 25-30 assists by now if our forwards could bury at least 30% of the chances he creates.

    Play like this and we will get hammered by Stoke and maybe even Liverpool. Time to buy a forward Mr Wenger, you can count Welbeck, Wilshere and Rosicky already out for this season.

    1. You don’t know football. Any game has its own turn out. At least you know this is not how Arsenal have been playing always. Happy we won urgly.

  4. The Ox and Ramsey Lacks discipLine!………. Don’t wanna Hear any more talks bout campbell-nolito swap deal!

    1. NY Gooner may be able to confirm, but Joel’s contract finishes on 30th June 2016. I believe, and I haven’t heard that Wenger intends to renew. Arsenal intends to let hime go for free lol.

        1. What I thought too, but it looks like either it didn’t happen or it was a year extension only. He seems to be on the Bosman transfer list for next season. It could be a mistake.

  5. I don’t think Newcastle were that great, just we lacked a yard or two of pace due to fatigue and injuries.

    In the end we got the one goal and scraped the win, which is all that matters for now.

    Once we scored the confidence kicked in and we went for it a bit. The worrying thing is our lack of bench game changers..

    Lastly, I’ve always thought Walcott is overrated…far too erratic to be a great like Ozil or Sanchez. Decent player on his day, but not a great, bit like Michael Owen…

  6. How to fight Arsenal. Games like these are so vital to come away with 3.
    Nice job OG for fighting for the ball and assisting Kos for the finish.
    FA cup next. The games are coming fast and furious . I hope #17 is due back soon.

  7. We were literally playing with 9 men. Walcott and ox were equal to useless and that’s not the first time. OX has refused to develop his game and he is now entering his 5th year at the club. Its maybe time to loan him because he either stays injured or when plays, plays like he’s still injured. Cannot wait for sanchez to come back now. And yes, it was a strange day, ozil didn’t assist and Rooney scored and utd actually won a game

  8. It’s funny How things can turn out

    For 75 Minutes I was upset, angry, depressed being 0-0
    Now, not only did we WIN but we have increased our lead over Leicester

    So excellent start to the New year
    I am not going to complain
    A 1-0 and 5-0 both gives you 3 points each
    A win is a win

    Just a word of warning Sunderland won 3-1 so we can’t go into fa cup match like we did today. Need to play better

    Anyway, I am happy with the results

  9. 1-0 to the arsenal we could have had 2or 3 more goals at the end, but im thankful for the 3priceless points! Coyg!

  10. Wenger needs to really look into the midfield area, if we indeed get Elneny I hope he’s not the only one. If Isco is available “GET HIM” as we did with Özil and play him where Santi was playing because Ramsey is destroying my nerves and lacks composure. We also need a Podolski replacement, Campbell just cannot be our only senior attacking option on the bench. Campbell starts over the OX for me and that’s just sad on Chamberlins part. Being at the club for so long and that stagnant is a crime, there’s more to the sport than just kick and run. Not trying to be negative but today’s game showed me the true weak links in this squad and that has to be addressed in this window.

    1. JAmerican…….. U LiteraLLy spoke my mind!…….i have nothing else to say bout Ox and Ramsey….. Annoying duo

  11. We won but it didnt felt right. Ramsey is such a bighead. Why the need to be so flashy. Bighead needs to shoot and not try to look like dinhio. If he fails to score then pass the ball bec you should not F. around if you are playing to end up champions in the end.

    kos the best. i salute him. coyg

  12. Flamini and Mertesacker were poor and the funny thing is Flamini who Arsene sees as the CDM get bypassed by out-of-form Newcastle team. This team needs a better finisher.

    1. I think the issue with Flamini was Ramsey being so out of position most of the game. Its all good going forward but in his role he should not forget his defensive duties, he was also bypassed a bit to easy by the Newcastle midfield. Mertesacker was not bad for me. He is a victim of his general demeanor when Arsenal plays poorly or loses.

      1. Ramsey simply cannot grasp the new role. He is so used to roaming the pitch he does not know how to discipline himself.

  13. Another 3 points saved by the wall
    Ozil has the right to ask for leaving if we didn’t provide him with players that can finish and take good positions

  14. Very poor performance indeed but delighted we got the important three points.

    Cech made some crucial saves…

    Ramsey should have scored but poor finishing let him down..

    Shout out to Bournemouth….The had chances to score….They dig deep when they were one man down…..Mahrez missed a pk too..

    Ozil-Giroud-Kos…Goal………Arsenal All The Way

    1. Poor finishing didn’t only let him down, be js such a very very selfish player. He is not a team player, its always about personal glory for him.

