Arsenal v Sevilla Review – Trossard and Saka give us an easy three points

The story of the first ten minutes was the Arsenal going straight on the front foot and with Saka taken out cynically every time he had the ball, but the ref is being very lenient indeed. The resulting freekicks caused problems for Sevilla.

On 15 mins Saka was taken down on the edge of the box but our starboy shot it well over the bar. Sevilla look happy to slow the ball down and just defend but they can’t keep the ball for long.

Halfway through the half Ben White had a free shot which went just as high over the Sevilla bar. Quickly followed by 5 mins of intense pressure from the Gunners and another shot flies above the bar. Worryingly Havertz gets booed by the fans when he joins in the attack. It just looks like a matter of time before we take the lead.

Finally on 29 mins Saka puts the ball on Trossards foot in the box and he couldnt miss from 6 yards. 1-0 and we are looking dominant and Trossard looks like a natural centre forward.

Sevilla got one breakaway but Saliba just slid in and broke up the attack majestically. That looks to me like their only attack of the half and I don’t think Sevilla even had one shot….

After the break it looked like Havertz was finally going to come good but his shot went tantalingly wide of the post.

Zinchenko replaced Tomi as the only change.

On the hour mark Trossard had an easy chip but it spun very wide of the goal. But at last on 63 mins Saka was sent through from the halfway line and after sweetly dodging the defender he slipped it past the keeper to give us a nice cushion into the last 25 mins.

Saka, Trossard and Martinelli are looking like a great combination indeed.

Arsenal are still totally in control with Zinchenko very impressive too and carry on looking for a third and not sitting back at all. Sevilla are not getting anywhere near Raya’s goal.

Nelson and Vieira are brought on with ten mins to go and Martinelli and Trossard get a well deserved rest.Maybe Saka needed it more and is quickly replaced after yet another foul and is replaced by Kiwior.

But the game is over as a contest and the Gunners are set to go clear at the top of the group, but need jusrt one more to guarantee the knockouts with two games yet to play.

And Arteta slows it down with Elneny coming on for Jorginho and Arsenal coast to an easy three points indeed, although Sevilla managed their first shot at Raya’s goal in the last minute of added time……

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  1. Sevilla were awful, but our goals were beautiful

    I hope Saka is okay, because we’ll need him for the upcoming EPL game

        1. Oh my am hoping and praying we are not experiencing signs, the big German confidence has completely gone.

          1. The so called by you “big German who is tall but extremely skinny and therEfore NOT BIG AT ALL, has a name.

            It is HAVERTZ and it is customary for polite people to use players names and not needlessly and constantly refer to them only by their nationality.

            Evolved fans among us care nothing about nationality anyway and are only interested in a players talent, or lack of it. Why not try being polite for once?

    1. Havertz remain Odegard deputy and he is doing OK at it. But he has become so poor at scoring goals, he misses opportunity and chances at will. Really hope Arteta will be able to improve him I front of goal post.

  2. Still people on here moaning about Martinelli and Jorginho, some people just want to whinge I suppose, sad really.

      1. Oh reg and psa you are both so funny 😂
        The only moaning I do is about negative comments that are not deserved, somewhat like you both make. Tsk tsk.

        1. @GB. Thing is,, some people have a higher ceiling for this football club. Yours is apparently flat on the floor

  3. Wow so fast, lol …
    Good game. Watched it after all lol. I hope that has primed us good for Burnley (a very different one to Dyche’s bullies I may add.) Hope Saka doesn’t have an injury and some players come back fit. COYG!

  4. Dominant performance against a toothless Saville but great win. Stand ou players Saka, Martinelli, Trossard and Saliba. Rice absolutely another one man midfield again. Should easily qualify top of the group now.

  5. Sevilla were so bad it’s difficult to take anything away from that game.

    Imagine Martinelli and Saka has a proper front man to play with, it would be deadly.

    Subs should’ve been earlier, considering our pur dominance. Hopefully Saka is ok but it was 100% avoidable.

    For Havertz to be anonymous in that game is a real feat! The header he missed can’t even be called a half chance, it was a proper easy opportunity!

    We’ve been poor recently, playing a terrible Sevilla couldn’t have come at a better time! On to Burnley!

  6. Thank you Gunners for making my evening. A win next against Lens and we finish as group winners. Nice indeed
    Going now to have a good sleep.
    See you on Saturday

  7. I totally agree with GAI- Sevilla were hopeless.
    Not taking anything away from a very solid performance but that was a much needed victory after our recent losses.
    Both goals were excellent
    Martinelli clearly had his Weetabix for breakfast and Rice as the commentator said looks as though he’s been at Arsenal for ages.
    I feel for Havertz who really should have done better with his header that almost got directed towards the goal. He looked lost at times 😔
    Liked Trossard tonight as well and Jorghino’s through ball was a peach
    I’m definitely not complaining

        1. If you get a bit disheartened with Arsenal sometimes, imagine being a Sevilla supporter, having to watch your team play like that. Just 1, yes 1, foray into the Arsenal penalty area during the first half. OMG.

  8. Dominant display, clean sheet, Raya had almost nothing to do again, yet already fans are moaning about this one.

    I guess it’s no surprise some lose their minds every time we drop points if they can’t even enjoy and acknowledge an excellent victory and performance without picking out some fault somewhere.

    Avoid defeat against Lens and we’re through.

