Arsenal v Norwich extra time live blog – Arsenal scrape through!

Well i held little hope that Arsenal would get past this resilient Norwich side but within 5 minutes of the restart the Gunners took the lead through Nketiah yet again. Suddenly it looks like Arsenal are in control against a tired Norwich side and they are pressing all the time. Can they keep it up?

Coquelin makes a rare run down the wing and is cynically taken down, and the ref gives a free kick near the corner – but the Norwich penalty area is crowded and defends well. As Wenger tells the team to defend they still get forward looking for a third decisive goal and are looking totally in control.

As we approach half time in the added time, Wenger brings on Dasilva in place of Iwobi as he attempts to slow the game down, and it seems to work….

But Norwich pull off a good move and nearly score in the 2 added minutes to the half but Arsenal get through to the break unscathed. For once I am beginning to believe we are going through….

Arsenal get off to a flying start in the second half and Giroud puts another chance wide, but the Gunners seem to be concentrating on keeping Norwich out. I bet they can’t wait for the game to end!

The youngster Nketiah looks incredibly full of energy and breezes past a Norwich defender but can’t quite get his hat trick, then suddenly Norwich have a great call for a foul on the edge of the box that gets denied.

Wilshere goes off and is replaced by Joe Willock. Norwich are looking tired but when Walcott gets another clear shot on goal he manages to smash it in orbit instead of forcing a save, but the Gunners look comfortable despite Norwich trying to press

Three minutes to go and Arsenal would have to be crazy to concede now, but they keep going forward and Nketiah tries again, but just over the bar!

Oh well my Serbian channel seems to have gone blank but I doubt very much if we are going to lose now, despite my earlier pessimism. We are going through!

We did it! But not without a night full of stress for a change lol.



  1. COYG_CA says:

    Should’ve just started all boys . . . . they are excited and focused to play, not like miserable senior players, especially Walcott! OMG!!!!! Highly paid bench player!

    1. Alkali says:

      Mr offside

    2. Lexynal says:

      Oh the line-up is terrible -all boys, why not experienced players? Oh…why the experienced players…it should have been all boys? Hmn..glad AW has got his own mind.

  2. Xxnofx says:

    Plus points tonight – jack still on the field after 105mins
    And surely we should move nelson more forward he looks a star in the making -should tie him down to a 15 year contract

    1. neil says:

      I really dont understand Wengers idea of playing players out of position when they are under-20…. let them learn their key role first and excel in that… the rest they can learn in training ground exercises and Cup matches later.. but lets develop Reiss as a winger… Walcott was wofeul and after 10 years still doesnt understand the offside rule and that even if he gave someone 5 yards he would still beat them… Reiss at least tries to take them on !
      Aslo Da Saliva is big and quick… he should have slotted into back 3 last night and Elneny moved forward… no point having Coquelin at all as CDM when we are at home … against Norwich,… in Carabao Cup !!! Elneny was like wathcing Mert at CB .. so slow ! well maybe not that slow!

  3. gotanidea says:

    Luckily Arsenal won, but in my opinion, most of the starters lacked the motivation and the playing time:

    – Giroud: Limited skills and movements as usual.

    – Walcott: As usual, no penetration and always offside-trapped. Josh Murphy, the scorer, looked so much better than him.

    – Wilshere: Spirited and has good skills, but the long injury records have hindered his development. He has to play with creative players like Sanchez, to improve his vision.

    – Iwobi: Has good technical abilities and athletic, but he lacks creativity and motivation.

    – Nelson: Very quick and looked improving in attacking, but needs to improve his defending ability.

    – Maitland-Niles: Looked improving in the left wingback position.

    – The central defenders: Have to improve their marking skills and their pace.

    – Macey: Decent performance.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Dude nelson is not a defender he should be moved up top to show what he can do ,let the other 8 players do there actual jobs

      1. RSH says:

        Yup, Wenger is ruining another promising player. Should be taking Walcott’s place. Theo has no business in an Arsenal kit.

        1. Ken says:

          Mobella makes several good points, but one more would be that the line up is not dissimilar to that of the Europa league. Not from the skin of our teeth back to back performances that pummel Everton bur with fighting spirit. Give credit to our 18 year old in a competitive game that superseded that of united

    2. Mobella says:

      Do you for God sake has anything good to say about Arsenal. A win is win which ever way you want to look at it and please if you can’t enjoy this team win without attributing to luck or the opposition being bad you have a choice to support another club that will win the way you want it. luckily, there are plenty of such clubs in EPL . Manchester city is one of them. Ooh wait, they need a penalty shoot to win against Wolves after spending over 200m in transfer market with Aguero, Jesus, Sane and others on the pitch. We won with Nketiah, Nelson, Niles, Willock, and make shift defence and you are still finding fault. Indeed some arsenal fans are entitled and ungrateful bunch.

