Arsenal v Southampton Review – A very polished win at last

Well we were all hoping to see an improved performance from Arsenal after the last couple of weeks shenanigans and Arteta gave us very few surprises in the starting line-up, except Aubameyang being dropped for disciplinary reasons!

Here is the team that started: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Saka, Partey, Xhaka, Martinelli, Odegaard, Lacazette.

It didn’t start well for the Gunners though, and the first 20 minutes saw Southampton look dangerous, with Gabriel and Bukayo Saka both  booked and Aaron Ramsdale was forced into three saves, but gradually we started taking control at last.

Just before the half hour mark, Lacazette was handed a goal on a plate when Saka fed it into his path in the Saints box and he couldn’t miss from there. And suddenly we looked comfortable, but would we sit back and try and defend the lead.

That was quickly put to bed when just 4 minutes later Tierney flew down the wing, and after his cross being blocked twice, he finally headed it back into the centre and Odegaard brilliantly headed it in to double our lead and we were comfortable going into the break.

Southampton still had their moments in the second half, but luckily were not as good as Everton last week! And then when Gabriel scored Arsenal’s third on the hour mark, we all could breathe easier, and to be totally honest it looked like Southampton gave up all hope after that and we cruised until the final whistle.

An easy win, all in all, but to be honest at home and against a team like that this should be the norm…

The JUST ARSENAL SHOW asks if Super Aubameyang has finally lost his superpowers?



  1. I shall enjoyMOTD later… it’s never the same listening on the radio
    I know it was a dodgy start, but at least the team kept playing. Sometimes we rip into a team, only to fade and other times it’s the opposite. Excellent response and result

    1. @SueP,Since the start of the season,Arsenal(official app)offers live commentary of the games for free, it’s pretty good,you should check it out.

  2. I’ve felt so deflated since Monday – this has helped!
    That Laca goal/build-up really was a thing of beauty – just goes to show we can do it, just not often enough!!

    Looking at the table – if only we hadn’t been so rubbish at Goodison…
    Jammy bloody Chavs!!

  3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang dropped from Arsenal squad for late return from trip abroad last week. 32yo had permission to go for personal reasons but was back later than agreed & it had Covid protocol implications. (Ornstein)

  4. A WIN! But i have to say apart from a very scary/stupid/brave/slick first goal, the football apart, was scarily bad. We couldn’t keep possession, didn’t press, scored a goal on the counter attack when we weren’t playing counter attack football, Southampton were very obliging in this game and we shouldn’t scoff a 3-0 win. But i think we look so disjointed, slow and ill prepared. If we play Southampton every week we would win the league, poor Southampton what a shockingly bad team. We did have a few bright spots in the game but our midfield looked totally uneasy and all the team were messy in possession, except Ramsdale who was our best player today by a mile, not always for saves but because he was the only one who didn’t make mistakes. Its an important win but we must improve from here, im not confident though.

    1. I agree with your description of the first goal,on another day it might have been a different story.we were closed to losing possession.

      1. It was a great goal to look at but it was also the sort of football that gets you into trouble. Great thing is this time it didn’t.

  5. A win is of course pleasant but…. i dont like MA coaching. Why wait 81 and 83 to let enter subs while we are 3-0 up ??? Why not 10mn sooner for this players starving for minutes ?! And by the way if i was AMN i am leaving in january 100%. Look like MA is making fun of him or making him pay for his summer tweet. Awful from MA. Lokonga is under contract for years as xhaka. Elneny will go next summer. Yet AMN has not seen the pitch. Instead of playing him consistent minutes since his MOTM perf, he has been frozen out. Consequence is simple, a guy that could have been sold 20m easily (24 yo, international) will go on the cheap while playing him a bit might have convinced him to extend. But it is not his money so MA probably does not care….

        1. OTS, I tell the truth. I dont like him as a player, he shouldn’t be in the team and he just proves it with his football, like what he did today.

          1. All coaches from wenger, emery, lunberg, and arteta starts him? Do you know better than them? There is something he is offering simple!

            1. SIMON, Where are they now? What good did it do them ? Why did he lose value under them? Why wouldn’t Maureen pay more than 10 mil for him?

              1. way to stand your ground Reggie in the face of such dumbfounding pro-Xhaka nonsense…those that continually propagate such rhetoric never seem to comprehend the other side of the equation, which you so succinctly expressed

                1. TRVL, i invite them to challenge my little factoids. I think thats fair enough, i never get a satisfactory reply though.

            2. Yes there is! Slowness and immobility!! And wise fans don’t want those so called qualities and crave his exit from our club ASAP!

  6. Wouldn’t call it polished, we were very second best until the first goal – passing was atrocious – but settled down a lot after. We were better in attack than recent games but I didn’t think this was a comfortable win. On another day it could’ve been very different.
    Still, the optimistic outlook might be that we needed that win to stay to rebuild our confidence as we’ve had a bad run of results.
    Odegaard started badly but I thought he had a very good game overall. Saka and martinelli were good, especially GM, and ramsdale excellent as usual. Laca was also decent – saw the best and worst of him with a couple of chances he should have made more of – he’s lost his pace but does make up for it most of the time

  7. That Ramsdale pass to Martinelli. Wow.

    Good to see the team grow stronger after making a beautiful goal to go ahead (albeit against the run of play)

    Odegaard, Ramsdale and Martinelli share MOTM honours imo.

  8. Soton could’ve scored first, but our players’ technical skills and our supporters were too much for them. We conceded too many shots at home though

    It’s difficult to select an MOTM, because everybody played well. It was a very good team effort, but we could lose against West Ham if we still start the game nervously

    1. you can’t see me but if you could you would see a man shaking his head in absolute wonderment of your bizarro world account of a match that you clearly watched through your rose-colored lenses

  9. Oh this is where everybody is
    Could not find the after match report where it usually is ,only just stumbled on this .

  10. A win yes, but Saints capitulated after 20 mins and were dire. a lot of our passing was awful, and in the first half almost exclusively backwards. Often the easiest pass was forward, but players preferred to put it back to Ramsdale who had a man on him. Crazy. Partey was poor again and until the last quarter was unwilling to play it forward. It’s no coincidence that our est football bypasses our two CM’s.
    Onto the good stuff: Ramsdale and Tomi great as always. His touch wasn’t great but Laka played his heart out. GM was way more influential this game so he’s on his way back. Ode was magnificent – he has found a yard of pace suddenly and looks a much more influential player. Great engine and pressing and playing him further forward makes him much more dangerous. First time I can say he fitted the system.
    Please Arteta play Lokonga instead of Xhaka or even Partey…

  11. A good lucky guess win from me as I believe this Arsenal team is much better than last season. I know the lads will not back down and will come back again.
    Comparing last season to this even teams like this may result in a draw or lose sometimes.
    Captain has a big role to lead the team regardless of whom the opposition is.
    This Arsenal to me is improving throw in at least 2 World class players into this. Arsenal can compete for at least Top 3 next season. This season depending on the strike force n how consistent we can get good results from the so called big teams and wins. We may be lucky to sneak into Top 4.

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