Arsenal v Southampton review – Goal shy Gunners drop to 4th

Well that was a pretty horrible night for Arsenal and all the Gooners watching around the world. We didn’t play badly exactly but we did struggle to get our fluent and incisive game going against a very good anbd determined Southampton side. The only real positive to take from this latest disappointment is that we did not lose.

But with Leicester, Man City, Tottenham and Man United all winning, the point from this draw is not a lot of use and it leaves the Gunners looking for a miracle if we are to win the Premier League this season.

THere was some action and some chances at both ends and the Saints keeper Forster made a couple of really good saves but it is hard to say that Arsenal really desreved any more than a point. The ref did not help as he was lenient and that played into the hands of the visitors and their pressing game but these are things you have to deal with if you want to be champions.

Arsenal are now left in our usual 4th place and if we do not see some serious upturn in fortune soon it is going to be another Wenger trophy.


  1. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. We dominated the game and were very unfortunate not to score. Good performance by Forster in goal and solid defending from Southampton. Shame our players weren’t able to score. It’s understandable to be mad since pretty much all our other rivals won their games but let’s keep the Wenger out comments for the end of the season if we fail to win anything.

    1. “if we fail to win anything”. In other words, if we win the FA cup you think Wenger should stay in charge? ABSOLUTELY NOT, HE HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. dont think he has the edge required, the ruthlessness to win a title.
        respect him completely but dont think the winner mentality is there .

      2. We are going to win Fa, alright. .. F### All

        And Now!… It’s wobbly bum flute time, For the Wenger trophy! ….

        ? Who turned out the lights?
        Oops! .. my mistake. .. it’s just us being in the spuds shadow! ???? Hey! Wenger … get da F@#k Out!

        1. Giroud makes Jamie Vardy look like Ronaldo .
          Not CR7, the real Brazilian Ronaldo at his peak.

          Ramsey a CM for a top team?
          You are having laugh. Maybe for Everton.
          He was a liability on the wing even when we had the full team.
          He would not even get a game for Tottenham right now.
          League winning team , they are not.
          We are paying almost the wages as Bayern Munich,
          All For this dross?
          We sold Afobe but Sanogo is still on the books .
          Haha you cannot make it up.
          We need a new manager to do a proper clear out .

          #Wenger Out

        2. for a long time i’ve wondered: if wenger is unambitious (ie ok w finishing 4th etc) why does he get upset when we don’t win a match etc?

          so now i have realized: wenger isn’t unambitious. he DOES want to win loads of stuff. **** but he is DELUSIONAL. ****
          he really thinks we can win PL, FA cup (and he also mentions CL by saying we’re in 3 competitions! ) with the incisiveness of a giroud or the craft of a walcott. the CF is extremely important because all the lead up play can be f*ked up (and has been) by the CF.

          we will not win PL as long as Giroud is our main CF [actually as long as wenger is our manager]

          1. and i’m also never going to forgive him for starting this season w/o backup to Coq. because of that we had a soft center for many games, and at anfield, they walked right thru the area where coq would have been.
            we have a manager that relies on flam, that delights in signing and spending time on players like sanogo that he gets for free, and that gives an arteta a contract extension. that protects a giroud’s feeling & development at the expense of the overall health of arsenal. wenger lacks the do-whatever-it-takes attitude that’s necessary to win the PL. his “we’re doing the best we can” attitude isnt going to get it done anymore.

    2. @ras

      Very true, these games happen we created good chances and had plenty of shots on another day we coulda scored 3+ goals. BUT having said that, that’s why it’s so important to hold onto leads like at anfield those 2 points dropped bugs me the most and getting something out of the Chelsea game.

      We got a lot of games left lets just pray and hope we find our scoring boots against Bournemouth

      1. We played Chelsea, we lost. Leicester played and won.
        We played Stoke and drew. Leicester played and won.
        We played Liverpool and drew. Leicester played and won.

        I hope we know that if Arsenal and Leicester both win all our remaining games, the title goes to Leicester. The title is officially out of our hands, and we’ll have to depend on the other teams to collect points from Leicester.

        When shall we learn from our mistakes?

        1. It boils down to the fact that we DO NOT have a premier league winning squad .
          They lack the killer instinct and as well as OG has done to improve his stock he’s not a killer goal scorer point have been dropped playing teams were our competition have won or will do so.
          I’m not blaming the players it’s down to a manager who WILL NOT press the board for greater ambition and who refuses to spend money on 0layers that are intrinsic to our success
          We won’t get another chance to win the premier league again as EVERYBODY will restructure and beef up their teams in the summer, something we could have and should have done 8n the summer but was not done due to the boards apathy and wengers resolute arrogance
          Fourth spot will be in doubt soon and there’s a very real chance that the spuds will finish above us this year it’s NOT f@ckin acceptable

            1. Ozil is in the ” F**k it get me out of here” mode” already.
              That is why he is not bothering about contract extension.
              Cazorla is not coming back soon and that makes it easy to call.
              WE ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE TOP 4

            2. What’s sad? The comments I’ve made or the fact we all know this is the truth? The board don’t give a sh!t bout winning anything they only care about keeping the share price high and their bank balances in the six figure region
              Wenger has only kept his job because he does what the board expects and that’s keeping us competitive WITHOUT actually winning anything too serious and WITHOUT spending too much money
              Now here’s the teal nasty bit imagine if we won the EPL the next thing the fans would expect is the CL and to win that we’d need to spend big far bigger than we ever have oh no far better to just make 4th each season and see the money roll right in to the boards pockets and f@ck what the fans think

              1. What’s sad is that you’re saying the truth…and that we saw this coming from a mile away (many years ago)…and nothing is being done about it.

