Arsenal v Sheffield Utd Review – Martinelli on target but another lead thrown away

We always knew it would be a tough game for the Gunners against a strong determined Sheffield United side, and they tried to pressure on us right from the start, and I would say in the first 25 minutes they were more in control than Arsenal.

We gradually fought our way back into the game but it was end to end stuff and anyone could have got the breakthrough but it fell to our new star youngster Gabriel Martinelli in the dying seconds of the first half. An excellent build up saw Saka send the ball into the box and Martinelli stayed onside but was given a free touch to guide it into the net.

Arsenal were a bit more steady in the second half although Sheffield was putting more pressure on as the half progessed.

Pepe could have had a penalty after a weaving run down the wing and into the Sheffield box, but VAR ruled it out. It looked like Nketiah was coming on for Lacazette but the Frenchman just had time to curl a freekick but it just curled off target and that was his last kick of the match, and he has now gone one more game without scoring.

With ten minutes to go Sheffield United ratcheted up the pressure and Leno got lucky when a free header dropped straight into his arms, but immediately the Blades were back on the attack and this time fleck was given loads of space and got a volley off the ground which bounced wickedly over Leno.

This Sheffield side just never gives up and it looks like Arsenal are letting yet another lead slip away in the last ten minutes.

Chris Wilder’s team were not stopping there and now felt they could get the winner and attacked fervently and it was a feverish last ten minutes with the shots going in thick and fast from Sheffield.

Three minutes of extra time was added, just enough for Xhaka to get his usual yellow card, which gave the Blades yet another attempt on Leno’s goal.

Arsenal had just enough time for one last corner but there was no power on Ozil’s header.

So we have to settle for a point at home yet again….


  1. They were disorganized and looked lackluster, probably because of the one week break and Sheffield played with long balls to bypass our midfield. Since they can’t even beat a mid-table team like Sheffield United at home, might as well forget about staying in EPL:

    – Lacazette: His pressing work is excellent, but still too slow to end his barren period

    – Ozil: If he can’t produce anything, he should have been more combative. Almost totally useless, but I doubt Arteta would have the guts to bench him

    – Pepe: Create nice movements sometimes, but not a constant threat

    – Martinelli: Missed a good chance from Pepe, but he redeemed himself with some lucky assist from Saka. Apart from his goal and work rate, he wasn’t impressive at all

    – Xhaka and Torreira: Defended well, but nothing special offensively again

    – Maitland-Niles: Great in defending and in helping the midfielders as usual

    – Saka: Did a decent job defensively. But apart from that good cross, he still needs to learn more about offense

    – Mustafi: Defended very well, considering he has not played regularly for a long time

      1. I guess this comment of yours is meant for yourself. Why the insult, that was his feeling, air your own view. If he Ozil can’t win games for us, he should be benched

    1. I said some days ago that Lacazette should be on the bench. You need a No 9 to score goals. Pepe should be starting games as a CF in the Absence of Aubameyang. Pepe is more composed, Good first touch and has a lot of tricks. For now, he is not getting into the opposition box enough. Against this team, once you get the first goal, u go for the second goal. Don’t play thru the middle. Send more and more balls into the box. We can rest Ozil and Lacazette for now. Play Martinelli or Pepe as CF against Chelsea. Ceballos as a 10. No positives at all. Our league position is not looking good.

      Martinelli Ndekiah Pepe

      Torrera Ceballos Xhaka

      We should bid for Thomas Partey and Lewis Dunk this January. We need those two players in January.They are a must if we want to end the season on a high.
      Disappointing result. The board has to spend. Marque signings are needed this January.

      1. For a 72 M attacker, I expect Pepe to be able to at least cut inside and shoot like the prime Sanchez

        He flashed some brilliance, but not consistent enough to pin Enda Stevens down

    2. If Lacazette can’t score he better remains on the bench, how can a top striker like him stay without goals for so long, it is very clear now that our strikers have let us down, we keep scoring a goal per game and that is too poor, we need more than that. We can’t continue putting blame on defence when strikers refuses to score

      1. What about the midfield? When was the last time an Arsenal midfielder scored; Torreira against Tottenham last season?

    3. Everybody can see the goal was coming. Arteta should have changed much earlier…. Ceballos and the hairy midfielder should come on lacazette and Martinelli to control midfield. Midfield is our weakest link….. We should control our games much better.

