Arsenal v Reading – The BBC is an ass!

There are not many Arsenal fans that will be happy that Chelsea v Man United are kicking off at the same time as Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final against Reading, and I am one of them. The result of Chelsea v Man United is, arguably, just as important to Arsenal’s season as the Cup semi.

If Chelsea win, then the Gunners can just about give up on the title, but will be much more secure about second place, while if Man United win, they will go above us in the table, but give us a better chance of winning the title….

But the knobs at the BBC obviously didn’t want us to watch both games, and the only reason I can think they are doing it is to stick one on Sky, but in reality there will be less neutrals watching the FA Cup game, and they will be annoying football fans everywhere. The Chelsea v Man United game was scheduled as far back as February, so the Beeb can hardly say they had no choice, but a spokesman revealed that they are hoping to get more viewers for Match Of The Day later on that night: “We hope our audience will enjoy the underdogs Reading against the holders Arsenal live on BBC One followed by extended highlights of Chelsea v Man Utd on MotD on Saturday evening.”

What I would really like is for Sky to hit back and announce they will be repeating the Chelsea v Man United match immediately after the game, but there is no way the BBC commentators would refrain from telling us the score during the Arsenal match, so we would all know the result anyway. This has REALLY annoyed me!

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  1. I for one know exactly which game I will be watching. Come rain, come sunshine!!!

    I wont care much about other games or anything else for that matter until the final whistle.

    1. it will be a MiracLe for ArsenaL to win the premier League TitLe this season……. Dn’t go away …….STAY TUNED!!

  2. its True!!

    If Chelsea win against Man Utd the title chances is totally over……

    Fans have to be realistic….our chance of winning the title is over…its practically impossible for Chelsea to lose 4 games in 7 matches

    1. The only thing impossible is you saying anything good about anything… especially Arsenal

      but I actually agree

      1. & if they do drop 2 or 3 points against Man U
        Yellow card for either Matic or Fabregas then they get a suspension (although I’d rather beat them at full strength)
        Then we beat them 3 points dropped
        Win there game in hand against Leicester
        I think they’ll drop points against Liverpool and or Crystal Palace the way there playing so say they win one lose one. So 3 points dropped.
        Gap down to 1 or two points pressure on them for the last couple of matches then you never know.
        (Presuming we win all our matches)

        1. Your asking for too much. In my opinion a draw will do fine and if we can finally get our long awaited win… could unnerve them a little.

          People expecting or asking for a complete meltdown from che, not going to happen. More likely is the odd draw and then if we do our job we could bring race to the last game or two fingers crossed.

        2. No, the last match they could get suspensions was vs QPR, any yellow cards after don’t count for anything

    2. Except for the fact that Chavski have to play UTD, Liverpool & us so there is 3 games right there!

  3. Get two TVs or go to wembley and follow the live streaming of Chelsea vs United on your gadget

  4. Which of Arsenal’s strikers could have scored Suarez’s second goal yesterday? That nutmeg was epic!

    1. Oxlade has done mazy runs before. Suppose Sanchez likes a dribble. He would certainly try. Though I concede that those two goals were class.

    2. I think Welbeck can. I’ve seen him do the nutmeg a number of times this season. But I’m not sure if he would have gone on to score after that 😀

  5. Here is an alternative. After the FA Cup game paint a wall and watch it dry. About as much fun as watching Chelsea play.

  6. You want to actually watch the match? I think most of us wouldn’t watch it even if it was scheduled different.

  7. The scheduling is a joke. The FA cup is viewed as a massive competition by most fans, players and clubs it might not have the glamour of the Champions league but it’s a completely different thing and very special in its own right. All leagues have domestic cups and all clubs in all leagues take there domestic cups very seriously. The FA cup is probably the biggest domestic cup viewed all over the world. The scheduling makes a joke of this especially at a semi final stage. All the money paid to have the rights to air games you’d think they’d want the full attention to be one a game.

  8. At least you can view it in other channel. In this part you will have to satisfy with the 5 live commentary.

  9. The most realistic chance to win something this season is the FA cup. Let us focus on that. If Chelsea falters on the way (looks difficult but not impossible), that will be a bonus. We look great but let’s avoid complacency against Reading and give them the respect they deserve, having come all the way to the semifinal. With a good attitude, good choice of the team, appropriate tactics, good form of all our players, and an electric atmosphere provided by the fans, I am sure we will take Reading by the collar. 3-1 Arsenal is my prediction, and O-0 Chelsea an Man U

  10. The team we support is playing in the fa cup semifinal which is a knockout game and your focused on a Chelsea game no offence mate but you need to get your priorities straight I get the game has significant consequence on our league position both sat and the end of the season but weather you watch it or not it wont change the outcome of there match so focus everything on our game and watch arsenal and then if you care that much watch the repeat later

  11. Sad part is BBC wouldnt have done the same if it was Manchester United v. Reading instead of us. We have to admit Manchester United garners more viewers than us but this decision to telecast at the same time shows how pathetic these broadcasters can be.

  12. I’m in Nigeria.. so I’ll watch Arsenal on super sport 5 and then Chelsea on super sport 3. in. a viewing centre. you have more than 3televisions.. so Ama watch how both goes.. buh ma full concentration would be on my Darling Arsenal..

  13. Thats hw we roll here mate… In Nigeria, evn if 3 games are slated same time all u have to do is walk in a viewing centre and get the grove on. U only ave to go in 30 min earlier to get a gud point of view (P.O.V.)

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