          1. Premier League winning squad? I think it’s more of a mentality than a squad thing. Look at Leicester!!! Before the start of their sustained winning streak and table position, who went about saying that Leicester had a “title winning squad”? The fact that it is not the usual Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool that are squaring would us for the top positions, shows us that there is a lot more to it than just having a squad that’s” good enough” on paper to win things. Feels either like outright bad luck, or a manager who lacks what it takes to inject players with the necessary fight and determination and will to bring out the best results in games. We have a lingering persistent weakness.

        2. Never? And those aren’t mistakes. It’s all expected to happen.
          This club was never aiming at a title. People at the very top of the club only care about buying cheap and selling expensive. The only reason Sanchez and Ozil were brought in is to boost their price and then sell them, so Satan Kroenke can have that brand new yacht he always wanted.
          He needs to go away, I don’t care how, I’ve heard you can hire people on the deep web to do some stuff for you. For a price of fifty-hundred season tickets or so. I believe there are at least hundred fans who would donate their season ticket money to a just cause. Think about it. The power is yours England based fans. Do your research and do the right thing. Call the guy. Get rid of the nuisance. And you just might see the title return to Arsenal. I don’t see any other way.

      2. @goon

        these games ‘happen’
        lol you must work for optastats with such insightful analysis

        reality is 4 games without a win..none againt top 4 opposition doesnt just happen for title contenders. not at this stage.

        there are fundamentals at play here that are just being ignored

          1. i cannot read goon…ur making fun of my illiteracy?!
            why would you do such a thing

            ur uninvited from my birthday!

            *turns round to high five someone…no-one there…sits down

    3. We have every reason to be angry…
      +First of all, we are all Arsenal fans here, and this is where we vent!
      +Secondly, if Leicester City with less resources can come from the lower league, and supersede us past our traditional 4th Place Cup like we don’t even exist. They somehow find consistency where seasoned teams like ours keep “building”.
      +Third, Southampton is a team that just recently beat us comprehensively – what more motivation does one than to beat a club that just injured our egos?
      +Wenger’s teams seem to be carrying on a dangerous characteristic of playing with promise then decisively imploding at that point when it matters most to perform….
      What the heck are we supposed to do? Find another excuse for a poor performance?

      1. Well said,
        But Don’t worry about the excuses mate,
        Wenger has a masters degree in that!

        The battle is officially on for that 4th spot! ?

    4. Thug life
      we are going to win premier league (in our night dreams)
      There is no one person as stubborn as Wenger and u want to give wenger a new contract damn u arsenal
      Walcott has been shit. No idea what he did on the field.
      I’m done with Flamini, that should be his last appearance.

    5. Yeah lets keep wenger out of this! The deluded idiot who thinks we have four world class strikers and still feels the need to play an ex arsenal player who only got a second chance coz no one else wanted him and he was free
      January window…. Wenger we NEED a unit of a midfielder
      Wenger “ohhhh elneny for £5m thats a better bargin then wanyama

    6. Enough of hold up crap upfront…Wenger needs to drop the Donkey and change our style of play…goals are not coming and dropping points alarmingly!
      This is last the chance to win the league before Pep Klopp Phocettino takeover….this lot dont make the same mistake over and over again unlike Mr Stubborn!

        1. @ muff

          Even though walcott has been garbage I do agree we need to drop Giroud for him, walcott up top makes us play faster and much more fluid with his movement. Cause his pace alone it gives our midfielders more space to operate

          1. honestly goon theo is being caught offside -losing the ball, he cant finish.he makes poor choices, joel campbell is so much better
            that united game was a one off.

            have no faith in him-

            1. @ muff

              But look at the games where’s he’s played up top those have coincided with our best attacking display. Even when I’m not scoring he gives ozil, Alexis, and Ramsey room to operate and another passing option.

              I’d love to give Welbeck a run but he’s gonna be so rusty

              1. I have to agree that I prefer Theo to get a run of games in the central striker spot. He never does. This is not good for his confidence. Giroud is too slow and simply not good enough.

                We need a top striker badly this summer but new managers and large budgets for them at Man U, Chelsea and City will probably mean we will not go for a proven top striker. Since we are as inapt in the transfer market as we are in managing our squad.

                We all know you are not going to win the PL with a spine that includes Mert, Flamini, Giroud and Arteta.

