Arsenal v Sporting Player Ratings – Guendouzi excellent – Welbeck MOTM

It was a bad night for the Gunners against Sporting Lisbon in that it was a very boring 0-0 draw, and was ruined as a spectacle after Danny welbeck went off to hospital, and Lichtsteiner was withdrawn with a hamstring injury in the second half as well.

But there were some good performances as well as Sporting were given very few opportunities to win the game. And here are my ratings….

Cech 6
Had very little to do all game!

Jenkinson 6
I guess these defensive injuries were the only way he would get a game, but hopefully someone will come in and buy him in January

Sokratis 7
A good warm up for the Greek after his injury but had very little to trouble him

Holding 7
You just can’t fault Holding at the moment. Looks totally settled into his role now

Lichtsteiner 6
Energetic down the wing. Shame we’ve lost him to a hamstring injury as well..

Guendouzi 8
Looked totally in control in the centre of the pitch. He is growing on Arsenal fans very quickly

Ramsey 5
Definitely not up to scratch at the mo. Must surely be back on the bench at the weekend

Smith Rowe 6
Tried to get involved but at least it was another new experience for the promising teenager

Mkhitaryan 5
Him and Ramsey are looking like our weak points lately. Tried driving forward on occassion but needs more confidence

Iwobi 6
Another one that looked affected by Ramsey’s injury and his heart wasn’t quite in it..

Welbeck 9
Let’s give him Man Of The Match in what could his last game for the Gunners. I’m still hoping it’s not too serious but I’m not confident


Aubameyang 6
Sporting crowded him out but could have wo the game if the Mathieu hadn’t cynically cut him down

Kolasinac 5
Adequate comeback for the left-back. We need defensive reinforcements!


  1. gotanidea says:

    I am a big fan of Welbeck, because he is a talented forward and a good team player which is unfortunately plagued with injuries

    However, the best player of last night’s match was Guendouzi, despite got caught a few times due to his big confidence on the ball. The way he plays remind me of how Iniesta, Messi and Xavi played, when they confidently held the ball for more than three touches to attract the opponents

    Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson were pretty good in defending, but they are behind Arsenal’s other fullbacks in attacking

  2. lcebox says:

    Best thing we can do is look forward ….. look Welbeck wont be the last player to get a bad injury its a break he doesnt have to lose a leg …. he still gets paid , he has a better medical team than last year looking after him so its not to bad and now someone else has a chance to steak a claim in the 1st team.
    Bring on Wolves.. 4-0 i feel wolves are due a big one and the lads will want to win for DW.

  3. Gworm says:

    I thought Mhiki played much better last night than against Liverpool. Sokratis reading of the game is superb and I think he and Holding together are our best pairing at present. I thought Jenks was excellent and see no reason not to keep him as a squad player. Guendozi MOTM for me.

  4. Sue says:

    Pity we didn’t go on to win it for Welbz last night – have to do that on Sunday!
    Guendouzi was really good…. no one else was really that great if I’m honest. Ramsey was really poor, doesn’t he realise potential buyers will be watching???
    Looking forward to seeing who was rested last night play on Sunday…. ??

    1. gotanidea says:

      Probably a club has already approached him? He seemed to play half-heartedly

      1. Sue says:

        Might well have done…. like you say, his heart doesn’t seem to be in it anymore!! Could be sour grapes who knows!!

      2. Sue says:

        Yes maybe he has. He doesn’t seem too interested to me, so either that or sour grapes!

        1. Welbeck says:

          I thought the injury to Danny Welbeck had much more of an impact on the player’s mentalities. If you had verbally agreed a contract with a club you’d been at since 18, only to have it rescinded at the last minute without an explanation, wouldn’t you feel a little bit hard done by? Maybe he has indeed been offered a lucrative role elsewhere, you know players heads get turned easily. Either way, I’ll be sorry to see him leave.