  2. Can’t be bothered with most these players. Pepe and Martinelli carrying our whole attack, Ozil and Lacazette just passengers and not good enough. There’s a reason we struggle to even score one goal in games now. Some of these players need to be shipped off ASAP. Seems we controlled much of the match but no bite upfront as usual. You cant have your striker and “creative” player go missing when you have that much possession and control.

    1. Lacazette must be replaced by a more talented striker next season. Ozil simply has no energy to create and to fight

      This is why I urge Arsenal to get a towering target man in January. If our supposedly creative players are dull, at least we can try to capitalize on corner situations

      Arteta’s system can only help the underperforming senior players to play better, but they must find their own motivation by themselves

      1. This has been Ozil for several seasons now. It’s ridiculous that he keeps getting chances. And yeah, I am picking on him at this point, fanboys, because his performances are garbage and they deserve to be criticized.

        1. It’s absolutely shocking how the standards have dropped. There are many who still believe Ozil is actually capable of consistent great performances

        2. Pathetic interpretation of the game just pathetic … we have a defense that is championship level at best and a link up player in xhaka who would struggle to get in to many championship teams … that puts endless pressure on front players to do more defending (which not all do inc ozil and lacazette) but their u derperformance is a symptom not a cause … without correcting that we are mid table team at best ..

          1. your interpretation is worse. It’s easy to blame the defense every time, but if you actually watch the game you know they did a fine job and the pressure was on our attackers to kill off the game. And maybe you need to watch more EPL games, because most teams have attackers that also join in defending. Hilarious you criticize my post when yours is just laughable.

        3. Give it a break you mean only people like you actually watch the game … Everyone else who doesn’t agree with your dumb views on ozil isn’t REALLY watching … The point about other teams in the EPL who are better than us and that’s a lot now is that they play as a team with players who are comfortable both in their specialized positions and taking other roles for the team .., we are the only team I have watched whose Defence is not only hopeless going forward (saka an exception today) but hopeless at defending as well … On top of that we have a Midfield general who can spray the occasional long ball but otherwise is the biggest football fraud in the entire league …so again and yes after watching endless games over the last decade the problems for Arsenal start at the back and until this is addressed we remain mid table at best … Whether ozil stays or goes he is not the problem that needs to be solved

          1. Having no creativity in the midfield isn’t a problem? I’d strongly argue against that. And everyone below us besides Brighton have conceded more goals than us, so no, our defense is not as hopeless as you are making them out to be. There are plenty of worse ones who we still struggle to score against. Tells you something about the state of our attack. So yes, Ozil is a problem, along with Lacazette, who you don’t seem to be defending. Why only just Ozil, hmmmm.

          2. Do you think Ozil will make the first 11 of any top 10 EPL team. I think you’re more deluded than the writer, stop being sentimental, I liked Ozil of 3,4 seasons ago, not this one we have now.

  3. No top 4 or possibly even 6 this season. Lost my excitement again for the team. I’ll tune in next season now.. boring game as most have this season but on the right track just a shame it’s the slow train

    1. If we keep getting draws from mediocre oppositions at the Emirates, relegation will be highly probable

      Arteta wants to get Kurzawa in January, maybe because he is not satisfied with his attacking LBs

  4. I really don’t get why people still create excuses for Lacazette though.
    Everyone really showed up today, including Ozil, everyone except Lacazette.
    Ozil tried stringing all the passes he could.
    I’m really tired of Lacazette, no excuses, now our defense is doing good, our attackers are useless.
    As we suspected, Lacazette can’t fill PEA’s boots.
    Great game from Saka

      1. No doubt bother were average, but at least you still saw Ozil going for the ball, marking and trying forward passes.
        Other than the pass Lacazette gave Pepe in the first half, I don’t remember a single thing or effort he made.
        He couldn’t even press opponents the way he used to.
        He was a minus on the pitch today.
        If either of our defenders had been in his shoes today, the whole world would come for their head

        1. We might have been better off without Laca today but even so we were so trash in attack that I doubt the result would’ve been any different. For all PEA’s goals these are kind of matches he struggles in i.e against a solid defense with restricted space. I’d like to see Nketiah given his chance at CF because I’ve been him play and he has a killer instinct even as a youngster. Ozil for me was average. He didn’t do anything wrong neither did he do anything special so I get where you’re coming from