          2. Theo has one goal in 16 games, thank gosh you’re not the manager. What we need is a ruthless poacher like RVP. I’ve been saying it for a while, ever since he left we’ve lacked our goal scoring edge. Giroud is good but limited, Walcott will remain a bench player since Sanchez and Campbell are more effective on the wings. What we need is a CF who can create his OWN chances and not rely on the midfield. Look at Aguero and Suarez, those guys can carry a team on their own. When you have that calibre of striker the midfield has an easier time providing chances and the defence has less pressure from the opponent, eventually it results in the team winning 4-5 goals per game, i repeat, PER GAME. That’s what title winning teams do, they don’t scrape 0-0 draws against the likes of Southampton and Stoke and call it 1 point gained smh.

          3. Walcott is cap and shows no signs of improving the sad fact is that OF just isn’t top premier league winning g standard
            I’ll get sagged for this but he’s no Thierry Henry and without a player who can turn a game like king Henry we will NEVER win another real trophy

          1. Yes, One is a hopeless whippet the other is a delusional whippet …the guy was is and always will b one of the most overrated players in history of epl …’should have sold him two,seasons ago and brought in griezman … An option dismissed by the football experts on this site … Will only get peanuts for him today as everyone has seen through the hype except our delusional French OAP …

    7. @ ras and Goon,,,,what is wrong with you ppl? really? 5 points from top, no goals in 3 games , 4th place, losing a home game ALL ABSOLUTELY FOR NO REASON and you say we created chances and bud luck and sh#t??? are you gonna ask god for the trophy GOD for being a nice posative thinkers? clear your minds!

      1. That’s how it starts, 5 points from the top, and then 7, and then 9 until eventually we’re 12 points behind like in 2013 when we were top of the league for half a season and failed miserably.

      1. if he reads that comment, with his billions of money…

        he will point a satellite an direct a missile directly towards your eyeball.
        so wear a helmet son…it could get messy

      2. flam used to be good. its just age. happens to everyone. wenger’s the one at fault here: why didnt he get a decent backup to coq?


      We have an unbalanced team!!! WHY CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS.


      WORST OF ALL: We have a manager who has proved himself in the last few years of lacking a tactical mind. THAT ARSENE CANNOT FIGURE OUT A WAY TO BEAT SOUTHAMPTON, STOKE ETC DESPITE BEING THE PL MOST EXPERIENCED MANAGER SAYS IT ALL.

      SADLY TOTENNHAM HAS A BALANCED YOUNG TEAM WHO MIGHT FINISH ABOVE US THIS YEAR. Those who are currently above us deserve to be there at the moment.

    9. I never said i was happy with the result. Fact is we played well and were unfortunate not to score. Most of you commenting negative stuff are the same ones who are quiet when we win or still find negative things to say about the team and Wenger after a victory. This was the first time our first 11 played in months and it was a brilliant display. Matches like these happen all the time in football so excuse me for wanting to look at the positive aspect and looking forward to our next game rather than moan about Wenger and complain.

      Everybody is acting like we don’t have 14 BPL games left and we played horribly today. I understand being frustrated because everyone else won and we didn’t but i won’t let it cloud my judgement and objectivity. Forster was top class today and he may be the main reason we didn’t win.

      1. A brilliant display … Pass the kool aid … Thanks to fans like you wenger has gotten away with his ponzi football scheme and delivered a dozen years of future promise with nothing to show .. Oh sorry a brand new soulless stadium and a happy american owner with unrivaled consulting skills

      2. giroud and walcott are both off the boil now. so our squad depth is lacking. we’ll always have 6 players injured. so we need to have more on our payroll. i’d play walcott at cf versus bournemouth so giroud can have a think. but nothing coming from campbell, and not much from sanchez either. maybe versus bournemouth, put iwobi at cf and walcott at RW. have to do something!

  2. Victories have been far and few between for us over the past couple of months. We can’t win against big teams and we can’t win against small teams as well…I’m starting to loose hope.

    1. My eyes are finally open, we can’t go further with Arsene, I respect the man but he definitely ain’t taking us no further we are better off with a new mind in chatge

        1. How could I not have seen it, but not winning a season when all ur main rivals were flopping I don’t know when he will, done with wenger, the team needs to move on

  3. 4 games without a win
    goalless for three consecutive league games for the first time in seven years.

    campiones campiones OLE OLE OLE

    *puts on pharell happy, sits cross legged on floor…cries

      1. Good fighting spirit from our team. We were unlucky not to have scored. Defensively we were superb, Cech untroubled at all.

        1. i know: the defence with gab/koz ,bellerin & monreal & cech is our best.
          but we have a goal drought! elneny should sub in for ramsey at min60 versus bournemouth so he can shoot 10 from outside the box.
          or maybe elneny should play from get go.
          one of walcott and giroud should sit.

    1. This is title race pressure
      which many on here have
      forgotten about. We got a
      point v a tough side.
      Remember Leicester have Sot’n at home
      but City have to travel to St Marys.
      Leicester and City play each other next
      so we will close the gap again
      when we beat B’mouth on Sunday
      It’s about seeing the long view.
      So just stay positive everyone 🙂

      1. Mate at the risk of sounding disrespectful, you sound just like the boss. Sorry pressure is something that none of us fans have forgotten about. But pressure doesn’t exist for Wenger. He acts like he hurts like we do year after year but there is no pressure on him from above so it’s empty words he’s giving us. The board have made it very clear that they won’t get rid of him, so where is the incentive for him outside of a bumper wage packet. He wins it justifies their decision to keep him. He loses they don’t care so long as he gets champions league football and the money that comes with it so it’s a win win for him while the rest of us have to suffer.