  4. dasdasd says:

    funny how walcott still manages to be offside as a rwb in the 120th min

  5. Waal2waal says:

    …it don’t seem right being the gunners and caused to retreat by the ‘canaries’ does it: 2-1 arsenal is about right

  6. Sue says:

    Nice one Eddie! Very impressive ?

  7. gmv8 says:

    Eddie Nketiah could be our Marcos Rashford …… No pressure!

  8. Avenger says:

    well well well Nketiah 2 Norwich 1 Bravo!! for this kid
    saved Wenger culo

  9. dave says:

    Same slow passing in front of the defense for 80 minutes. No penetrating runs behind defense (except for Walcott’s offsides). How many times has the team gone behind to teams that we were suppose to beat? Doesn’t Wenger know that teams expect us to play like this? When the boys came on, they injected some real pace and running that helped open up the opposition – really pleased about their performances.

  10. SuperClaes says:

    Do Wenger ever talk defending? Comical defending at times! We rode our luck here…but that’s what wins you a cup sometimes.

    What a sub though – Niketiah my man!!!!!!!!!!

    Believe Nketiah deserves a chance on the bench in the PL as believe much better impact player than Walcott if we need to chase a goal.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      whenever he has had an opportunity he’s taken it an made it count – Nketiah i mean, has certainly distinguished himself tonight…all the young guns did but for Ready Eddie its a noteworthy turning point (imo) this kid is (already) what we expected walcott to be at the time we rolled him out to be thierry’s successor all those years ago. i know i’m slightly overawed by his “impact” but he’s lethal.

    2. RSH says:

      I don’t see a reason Walcott should ever start another Arsenal match for us. Throw him on in the 90th minute when were 4-0 up and he’ll score a garbage time goal. Other than that, he’s useless. Rather see Nelson/Nketiah in his place.

  11. Durand says:

    Someone call the police, Walcott getting killed on twitter. No chance to catch game missed glorious Eddie’s showcase, and frustrating performance from senior players it seems.
    Can’t believe Walcott still getting opportunities in the attack.

    4 years from now when Nelson is playing poorly like Ox, this is why. Wasting Nelson away as a RWB so Theo can continue running offside for over £100,000 a week. Luckest guy ever in world football, period.

    1. Durand says:

      Besides, every Arsenal fan knows you only play Theo in his last contract year. He’s bench quaity rest of time. He should sign series of 1 yr contracts or he can F-off

  12. namo says:

    Man City held to a goalless draw by Wovlerhampton. Down to penalties…

    1. namo says:

      As expected, City wins the penalty shoot out. Wouldn’t mind if they were dumped out at this stage. Lol

  13. greg says:

    Eddie nketiah looks a bright prospect for the future! Coyg!

  14. Anko says:

    The name is Nketiah!!!! I will try and remember that. Well done boy, we hope you have a very successful career.

  15. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Nketiah and Nelson are players to keep your eye on over the next few years

    He is MOTM simply because the two goals came from this youngster and not Walcott, Giroud etc.

    Hero of the match. He will always remember his performance in this match

    Well done boys. Swansea next

  16. Adam Criniti says:

    Always enjoy watching the Arsenal youngsters experience there first taste of Magic @ the Emirates.

    Although it may be a similar to SaNOGOALS epic performance @ the Emirates Cup a few years back stand up and take a bow young Mr. Nektiah, splendid cameo that will forever be remembered by Gunners worldwide.

    And to you Mr. Wenger, Theo should never, ever play another fixture in an Arsenal kit…its over.

  17. ThirdManJW says:

    Awful performance, great win! So pleased for Nketiah, and he nearly got a hat-trick! Not sure how Walcott is still an Arsenal player, and Iwobi needs to sort out his passing, because he constantly gave the ball away.

    Biggest issue was the amount of players out of position, with five in the starting lineup! Good chance we’ll get Premiership opposition next, so Wenger needs to sort that out.

  18. RSH says:

    Wenger has to start players in the right position. Nelson is not good at RWB and wenger is hurting his potential. Should be in Walcott’s place. Elneny at CB remains a highlight of Wenger’s stupid decisions. And I’d much rather see Wilshere play further forward than in CM where he can’t influence the game as much. And Walcott should never kick a ball again for ANY team because he’s quite simply disgraceful to watch. Nkeitah, what a game for the youngster, well done! And Willock had a great cameo too. The subs really upped Arsenal’s game and pushed us across the line on a bad day.

    1. SuperClaes says:

      Walcott is still an Arsenal player so we should support him although I understand from where you are coming…

      Frankly he doesn’t deserve being started like this and no good to our beloved club!

  19. COYG_CA says:

    I will bitch about AW often, but I have to give him credit for putting out so many youngsters and giving them opportunity to play, and look what happened. Great win for the many young players.

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