Arsenal v Olympiacos review – 2nd loss leaves Gunners on brink!

With Arsenal in dire need of winning our second Champions League group game after losing the first, a home clash with Olympiakos seemed the ideal game. But it was like watching the Zagreb game all over again in the first half and we went into the break losing 2-1.

Arsenal had started well and were passing and moving well. Alexis was doing his thing and Walcott, Cazorla, Ozil and the Ox were making chances. The Ox fired just wide after being fed by Alexis and Walcott should have done better with an early shot after good work in the box.

After about 20 minutes though, our passing seemed to become a bit predictable and the Greek side started to come forward more. Even so they needed a huge deflection on a shot after a corner to take a shock 33rd minute lead, giving Ospina no chance. The corner came about from a defensive mix-up between Koscielny and Gabriel though and there were definitely nerves in the Arsenal team.

A brilliant leveller minutes later from Walcott, assisted by Alexis, should have swung the game but we were still sloppy afterwards and then a keeping howler from Ospina after another corner gifted the visitors the lead again. THis needed a brilliant team tak from Wenger and a big comeback from the players.

It was certainly not dull, as Arsenal pressed hard and the Olympiacos goal lived a charmed life, or it did until a beautiful team move ended with Walcott floating a ctross for Alexis to power home with his head. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot though, as we were behind again less than a minute later as our defenders went missing.

Again we had lost the momentum and it was hard to get back, especially with the ref allowing lots of niggly fouls and spoiling tactics. With 15 minutes to go an Ozil free kick brought another great save and it was looking bad for us. Of course our deflected shots were going wide as well and an Alexis bullet header whistled past the post.

It was a real siege at the end but Arsenal could not break through. If only we had defended as well we would not be looking at failing to get out of the group which is now a very real possibility.

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          1. Olympiakos have never won in england.

            12 games- 12 losses

            And then arsenal came into there lives

            Humiliation. Total humiliation

                  1. Mark my words alexis sanchez wil leave in the summer if we dont sustain a title challenge.

                    He turned down juve and psg…

                    Top 4 an champions league losers is not something he is used to.
                    We gooners are.

                1. Agreed this is a competition that we cannot compete for. We’ll beyond mediocre…such an inconsistent bunch of players and a manager whom I will never understand

            1. So that’s 2 back to back CL records we had made then isn’t it? First to giving Dynamo their first ever win over English opposition in Europe now giving Olympiacos their first ever win in England. Boy we sure do make it a trend of setting negative records for ourselves. No wonder Mourinho always has a field day with Wenger.

        1. At least, we always win the participation trophy lol. Most fans are missing the point.
          Winning a trophy was never the objective
          The objective is profit profit profit
          Money money money.
          Kroenke runs Arsenal the same way they run American franchises. He is only interested in selling expensive shirt , hotdogs , beer , Coke .
          If you want to radically change that club , it has to be Kroenke out. Then you can get Wenger out

      1. i hope wenger goes into his closet and cry real hard in private!………This is just about how far he can take Arsenal to……

      2. Wenger’s past it. Negligent and lacks any form of drive or ambition . He has collected too many garbage players and a new manager is desperately needed to do a thorough clear-out . Exactly the same way Van gaal and man united have almost cleared out all the garbage from Ferguson’s years .
        The only players fit to wear the shirt because of what they uniquely bring to the table .

        The rest are bang average players who you can upgrades easily with less than 10 mill.

          1. massive defensive failure tonight. even w/o ospina’s : how can we let in 2? and whats happened to corner defending?

    1. wenger abd the board are true specialist in failure.they are true loosers ozil ox and ospina shoild be sold to the division 1.
      we are never ever going to win any other trophy under this shameless of a manager let the petitions begin for wenger and the board to be thrown out.
      Oh! and by the way manure 3 arsenal 1 this sunday

    2. How about our players taking some responsibility. Ozil in big games is joke.
      Cazorla and Ozil in a big game in midfield lacks balance.
      Players must take responsibility for the results.

      Ospina hmmmm. enough

      Sure the manager and the club loss their minds in the window.

      Arsenal are a joke. I swear

    3. Yea!……..what we saw tonight is the Team expected to go past the round of 16 as well as Lift the EpL……. Lets just focus on the Capital one cup buddies!……seems we are not destined for greater things under wenger!

