Arsenal v PSG Confirmed teams – Plus Preview and full list of all TV Channels

So Arsenal are warming up for our second game in Singapore against the French Champions Paris St Germain, who Unai Emery won Ligue 1 with last season. The new Arsenal coach will enjoy seeing his friends who he only left two months ago, but right now he is focusing on getting the Gunners fully prepared for the opening League game against Man City.

Emery said yesterday: “For us, it’s about continuing our preparations. It’s another match but we don’t want to change our focus. Our focus is to get every player up to speed and work on tactical things to get better for when we start [Premier League] competition.

“I am very grateful to PSG. It was a good experience, a good moment in my career. Now we are going to play tomorrow against a big, big club with big players. They won’t have every player on the pitch tomorrow because they are on holiday, but for me it’s important for our preparation. It will also be nice for me to meet my friends who I worked with at Paris Saint-Germain.”

El Coach used 22 players in the match against Atletico Madrid, so there is no point trying to predict the team as only Emery knows which formations he’s using and which of the players are approaching fitness so I’ll just wait and post it here…..


And during the Atletico game there were many comments asking which TV channels it was showed on so here is the full worldwide list of Channels showing the Arsenal v PSG match….

Updated: July 28, 2018 — 11:49 am


  1. Where can I stream the match for free any idea

    1. SkySports bruv…LoL

    2. Premier sports on mobdro app 12.35 kick off

    3. Download the mobdro app open sports channels go to premier sports and at 12.35 the match starts enjoy the game

  2. its only a friendly and heaps of subs will be used…dont get too worked up

  3. Arsenal vs PSG confirmed teams…… I thought you had the line ups. Deceptive headline!! What a SHAME!! Lame article.

    1. I guess my browser was the problem.

      1. You should have confirmed first.

  4. I think Emery will play just 1 striker up front this season. Probably 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1
    Not both Aubameyang and Lacazette
    Just one


    1. No one knows that till it starts mate

    2. 4-2-3-1 formation

  6. Come on….. GUNNERS

  7. I love the idea of making ozil captain

  8. Leno, Belerin, Sokratis, Mustafi, Sead, Elneny, Gwendouzi, Iwobi, Ozil, Mikhy, Auba.
    Descent line up.

  9. After comparing their line up with our line. If we don’t win the first half, Emery Out….

  10. the young guns have that fearless endeavour about their play… nice to see

  11. Boooooom!!! Mesut Ozil ?

  12. @22.44seconds iwobi scuffs as good an opportunity as you can get – which is why i don’t rate him

    1. 70k a week for that!

      1. exactly – he proves it (by his approach to offensive play) why many think he should be overlooked

        1. Get off him. If it were to be Lacazette or Auba who got into such position, guys like would applaud him for at least getting into the position. This isn’t the first time a quality GK is making a save off our player. Why so much intent to create negativity around Iwobi?

          1. Seriously! Give the Lad a break. Just because he got offered a new contract doesn’t suddenly make him “Perfect”.
            It won’t be fair that all we do is just wait for him to make mistake and then have him slaughtered.
            C’mon guys…

          2. I guess my browser was the problem.
            This is exactly my problem with guys like Phil and waal2waal. He missed a chance and he’s been given a name so that they nail him. Mhiki missed a chance at about 40mins, yet, I don’t see any of calling him out. Let the lad be! He’s not performing as much as we want but he’s our player all the same. Show some support.

  13. Super sport2 the better option

    1. Is supersports2 really showing the match?

  14. Which channel is showing the match in Nigeria?

    1. Using startimes… Check sportsarena

  15. am so impressed with Guendouzi performance in this first half

    1. Good thing we snapped him up then!

  16. elneny + guendouzi = the hair bear bunch = they’re playing well = so far…

    1. Hair bear bunch ???

  17. elneny iwobi and kosilinac simply not top epl standard … sell or loan … bellerin still a doubt for me … others looking ok … the french kid certainly looks quality and some nice movement up front … but this is psg b team so difficult to tell

    1. Do You understand that we can’t fill our bench with world class players?
      These players are needed.

  18. After 1,5 games in tournament I have an Arsenal team for the season 2019/2020 🙂

    Bellerin Sokratis Mavropanos Monreal
    Guendouzi Torieira Ainsley Maitland-Niles
    new winger or Reiss Nelson Ozil Mkhitaryan

  19. seems the stadium is packed to the hilt… ozil appears happy enough – its something fans will want to see..

  20. Would love to see TORREIRA and GWENDOUZI in front of the Back 4 in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
    I believe in this manager, great things to come at Arsenal.