    1. Ozil didn’t put extra effort to steal the ball nor did he press as hard as Lacazette. He just waited until his teammates gave him the ball

      He has played for four different managers at Arsenal and still shows the same attitude. I believe Arteta would be forced to start him again at Stamford Bridge and he rarely produced at away games since 2010

      1. Sorry, Lacazette pressed today? what game did Giuseppe see? He was invisible for the whole minutes he was on.
        I don’t know why you guys keep trying to make him look better lately when he’s been pissful poor

      2. If Martinelli had scored from that Pass from Ozil in the second half, u still would criticize Ozil. Ozil is not getting any younger though. But he is still a class player. He creates chances. We need forwards who can convert them. Maybe we can consider getting Ings from Southampton. A target man upfront. Ozil is not as bad as you make it look. My opinion though.

      3. Thats a big lie
        Ozil used to produce assists in the camp nou against barcelona,the biggest derby in the world(el classico)
        And the 2014 world cup was played in brazil and ozil was a shining star in the tournament.He was very effective in the final 3rd .
        Ozil has had very good away games even after 2010

        1. Ozil was trying? In your wildest dreams. What game where you watching. He cannot even perform against Sheffield United. That guy and Xhaka are pulling Arsenal down

    2. Where was Ozil?even when everyone was shouting shoot in my local bar,he still could only over hit an irrelevant pass.
      We should be playing with 9outfield players if there is no one else because ozil is a burgage.

    3. Ozil was trying? In your wildest dreams. What game where you watching. He cannot even perform against Sheffield United. That guy and Xhaka are pulling Arsenal down

  5. Mid table team Sheffield United? There’s a reason why they’re above us in the table! Just be hoping we’re not scrapping for survival in April

  6. This Arsenal team either draw or lose and very very rarely win! Bang average! Can’t wait until the season is wrapped up.

    1. I can’t stress how much I want the season to quickly end. I’ve never felt like that as an Arsenal fan even in some of our most trash periods. This is more than bad. On a positive note only Wolves have won today

      1. The only positive note is that we’re one game closer to this train wreck of a season ending! Sheffield United have taken 4 points from us on top of being 4 points clear and we’re miles off the top 4 with Chelsea away on Tuesday 🙄 a Jürgen Klopp/Guardiola hybrid couldn’t galvanise that lot.

        1. Im not really shocked with the result though. Its the way we play. Dont forget that there’s more to com like Southampton,Wolves, City and Man Utd all away. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way as an Arsenal fan. I think the season ending quickly will do our team lots of good. Like how bad can be??

          1. Yeah not utd though we somehow managed to get 4 points from those 2 games! But we definitely won’t get anything against city and very much doubt we’ll beat Southampton or Wolves either! I just don’t see this team putting a winning run together, they aren’t good enough! The best we can hope for is the odd win in-between draws and defeats! We got no chance of winning the Europa League either so it’s gonna be a miserable last few months.

          2. Sorry I kind of forgot we already played at Old Trafford. I think Aston Villa and Brighton would also be giving us some trouble away. Our hope might be on those two. It’s pathetic how it only takes one ball to unlock our whole defense even if the opposition play average

  7. Can someone explain to me why we didn’t get a penalty? That would have for sure killed the game. Hard team to play against and thought we fought well. I am a little worried about how many chances we create though.

    1. The commentator suggested it was because Pepe ran into the defender’s out-stretched leg. That made me chuckle.

    2. We can consider a swap deal with Athletico. We offer them Lacazette + cash. They give us Lemar and Thomas Partey.This will make us to stop playing Aubameyang on the flanks. We will be getting a decent winger in Lemar plus the Steel in midfield we desperately needed: Thomas Partey.
      It makes sense

    1. there just always seems to be a problem somewhere. This team lacks in all three crucial areas on the pitch. It’s frustrating. If Defense isn’t having a crisis, it’s attack or midfield. Just always a new tragedy at random moments in the season.

    2. Exactly, not bothered about the defence, if we continue to only score 1 goal a game we are in trouble. The players must have a mental block when they go 1 up…..