    4. Saturday ,Sunday and Monday wenger and the term was brilliant . Tuesday wenger needs to leave.

      Next Sunday Wenger and the team will be a genius .
      How funny we fans are

  1. Don’t know what to say. For every 1 good thing we do in a match we make 3 mistakes. SOmething is just not right.
    Realistically there is only a small chance that we shall qualify from this group now. The scary part is that now we have to beat bayern.
    Fun fact- we have never beat olyampiakos at their home.
    What i don’t understand is that why don’t we EVER threaten from setpieces? An Arsenal corner is like a throw in for any other team. Too easy to clear.
    At the 93rd min why are we still doing tiki taka and not putting the ball into the box? It was too easy for their defence.
    Losing at home to teams like these is unacceptable.

    1. Even if we did scrape through, we should hold our heads down in shame. We should destroy these teams like Bayern does. 16 years worth of Champions League experience and money and that is the kind of display Wenger and his Arsenal team can produce.

  2. Still think Wenger is the man to take us forward? Sorry but the buck stops with him, he runs the show, he is responsible for these players including the ones he doesn’t ever buy, he’s the reason we won’t win the big competitions. If people want to make excuses for him go ahead but he needs to go because he isn’t going to change his ways and we’re the ones who suffer due to his faults.

    1. And now the guy doesn’t even have the balls to give an interview. You run the show so don’t start running away with his tale between his legs, face the music.

  3. Wenger is magician, he get paid 8.5 millions pound per year doing nothing and entertaining his bold useless ego.

    1. It was empty to begin with, but I can’t blame anyone. Why waste your money going to these games when you know that it’s a competition you’ll never win.

  4. Any chance on Europa League? Given that against Bayern we can maybe get 1 point, then we have to win Olympiacos and Zagreb. 7 point enough for Europa League spot?

  5. Wenger is a saboteur. Any more proof? Leaving your best goalkeeper on the bench in a must win game? Martinez could have done better. Disgusted. Wenger doesn’t have fans in mind. Go home and reconcile with your wife.

  6. I would like to hear Wenger supporters like YingYang and Analyzer have to say after this performance. In which way is Wenher the man to take the team forward? Shocking performance yet again. God help us when Lewandowski comes to town. We are in for a good spanking.

  7. Seriously. If We can’t beat Zagreb and can’t beat Olympiakos at home, we won’t do that great in Europa League either.

  8. Wenger, you are not reaping what you saw…. only the fan are reaping whatever you saw. You are just a disgusting old fella who likes to make fun on real Arsenal fans.

  9. I think its time to get Klopp in. Arsene Wenger is finished at the top level as a manager. He no longer has the competitive edge required to be a winner. He has had far too many chances and has failed far too many times. 16 times in the CL and never won it and just 1 final. If that is not failure then i don’t know what is.

  10. Far too easy for olympiacos.Waiting for the akbs to start blaming everyone else apart from the main culprit who refused to strengthen the team. The excuse was always the big teams like bayern and barca,then came anderlecht, then Monaco,now it’s Zagreb and olympiacos, soon it will be the likes of Qarabag in the europa league

  11. when will the junkies on this site learn…wenger will not ever deliver a winning side at the emirates its not in in his tired make up and he doesnt have to to deliver to a corrupted board whose only concern is its own bank balance … but its ok walcott scored again so he really is the world class stroker we craved ramsey came off the bench to fire the engine etc etc …. tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow …. jokers

  12. Dynamo Z. Won their first Champions Leave match against Arsenal.
    Olympiacos’ first win against an English side was against Arsenal,

    @The Analyzer: you love statistics…Deal with this.
    What excuse will you give Arsene now? LOL.

  13. Wenger takes arsenal 1 step forward then 2 steps back! Sanchez wont want to stay if we carry on like this under the wrinkly idiot in charge

  14. Humiliating. The thing for me here is that the team selection was correct, noone could have predicted that Ospina would have had such a shocker. Bellerin was picked over Debuchy, and we had a relatively full strength attack. The players were poor today. Ox was poor, Kosc looked all over the place, but Ospina was woeful. I do think Wenger’s time is up, but this game was not his selections fault.

    1. No his selection fault???? Ermmmm how about putting cech in goal for this crucial game, how about actually buying some quality players that our team needs

        1. What quality players hmmmm
          Dante (better then mertesacker and a leader)
          Reus has a buyout clause

      1. Thats a fair claim, but when you consider Ospinas form last season, you would never, and I mean NEVER have seen him being as poor as he was today. Ospina should have been able to play better, and that lineup should have been good enough to win.