        1. sad but true. no matter how big the person is (and wenger’s a big one), nobody’s above the rules: if there’s no pressure on a person, that person cannot help but coast along or decline. thats why we insist on having a 2nd option always to put pressure on giroud (or any player for that matter).

          anyway: isnt it getting boring with 19 years of wenger? if he had promised to AFC that he’d step down at the end of this season , maybe we could have got guardiola? unfortunately, i think wenger’s thinking for himself, not AFC.

          1. It just gets frustrating not boring. He accepts no success in footballing terms because financial success is what is asked of him and its what he delivers to his bosses. They (by this I mean the board and Wenger) try to mask the idea of a successful football club on consistently qualifying for the champions league because the financial benefits of it are what count to them due to it directly affecting their pockets in a very good way. Just like trying to justify ticket price increase by saying that they hadn’t increased them for 3 years but failed to mention that they were too expensive to begin with and that paying more for tickets at a club that consistently finishes empty handed at the end of each season just doesn’t make sense.

            The odd trophy is enough for them to keep the fans at arms length for a bit but they won’t change and haven’t no matter how much they insisted they are. Let’s put it this way, if they had a choice between an FA Cup but not getting champions league football over champions league football and no silverware, what do you think they’d prefer?

          2. And what’s worse is that if we don’t win the league this year, we can kiss the next 3 years goodbye now that Guardiola is coming the Man City.

  4. I can’t f***ing believe Flamini is starting let alone still wearing the Arsenal shirts. He is so clueless out there every time I watch him play. He’s got no pace, his body strength is not up to EPL standards, lacks the stamina to play full game every week, technically s***, can’t make a single forward pass to save his life. His positional awareness is terrible too, as you can see whenever the opposition starts a counter attack he is backing off, lining up along with our central defenders rather than try to slow down their tempo as Coquelin would normally do. For someone with vast footballing experience supposedly at the age of 31, he shows no composure or footballing sense whatsoever in that midfield. Whenever I see him hesitate and thread a weak pass straight to the opposition I just wanna punch him in the face.

    1. Look, friend. We are all disappointed that even though we fought well, we didn’t win, but this has nothing to do with Flamini. Please don’t take ur frustrations on the players

        1. good luck with that . he has the money to have a volcano dropped on ur house.

          flamini if your reading this mate. your AMAZING


      1. I hope your not implying Ramsay and Walcott shouldn’t be blamed? Because, let me tell you something… They are the most overrated, inconsistent, selfish yet expensive players of any top 4 team in Europe.

        1. Oh shut up, when Ramsey is attacking you blame him for not defending, when he remains disciplined and we keep a clean sheet you blame him for not attacking. Ramsey doesn’t complement Flamini it’s simple as that, it has nothing to do with him being crap. Put Cazorla alongside Flamini and you will have the exact same results. Rambo is an attacking mid and needs someone like Cazorla and Coquelin for him to attack as much as he likes. Today he was told to play as a DM which is not his NATURAL position. When will you haters get this ?

          1. yeah, this one is on wenger. playing flam when u have coq on the bench. not very good selection to say the least. by his selection, wenger basically removed ramsey as an attacking threat (and i’m not that much a ramsey fan, but it all helps).

    2. Our problem stems much deeper than flamini, we didn’t concede so we don’t screw up on that part but our right wing is non existent top that to having no striker and u have a toothless team which is what we are now

      1. walcott, giroud have gone off the boil in last month.
        ox has regressed even further (and welbeck wont be enough either).
        a bit disappointed in sanchez tonight. he’s still coming back.
        we need someone of the level of rvp,henry etc : someone who can take a game by the scruff of its neck.
        a bit disappointed in campbell too.
        elneny’s long shots are underappreciated: we need to have that option on the field when things dont go for us.

        1. Wow Muff I just clicked
          your comment and it
          threw up a 5 .
          How come a click
          on a comment
          can throw anything from a 1 to a 5?
          Musta been for that high 5 you were looking for.
          Karma bruva karma.
          Kamra karma karma karma karma Chameleon.
          We come and go we come and goooooooooooo.

      1. We shouldn’t be in the piston whereby when le coq is injured or return g from injury the only options we have are flamini and Arteta as our options
        It’s outragioys we’re in this position in the first place

  5. Another flatter to deceive season. Chelsea at their worst, Southampton not great, City and United not at their best. Still finished 4th

    Sorry but bye-bye Wenger. Your blind faith and lackadaisical approach is outdated

  6. koemans got wenger in his pocket and the crazy thing is that he is one of many managers who know exactly how to play against us. we missed out on klopp and guardiola and therefore remain stuck with a manager living in 2004

  7. Thumb me down but it begins! Are slippery slope of a failure to win the league, two tough games against the best team in world with the best striker force and our “so called” world class strikers aint firing, let alone some real tough away games!!! Wenger is a specialist in failure.
    5points off of the top spot in what should have been our league this season.
    Its unexceptable!

