Arsenal v Rennes Player Ratings – I’m giving MOTM to the youngster

Arsenal had to beat Rennes by two clear goals on Thursday night, and they did it in style by scoring the necessary double before even a quarter of the game was over. I can’t really knock anyone and as a team performance it’s worth an 8 all day….


Cech – 7
Didn’t have a lot of saves but did when needed. He desperately wants to win this as every trophy Arsenal have won since his arrival, Cech has rarely played in!

Mustafi – 7
Not such a bad game, but he always has one mad moment

Koscielny 8
Another captain’s performance. Keep it up Boss…

Monreal – 7
If only him and Kos had been fit all season…

Maitland-Niles – 9
Another great performance by the youngster. Should be automatic start if he carries on like this.

Xhaka – 8
I think he is becoming the top midfielder and leader we were hoping for. Shame it took so long – but I’m not complaining..

Ramsey – 8
Excellent all-round performance again. Gonna be missed!

Kolasinac – 8
He definitely suits Emery-ball. Great in attack and defence

Ozil – 6
Again he’s not firing on all cylinders yet.

Aubameyang – 8
Brilliant until after his celebration. Did that affect his attitude?

Lacazette – 6
Not one of his best performances. Lucky Aubz stepped up


Mkhitaryan – 6
Nothing to complain about. He has improved greatly lately

Iwobi – 6.
Another one enjoying his football lately. Good effort

Torreira – N/A

Darren N


  1. I do think Niles and Aubameyang were the two players who stood out the most, but yet again Auba is the man we can count on. His numbers since arriving are absolutely terrific, and it’s in a season that we create less chances than in the previous ten seasons. They are Henry type numbers, how glad am I that social media wasn’t a big thing in king Henry’s reign. Aubameyang’s numbers actually better Henry’s in how quickly he’s adapted to the league and teammates. They would also be having a go at Bergkamp, they would say that he doesn’t score enough as well as having a go at his assist numbers during certain seasons. They might even have a go at big Tone’s pace and say it’s a weakness.

    1. Aubameyang’s goal tally is pretty good, but he missed a lot of easy chances, seldom scores from set-pieces and rarely able to dribble past the last defender. Probably caused by the lack of competition with Lacazette

      If Arsenal buy a lethal wide forward/ winger in the mold of Salah, Sterling, Sane or Mane next season, I think one of them would have to sit on the bench longer

    2. Hope he did not miss as many simple and easy chances like he keeps doing. He needs about 3-4 Chances to score 1 goal.

      It all adds up to where we could end up in the table of cups with the amount of chances our 2 strikers seems to mess up.

      I just think Auba can do better when it comes to converting more of the chances he seems to fluff.

    3. @Breack-on-Through.
      Clutching at straws talking about how people would be moaning about the likes of Bergkamp not getting enough assists or goals.
      Bergkamp’s ability never depended on obscure stats. He was the Iceman. Dominated the final 3rd, was a leader, could score amazing goals, assists. He was mostly involved in whatever we did. Never did disappearing acts majority of time. Etc.

      He had more to his game, more rounded etc.

  2. If Emery plans to keep using a CAM like that in 3-4-1-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 formation till next season, he had better to find a more skillful and more gritty CAM like Thiago:

    Ozil is aging badly like Sanchez and Arsenal should find energetic young players like Maitland-Niles

      1. No Admin I’m anything but that…. I just didn’t see the sense in buying Thiago to fill a position we currently have a player in the caliber of Iwobi to fill up.

        1. And also let’s not give up on our other great young talents at the club. ESR, nelson, saka and ameachi to name but a few.

  3. I’d give Monreal an 8, He was everywhere at the back, defending and intercepted a lot of balls.
    I’ll give Mhki a 7 not six, that’s just the truth, he was the most effective player in the second half, once he came on you could see how balance was restored to our game and how we forced Rennes to tone down on attacking us, plus he created chances.
    Other than that, I have no complaints

  4. Yet again Ozil started the game in his preferred no10 and was anonymous throughout the game. No goals no assist. First and second leg with zero contributions, not even a pre assist. The third game in a row now, no one can say Emery didn’t give him a chance. The bench is certainly calling.