      1. @Death merchant
        Exactly. Thing about Aaron and Jack, is when they play with Ozil, they always try and occupy his playing space, to try and be the playmaker instead of holding their positions…

        1. Dude, i dont understand why you always bring jack into the topic when you want to make a point.

          when jack plays/ed, he was playing where ozil was, and ozil was playing on the wing. i agree most of the time with the things you say, but your constant obsession with jack is just pathetic.

          1. @ks-gunner
            I understand your love of all things Jack dude, but I’m just callin it how I see it…

            1. Its quit a while wher we both had the pleasure to watch him play so its not quit fair. Players in the mold of Wilshere who bleed and cry for their club will always be my favorites. Giroud was a playboy till now and i hated him for that, nowdays he is very hardworking and i love him for that.

              Ramsey and walcott are two players i will never fully support. never.

              1. @ks-gunner
                I do repect your opinion dude. I just pointed out something that both of these players do, which I think is quite obvious. I’m no fan of either Jack or Aaron, due to the fact that they both let their lack of discipline overshadow their immense talents. It lets em down every time in my book…

  15. Oxlade chamberlain needs to go on loan. He hasn’t developed a single skill since joining almost 5 years ago. Dribbling around the defender and then either losing the ball, crossing wayward and into the crowd or passing it backwards. Plus he has lost the ball at the most vulnerable positions and the team got counter attacked and got scored off. He doesn’t track back either and makes poor footballing decisions on the pitch. Maybe a different manager and a different club on loan can teach him something.

    1. This. So badly this. We had a 5-on-4 attack in the first half and all he had to do is pass the ball to Giroud to the middle. He decided to LOB it to Walcott who was way off goal and defender already close to him. He’s got no footballing brains. Then his shot for 30 yards out, the look on Özil’s face was priceless.

      OX has never played well 3 consecutive matches and this is his 4th season? Or 5th? We need a new forward for sure and OX could go on loan this January or the summer.

      1. I would go as far as selling him. Him and some money for jones would be a good deal. And i think under everton he would turn into a fine player.

        1. sell ox?! – dont take the piss k

          then again youve recomended we sell half the team-

          would he be included in the january sale?

          would we have a bargain bin section? whos in it?

          1. How many potential world class defenders do you know? He is already very good and an english man. You pay good money for him and you will secured till the end bec english players do not move clubs very often. Bargain is what i call 40mil in securing the future.

            If i could i would even replace messi with you muff, only to see us getting stronger and stronger, season by season.

    2. ox and gibbs
      have not improved at all
      our english core is failing

      luckily our European union game is strong!!!

      1. I though Gibbs played really well the fall part of the season (14/15 season), but he got injured and Monreal started performing the way he is playing now. Gibbs had like 3-4 assists on that time as well.

        1. gotta say i disagree bro, he has no footballing brain, an has so many lapses , makes errors far too often.
          some of our worse defeats have been games were he was awful

          monreal’s come up was so welcome because with gibbs in the side that whole left looked shaky. bombing up and down with no real discipline.

          1. I think stats show that the Ox neither made an assist or scored a goal in the ELP throughout 2015 yet he like Sonogo is given priority over players who show genuine ability. This is why AW managerial quality has to be questioned.

  16. Lol its funny Southampton lost 4 straight games before playing us. They smashed us 4-0 and then lost the next 2 games now. Newcastle were piss poor almost every game lately but today played us almost off the park. Strange how every team turns into a prime Barcelona when playing us !

    1. in other news…….. Barca played a goaL-Less draw with EspanyoL

      how are they extraordinary????

  17. Once again Ramsey showe how selfish a player he is. I didn’t hear anybody talk about it because we won, but some day this his attitude of refusing to pass to his mates when they are in a better position will cost us a match. How on earth do u decide to shoot blindly at the goal keeper when two of your mates were standing all alone at the middle of the 18 yard box waiting for the simplest tap in. You could see the anger in Campbel. This is not the first time he is exhibiting this madness but nobody will talk about it cause we always manage to escape the match. I bet the other day Ozil took out the opposition’s defence and keeper and gave him the ball to practically tap in, if be was in Ozil’s position he would shot at the goal keeper. I guess so many of us won’t see sense in my rant, until a day come when such chance will be all we need to win or rescue a match.

    1. that was one quality pass by campbell spunned to waste by ramsey for the sake of selfishness……….

    2. I don’t really like Campbell showing up Ramsey on the field though. If they watch game film that is when it should be discussed.

      1. Sure SoOpa, when a player does not receive a pass from a player I really don’t like the antics of punching the air and basically saying to everyone you should have passed me the ball. Part of being a good teammate I suppose.

