Arsenal v Southampton Player Ratings – Rosicky and Podolski unimpressive

Arsenal 1 – 2 Southampton Player Ratings by KJ

Ospina – 6
He didn’t look great tonight. Seemed shaky at times and should’ve done better for Southampton’s second goal. It was a ferocious shot but it was straight down the middle.

Bellerin – 6
A decent performance. It was much better than the one against Dortmund but that is understandable considering the opposition. Seemed to lose the ball too quickly in the attacking third and didn’t offer much going forward. Was strong defensively though.

Chambers – 6
Held onto the ball for far too long and it’s clear the booing by the Southampton fans got to him slightly.

Hayden – 7
He was very impressive. Composed on the ball, intercepted well and was commanding at the back. Shame he didn’t have much protection in front of him but he did as well as could be expected.

Coquelin – 5.5
Didn’t feel he added anything to the team and he was extremely limited. Can’t be blamed though because he was played out of position.

Diaby – 6.5
It was a very decent return to football for him. He glided around the pitch at times but his decision making was understandably off. We’re all just hoping that he can have a sustained period of football without any injuries.

Wilshere – 7
Good performance by the Englishman. He was always driving at Southampton’s midfield and was almost always able to find others. It was a shame that the rest of the team wasn’t on the same wave length barring Sanchez.

Campbell – 5.5
Felt he was pretty average today. Didn’t offer much going forwards and just seemed clumsy.

Rosicky – 3
Had an absolute shocker. Lost the ball constantly and never did anything positive going forward.

Podolski – N/A
I didn’t even know he was on the pitch until the 30th minute. He doesn’t care anymore. He is almost never involved and doesn’t even try.

Sanchez – 7.5 (our MOTM)
He was very good today and his free kick was sublime. Shame the rest of the team barring one or two players couldn’t back up his work rate.

Cazorla – 5.5
Didn’t really add much when he came on. The midfield was a bit of a mess at that point and certain players just weren’t retaining possession so it was almost impossible to get Santi into the game.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6
He came on and made a difference. He was able to break down their left side and get in a few crosses but lacked support.

Akpom – N/A
He only had 10 minutes to make an impact and failed to do so.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. The world and this site in particular need some clearout as well. Names like leo, hafiz spring to mind

    2. Poldi > rues
      Ryo,Wellington > bakkali
      Flamini,coqulan> rabiot

    3. I wouldn’t say massive clear out…

      def need more ABLE bodies. Arteta/Flam are good depth (that’s it.) Keep them as cover, perfect for domestic cup games as starters, and rotation to keep Ramsey/Jack/Gustavo-Carvalho fresh. Nothing more, but they’re experienced and will do a shift. Diaby wouldn’t be worth getting rid, unless his presence is actually stopping Wenger buying someone else.

      You can sell Joel and Poldi. Pointless having them, they offer nothing. Get rid of them and straight replace with one quality player Wenger will actually play, like Griezman (missed a trick there) or Reus (probably fantasy).

      1. What does he actaully do for the club, i wish Usmanov would buy him out, at least he actually likes the club.

  1. Alexis sanchez has 4 goals in 5 games what a player!!
    Such a goal threat cant wait till we have him and theo either side both banging goals.

  2. by the time march comes we will have 1 trophy remaining 4th place we have become a joke wish wenger would leave & we could get klopp

    1. Pi$$ off already. Wenger stays. You were crying for Podolski and Campbel to come in. Now they came and they were $hit. Idiot.

      1. Yes, those agitating for Campbell/Podolski/Rosicky and lambasting AW for not playing them have all gone a little quiet. Perhaps they owe AW an apology – looks like he had good reasons for not getting them too involved so far.

        1. Then why not bring better players, if he don’t believe in them ….
          I’m not of those agitating for Campbell/Pod but I would say Wenger owes us an apology for not adding better players

        2. Do you expect them to shine in one game after not playing for ages? Not many players can return and be Messi. Campbell needs to be given a decent run of games. In fact if you wish any player to play well, that need to be given a decent opportunity. The problem is that Wenger does even bring them on as subs, and if he does its for 5 mins which doesn’t help. These changes can be made without hampering the current cohesion of the squad too much, but these players are rotting on the bench and when they do actually play, we expect the world from them which we shouldn’t.