        Yes in Hindsight we can all say ‘why no Cech!?’ but realistically Ospina should have been better. Kosc should have played better OX should have thrown himself in front of the first goal rather than turning his back. Players let us down today more than Wenger. Still though Wenger has let us down more than enough… Just not necessarily tonight.

        1. players poor tonight but wenger is at the root: no or little hairdryer. and too quick to make excuses to protect his players. + they prob know that if they dont perform, nothing too bad will happen.

  15. Don’t care were but Ramsey has to play. Rw, cm, lb, gk it doesn’t matter but Ramsey has to play. The front 4 that most wanted to play started today and they were just too flimsy and lightweight. Aaron is the only one with presence in this group. As much as I like cazorla and all of his ability I think we need someone stronger in the middle. Ozil is our most talented player but he needs bigger players behind him to control the game so he can do what he does best. Sanchez can’t do it alone. Pace won’t do anything against teams that defend deep. Why can’t we break these teams down? So many questions need to be asked. But for me Ramsey has to play, everyone else other than giroud, francis, and boss are too weak. Why do we start playing well only after we fall behind? Why?

    1. What a stupid comment if the game had been 0-0 then fair play, but they attacked and scored 3 goals. There defence was tight and workd really hard. At the end they were all behind the ball, but they beat us as all to many teams do.

      1. Beat us with 2 goals from set pieces(one from a deflection from Ox, the fan favourite), one from Ospina mistake, (which we still are not sure whether it was a goal or not). If you say 3rd goal was our fault, then spot on.

        1. What end of the pitch were their players when they scored. Had they parked the bus then. What they set out to do was to either catch us on the break or score from set piece. Remember they were away from home.

  16. Yea………….that was wenger’s Arsenal for u……..always thinking they are barca-like and could just walk the ball into the net……….. Sets us Right!

  17. A strong Arsenal Fc team put out there tonight but still they couldn’t record their 1st Ucl win of the 2015/2016 season. Poor Arsenal. I’m lost for words. For me they better just be knocked out of the Ucl so they can concerntrate more on winning the Epl which is more realistic. Let’s be honest, with RM, Barca and Bayern and probably other teams in the Ucl, there’s no chance in Hell that we can win it. That’s but just my opinion and imma stick to it.

      1. 1.loosing mentality
        2.poor concentration/focus
        3.little/no tactical awareness
        4. Inconsistence at different areas of the pitch
        etc etc etc
        Every manager dictates these weaknessess to their players and now its only a matter of time to see our precious once invincible scary team look ordinary even to teams that fight for relegation
        No team goes on committing a lot of mistakes in one game as Arsenal does and keep being successive its IMPOSSIBLE

  18. Very disappointing display from the gunners as they lose 3-2 on their own turf, making it a total of 0 points from 2 games.

    This drops us to the bottom of the group on Match Day Two.

    Bayern Munich won 5-0 against Dinamo to retain top spot.

    Is there hope for the Gunners qualifying?

    1. Played 2 lost 2 and we still have to play B.Munich twice!
      And the funny part is….. They are scared of us lol
      So don’t be surprised if we beat them, Home and Away!
      ? We always do things the hard way ?

      Where’s Wally Ozil when we need him?
      With his Bounce back rally cry…. I’m f###ing sick of it ?

  19. I never do this but…

    Thanks for the memories Wenger but goodbye.

    Goal 1. Basic defending, who was picking the player up on the edge of the box?? How we continue to keep giving away these very poor goals is an absolute joke. What are we currently doing in training???

    Goal 2. Why is our MOST experienced goalkeeper on the bench?? Managers decisions back fire once again.

    Goal 3. Typical Arsenal naivety, we claw ourselves back in the back. Then concede in a matter of seconds…..

    We can barely take one decent corner, let alone having 8 in that game. We are absolutely no threat from corners. Infact 9/10 times the opposing team will hit us on the counter attack from our OWN corners.

    I’m embarrassed to be a goner tonight.
    The manager the players should be ashamed.
    Bring on Bayern Munich hahaha

  20. i always observe something from arsenal fans, we always complain when we lost but have the mentality that we will win cl and epl when we win just only one match, and what always vex me is that all of you know the solution to arsenal problem(wenger and the board OUT) BUT all of you always tomb up for arsene when we win just only one match(or almost 2nd half of the season matches).
    am still sure(absolutely or 100% sure) that all of you will tomb up if we beat man u on sunday.