  21. Have to say not missing Ramsey in midfield AT ALL.

    Guendouzi what a fine player. Whoever said he just does the simple things brilliantly was spot on.
    He’s calm, composed, reads game, almost always picks out the right pass. Absolute steal at £7 million.

    This kid with Torreira, maybe even AMN will be awesome midfield for years.

    Someone tell Stan Kronke how much money would be wasted on Ramsey, and he’ll be gone by monday.

    1. Imagine selling key players based on 45 minutes of a preseason game. Imagine.

      1. Actually 10 years of underperforming as I’ll stated dozens of times.

        Imagine paying Ramsey £150k per week or more for 36 goals and 40 assists OVER 10 YEARS!!!!

        3.6 goals avg a year and 4 assists, very very poor.

        Would you spend your money on that? Probably would. Sentimentality has been killing this club, don’t fear change. If Ramsey is good as you seem to think, where are the offers?

        Real Madrid? Barcelona? West Ham? Crystal Palace? Hell, anyone in Premier League that has seen him last 10 years? That says a lot. No PL club made bid, wow speaks volumes if you would listen.

        1. So because West Ham or Palace hasn’t tried to sign Ramsey, they wouldn’t take him. West Ham also hasnt tried to buy Messi. Guess he’s not at their level. And unless you’re his agent you don’t know the offers Ramsey has gotten either or the approaches that have been made. There’s a lot of stuff that goes unreported.

          Ramsey is one of our highest scoring midfielder, had 10 assists last season, actually shows up in some of Arsenal’s bigger games. You’ve been watching him 10 years and you think he is worthless even though he has scored 2 winners in finals, has had good UCL campaigns and EPL campaigns. Yes, he has had inconsistent seasons. I’m not claiming he’s world class and Barca level. this is only something you have to make up to prove your trash opinion. But Arsenal are definitely worse without him.

          1. Saying he is no where near worth £150 a week.
            Good rotation player, but never win title with him in midfield. Over 10 years how many clubs have come in for him?

            Good campaigns? Your opinion obviously.

            The Barcelona thing based on Ramsey’s statement you dolt! About how he dreams to go there and play. Been ongoing joke for years if you have paid attention. Smh, believe what you like,

            May I suggest upgrading prescription on your rose-tinted glasses?

          2. okay, nobody has come in Ozil recently so lets sell him. Same with Bellerin, Mustafi, Monreal, Torreira, Guendouzi, Lacazette, Leno. Basically our entire team no world class club has been interested in them, so lets scrap the whole team and start over. You are the one with rose-tinted glasses. It’s so easy to weed out fans that only see what they want to see. You dont like Ramsey because he beat out Wilshere and actually produces quality moments. I imagine you were crying when he scored FA Cup winners, not once, but twice. Apparently players should be judged solely on if other teams want them. Salah must be trash too since nobody has tried to sign him this summer, and only LFC wanted him last summer. Not Barca quality.

          3. Very soon you will have to start supporting Inter Milan boy.
            and take that picture of Ramsey and Wenger of your wall…
            …changed haircut already?
            I think you are not shaving yet?

          4. I guess that’s witty? Was that supposed to anger me or something??

          5. Actually not a fan of Wilshere, after years of opportunities I thought he wasn’t up to scratch. Same thing for Ramsey, 10 years not up to scratch.

            Not missing Walcott, Gibbs, Ox, Giroud, and Ramsey if he goes.

            Ramsey has had a contract offer since Wenger was still managing! What’s he holding out for? Guaranteed starter? Him captain not 1 of 5?

            Club offer extremely generous.


          6. By the by RSH, ridiculous statement about selling entire team, purely contrarian and childish.

            I was explaining why a player in last year of contract holding club hostage is bad for club. Had enough of that from Sanchez and Ozil.

            Find it interesting you place Ramsey’s interests above the clubs. Have you even read what you have typed.

            Perhaps you would be better off supporting Ramsey FC my friend, I’ll continue to put club above ANY INDIVIDUAL.