          Take a player like Giroud. Played basically every single game for two seasons up until his injury. Because of his lengthy game time, we can analyze him and his game quite well. Therefore how can you judge Campbell after one or two games? Inept is the right word for you.

          1. You don’t have to shine. All you have to do is to make a good pass. 1 yard pass. I know it is a difficult skill to attain but I assume that’s why they are paid the salary they have. OK, we have lost but the manner we lost was the killer. I hope we will do better this weekend.

            1. Campbell was not bad. He did a lot of good things. The problem was he had no strike in the box to feed the ball to.

              1. He was not bad but far away from the cracking pacy forward we thought he was. He was definitely better than Rozza and Podolski.

              2. Porbalem was tactics. We are passing around the edge of the box for 10 minutes with 10 Hampton players behind the ball.

        3. So after one game you thing Wegner is right. It is ok to believe in Giroud even if he doesn’t score in 8 games and had many shocking game it is ok for Wilshire to play one good game every two months it is ok for Ramsay to be terrible because he had a few good month last season. So we have small expectations from some players but some will have one bad game and they are garbage . Wegner is a problem but you people don’t want to accept the true, because we won againt villa and life is great again. Wow

      2. look at this clown named @budd i wanted Campbell to leave right when his agent tried 2 pus for a move 2 benifica he looks like he doesn’t want to play for us

        1. You did not wanted him leaving you lying piece of $hit. Same goes for Podolski and Rosicky. You were chewing on Wenger’s balls to give them game time.
          Besides, the fact that Campbell does not have that much game time it is a lesson Wenger gives him for giving in to whatever his agent say. We can safely assume that Campbell went to Wenger asking to play or else. To which Wenger most probably responded, sure. One of the next games.

  3. I dont fill bad even though we are knocked out, it is a meaningless cup.

    It is better to get out early than getting out in finals.

    Concentrate on Premier League and FA. Get a good run in Champions league.

    We now have extra 6 weeks of rest till March.

  4. I know why others fansdon’t like us. We are just terrible fans. We lost deal with this. Last week we were selling Ozil,Per,Arteta even Ramsay was shocking. This week poldi, rosicky, Campbell all out. I blame Wegner for not rotate his players often. So who will we sell next week.?

  5. as a wenger out guy i have to say cant get excited about this one and willing to take positives…diaby easing back has to give us something more than arteta abd flaming, wilshere continuing to improve and if we can get him ozil sanchez and welbeck moving together it has to be good…bellerin looks capable which is a plus..confirms that rosicky cambell and podolski are squad players at best and at least two should go in december for quality alternatives…can anyone explain to me what the frenchman was doing selling vela…just another clueless decision…spurs and galatasarry way more important games…the problem is that all the talk of rotation is clouding wengers judgement of our best team

  6. Sanchez is a Arsenal ledgend in the making mark my words ,and Podolski is a waste of space and the NUMBER 9 jersey ,he needs 2 be gone along with Flamini and Arteta (who’s hair aint as cool as Girouds let’s be honest)

  7. Giroud failed to score again
    while Ozil was just plain invisible.
    Ramsey is no where near his
    last season’s form he did not
    make one decent pass or run all game.
    We need Charlie George in the team v Spurs 🙂

  8. We lost yesterday.plenty of excuses.Mickey Mouse cup.Only fringe players started.bla bla bla.mickey mouse cup huh?Firstly its good practice for the fringe players.Secondly its a cup n matter how small..Its not like we can win the EPL or CL

    1. Exactly my thought.For a big team never every cup matters.I know we think we are a big team, a team that has never won CL and did not win EPL in 9 years but still we call League cup a mickey mouse cup and act like we are too big for it.But there are big teams who won CL, won their league several time and still fight for small cups as well.That is a big team mentality should be, cuz every cup matters.