      1. I dont think people realised how well he played against Newcastle because we lost. If we had won, it would have been more highlighted.

  9. Yes, and to think that so many doubted at the beginning of the transfer window that Rice was our man. I guess we really missed Nketian today, but let’s not get carried away, Trossard will do the job in some games but 50 percent of the time he will be nullified by stronger opposition. As for Harvertz,what’s there to feel sorry for? It’s his call to prove the doubters wrong.

  10. Two great goals. I really rate Leo Trossard, what a great signing. Saliba and Gabriel are immense. Declan Rice is a monster and we did this without Odes. Tomiyasu is a top player and Martinelli is a full backs nightmare. Well done lads.

  11. Can’t moan about that!!
    Martinelli needs someone who can’t keep up with him, while Saka needs a referee who will protect him!!

    Just watched the Napoli Berlin game and I urge everyone to take a look at Napoli’s disallowed goal – it’s nigh on the exact replica of Newcastle’s goal.
    The referee gave it, it went to var, the ref was called over to review it and it was disallowed.
    Now tell me that our referees are the best in europe!!!

    1. I think if we are being truthful ken. As exciting and talented as Martinelli is, his end product is open for a bit of improvement. And ken Saturdays gone, have a lie down🤣

      1. I believe what Martineli needs is a proper CF and a dominating AM, Martineli creates alot of chances,attracts defenders,
        If havertz picks up, he’ll benefit alot from Martineli and Saka,
        IMO, Odegaard is too weak,we need him to add some stamina and he’ll be a combination or Benardo and KDB.

        1. I think you guys are missing the point. Martinelli does need classier players around him but an attacking wing back with speed and passing skills would do wonders. What he could do at either Real Madrid or Barcelona is frightening.

    2. Ken, I know it’s no use quarreling over spoil milk, but I had to watch the Napoli Berlin game after reading your comment and it only made me feeling worst
      As I understand it, that’s how VAR should be used.

      Not sure I would recommend any gooners to watch it, maybe Reggie was right, let sleeping dogs lie.

        1. Very crazy, it highlights extreme incompetence and severe lock of leadership in the premier league officiating body.

    3. Yep Ken….same two hands in the back….clear foul. Sadly the only person to replay a game for moral/ethical reasons was Arsene Wenger vs Sheffield United. My respect for Eddie Howe went down the toilet pan, as honesty is lost in the corruption of football. Last season we lost the league the day Lee Mason “FORGOT” to draw the lines vs Brentford last season and we ended up dropping 2 points. Seeing that it was Mason’s JOB DESCRIPTION to draw the lines, can I draw the conclusion he must be corrupt, either through incompetence or criminal corruption. Football is a multi-billion £ industry……with NO corruption. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ho 🤣😕😢

    4. With all due respect, that foul was a totally different foul. He used the defender as a springboard. And however similar fouls or non fouls look, they are different incidents and cant be compared. One was a push, the other was a ride.

      1. So they were both fouls then REGGIE, yet one was allowed and the other wasn’t – consistency my backside!!

  12. Seville made alot of changes to their line up. I suppose they have bigger fish to fry. They have their local derby on Monday against fierce rivals Real Betis. The Kai Havertz experiment should really be aborted. It is not working at all. Tonight was the 3rd consecutive match that Havertz played the entire match and not be pulled off. I don’t know who is the worst Manager at making early substitutions,,, Southgate or Arteta. Elneny needs match time,, as you never know when he’ll be needed. Elneny isn’t the greatest of players, but at least he is safe and reliable. But getting back to the Kia Havertz situation, Arsenal will not be serious contenders at winning the English Premier League or any Silverware while Havertz is playing entire matches for Arsenal. Not in a fit. A spell in the Under 23’s wouldn’t harm Havertz. He seems to be holding back the entire team when he’s on the pitch. It must be annoying the piss out of squad players sitting on the bench and watching the favouritism towards Havertz. As for the David Raya/ Aaron Ramsdale situation, I’m over it. Ramsdale would have to be frustrated at seeing his International career in jeopardy. With the European Championships not far away, it’ll most probably be Pickford, Pope, and Johnstone as the 3 goalkeepers. Come next summer, Bayern Munich could very well be an option for Aaron Ramsdale. Manuel Neuer doesn’t seem to be the same goalkeeper he was before breaking his leg last December. He’s no longer Germany’s Captain, nor is he the preferred number one goalkeeper for his country. I don’t think Bayern Munich would be a backward step for Aaron Ramsdale. He’d be at a club with European pedigree. The new Goalkeeping Coach at Bayern Munich is brilliant

      1. @David. Players that are coming back from injuries usually get a run in the Under 23’s. Your football knowledge is fairly well poor I’ve noticed. A few ex-Arsenal players have said the same about Havertz. You seem to have the intelligence of a home made fruit cake. Playing Havertz in the Under 23’s would not harm him. Once upon a time there use to be Reserve Grade Football. But then, you would not know that, would you

  13. Great win for the Arsenal. Unless there is a combination of some strange results, we are through to the next round, can focus on the Premier League. sure, it is better to top the group which would give us the advantage of playing the second leg at home in the next round. That said, I would prefer to have Trossard as our regular striker till the return of Jesus, Trossard is a very all round player. Think Jorginho had a great game and also Havertz played quite well. Rice, what a player, worth every penny.

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