          7. My comment was contrarian… then tells me to support Ramsey FC.

            Now I’m a fanboy because I rate him and decide to defend him when stupid comments like yours come in. If you don’t think we should re-sign Ramsey I have no problem with that, but suggesting he contributed nothing in the 10 years he has been here, and isn’t good enough is just wrong. Putting him in the same category as players like Theo, Wilshere, Ox and Gibbs is also just as dumb. Those are players that never kicked on, never did anything of note. I’ll just say let the season begin. No point in this discussion when you already have your mind made up and distort history to make a player look bad

          8. You can’t really say 10 years though. He arrived as a kid, had to wait before he got a chance at first team football. He had that breakout season, but then injury. Two years of rehab or there about’s before he got back to full fitness (look at Cazorla and his was nothing like Ramsey’s). When he came back he was a bench option not an automatic starter (Song Fabregas Arteta Hleb Rosicky Diaby Wilshere etc all ahead of him at different stages. He’s had recurring injury problems too. The season before last he got to play the final quarter season due to need. It’s been since then that he’s hit form and stayed in the team. If you tot up his first team starts you will see that the stats are not as bad as you make out. They compare better than allot of other players in his position, esp if you compare his last two seasons since he got into the side. Cazorla, if you tot up his goals and assists over the past decad it might not read too well neither. Ramsey played well as a bit part player for majority of career, but he’s only back to his best recent enough. He is not just about goals and assists, Lacazette recently spelled out exactly why Ramsey is a very useful player.

    2. I never missed Ramsey… only when he plays for us cos he is anywhere and nowhere.
      Best player of last season? Jesus, our worst season so I dnt care and it tells everything.
      With Guendouzi Torieira we can get far. Maybe not this season but 2019/20 will be an Arsenal s one!

      1. “with Guendouzi ( a 19 year old who has only played preseason) and Torriera ( a player nobody knew about until a month ago and hasn’t kicked a ball in an Arsenal jersey), we can get far.” Love how fans are suddenly know it alls before season even starts. Quite amazing you know we can boss EPL based on nothing but preseason and we don’t need midfielders racked up 7 goals and 10 assists last season. And of course to avoid being mocked for defending Ramsey I’ll have to say I don’t think he’s a world class player, but you delusional if you think he was bad last season, and worst player last season just shows how incredibly biased you are. Wouldn’t be surprised you’re just somebody who is upset Wilshere was booted out.

        1. If you hate a balanced midfield, disciplined players, and despise responsibility, then Ramsey is definitely your guy.

          Horror show if Ramsey captain, we would definitely need at least 4 more captains to offset Ramsey.

          1. better than acting like I’m so knowledgeable about players I’ve only seen kick a ball once or twice.

          2. Look at the years RSH… and think before you write something.

            And your s and wenger s ramsey was really great today!
            All over the pitch but not much in contact with the ball… as usually.

          3. haha, if you think I am a Wenger fan you couldn’t be more wrong. Bore off. Now you just sound silly. And how desperate do you have to be to criticize Ramsey in this friendly today. That’s new levels. Let’s forget he won the header for the 2nd goal too. I mean, I wasn’t even going to bring it up, because it’s a friendly and who really cares, but since we’re going to be that pathetic today let’s go there. Remind me how relevant these friendlies are when the actual season starts again? How many times have we gone undefeated in preseason and finish below City, Chelsea, United when they have sporadic preseason results. The arrogance and blindness that fans like you are showing based on these meaningless games is baffling. There’s actual suggestions Guendouzi, Smith-Rowe and our other inexperienced players should be starting games right off the bat. When the season actually starts things are so much different. Already you put these crazy expectations on young players. Very cute you think preseason matters so much

          4. Durand, more like if you love goal scoring CM players that don’t need to go forward to score the goals or make the assists then you need to look elsewhere …where though? I don’t believe there is one of them in existence.

            “It’s just as well Ramsey has his super work ethic and looks to hound the midfielders off the ball when they gain possession”. “It’s also just as well that he’s always been one of Arsenal’s hardest working players”. Is he world class, no, is he a bad player at all, no. Is he a talented player with very useful aspects to his game, hell! yeah!.

          5. My opinion is he is average and suitable rotational player on team. Never called him bum, useless, etc…

            No way in hell he is worth £150k – £200k per week, if that is accurate. He should be “hard working” as you put it, they all should; getting paid millions to play a game. Expecting 100% effort is not asking too much.

            I just think team can move on just fine without him.

            Giroud gone, we’re better, Walcott gone we’re better, but worse if Ramsey goes? Doubt that.

            Ramsey’s best year is teams worst in 22 years.
            I apologize if I focus more on team results than individual results of the Welshman.

            We agree to disagree I guess.

  22. Brilliant for Mesut to come back & show what he can do only after 13mins of football & as the captain for today’s game. Yes this isn’t the full PSG team but you can only beat what’s infront of you.

    Mesut as Captain could maybe boost his confidence to a whole other level as he has it in his locker to lead by example of playing football. New no10 in his back helps psychologically for him & we might just get what we asked for in Ozil.