  8. We would be been better off without some of our players today. Its obvious so we know their names. So do people still think Pepe is worth €80m or will come good?? Funny how many haven’t realized this is how good he actually is. When you look beyond stats you can see through every single player. So many still think current Ozil is as good as his old self?? I actually laugh at our fans at times. Our display today was totally rubbish. I want this season to end quickly. The only positive is that I know we have a coach that has world class potential.

    1. I highly doubt Arsenal could win EL when Ozil is still a regular starter

      Xhaka, Torreira, Maitland-Niles and the CBs broke a lot of threats, but we have no creativity upfront

      Lacazette didn’t score, but at least he produced nice through balls, held the opponents out with his strength and stole the ball frequently

      1. I think Arteta has to start tweaking things a little bit. He can’t keep starting Lacazette because he’s producing nothing. With how arsenal are currently playing we need him to be producing instantly. Our season is already dead so we can’t keep sinking it further into the ground.
        As for Ozil he’s so lucky because we don’t gave a direct replacement for him so he’d still start

    2. @Kev
      Pepe is surely a better player than you were. You always actes like he was the most expensive player in the world football. The boy did fine today.The problem is somewhere else.Arsenal needs to play a hight speed contre attacking football and you will see the real pepe. Put him in the liverpool team and u will see how good he is. LET US SUPPORT OUR PLAYERS AND NOT KILL THEM BRO!

      1. Nah this is how good he always was. He doesn’t need the Liverpool players to better. If he was great or world class it would show by now. For the money we bought him he’s supposed to be carrying the team like Sanchez did. He’s good but not great and definitely not worth €80m. 08/09 Arshavin was better and he wasn’t even called world class. This should tell you something about the standards

        1. the fact that you said “he doesn’t need the liverpool players to better” suggest that you are clueless, the analogy NOT the players but the SYSTEM.

          once again he never asked to be valued at EUR 80m

          1. Clueless?? At least I don’t accept mediocrity. So are you implying great players need great players around them to look good?? If so then based on your analogy I take it that all potentially world class players playing for average teams are average?? You see how that sounds. I’m tired of people reducing the standards when it comes to judging some of our players. You say he didn’t ask to be valued at €80m but Lacazette who didn’t ask yo be valued at £52m is being heavily criticized so why shouldn’t Pepe. Your logic makes no sense to me. Did he also ask for a good salary or not?? Come back with a better argument

        2. @Kev
          And other fellow gooners here on this site criticizing Lacazette’s performance because of lack of goal, you are right to say so, but he brings something else into our attack, and that is unsettling the our opponent’s CBs, the moment Artetar did his wrong substitution, they were free to support their midfield and this is the salient fact that led to the equalizer we are talking about here. The substitution tactically weaken our attack and made us to look like loosing the game in the last ten minutes of the game. Artetar should have removed Ozil instead for a fresh leg in the midfield but did otherwise to weaken the attack, l hope he will learn that today, no wonder he mentioned the penalty incident as a penalty denied when in actual football decision was correct. Artetar should be bold enough to substitute Ozil against chavs early in the second half.l believe, we will inflict another defeat on Chelsea at the bridge (they lost to Newcastle)

  9. omg just re-sign santi cazorla xhaka and torreira can only pass the ball sideways and backwards we have no creativty at all in central midfield

  10. Another draw….. *sigh. Now the only good thing that can come from the EPL this weekend is for United to beat Liverpool…. can we get that at least…

  11. Torreira and saka great games. Lost our shape in the end with fatigue. Still seeing positives from Artets and players. Working hard just lacking some qualities touches in the final third and some defences lapses.

  12. Immediately we get a goal, we start struggling to score.
    We play as though we’ve won the league.
    Though like I’ve been saying, no expectations for this season anymore.
    At this point I’d rather have just PEA and Martinelli up front with an extra midfielder to help
    Soon as PEA returns, Lacazette better sits on the bench for Martinelli

    1. I used to enjoy reading your post used to be very objective. We are a work progress Arteta cost us the game today as we were in control until the change. After the change we lost the balance I think Xhaka was the more obvious change. Again Nelson not on the bench ment no chance of change on the wings. Still i think you’re better than going off at players. Remember just the other day you were saying how good Gwendouzi is. Give Arteta a chance but doesn’t mean he can’t be criticized.