    1. Sorry mate but it needs change and needs it now. Do you think Chelsea owner will put up with the crap at his club much longer? No

  21. Wenger should have divorced Arsenal and not his wife,please what’s Bold responsibilities again? Seems like its sitting on the bench and watching games

  22. Well it will be the first time Arsenal lose the first 4 CLG on the spin. Best thing is to come bottom now and try and do something with the EPL. This is not fair to us the fans because he just won’t spend cash. Man U weekend lets say 2 OG and they win. We need defenders and something different in midfield. I just give up.

  23. Wenger be like. Its not shame not to play in the CL. I have taken the club for so many years through it, now that we failed this time, is no big deal.

    Starts to compare the club with other failuare. Says that Liverpool and Totenham have it hard. Tells us storys about Manure not being eable to get through sometimes. Tells us about their 7th poz.

    But one thing he wont tell. He wont remind us of their success. Bec that would destory his excuses. Coz one thing Arsenal has what other big dont have. And thats no Cl trophy. Cheer up lads.

  24. arsenal’s problem is not quality. it’s mentality. ever since the season started the hype about us winning the league was too much pressure to handle to the players that we cannot even win at home. it’s like the players are scared of the fans. if anybody noticed, we were good at the end of last season after chlsea was unreachable and the players didn’t have any pressure to win. at this state, i don’t think we can even handle being at the top of the table for a while let alone winning it. and this is unarguably the manger’s fault. i don’t hate wenger but the team’s inability to win with so much quality, reflects on him. (and what a stupid move to put ospina in when he was going in for a point not even resting anyone for Saturday’s game.)

  25. Walcott and Sanchez
    are scoring for fun.
    Cech wins games
    so will be back.
    Very low injury rate this season.
    Bayern are cruising so will be vunerable.
    Reckon we will beat them at home next game.
    Prediction by Xmas.
    Beat Man U and City and go top of EPL by Xmas.
    Beat Bayern qualify for last 16.
    Through to semi final of Capital One.
    Everyone happy 🙂

  26. We will be raped at home against Munich
    And in Munich it will be a outright Massacre (the Unoted Nations will need to get involved.)

  27. Bayern munich will run away with this group without a shadow of a doubt! Damn! Lewandowski is scary, the guy is scoring for fun!

  28. Bayern back to back now isn’t it? Let’s just focus on the league from now on. Feeling really nervous about the Man U game now to be honest. Say what you want about Van Gaal but they are in better shape to win the league than us as it stands and if he does that will signal a new low for Wenger and it actually hurts me to see the manager of the greatest team this league has ever seen fall from grace in this manner. Pelligrini came and City won the league, Mourinho came back and Chelsea won the league again under him. Dare I say Van Gall will do the same this season after his tweeking while we always remain the ones left at the alter. Something or someone has to give, I hate seeing my club like this year in year out and the FA Cup is just not enough for me anymore not to sound ungrateful. Back to back FA Cup wins was fun while it lasted and we set the record for the most successful club in that tournament but we have to move on to bigger and better things, we just have to.

        1. Don’t let your emotions lead to you disrespecting others. I might even be more realistic than yourself, all I was trying to say was what’s the point being in that tournament when we can’t even beat the 2 weakest teams in our group. Makes more sense to focus on the league and if it’s another 4th place then so be it, I’ve grown use to that by now.

  29. hahahahaha

    Big loss.

    Before now after the victory over Leicester some folks where like ‘ we are back to our best, we can beat any team’

    We need to straighten our thinking,

    many arse fans brain is highly corrupted with a virus

    no proper reasoning and forecasting.

    All they have got season after season is believe and believe on a disjointed team.

    we need to adopt the theoretical perspective of realism.

    Base your believe on concrete fact.

    This team is not good enough to win the EPL or UCL.

    I am very Glad we loss bcos we can’t win the UCL.

    There is no point qualifying season after season , without any ambition to win it.


    The post Wenger era is near

  30. LOL. We’re officially a joke club. Who do I blame for this defeat? Arsene Wenger and all you mug AKB’s who encourage mediocrity. Bravo, well done!

  31. Time for Wenger to wield the big stick and drop Ozil. I’ve had enough. Cazorla back to CAM and Ramsey to pair Coquelin versus United.