    I’m not watching the game just reading the updates but seemed to be a decent 1st half bar first 10mins for Arsenal. Emery vocal out of his seat it reads so really happy about that also. Passion is a pleasure to watch in the football pitch.

  23. Konalsinac was good in the Atheletico game , but today ‘s game he has Iwolbi who offered no support in defense nor attack , all Iwolbi did was either standing idly , back passing , never made any effort to defend , nor making any effort to go forward, only waiting for the ball to fall right in front of him ! he is really just an eye sore !

    1. That’s all Iwobi ever does mate

  24. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Madness! The referee wanted Özil’s autograph,so got him to sign the back of the yellow card.
    Özil is king mate.

    1. yes he is – when his mood possesses him to be

  25. 1. Leno
    2. Bellerin
    3. Mustafi
    4. Sokraits
    5. Monreal
    6. Torreira
    7. Guendouzi
    8. Ozil
    9. Miki
    10. Laca
    11. Auba

    12. Cech
    13. Lichsteiner
    14. Mavraponas
    15. Chambers
    16. Kolasnic
    17. Niles
    18. Ramsey
    19. Xhaka
    20. Elneny
    21. Nketiah
    22. Smith
    23. Iwobi

    Still not strong enough out wide positions!! But not a bad squad

    1. Also Koscielny, Holding, Welbeck, Perez, Martinez.

  26. martinez has agility like a cat – decent save i must say from that free kick…

  27. I would like to see Perez get some minutes. He is the only hope for us in the wings since it appears we finished our signings

    1. Im worried about the wings too.
      We really need to sign at least one winger.
      Welbeck is faster than Perez but Perez is better passer. But neither is good enough to take us to the next level. Welbeck may be leaving too.
      Mkhitaryan can play on one wing.

  28. need anothr left back asap

    1. We will have to buy up to ten before the season is over

  29. kolsinac fowls (allegedly) results in a penalty – now 1-1

  30. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    EMILE – SMITH-ROWENALDO is the future….

    delicious pass to Lacazette within 4 minutes he was substituted in

  31. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    All hail Emile Smith-RoweNALDO

  32. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Guendouzi is been class throughout the match . Ramsey is crap . trying too hard with his “skills”

    1. yep need to sell 2 of ramsey xhaka and elneny promote the french kid and amn ahead of all of em and bring in a quality midfielder …

      1. I think the majority of Arsenal fans who
        possess an objective futboling brain wouldn’t
        lose sleep if Ramsey and El Neny were shown
        the door and replaced with Kovacic or Rabiot.
        The arrival of Torreria and Guendouzi as well
        as the emergence of ESM and AMN imho
        make the Welshmen and Egyptian expendable
        and both should sacrificed if Arsenal have the
        realistic chance to sign better players. If Emery
        is satisfied with numbers and commtted to
        the youth movement in midfield than the funds
        used from there sales and possibly DW could
        be allocated toward acquiring a difference
        maker on the wings such as Leon Bailey, O Dembele or Wilfred Zaha.

        Would Arsenal fans seriously question this
        possible business before the close of the

        El Neny…£10M

        £90M in sales


        £90M spent

        Bailey, Rabiot, Torreria, Guendouzi, Leno,
        Socratis, Lichsteiner would be an incredible
        haul in this window and AFC under Emery
        would immediately challenge for the top 4
        and the Europa League title.

  33. We tend to focus our comments on Aubameyang and not enough on Lacazette. Lacazette is fine finisher and striker.

    Having both players is amazing

    1. I tell you bro…left to me,I prefer lacazette as a striker to aubameyang…lacazette is a more natural and better finisher to me…where auba just edges him is in the area of speed…technically,lacazette is superior for me…dribbling, ball control,shooting from range,linking up with midfielders,lacazette edges auba in all these areas… Lacazette rarely misses open chances…as clinical as Auba was for us last season after he joined,he could have had more and was annoyingly wasteful at times…will still prefer Emery starting them together tho.

  34. nice finish Eddie!

  35. 5-1 full time

  36. The fact that Auba did not score today and Laca scored doesn’t mean Laca is all of a sudden the better one. Both are good and their styles of play are so different. But Auba is the better finisher and has proved in numerous times that he can get us the goals. Having said that, I would still love to see them together on the pitch but if there is only one room for a striker, its PEA for me

  37. Ozil strokes in opener, Laca nets twice, Holding heads in fourth and Nketiah adds fifth.

  38. I’d prefer both PEA and Laca on the pitch bar injury

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