    2. That is exactly where our problem lies. It has been in how many matches under MA that will score a goal and struggle to create anymore scoring chances until we conceded. I have seen this in all the matches. I saw passing between our defenders and Xhaka back and forth. If you don’t play ball forward you won’t get goals. Pepe and Laca spent more time in our half than opposition half. That explain it all. I haven’t seen the evidence of attacking football MA learnt from Pep. Though I have seen improvements in the team

  13. It sure is funny watching grown men whine and moan… Great performance from the guys, up to a point. Move on to the next one.

    1. you whine and moan just as much as everyone else here, dude. What’s even funnier is the fact you think you are above all of us on this forum when you are just as irritable.

      1. RSH
        Don’t all up in your feelings there dude. I never whine or moan, I simply state my opinion. It’s just a sport and I see it as such, regardless of my support for AFC. Win, lose or draw doesn’t affect my life one bit.

        1. You never whine or moan? You’re always here post-game to make sure all of us know your opinions are superior and you’re right about everything, and all other posters are simply inferior for having their own opinions as well. We get it, you think you’re amazing. We don’t care though. And the hilarious thing is that you never actually state your opinions. It’s just vague nonsense about how you were right all along. It’s become a joke, man.

        2. Also, the fact you are bragging about not caring about football on a football forum is just condescending beyond belief. To some of us it does mean more, and that’s perfectly fine. We’re allowed to be frustrated by results. You’re not better than anyone for caring less.

          1. @RSH
            Im not bragging and never said I didn’t care about AFC it football. I just stated the results don’t affect my life either way. And if my words make you feel somehow inferior to me, you might need to get that checked out dude… Reading might be fundamental, but comprehension is key…

          2. Don’t try to walk back what is clearly implied in your posts. Own up to how you feel about us, instead of gaslighting. If you need to feel better than other people over football, find other people to brag to.

  14. I am tired of watching Arsenal game for a draw. Lacazette needs rest , I don’t understand why Arteta is stubborn. Slowly the players are losing their desire to fight.

  15. Hmm we taught buying big was the answer,our scout has become lazy because we are now buying big names

  16. We got robbed of a penalty, something always goes against us when it comes to officiating. And don’t give me that crap that we should win anyway, when a game is tight like today or like against Chelsea, that one officiating fault actually makes us lose three points. It has come to the point that I worry more about the refs performance at the start of every match than our team, it shouldn’t be like that.

  17. Midfield Empty. Cazorla, Fabregas, Rocisky, non of current player closer to them to hold and create chances. I just realize after watching this game, Ozil is not even closer to them. Cazorla still create chances & scoring goal for fun @ Villarreal CF. Worst Player on pitch today is Martinelli, Saka, Mustafi & Maitland Niles. Is there anyone still want Mustafi to stay after this game?

    1. Maitland-Niles and Mustafi are some of the best performers

      Ozil, on the other hand, was unwilling to put an extra effort

      1. Amn could have stopped that goal twice, he lost the header with a half hearted header and just like xhaka against palace failed to close down and turned his back. He isnt a natural RB so he has an excuse.

    2. You know people didn’t watch this game when Mustafi is listed as a bad performer. An easy target but did little wrong today. People just want to blame our defense because they conceded, when the onus was on our attackers to grab a second goal but kept drawing blanks the entire second half. Also, Martinelli being bad is also laughable. He made two runs that shuldve led to goal if Ozil didn’t overweight the ball twice.

  18. Come on guys, stop being so negative. We earned a point against a top six team. We can definitely finish in top ten this season. COYG!

    1. @Bad ebening
      Which would be good for us to regroup and mount an attack for the title. No EPL or CL matches to hinder us….

      1. Yes Chelsea missed out on european competition in Mourinho’s last season and Conte won the league in the following season. We can certainly follow that path.

  19. We are not going anywhere with constant non performers Ozil and the hapless xhaka. What is Ozil even in the team for, absolutely non existent. Amn could and should have done better for goal but sheff utd are a good side, why? They should not be looking so good against us at home. Saka was absolutely brilliant today, well done a star in the making a very good left back performance. Im afraid its the so called experienced players letting us down yet again with non permances. Arteta is putting his trust in them and it is misplaced. He must see it and he needs to be brutal. We are not doing anything this season, its obvious we are not good enough. Poor by too many older players.