    1. TH14, are you REALLY WATCHING the games, or are your perceived ideas about Ozil blinding you to his contributions.

      Your saying that he didn’t contribute ANYTHING in the utd game for example?
      I can’t believe you actually even watch our games, do you realise that your the only one who has come out with this ridiculous statement?
      Go back and watch the last three games and then come back when you have watched them without prejudice.
      Thursday wasn’t his best, but near perfection is hard to maintain.

      If what your saying is true, then why has UE selected him?
      After all, UE was your guru when he was selecting Iwobi over Ozil, but now he’s seen the light and you, strangely, haven’t!
      Could it be that your a little sore that Iwobi has been on the bench?
      We have won all the games when Ozil has been selected, so what is your REAL beef?
      You hear the bench calling? I can see men calling on you and taking you away in a straight jacket.

      1. Those performance are not that of the highest paid player in a team. I agree he has done averagely not excellently.

    2. If you can’t see ozils class and the difference when he is in our team, watch all of our games with him and without him. There are teams away that I agree emery has done the right thing and left ozil out and we have had good results because of this. This in my opinion is due to emery being pragmatic and working with the squad he has and our quality doesn’t afford ozil in these games. This is more down to the calibre of our squad, not ozils ability. I imagine ozil in the man city team, or our invincibles or the german team he won world cups with and real Madrid, he plays every game and is one of the first names on the team sheet! I stress before getting slated this is my opinion and of that I am surely entitled.

      1. Sorry, do you think Ozil will get a regular shirt in man city or Real Madrid or in the invincible?. Try and watch him without sentiment. I’ll pick Ramsey over him any day. No passion. If he’s that good, why are no big teams calling for him?

        1. Kay, so the team you supposedly support aren’t, in your opinion, a big team?
          Could it be that other big clubs know he’s happy here and said many times The Arsenal is where he wants to stay?

          Why do you think that because our club was stupid enough to give him the ridiculous salary he accepted, it means he has to be the top performer every game?

          Is it your belief that every other player earns their grossly overpaid salaries every week?

          Could you explain why, since UE has given him this extended run, the football has been more attacking, exciting, fluent, pleasing to the eye and seen us dominate the likes of utd?

          As for Ramsey, I wonder if your perception of him would be the same if he had got the mega bucks contract that was reportedly agreed?
          No one wants him to go I believe, but would you have given him the money?

  5. Kolasinac for me…he is becoming the real deal.
    His crossing of the ball is second to none at the moment, and he and Monreal are forming a real understanding.

    AMN a very close second and proves the point that it doesn’t always have to be a PLAYERS preferred position that makes the player.
    UE has stuck with him and he was superb on Thursday.
    Could he and Bellerin form the same kind of partnership thay Kolasinac and Monreal are?

    Kos IS the boss and he must be laughing at those who so quickly wrote him off and that goes for Xhaka as well.
    I would suggest an average of eight across the board, just for the TEAM performance, nigh on perfect for me.

    My biggest disappointment on Thursday was Ozil, not from his performance which was on par with everyone else, but his attitude.
    When he turned away in frustration just before we scored our second goal, it was totally out of order…not just in playing to the whistle, but showing disdane for another players efforts.
    However, I still believe he is here for the long term on merit, just please cut out the histrionics Mesut, your better than that!!

    1. Sue, where did you see this?
      I would love to see this myself and perhaps (if it’s appropiate) Admin might like to post it?
      From the sounds of things Sue, it would give the different factions on here a good cause for debate!!

      1. Hi Ken it’s on Arseblog. I always look on newsnow arsenal blogs… if you scroll down you’ll find it on there

  6. AM-N is a good choice – imo – he’s the future (arsenals) and has even weighed in with a goal when it mattered most. Lots of players are also doing well like Leno, Kos and the Tank down the flank 🙂

  7. A very good effort from all our players on Thursday. Allso I think this 3-4-1-2 formation suits us well with healthy competition from the bench. Playing the best we’ve got in a formation that suits them is all I have been asking for. We will now turn our heads to the management of our away fixtures. Napoli I think we have more than enough quality to surpass. I sincerely hope Mr Emery finally go for a change and give us some consistency. Allso very happy for the break but not so sure about jetting off to India.

    1. Jah son, good to see you are getting satisfaction at last!!!
      UE has certainly got the squad together and no can complain that they are not being given the chance to show their worth.
      As for consistency my old friend, the last four games have been a revelation of attacking football versus previous games…sit back and enjoy.

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