    1. Why on earth would you expect to be thumbed down? Everything you said is 100% factual. If there was a way we could just give Barca the points and not play I would accept it in a heartbeat, it is going to be so so embarrassing. On the other hand, Wenger being humiliated once again in Europe might make the board wake up and throw his Arse out the door

      1. Because the sentimental AKB brigade continue to dwell in the past and accept the mediocrity that has painfully become the status quo of this club. Even former Gunner greats have embraced the reality that the Old Prof has lost it with his continued reluctance to strengthen the squad and stubborn insistence that his current crop of players are good enough to win the EPL and Champions League.

        This team is on a downward spiral out of the Champions League top four and with that reality will come the probable exodus of our best 2 players.

        All because our beloved $8M a year Legend refuses to swallow his Paris size ego and listen to pundits, fans and club legends that see right through his reckless stewardship of OUR beloved club.

        This isnt Arsene FC

  8. Leicester just made the big statement Arsenal should’ve done long ago. Hats off to them.
    well Luck was against us tonight.
    Thumbs up Forster.
    I keep saying it Ramsey is a looser.
    add walcott to the list

    oh! and dont forget to add Giroud

  9. 3rd consecutive game without scoring. And has wenger lost it? He made only 2 subs. Was he expecting that the substitution he saves will be carried forward in the next game and we will have 4? OX was sitting on the bench and maybe we could have brought him too since walcott is pretty useless now.
    We haven’t scored for over 200 minutes now. 3 points in the last 4 games. City got this much points just in one game today. We were dreaming of the title but here is the reality check: it’s always feels good to be back home. We are 4th now and guess who is above us; sp*rs.

  10. And then you cry when you are called a specialist in failure.No ideas in the transfermarket or on the pitch.
    A specialist in failure is what you are and always will be

  11. If you thought January was bad,then February is going to be horrendous. Lol,can’t help but laugh at those who kept saying Wenger is a top class manager “coz we are top of the league “.Look where we are now,Wenger’s favorite 4th.

    And some admin recently wrote about us winning the treble. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Oh dear,Barcelona must be scared after watching that performance tonight.
    Come on AKBs, bring in the excuses……..I’ll get my popcorn

  12. Thats it. Say goodbye to the title. Spurs are scoringg more than us, that alone should’ve forced Wengers hand on the market. But no.

    Danny “3 goals” Welbeck is back. Rosicky is back, no wait, didn’t he injure himself in 3 minutes. Jack Setback Wilshere is back.. By April.

    It’s over. Away games to White Hart Lane, Goodison, Upton Park and Trafford will finish it. We probably will win at Etihad because its on GW 37 and our 4th place might depend on it.

    Made average Forster look like Neuer, Özil and Sanchez were the only ones trying to score. Given that they are sold in the summer, any cheap replacements who can deliver us 4th place next season as well?

  13. Well, that is that I guess. We’re far too inconsistent to be considered champions. Leicester have simply stood up well to all they’ve been set up against – we haven’t. Good for them I say.

  14. Forster had a good game…We missed some chances too but feel sad for not getting the important three points…

    Our Rivals all won today and we have fallen to 4th position. What a way to start the month.

    The foxes fairytale continues. They were @ the bottom of the table this time last season…#Leicester #Incredible stuff….

    If they pass their remaining test this month (Mancity and Arsenal) then you have to take them seriously..

    Oh, I miss Santi. Our transition from defense to attack has been poor. Ramsey ain’t doing enough in that position…

    1. I would like Wenger to pair Coquelin and El Nenny for the next game. Ramsey just hasn’t done enough 🙁

      1. ramsey/coq or elneny/coq would be ok w me. just no flam or arteta. playing flam should be taken as a litmus test of insanity and that should be enough evidence to kick wenger out.

  15. at the end of the season they will look at the bank account and if we make a profit with guaranteed champions league football next season then the yank will be happy, gazidis will get a bonus and wenger keeps his job or should i say hobby. we can scream and shout all we want no one gives a $hit.

    1. Red,

      At the present moment and form Arsenal are more likely to finish 5th or worse than claim another Wenger Cup

    1. Kane Vardy Aguaro even Afoge scoring consistently apart from our super slowmo lamp post! Not sure about the fourth place now.

  16. what the f##k were doing out there? except ozil and sanchez? what the fu$$? didn’t they know how important this was? a broken midfield and a bad choice from manager on top of that… how retarded is walcott along with Ramsey…. only legs and no brain at all!! i really wish he would put down the no. 14 shirt and leave! and i really mean that! fu##in’ 4th place

  17. Walcott useless for some time now. Bellerin has been the biggest let down. He defended ok but his attacking instinct have gone. Ramsey and his partner flamini offered nothing as usual as a pair. Ozil sanchez cech monreal kos and Gabriel were all good. A special mention to giroud who despite his obvious lack of world class talent put in a hard shift.