  20. we need a creative central midfield xhaka and torreira can only pass the ball sideways and backwards we have no creativity at all in central midfield best short term solution right now is to re-sign santi cazorla

  21. I only managed to watch the second half and the theme was we started with the attitude to counter attack them as they appeared to press high and try and push for an equaliser.

    But as the game went on, we obtained control back, and we felt comfortable with the ball But didn’t do enough with it. At times we got to the position of making an opening But we were wasteful with it.

    We didn’t give them many chances with the game only giving them 4 on target in 90 mins. But equally we only made 4 chances on goal.

    Ozil isn’t creating anything although his hard work has not gone unnoticed.

    Laca currently has not found his scoring boots yet again his hard work has not gone unnoticed.

    Pepe is only now starting to show and develop his skills the way Arteta wants to but it will take, like it did bergkamp pires 6 or so months to settle..

    at the moment poor form individually is the reason for the teams poor performances.

    But let’s keep the support of our process, it’s the Arsenal way.

  22. That was not a bad performance.
    Sheffirld united are not mid table team,if you think so just look how they played against man city.They are well organised but we broke them,we should have had more goals

    And about the players,i see many anti-ozil fans suddenly making him a scapegoat again.Incase you didnt know he created 4 chances today.Stringed many passes as he could,tbh everytime he gets on the ball we looked in control and that final corner could have won the game.Should have got 2 or 3 assists if not for some bad weighted passes.His defensive contribution is significant.He actually won back the ball when he lost it(bet you have never seen that before).Involved in the goal AGAIN.

    Lacazette is lacking confidence but he worked hard today and was involved in the goal

    Pepe was breathtaking in the 1st half.He should have had assists if martinelli was more clinical.

    Mustafi had some nervy moments in the opening minutes but he grew into the game and was very good today.

    The double pivot was very good defensively but they have to get involved offensively more

    I dont see why that is a bad or boring performance,its actually an unfortunate result

    1. Sheffield utd looked like the home side today and actually controlled a lot of the game. Ww kept giving the ball away, they didn’t.

  23. I honestly think that Arteta’s has improved the team but his game management is poor.
    The team was not hungry at all…very lackluster and unambiguous.
    They players again retorted to passing backwards after scoring the first goal…instead of pressing and killing off the game with a second goal.
    No team coached by Arteta’s mentor, Guardola or Klopp pays with this retrogressive strategy.
    When you compare this match with the game against Manchester United, it is clear why they are drawing..
    Or maybe the players are not physically prepared to meet the energy demands in the second half.
    Something is wrong somewhere and this must be corrected.

    1. Agree, it’s something Arteta needs to correct. This team knows they are not good defensively so they also start getting scared once they go 1-0 up. It’s very apparent.

  24. In the last 8 minutes too many players passing back and sideways, luiz, Ozil, xhaka just strolled it around the last 10, even Leno from goalkeeper was negative or poor distribution in the last 10 mins. I cant watch Xhaka and Ozil when we are chasing the game or trying to be positive because they are so slow or lacklustre. If Arteta is strong enough to remove them when they are poor, he will lose the fans and the team. Artetas holiday period is over, he needs to be more proactive in getting more out of this bunch. The fact Ozil, xhaka and luiz are playing most minutes is going to bite him in the arse and the fans.

      1. SueP, I asked the same question under the previous head coach. The head coach takes the fall for the lack of quality and depth of the current players in the squad.

      2. Anyone Sue p, what is the use of having a bench if you dont use it to try and change things that are not working. The last few games, that is exactly what the opposition manager has done with so called lesser teams/players than us and got their rewards. We are Arsenal we dont let, or shouldn’t let teams like palace sheff utd and the like do it to us andxwe are being outsmarted.

        1. Reggie
          I understand your point regarding trying something new
          I felt that with late illness and then a hamstring injury that Arteta had few options. The team isn’t strong anyway and to lose more players weakens an already below par squad

  25. Looking at last 20 minutes, we should be happy with a point, they almost took 3 points in the end!

    Amazing to read comments, every week a player is great, then they all bad…

    No, we have no defense

    Niles & Saka or not defenders, it is no back up for Bellerin & Kolas. Tierny doesn’t count, arrived injured, out tik April!