          I noticed Ramsey and Wilshere feature in a lot of our best goals of the last 5 years. Anyone who can score goals like he does for Arsenal, should be in the team.**

          ** Unless their form is woefully bad!!

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      To play a right back (Jenkinson) at left back against Sporting whilst having Kolasinac on the bench tells me Monreal is not fit for Sunday and Kola will start against Wolves. You we’re right Sue about Ramsey, had an absolute nightmare, looked to me like he didn’t want to know. Stick him in the reserves and leave him there till we get rid of him. By the way Sue, I know you’re going on Sunday, have a great day……Get ready for the next article gotanidea, Got an idea it’s coming up soon, finger on the button…….

      1. Sue says:

        Thanks a lot Kenny… I can’t wait ?
        I hope the FA cup match tonight is a good one & brings back lots of happy memories for you… I might have a look myself – after Eastenders though ?

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Oh and Sue, Hope you’ll be rooting for one of my old sides tonight (BBC2) in the FA Cup 1st round versus Wimbledon.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Thank you Sue, I knew you’d never need a reminder, I sent one anyway.

          1. Sue says:

            I’ll be rooting alright Kenny ?

          2. Sue says:

            What a way to bow out…. they must be gutted Kenny

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Yeah, make you right Sue, but they had a good run and earnt plenty of money on the way. They’ll be happy when they have a count up

          4. ozziegunner says:

            By the way Kenny and Sue that word has a different meaning in Australia; Americans always get caught out.

      3. jon fox says:

        It is a mystery to me how so many non Gooners – just other teams fans and pundits – have such a high opinion of Ramseys ability. A mystery because very few TRUE Gooners who watch him regularly share that view. No one on here comes out and says he is a top player; not one. Some say he is alright. But mere alright never wins titles , hence the sensibly withdrawn offer, once Emery could see in training and in matches what we Gooners had already known for ages. On this subject of how you rate any player in any team, I always listen to the fans(on their fan sites) who watch him week in week out. They know best.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          jon, I agree with you on Ramsay. Like many of the posters above, I believe he already has a contract offer elsewhere (hopefully AC Milan), because the performances for Arsenal at the momement certainly aren’t showcasing talent.

      4. Midkemma says:

        I hope Jenkinson keeps working hard.
        I honestly thought Jenks looked better than Lich and I wanted to see the card collecting RB subbed instead of Jenks, Jenks is looking a bit more like the player who broke into the England setup briefly, like the Jenks that covered Sagna for his longish injury.

        If Emery is as hard working as reports, giving homework etc… Then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jenks work his way back into the team.

  5. Jah son says:

    If Ozil doesn’t play we struggle to create open chances a very big concern for us we need additional fire power but question is. Is it a mental problem?

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I agree with you Jah son. both Welbeck and Aubameyang we’re quiet last night but truth be told got no service whatsoever. Just like to wish Danny Welbeck all the support possible in his comeback.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Wasn’t really a game that had a man of the match in my opinion, unless you give it to a Sporting defender. I thought, as everyone did, our last effort to get a ball in a good area was totally lacking. Out wide esp, they kept hitting it against the first man of the Sporting line. It was like they wanted it to hopefully find someone rather than picking someone out and making sure it heads that way. Defence, we looked assured without being troubled in the slightest, more about them than it was us. I thought Cech, even though he was rarely called upon, he actually showed good footwork and he looks like he wants to improve on that. It felt like one of those games when both teams settle for a draw the longer it goes on, only the thing is, we tried.

  7. Palash says:

    Some arsenal fans are really low IQ subhumans, the way reacted to welbeck’s injury is really disgusting

    1. ozziegunner says:

      You have to ask yourself if they really are fans? I personally don’t want to be associated with such people. Regardless of which club you support, such injuries to any player should garner sympathy; unfortunately in sport such injuries do occur.

  8. Midkemma says:

    My heart goes out to Welbz, he was picking up and looking like a player who can offer something towards a title pushing run, not the world best but a hard worker and good team player.

    I don’t think he was my MotM though.

    Guendouzi or Holding was my MotM, I would prob give it to Guendouzi though as he did help cut out a lot of threats for our def so they wasn’t really troubled. Well done to Holding as those quiet games could be games which trips up young players and their focus but Holding looked like he was fully switched on, reading the game well.

    Not meaning to knock Welbz, he done well, I just feel Guendouzi and Holding was more impressive. Big credit to those two.

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