  18. Very Poor Performance.
    OX, I guess this performance shows how much he “developed”. Contributed nothing.
    When Sanchez has a bad game you expect at least commitment and good defensive shift.
    When OX doesn’t play well; He can sit on the sideline sipping tea for all I care, He just isn’t in the game.

    Ramsey, He loves playing in the final third. He loves attacking and he has the capacity to. Defensively he just don’t have the discipline and the tactical know-how. He don’t run back to position. He don’t press with commitment. No wonder Wenger thinks he is best served at Right Wing.

    Luckily the warriors in the team fought well and were rewarded for it. We are lucky Newcastle were profligate in front of goal. So Great New year for us.

  19. our next two games wenger needs to really get his selection right

    cos they could be ‘southampton’ games quite easily

  20. Ramsey could be up there with vardy if he had converted the chances he has missed this season. Also,I have no problem with mertesacker defensively, but with his height you would expect he would be a threat at setpieces, but the guy is just useless when attacking corners it’s ridiculous

  21. Happy that we got the three points but what is up with many of the players? The desire just goes missing so many times.. Both our wingers Walcott and Ox were awful today. Koscielny showed the grit and determination running with the ball forwards, speedy recovery tackles and most importantly the goal. We are top of the league and fighting for the title, the motivation to be at the very best should be there every game. This really needs to be sorted out and I hope it is with Alexis Sanchez coming back soon.

  22. Why sell a player who is gonna eventually come good.Why irrationally judge a player just like.O how i wish players like Wilshere,Chamberlain,Ramsey and Szczesny had all left arsenal.They would have been world world class by now.Its a shame really.We have the most funniest and most irritating fanbase on the continenent.

  23. i miss Cazorla, Coquelin and Alexis very much
    It’s games like these that you really appreciate how talented these three men are

  24. These are the games we would have lost not so long ago. We need some new blood and fast but will he buy? CF definitely DM definitely and why not go buy el captain back

  25. Very much an unfair result.
    “Title contenders” dominated hopelessly at home by a team that have been ruthlessly exposed all season. Yet, somehow, against better judgement, the deluded wengerites would hope that reasonable folks buy into the scam that describes this lot as title contenders.

    The end shall reveal them for what they are…..

    #wenger out!

    1. Unless the ref makes an error or there is a wild-deflection goal, the results are ALWAYS fair and deserved. And Newcastle simply were not good enough to score whereas Arsenal did find a way to score.

      The team with the most goals wins in football. The rules are very clear. We might like to get points for pretty passing and goal chances but……. that is not football.

      But it was a very poor performance. If Arsenal had played that way vs. most other EPL clubs they would have lost convincingly. And unless they get more consistent and get some players back quickly they will NOT be challenging for the title.

      1. Totally agree Mohawk. It wasn’t good enough. I think no one here has talked about the pouring rain. Looking at the scores today across the league I think it reflected that the scoring was down today.

  26. Always told you that the main guy at Arsenal is Santi. Its his talent alone which allows the transition between defending and attacking to happen with success. His talent allows us also to keep the possesion game alive. He brings so much calm into the game its incredible.

    Then Coquelin. Him reading the game and his explosive game play gives peace to our defenders.

    without them our attack is plain and dull, and our defence is exposed rrly bad. I wonder how we are going to fix this, bec our shortcoming are very visiable in the games.

    1. You are absolutely right. And it seems so obvious but many fans had actually been complaining about Cazorla and claiming Ramsey would dominate in Cazorla’s role.

      Last season someone posed the question……. Which player could you least afford to do without (assuming all others healthy)? My answer was Cazorla. Certainly Ozil is proving me possibly wrong. But I still believe Cazorla is a massive loss. Then to lose Coq also? This is the biggest concern for Arsenal.

  27. Dear Gooners, do we really know what we want? Do we want a good performance without three points or do we want the three points no matter how Arsenal plays? Remember! What remains forever in the archives is the final score, not the poor performance. Gooner for life!

  28. Relax a bit
    We are at the Top of the League
    Increased lead over Leicester by two points

    Let’s focus on FA Cup now and hope we perform better then we did today

  29. Our today’s victory over Newcastle is sweeter than honey for me as the Gunners finally collected all the 3 points that was at stake in that match. What else can I ask God for, other than to thank Him with all that are in me for the success He has given us. I am GRATEFUL to God!!!

    Oxchabo had a good game today by and large. But save the miss-kicked he had on goal as he got to the end of Ozil’s assist from the right wing only to scuppered his shot with only the Magpies’ goalee to beat early in the 1st half.

    In general, Arsenal had a below par performance today than their usual high class game performance. I am sure we will see a different high class performing Gunners beating Sunderland resoundingly in the 3rd round FA game at the Ems next Saturday God’s willing.