    We started same way, and we still in same situation, 20 days into window! Same for CB,we do not have that Top CB all season long last year, Emery asked for Maguire!!!

    How can our situation changes with same issue? 4 draw, 1 lost, 1 win since Arteta appointed December 20th!

    Our main issue is CD area which affects all team. We can’t play forward with Xhaka & Torreira covering defense, we play most passes and game backwards!

    How can possibly Ozil and attacking players do much if it is no transition in middle?

    We need to play 4-1 in the back, Luiz sitting infront of CBs, lock it and play forward as he does great, then midfield do not have to stress all game long defending!

    Funny how Emery finally got it on last game and got fired afterwards! That Frankfurt start was best we had shown for ages, until Luiz injury we were dominant and in control, waves of attack non stop!

    Until we get that 4-1 in the back, it will be same BS, just different game! We could have lost! We will lose at Chelsea and Burnley, draw both games be great results!

    This is worst than Emery! 6 games = 1 win & 1lost, 3 draw! Relegation zone is 6 point, 2games away. Let’s see where we at after next 2! If we lose both we are a team for relegation in term of points gain.

    1. I do hope we don’t end up lower than Villa, Bournemouth etc
      Under Emery I definitely thought we were in danger. Other clubs changed managers and improved results followed. Where would we have been now?? A bit of realism helps

  26. Mustafi played well.
    Xhaka took one for the team.
    Saka was excellent.
    Martinelli is a star.
    Lacazette was poor.
    Both goals were deflected.


  27. I expected a draw, but with us coming from behind to level.
    I’m disappointed about not capitalising, we could’ve been level with the spuds if we’d won!
    And Troy Deeney.. WTF!!!!

      1. I did think it was a stonewall penalty Sue, i dont understand why VAR didn’t overturn because the Sheffield player never got the ball and took Pepe out. They obviously thought it wasn’t a CLEAR and OBVIOUS error but i thought it was. I maybe biased.

        1. I did too, Reggie. Wasn’t even checked!!! Once again, if it’d been at Anfield it would’ve been given. Even some blokes sitting behind me said the same. Makes me so angry, Reggie. The only consistency we see is that they’re consistently 💩!!!!

          1. I believe they did check it Sue. I initially thought it was a no pen, and part of me still thinks it’s not. But one thing is for sure, they’d give it to Mane or Salah if it were them.

    1. I think if Dean had given it, it would not have been reversed. But the otherway? They were not giving it.

          1. I just saw that (I love him too!)… and I also saw a clip of the foul
            .. sheesh! I’m even more pi**ed off now!! Robbed by that bell end yet again.

  28. Martin Atkinson was on Var patrol apparently. Its hard but asking a referee to go against a fellow referee. But it wasn’t given so we must move on.

  29. Once again another game where the youth bail us out. My man of the match was Saka, martinelli was good, torreira. The defense wasn’t bad even though you felt a mistake coming from either Luis or mustafi. Pepe was our tricky player, maybe not as effective as Sanchez used to be but for now is a spark. Xhaka was average and honestly I have seen him play worse. AMN also was average. My problems today where Leno who seems to have a mistake in him from time to time, lacazette for all that hard work there is no end product. It all looks like he should be a wrestler not a footballer. There is a gifted footballer in h he needs to find it because it’s getting too late and lastly ozil who should have been benched from the beginning of the second half. Ozil has improved lately but in my eyes still not there yet. Where are the assists. Where are the goals. He was overrun in this game. Our mid fielders are no working for him why is he not creating. A few weeks ago I watched an older carzola destroy a team with his creativity. We need this.
    All in all I think arteta needs his players. Ozil,mustafi, lacazette, xhaka,one of either Socrates or Luiz, willock, Nelson need to go.

  30. Ozil was trying? In your wildest dreams. What game where you watching. He cannot even perform against Sheffield United. That guy and Xhaka are pulling Arsenal down

  31. Lols…

    Ozil had two clear chances where he could have played direct Shot on goal but he couldn’t.
    Since he doesn’t Assist, why can’t he try Shooting.!

    I keep persisting.. We need Ceballos.

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