  9. Agree with most evaluations. Bellerin and Hayden showed that they are excellent prospects for the future, and DIABY IS BACK!!!! I do not agree with Wilshere’s score – he gives the ball away far too frequently and his passing is off. Rosicky was nowhere, neither was Poldi. Pity that the OX didn’t get more time. We could have won, but the midfield didn’t create the chances for the strikers. Campbell showed some nice touches but somehow, the running off the ball is not effective, or the midfield players are not reading the runs. Saints’ defence read most of the through balls.

    1. I thought Wilshere was poor last night. Almost as bad as Rosicky and Podolski. A few would be shots on goal were blown because of poor passes by Wilshere on the break (and not difficult passes).

  10. I can’t jump into Lagoon for losing to a full squad of Southampton in a League Cup game when:
    1) We are approaching a better game and points against Tottenham (EPL)
    2) We are approaching a better game and points against Galatasaray (UCL)
    3) We are approaching a better game and points against Chelsea (EPL)
    4) We are having an already thin and stretched squad; no thanks to A. Wenger on this.
    5) We know that teams like Swansea, Southampton, Stoke, Sunderland, Spurs and even
    Everton are NEVER sure of UCL ticket. Thus, one of the only sure ways of reaching
    European football is winning Capital Cup. Hence they take it by scruff by fielding their
    strongest squad !!

    SUMMARY: I prefer 9 points against Spurs, Gala and Chelsea than wining against
    Southampton yesternight!

  11. If Wenger brings in Reus, Carvalho, draxler and Hummels in January then I will be satisfied, not necessarily happy, but satisfied

    1. Forget about January and until then let’s enjoy watching EPL and UCL matches …
      We had the whole summer to address our back-line problem and we didn’t, why do you think we will do in January??
      It’s Wenger, and you better know that

    2. Nice dream mate, i’ll have
      Messi, ronaldo, draxler, hummels, wannayamma and erm,,,,,,all the legends in fifa 14. Sod it.

  12. I was really impressed with Hayden, he should be making the bench now in the absence of Debuchy, Hayden should be our backup Centre Back until a new one is brought in at least.

  13. Yeah have Hayden & Bellerin on the bench and play Chambers as RB for Debuchy. Apparently Hayden makes a good CDM. Would love to see him take over from Arteta/Flamini as a late sub.

    Diaby is B2B do not see him as CDM.

  14. Well-well-well. Me thinks the team put out yesterday lacked motivation, treated the league cup as a mockery to their footballing talents. I also some how believe that most of the players looked dejected. They seem to have surrendered ever making it into AW’s first eleven. They never tried to empress the coach or the watching fans. Like every one I was impressed by Hyden. Hope he isn’t just a one game wonder.

    Sanchez, apart from scoring a sumptuous goal I for one refuse to give him that high score. Why? His constant chase after the ball all over the pitch drains him energy, focus (in one particular area) and makes him very difficult to find when ever the mid fielders have the ball. Maybe the team is not used to such industry & high enthusiasm but I hope for the better.

  15. Its unfortunate that we lost the game, really, wanted to remain in the competition for a few more games to help with game time for some of our players and continue build the confidence of our youngsters

    Most impressive player i saw in the match was Hayden did a marvelous job and should be seen more in the senior team set up. The team showed that they were not at their sharpest and lacked competitive games, Podolski seem not interested ( he most be planning to leave january, should have started AKpom), Rosicky showed energy, but did not have any forward movement(tried too hard after giving away the penalty) Campbell needed some one ahead to past to, need more game time, Diaby actually looked good, showed potential in the Holding role, need more time in the role, Coquelin was a little uncomfortable but did ok. ospina did ok, would have preferred martinez in goal though

  16. I agree with this rating. Hayden to me was solid and he tried to make things happen even helping attack. I think he deserve to be considered as a backup defender, he has all the attributes, solid, composed quick, tall and strong

  17. To the comment by BUDD???

    He’s the owner so why wouldn’t he

    Owner take money from there buisness when they are successful

    So in my opinion win the league and take 3million otherwise this is an entertainment buisness, so entertain or leave, and take your 3 million with you

  18. Seeing by ratings given by KJ in all previous matches, Wilshere is best arsenal player :))) (even when he didn’t provide any key passes and assists by playing in most important middle position).

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