  30. this was worse performance than many other matches that we lost before
    I agree totally with posts that Ox was totally useless and Ramsey out of position Wallcot didnt come into game
    in the past 3-4 games we could score more goals if Ramsey had made the final pass instead of trying to finish selfishly
    we need Sanchez back we need Cazorla AW better to buy a plyer to fill in Cazorla’s position

  31. man city winning at watford …if wenger wants to win this thing he will need to bring in a quality attacker … u cant surround ozil with average players without reducing his contribution … need sanchez back probably paired with campbell but there has to be a quality attacker out there somewhere

  32. Newcastle had two to three clear cut chances early on in the game which if they had scored they would have continued to put pressure on us and probably pull a Southampton on us. Were were extremely poor up until our scruffy goal, which I think dampened the opposition’s mood and allowed us to slowly creep back into the game. Quite honestly, Newcastle were the better team…but a win is a win…how often has Arsenal been the better team in recent years yet we lose? We are definitely title contenders, but so are all the top 4-5 teams. Arsenal have to be more convincing that is all. We couldn’t even get the basics right today, poor ball control, no movement off the ball etc.

    1. Miss Cazorla in these games. Ramsey a differnt type of midfielder and is less precise in possession. Sometimes we just need possession and that’s what Cazorla gives us. Can’t wait until he’s back. Ramsey has done decent though even though people criticize him a lot.

  33. Damn! That Aguero is a beast
    I still remember that 5 goals in one match

    Anyway, no biggie
    We are still 3 points ahead of City and 2 points ahead of Leicester
    Maybe we can increase the lead next time

  34. wow are we sterile up top, goals need to come from defense again, ozil & cech were great, mert once again taking the brunt of bad comments meanwhile a clean sheet and did nothing wrong, open goal that was saved was kos out of position and monreal caught up the pitch too high, giroud has great ball skills, issue is his position on the pitch, watched the match again focused on giroud, he tends to camp behind the defender from the ball, this only works when you have the quickness to break, he doesnt, I have screen shots where ozil is 25 yrds farther up the pitch then giroud, thisis the problem, he is rendered useless unless ozil holds up, and thats not ozils strength, thus very few sog’s from giroud on the run, when giroud gets lucky w space in front of the defender, he is lethal, but needs to get into that space,

    1. Mertesacker will always be targeted because of his pace. I agree, it was Koscielny out of position. Although he scored it was another dodgy performance from him. Also he lost a few headers on corners that probably should’ve been goals for Newcastle.

  35. Ox is dreadful, Ramsey selfish, and clearly starting to tire as well. We need to get Elneny in and give Ramsey a bit of rest. Still doesn’t excuse him not passing near the end though. I don’t know what to say about Chambo. I’m losing confidence in him. Campbell sits on our bench forever, yet takes his chances and impresses. Chambo comes on and does beyond nothing. It’s embarrassing because we’ve all hyped him up so much, yet he hasn’t had a good league game in over a year. I see no way for him to get into the team once Alexis is back. He goes down to maybe 5th choice winger behind even Ramsey.

  36. Very very poor performance and got away with murder.If we do not get re inforcement in the key places we BADLY meed then no chance to do week in UCL nor to be able to hold to this slim lead at the top.i just digested man city game and that’s what we lack.AMBITION and GUILE..loved when BONY complaint about his chances to be in the first XI the other day.they got a player in each position to cover and compete..BUT in arsenal we get players injured for months while our SUB bench is GIBBS-CHAMBERS AND CAMPBELL to bring in every single depth,no quality to bring something extra just to hang on to the games.We need a DM and ST asap otherwise we are gonna be battered by BARCA and it is time Wenger send some under-performers out on loan as he did years ago.Ramsey ( cardiff) Jack ( Bolton) so why not Watford or Bourthmouth for few players to prove they worth.

  37. Arsenal were far from usual, sometimes I wonder why wenger keep on insisting on ramsey? Ramsey and ox are suppose to be some kind of substitute players. Atleast they have shown us how quality they are in the newcastle game. Ramsey is so selfish, may be he need to learn from Ozil.

  38. There was a time when I could boast I was an Arsenal supporter but of recent years I find I`ve become more of a critic even when they win, that`s not a good feeling.Yes, they may win the title this year but they won`t be remembered as Champions because they don`t behave like champions. Champions don`t get knocked around and humiliated time and time again by teams at the bottom of the table. Yes, it happens once in a blue moon even in the golden years of the 1930`s but not to the point where the result is in doubt no matter who the opposition is.
    Confidence and pride go hand in hand and right now I have neither.

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