  18. I think some AKB’s are finally starting to realise the truth about Wenger…he’s not a top manager any more. Arsenal have been pretty awful for the majority of the season, and if we some how pull off a miracle and win the league, we will be one of the most undeserving champions ever!

    On a serious note, how many fans even enjoy watching Arsenal any more? Same rubbish every week. At least when we had Cesc, we created way more chances, played more fluent attacking football and handed out some thrashings here and there. These days we can’t even score!!!

    A shout out to Afobe for scoring again. Another awesome decision from Wenger, but hey…we got Walcott!

    1. I mentioned in a earlier thread that Leicster City plays a more attractive style of football than Arsenal nowadays.

      Let that sink in 4 minute

  19. i’m so frustrated, we have the talent to win…yet Wenger continues to go with strange line-ups and his subbing philosophy is even more bizarre. Play the best players and use your subs!!!

  20. We are where we are meant to be…..4TH, lets just hope if we are lucky we can be there at the end of the season. The 4 past fixtures were meant to be 10/12 or 12/12 in points because they are easier fixtures this season compared to the coming ones. 3/12 is just apalling for title contenders. The Liverpool, Stoke and Southampton game were supposed to be 9 points. I can’t see Leicester and Man City doing poorly in those games and if my memory serves me right, Leicester have now beaten Stoke and Liverpool in the last 2 games.

    And perhaps late….what a superb January window Wenger had.

  21. Every goal keeper turns into a prime buffon against arsenal. Last time it was jack butland and now forster. He made 9 saves today, his previous best was 7 and that was against arsenal too in Dec 2014. Coming up next is Bournemouth’s goal keeper.

  22. hey we should have bought that Afobe when that premier league team sold him for a couple of mill oh wait !!!!

  23. If you think our little man will stay with Arsenal your all nuts A S will go man city coz he is a winner. Everyone and its sister has said we need a CF but AW just won’t get it in his head. Time the men up stairs took matters in ther own hands and changed things. Keep saying the yank needs to go and we have the man in place who wants to spend his cash on the club not just the team. It needs doing now

  24. is the tottenham squad better than ours
    is the Leicester quad better than ours
    no and no so where is the problem errrrrmmmmmmmm

  25. The usual “4th place trophy”anyone?Same movie year after year-are you not tired already of this sh….t?I gave away any hope.The cancer eating Arsenal from inside is the inept Wenger.This stubborn senile must go very soon.He cannot bring something new to the team,he is a brake for the club.

  26. Looking up at Spurs at this point in the season?

    They look so much more stable too, steadily building results while it looks like every team in the world has worked Arsenal out.

    Sad times.

  27. I have come to believe Wenger is his own enemy! Surely any sensible manager would not have brought almost wholesale except two players the team that was recently beaten 4-0 at Southampton. What was Coquelin and Elneny doing on the bench. Any sensible manager would have rested Flamini and Ramsey and started with Coquelin and Elneny or if he started them they should have been subtituted at half time. Wenger ought to be ashamed of himself and his lack of initiative! If he fails to deliver this season let him just call it quits.

      1. you have point twig, however we’ve seen flamini play, and if elnenny isn’t ready wenger should have bought an adequate replacement

    1. Where expecting differently from him of course not he believes so much in this rubbish he calls a team. He is the best mediocre coach in the world and very senile.

  28. Arsenal meltdown starting from January has started again that is what public has been predicted, why cant Arsenal prove public wrong, Wenger doesn’t have winning competitive and fighting spirit in him, its a shame, now i want to see how we want to top Tottenham, Leicester and Man city gone for sure.

  29. WTF is wrong with people on this site!!! Its normal to be frustrated when we lose, I get it, i’m frustrated too. But to abandon and abuse the team like this is just ridiculous. The players gave it all they could, they fought hard against the determined ref and the southampton side. If you are all about supporting the team only on good days, then you are all fake! Idiots!

    1. the team gave it their all, the fans you abuse earn average £2-300 a week, the players £70-80,000 a week, and the fans shouldn’t man get a grip man

    2. @gunberphyte
      I’ve supported this club for 40 years and one thing I do know is that THIS squad is not good enough to win the EPL
      We have players that are deserving of winning it and some who are defiantly not
      The persons who are responsible for this year in year out failure to improve are the board members and Arsene Wenger
      So shut yer yap when you call people fake you only show your ignorance

  30. Stupid wenger along with the deluded akbs are the main problem of arsenal. 4th place trophy every f**k*ng year and yet they are happy.

  31. Why are we blaming the players?? This has been happening for 11 years now,and in those 11 years there has only been one constant, Arsene Wenger. it’s high time we stop beating around the bush,Wenger Can never win the league again and he has to go.I do not care who replaces him, just as long as we have someone who actually tries to win the league rather than an old man living off past glories.

  32. 4th and we will be lucky to hold on to it Man Utd are about to overtake us just like the Spuds.
    Who to blame WENGER is but he will come up with every excuse you can think of.
    He Fxxx up in the Transfer window by not buying a Top class striker and please don’t tell me
    there was no one available. Every player is available at the right price but penny pinching
    Wenger won’t spend. Time for him to go. Forget about the Premiership, Champions League.

