Arsenal v PSG Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Paris Saint-Germain travel to London to take on Arsenal tonight, in a match which should decide who wins their respective Champions League group.

The French side come into the game with much improved form having won 10 of their last 12 matches in all competitions, having started the campaign out of sorts. The last time we took on PSG they had a draw and a loss coming into the game, and will be much more confident for the rematch.

We also have our own form to fall back on however, having gone unbeaten since the opening weekend of the season, although our consecutive 1-1 draws with rivals Manchester United and Tottenham will not have us full of confidence going into the match.

Both of us have already qualified for the knock-out rounds of the competition which will take some of the importance our of the match-up, but topping the group should assure us of a slightly less daunting side in the coming round, avoiding those who topped the other groups.

The Gunners will be hoping to seal top of the group with the three points tonight, but are likely to have to do so without key duo Hector Bellerin and Santi Cazorla. I also expect Alexis Sanchez to be rested for the upcoming match, having played the full 90 minutes at the weekend, and David Ospina is expected to come into the side, having been used in each of the previous European matches this term.

Predicted starting XI:

Jenkinson  Mustafi  Kocsielny  Gibbs
Coquelin  Xhaka
Ramsey              Ozil           Walcott

This should be a tight affair in which the battle will likely lie in midfield. Giroud will likely prove to be the deciding factor, as he will be supplied with the chances, and will be up to him to put them away. The form he has been in you would have to believe he will put at least one of them away, and I’m going to go for a 2-1 win.

Do you agree that Sanchez should/will be rested tonight? Will Giroud get the chance to continue his goalscoring record against the French champions?

Pat J

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  1. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t think Alexis will be rested, Alexis seems to really mean it when he says he hates sitting games out. He hates even coming off with five minutes to go, it’s not ideal behavior, but we need him to sign so I’m not sure I’d make him sit out our biggest CL game. If I was intent on playing Giroud, then Id play Alexis on the wing. But I’m not so intent, Alexis got the last goal against these which was a huge goal so Id keep Giroud for the weekend and maybe bring him from bench if needed.

  2. today alot of you delusional fans will. see what some of us have been saying if we play with Ramsey an Wolcott on the wing we been in for a rude awakening

    1. Admin says:

      Ahhh you have revealed yourself by using that word ‘delusional’.
      You are a nouveau Wenger out supporter that hopes we lose so you can slag him off!
      We are unbeaten in 18 games. Give it a rest!

    2. Jansen says:

      what’s wrong with Theo on the wing? I think he has been having a very good season.

  3. Incarnate says:

    I really don’t see the importance of this or the next UCL match so much so that we can’t rest ALL our key players. The real tragedy will be after throwing everything including the fitness of key players at these two games and then topping the group, we still get opponents tougher than PSG’s.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      well if u lose to PSG, u finish runner-up which means u have a very good chance to face a UCL big boy like say Barca fr xample n then we have a very good chance of getting knocked outta the R16 AGAIN!!
      so tonight’s game pretty much determines the rest of our UCL season.

      1. Arsenal_Girl says:

        I Agree. I don’t want to face Barcelona, Madrid/Dortmund, Bayern, Atletico in next round

        1. Admin says:

          Why not it could be a fantastic game. And you never know we might win!
          You have to beat everyone if you want to win it so best to knock them out early…

        2. David says:

          we can’t avoid Madrid & Dortmund since thy are same group and one of them will finish Second .

  4. GoonAR says:

    I think most of that lineup will be what the boss plays. The only changes I would make would be Alexis starting at ST and not starting Ramsey.

  5. HairyCustard says:

    I am actually in disbelief as to why Ramsey is being considered. He is slow and as a result our build-up play is a lot slower. Wenger is playing him in these important matches in hope that he recaptures the form he was in oh so long ago. Iwobi might be a bit off form but i believe he offers much more on the wing than ramsey that. Ox would be better too.

  6. Wilshegz says:

    resting Alexis? really? well you don’t “rest” key players against PSG… it’s not Ludogorets.

    just start with the main XI with Alexis upfront, Xhaka-Coquelin in CM n Iwobi in LW

  7. TR7 says:

    a starting XI with OG and Ramsey.? it would be a very slow and distasteful game like our previous ucl least today il take caution;if this happens to be the final line up, i go to bed early coz it won’t be an entertaining ftball.

  8. Jansen says:

    Yes, I agree Sanchez should be rested. If we start Giroud and Ramsey we will not win.

    I would prefer Theo – Ozil – Iwobi to play behind Giroud or to start Theo in the center and play Ox – Ozil – Iwobi behind Theo if we want to have some speed upfront.

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Don’t be sad fellow Gooners but we’re going to get whipped tonight.
    The facts are that we have not been playing that well since Ramsey returned to the starting line up, aswell as our home performance not being A bit shaky of late.
    We were lucky to get the draw away to PSG and I fear that they will tear us out a new one tonight… Nevertheless finishing second in the group may be a blessing since most of the big boys in Europe may also finish 2nd in their groups.
    At least we have some easier games coming up in the premier league.

  10. David says:

    today actually will See if Wenger is under pressure or not..
    what i min is that if He start with Alexis then He don’t give a dame about media or us the fan..
    but if he Rest Alexis he surly reads the news paper and his under pressure.

    I think he should start with Giroud ,Ox and Teo,
    @the back tho jenko is not good enf So play back 3.

    Mustafi. Kos Gibo

    Coq —-Ramsey–Xhaka

    Teo—– OG————Ox

    1. Kumagaya says:

      You want OG to score the wecneed pace on the wings. Time for おk the ox to start with walcot in the opposit. Give crosses in firsthalf as much as possible. If not working bring Iwobi and have him creator while Ozil tries his luck on Goal. All worse in 65min bring Alexis fir OG. In the mid, Cq and xhaxa is enough. Ramsey can come later

  11. arsenal_canada says:

    Coq xhaka
    Walcott ozil iwobi

    Leave ramsey out of this one please

  12. seatofthesoul says:

    I take your point about Alexis, however it would be madness not to start him.
    Ramsey simply cannot start on the wing, I wouldn’t mind him box-to-box paired with Coqelin, although I’d prefer Xhaka regardless.

    Giroud up top for me and Alexis on the left to exploit their RB issues. Theo, Iwobi or Ox on the right, I couldn’t really pick one, any of the 3 may turn up or may not. The reason you could argue Ramsey on the right wing is to cover Jenks, however I’m not convinced. I’d opt for Coq and Xhaka who can both cover full backs if needed. Thus allowing Alexis and Walcott (or Iwobi or OX) to be able to attack more.

    If we start Giroud we need players around him, we can’t play Ramsey on the wing as he simply doesn’t support him enough. He used to make incredible runs from deep passing Giroud which worked amazingly and was the blueprint for his goal scoring capabilities, unfortunately he no longer makes these runs successfully and in-turn occupies Ozil’s space and disrupts our entire game.

    On balance my team is as following:


    Jenks Kos Mustafi Gibbs

    Coq Xhaka

    Walcott Ozil Alexis


    I wouldn’t be upset if Walcott was replaced with either Iwobi or the Ox, if Ramsey does indeed start on the wing then he must be disciplined and have the game of his life.
    Lets hope Ozil has the influence we know he can.

    COYG we can win this, we have not been convincing of late and have been lucky, lets put a marker down and outplay them.

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