    1. Time for Wenger to take that big stick and shove it where the sun dont shine.

      Really, enough. Nobody could have expected Ospina to be so bad, he was very good last year. But you have Cech, who is in great form, you are playing a must win CL game, come on stop playing around thinking you’re smarter than everyone.

      We dont have enough quality on the field and we dont have enough quality on the bench, and we need a leader on the field and we need a motivator as a manager. Klopp, Simeone type with fire in their belly.

    2. that has been my opinion since last season. özil is soooo poor. he has no heart, no fighting spirit. brings the other players down with his behavior. he is a minimalist of his own kind:
      minimal effort for minimal outcome. ship this always sad and tired looking guy out!!!

  32. Hmm I am getting mighty fed up of paying a fortune to see my team week in and week out and rushing after work to get to the game tonight, only to be humiliated. On train now and won’t get in until about 11….I am putting the effort in Arsenal are you guys!!!!!!
    We are a damn joke of a team and I can say that as have been supporting them since I could comprehend football which was about 1979!
    You see back then it was a little easier to stomach as it was a matter of a few quid to see the game, now I am paying in the region of 80 quid a game including travel, food and ticket….and for what?!! The wife thinks I am mental…..if I want to take my two kids I will have to remortgage the house…..and for what! To see this shower!
    The club has no ambition, the board are full of it, Wenger has lost the plot….why on earth would he not play Cech?? Seriously it’s madness. We pay the highest ticket prices in Europe….us mugs that go that is….tomorrow at work will run the gauntlet of humiliation as ever no doubt.
    Tonight is the night after all those years of going and this season especially where perhaps it’s time just to save my money and watch it on the box…’s got to be easier than this damn torture!

    We seriously as a team this season are not strong enough to win anything, we don’t even have the desire I don’t think. AW should of strengthened but for whatever reason didn’t…..personally I don’t think it’s just him….the board are full of it and without doubt are lying about our financial clout.

    Get ready for a long season folks, Europa league here we come.

    Rant over….this is my stop….just a car journey now… doubt Arsene already tucked up in effing bed dreaming of his CL trophy we will never have……

    1. Don’t worry mate, we won’t even qualifie for the two bob Europa league, just think of all that money you will save ?
      Take your your kids to McDonald’s instead, that’s much more enjoyable and entertaining ?

    2. Cech had a “calf strain”, ospina was probably going to start anyway but no could’ve predicted a blunder that bad. He was so solid last year and was amazing at the Copa Americas but now I think wenger will drop him from the remaining UCL games.

      Wenger is not entirely to blame the board and owner are snakes and I think there is something going in behind the scenes at arsenal.

  33. We can’t defend corner kicks, and neither can we score from them.Makes me wonder what the players do in training 6 days a week.I ever wonder why our CBs go up for the corners coz none of our players even bothers to challenge for the ball

  34. Great! Desirable outcome. Now perhaps, we can begin with the arduous task of attempting to boot the fraud of a manager out of AFC. Good riddance!

  35. Didnt see this coming just shows the old fool never learns. Time to go from bottom to top of club. Total revamp of thw backroom, board, no2 and manager. No better time

  36. Tag team gunners…
    So is it Koscielny turn to be out injured again?

    The sad thing is, no one expected this result
    or even dared to even contemplate the thought!

    The truth is… as always, our opponents were up for it,
    Alot more than we were!
    People don’t realise that the most important tactic is the will to want to win, to bust a gutt for it!
    And obviously we lack that when the pressure is on.

  37. I never do this but…..

    Thanks for the memories Wenger.

    Goal 1. BASIC defending. Mark the man that’s clearly unmarked on the edge of the box before the corner comes in. What on earth are the team doing in training I wonder?

    Goal 2. Why is our number 1 goalkeeper who is most experienced not starting our champions league games? What other team does this? I don’t know what Ospina was doing?

    Goal 3. Typical naivety from Arsenal. Work so hard to claw the game back to 2-2. Only to concede a goal within seconds from kick off. Who is our leader out on that pitch I wonder.

    We can barely deliver one decent corner all game let alone having 8. We are absolutely no threat from corners. Infact it’s the opposing team who benefits from our corners. Because 9/10 they will hit us on the counter attack from OUR own corners.