  33. I hate that word solidarity he comes out with that after every game, jesus for 8 m learn a different word

  34. Truth be told, supporting Arsenal is not good for the health.

    Wenger should be forced to step down at the end of this season. We need a younger Manager who is success Driven. The west ham Manager would do a better Job than Arsene. We have a good squad. We just dont have the right manager who could bring out the best from this team. Wenger has been in Charge since 1996 and has only 3 EPL titles in almost 20 years. We need a new Manager at the end of the season.

  35. I think I agree with you Gooneristic truth buy quality players no he believes in the rubbish he calls a team. If Messi comes knocking he will send him back even in his dreams Messi will not wick Arsenal’s way. The board of directors and the coach are no good they only think of their pockets and not winning trophies. They are back to the traditional fourth place Arsenal FC traditional losses Wenger the failure and you blame Mourinho for calling him a chief losses course he is right. Wenger as a coach outside the league what else had he won nothing. For the club to go forward the board of directors and the coach must leave. They could not persuade Pep Guardoila to the club. Like I said and will continue to say they are losses do not have the mentally of winners. Yes they won FA cup twice but winners do not think of winning trophies in their league but outside it also. Well Arsenal are local Champions and losses at it.

  36. Did Elneny even make the match day squad? Why buy a player if he’s not better than what we have now? I’m sorry and I have a lot of respect for Wenger but saying you’re only going after exceptional players and do the opposite is a bold face lie and a slap in the face to fans worldwide. I feel so bad for Özil and Alexis after today’s performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if 1 of the 2 end up at City when Pep takes over or flat out leaves. I would have rather seen Iwobi than Walcott. Giroud is a good second ST not a regular starter even though he’s our highest scorer this season. This should be Flamini’s last game and Ramsey needs some time on the bench but who will fill in? Elneny who can’t even make the squad of the day. Others are looking quite shaky as well but what’s the point. Thank GOD for Cech, the only positive from the game was a clean sheet for him.

  37. the truth is Ramsey is not a good player. it always pains me whenever i see him in the starting line up. he’s the one making Flamini looks porous. Arsene has lost it also, the moment he started to complain that El-niny need to adapt to the league i concluded that he has lost it. a very Biased coach. look at Podolski now for God sake he’s been scoring goals for Gala in their leaque and champions league. He will just kill El-niny on the bench like he did to podolski. ever since poldi left no one can even try top score from a far. Ramsey should learn how to play in Midfiield from Chelsea’s Mikel. Mikel has never cross the centre half, always protecting the back 4. we’re jst shit with no zeal.

  38. If we dont win the PL, you can only blame Wenger

    1. Did not strengthen outfield in summer
    2, Did not get Top striker and Top DM in summer
    3, Too much faith in Wakcott, Ox
    (Giroud has done okay. Campbell played well but not a goal scorer)

    I will commend Wenger for getting Cech

    City got Sterling, De bruyne
    Wenger fell short in the transfer window to put us over the line

    None of our last 4 PL opponents are even in the top 5
    Looking like Very Sad season

  39. I am not only disappointed but sad because wenger is his own enemy.due to his loyalty to some players whom I think should be giving him a great performance week in week out but no they aren’t. e.g any other club would have sold all our so called English core..i can’t believe walcot is the highest earner In arsenal. the guy is a rubbish player and so is all other English core we have..
    about the game the line up was OK..everyone including me wanted this lineup minus flamini but I can understand coq just came back from injury.
    but the players am more dissapointed in today has to be campbell, bellerin and walcot..what rubbish was that.campbell kept giving the ball away,passing backwards and sideways. bellerin has been poor since December but walcot why he is ahead of iwobi is beyond me..i thought sanchez and ozil was different class. ozil could have had 3assist today if they have converted his passes..either wenger sort out ramsey best position or sale him..
    I can only hope and pray we improve and our rivals loose form..

  40. i have never seen a left-footed striker that has no killing power in his leg like Giroud. he’s not accurate in everything. but its a pity some of you here may not notice it because he use to score. you guys are just slating walcott for nothing. the real culprits are Ramsey, Flamini, And Giroud whoo can’t dribble pass defenders and scores. let him watch Henry’s highlight please. Ramsey shoul;d be benched forever. we don’t need indisciplined players who plays for themselves. the winning key is Carzola but its a pity no one seems to understand,. the best arsenal player ever in recent times. Sanchez is selfish, Ozil a fans favorites but Carzola is the one we’re missing.

  41. Don’t get me wrong I have pointed the finger at Wenger many times before. But the players need to buck their ideas up if they want to win the league this season. Look at what Leicester are doing! They are playing out of their skins!!
    Some of our current players need a long hard look at themselves ie, Walcott, Chamberlain etc. Time to step up.
    Let’s hope we can starting picking up maximum points soon


  42. I’m not the one to get my hopes up..but this season even i believed that arsenal are gonna win the league and not even wenger will be able to stop that from happening… But it seems i haven’t given enough credit to the senior citizen..
    jan 3rd arsenal 40 points
    feb 2nd arsenal 45 points

    If not arsenal, I honestly want Leicester to win the title… will be a sucker punch to all the wenger fans who have been using ‘limited resources’ as their cliched slogan to promote his BS propaganda

    forever 4th

  43. Why on earth did Wenger bring the out-of-form Walcott in, instead of the in-form OX? Why on earth did he not use his 3rd sub? Because our bench s$cks!!! Half of our line-up s@cks too!

    Alexis was constantly cutting inside and there was NOONE to pass him the ball!! I don’t know where the fu@k Ramsey and Flamini were, but I know that Elneny would have done much better! Only Sanchez, Ozil, Cech, Kos and Monreal played with their heart tonight aaaah and Giroud. but he is not good enough to bring as the title unfortunately… Santi please come back from injury A.S.A.P.!!!

  44. So many chances and no goals!!!
    we need to be clinical with our finishing….. and players and managers
    ramsey, walcott, chamberlain
    plz get rid of these useless overrated players
    WALCOTT!!!! just can’t believe that it has been years since he has been at arsenal!! 10 YEARS!!!!!!
    Any manager would have gotten rid of him years ago

    1. if wenger had balls, he’d sell ox in summer and look at walcott and ramsey and say they’re next. shape up or ship out.

  45. Struggling to recall the last time we had a proper striker. Guess it’s that guy from Netherlands. Smh. You watch guys like Vardy and Aguero, then you realise we are just always not complete on the pitch.

    1. every time wenger says “WC CF is not available”: i translate that to mean “i’m not willing to pay what’s necessary to prise a world-class CF from another team”.

  46. Wenger should consider the 442 Formation. A diamond midfield. Giroud and Sanchez as the 2 strikers with Ozil, Carzola(when fit), Coquelin and Ramsey as the diamond midfield of 4. Juventus, Leicester City and Watford are using this formation presently.
    Carzola plays the deep lying playmaker role. Playing close to Coq. Ramsey the box to box all action midfielder. Covering distances and great energy. Sanchez the striker who can take on defenders with his driving skills and can feed off loose balls from Giroud. Giroud plays better with his back to goal. Our full backs only need to be discipline enough to provide the width when needed. This is reason behind Vardy and Mahrez success this season. It is what Juventus use to devastating effect. Ranieri understands this perfectly. Flexibility is good. Our predictable 4-2-3-1 formation is not achieving the desired result.

  47. Wenger had a bust up with Koeman in the tunnel ?
    No doubts… He lost that too ?

    Ozil must be absolutely gutted, as he set up 10 chances tonight.
    And that’s the reason why fan’s have been crying out for a Real Striker, Well before the season even kicked off!

    Most of us fan’s saw this coming, even when we were top and joint top of the league, So I would like to see the Wenger fanboys comments, Since they were pointing at that!
    Well now we are 4th, 5pts off the leader, behind the spuds and with Utd breathing down our necks too boot! ??

  48. Draws away against stoke and liverpool are not bad results. Loss at home to Chelsea is a bad result. A draw at home against southampton is a poor result, albeit mitigated by the fact that we appear to have dominated the game and were unlucky not to score.

    Any one of the above results amongst a group of good results would be OK. The problem is that they are consecutive, three points from four games is not good enough. To win the league now we need to make gains against our competitors. The only way we can influence this is to beat our opponents, so we now need wins against leicester, man city, tottenham and possibly man united. A tall order given that most of these are away games and not likely to be achieved. We can hope for first place but a scrap for third or fourth place seems most likely.

  49. shall i take it then , that , there will be no more foolish talk of winning the treble from professor failures bum lickers !.saddened though i am to say this , but , i am absolutely thrilled that we have fallen behind spurs . maybe now people will actually stand up and question the master that is our manager , lol. master of delusion more like .

  50. lets blame mert… meanwhile our main striker for 4 yrs is a 13 gpy striker, never gonna win anything…

  51. I said it and I will say it again we are not going to win prem with giroud as our main cf . When the going gets tough he is not a game changer. Our tactics is rubbish. If we are a goal down by 68 mins then it is highly unlikely we will score two goals and win because we have not got the mental strength. Many on here said a draw with Stoke was a great result. I could not believe what I was reading. Our fan base is thickle. We have one of the worse fan base in uk. However how can we blame the players when we know what their capabilities. They are not good enough to win major honours but with 4 major additions to our team is Cf RM cb and DM and play Sanchez in the middle we can then challenge. Unfortunately wenger is not going to carry us to this success. Wenger sold out many years ago to the board and collected his check. It’s not that he don’t want to win but he wants to win without real strong investment with the intention for capital gain. We just about deserve 4th place because we have been better than united. But to say we have played better or worked harder than those above is a lie. Spurs has better squad than us and it is my bet spurs or Leicester will win the prem. And they deserve to. And for those that still believe we going to go on a winning spree don’t bank on it. Yes we will probably beat Bournemouth and those who are thickle will the title race is back on but when we play Leicester spurs united city I know we will not generate enough points from them games alone that tells me all. Wenger needs to step down at the end of the season. Many have been saying and its time wenger respect our crys for change

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