    We had no other striker options, only cambell as a winger to put on.
    Wenger said we have enough to cope all season. Utter clown

    Bring on Bayern Munich, 6 points out of those two games easy hahaha

  38. The longer Wenger stay in Arsenal fc as a manager the more backward ARSENAL be come because the f***ing old fool man that have no plan to leave Arsenal anytime soon so f**king deranged I’m so f****** pissed off right now.

    1. You must be new to this then?
      I used to smash my ? up, every time we lost like this!
      And now I don’t have anything left to smash up! ?

      Now days.. I just call them all a load of Eric Cantona’s
      And a bunch of barclays bankers!! … it works after a few hours! ??

  39. Our beloved club is actually going backwards! About time foing out at this stage happened, no desire, belief or management skill. Europa league here we come wenger just leave! Ian wright on bt sports had my emotion written all over his face, it hurts and could have been avoided with some smart spending in the last window. My fear now is that cazorla, sanchez etc will be looking for the door. Walcott is not a striker and opsina should not have started tonight.

  40. Wenger should take Mertesacker, Flamini, Arteta, Campbell and Giroud with him and leave. None of these people are good enough to be a part of a winning team.

    But he wont. Tell me who would leave a job where you made a ridiculous amount of money just to be mediocre.

    Stan – Ivan – Arsene that is Arsenal’s Bermuda triangle.

    Bring in Usmanov – Dein – Klopp and lets Rock

  41. I’m sorry guys you can blame me for this loss. Every time I’m at work during a match this happens. Another recorded game deleted from my cable box without even watching it. Oh well life goes on

  42. Wenger needs get out before Sanchez does, clearly more important than wenger to this team… Klopp or whoever inn idgaf anyone wud be better than crappy wenger

  43. What worried me wasthat we were over loading on the left, dragging there defence out of shape at the end leaving Joel Campbell free, but he never received the ball although he continuously called for it.. I sometimes think we just don’t understand the art of goal scoring in the simple way. I know joel is not liked by many, but he hasn’t been given anywhere near a fair run, and his position ing around the box at the end was better than the clump of players we have who try to pass through a solod defence.

  44. I want us to come 3rd and get Europa league it will give the team a wake up call and we will have a huge chance of winning a European competition for once
    Only downside is will our squad be big enough to play Thursday Sunday till the end of the season

  45. Am not in the least bit surprised by this shambolic display. What more could say:(

    No head, no heart no creativity.

    Let’s hope Man U have a stinker and we get lucky

  46. There’s only one special in failure… think Wenger needs to realize that the jig is up he had ÂŁ200 million to spend and he decided to be greedy and take us all for fools. No matter how much the board loves him they need to realize the fans are hurt and they need change. the trick is up #WengerOut

  47. Arsene Wenger has refused to explain his decision to choose David Ospina over Petr Cechafter the Arsenal goalkeeper’s blunder in the 3-2 defeat to Olympiacos.

    The Colombian dropped the ball over the line to gift the Greek side a 2-1 lead as they went on to win 3-2, condemning the Gunners to a second consecutive Champions League loss.

    Wenger, though, defended his choice to pick Ospina and leave Cech on the bench but refused to explain his selection.

    “I do not have to sit here and give you an explanation about every decision I make,” he told reporters.

    “That is always the simple thing. Ospina kept 14 clean sheets in 19 games last season and was fantastic against Tottenham last week. No goalkeeper is mistake-free.

    “I make the decisions and selections for the team and I am responsible. I know many things that you don’t know or you ignore. You can’t select a team by taking a poll before the game and taking everyone’s opinion.

    “Honestly, I don’t want to go into the conversation about regrets with you.”

  48. I thought that after the transfer window closed and we didn’t buy anybody… “we have a strong squad” says Wenger.

    I’m so glad I wasn’t at home and watching this game… I would’ve had to look for a new TV to replace my broken one.

  49. as son as i saw the selection i told my friend a milan fan who was watching with me.
    he said…you guys are following oir steps.

    Wenger did not take the game seriously.

    it is NOT about form or talent, it is about continuation …if you have a team that wins …DONT CHANGE THE TEAM!!!

    Mr Wenger has fair and square won his way out.

    Or Alexis, Cech, Belleron Santi,….they will all leave…

    oh and to those fans…hell whre was Giroud??????

  50. More embarrassment and humiliation, up one day down the next. What`s the difference the
    difference between Bayern Munich and Arsenal? When we discover that we will start to win and
    gain the respect of the fans.

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