Arsenal v Spurs Confirmed Teams – Arteta plays – Ozil back on wing

“You enjoy it after the game if you win,”

“You feel suddenly on the Monday before the game that something has changed and you wonder first of all what has changed. Of course it’s the tension before the derby.

“Before you have the tension and you have the focus to prepare and to give your team the best chances to win the game. That’s what you focus on. Satisfaction comes with the feeling that you have done a good job so let’s do a good job first.”

says Arsene Wenger.

All Arsenal fans just love beating Tottenham every year, and this should be no exception. Obviously Wenger had no interest at all in winning the League Cup which is why he made TEN changes from the easy Aston Villa win to rest our top players for this much-more-important clash.

But with our top players available and the defence only needing to worry about Adebayor or Soldado, then I really can’t see this being any less than a massacre in Arsenal’s favour….

Okay here is the starting line-up:

Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs,
Wilshere, Arteta, Ramsey,
Chamberlain, Ozil,

Wenger has picked Arteta ahead of Flamini. He is least likely to pick up any cards, but we can also be happy that Mertesacker and Gibbs are now fit enough to make the team. I’m not sure about Ozil being pushed out to the wing again. It seems Wenger is determined to get him to play better out of position. And why is Sanchez back on the bench? Has Wenger decided that he can’t play with Ozil?

Well the stage is set, all we have to do now is watch the goals go in and go out and celebrate afterwards.


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    1. @LoCkAy
      He is our saviour. Per is an accident waiting to happen on a large scale. He might be able to read the game/play well, but he can’t get to where he needs to be in time.
      Now all those TV5 haters are wishin he was still here…
      Gotta give it to Spurs, they defended well and capitalized on our mistake.

  1. Our best players are our new ones, (and Kos) what does that say about Wenger’s management style and motivational methods, the players have it too easy of have lost their belief.
    In time this will happen to our new players under Wenger.
    5 minutes of added time to try and win it but at the same time not lose it!

    1. We lost our captain and we lost our midfield engine. Of course we weren’t going to play at our best, but there’s no doubting who the better team was in that game.

  2. We should not be happy with this point.
    It costs us a lot (2injured players) and a simple draw.

    It is clear that Ozil plays better when Wilshere is not a number 10 (when he is on the bench).

    We cannot win serious trophies with Wenger.
    He just does not do the job required (managing and transfers).

    We are fourth with £173millions in the bank… So far so good.

    Next week we have Chelsea, how do we do this????

  3. Our humiliation is saved but a point at home against this Spurs side is dire. Our manager needs to have a very good think about WTF he’s doing. Our players need to grow some and step up!
    Didn’t even think we’d win today, I thought we’d draw or lose. This is what Wenger has done to my expectations, he’s set the bar low!

  4. alexis playing LW, suddenly you get width.

    i wonder if Wenger is still figure it this out yet.

    and man, you want welbeck to score USE HIS PACE!

    give him the pace by play wider and overload one side or another time to time so runners can run in!

    I don’t care if Ozil plays flank or we play 4-1-4-1, the things is, don’t play ramsey and wilshere together cuz they’re meant to be your b2b players that are playing as if they’re playmakers!

    they both need to simplify the game so they can speed the flow up, so we don’t get that midfield congestion…


  5. Players who played well:

    Players who played poorly:
    Ramsey (get well soon! And back in form!)

  6. Some of you are sooooo deluded if you can see any good in that game, the worst spurs team for years and the first time they have taken a point at ours since 2010
    Wenger is a joke
    Trustinwenger are all you so called wenger fans pleased we have 175 mill in the bank that why we buy tickets isn’t it

    1. @john0711
      Give it a rest dude. Spurs did what they had to do. Defended well and took their chance well. How do you figure this is the worst Spurs team for years. Oh yeah, you just had to make up some bullsh*t go go along with your b***h azz’d rant…

      1. Yep. Smaller teams come and sit back trying to steal a result. It happens. We could’ve done better but it’s hardly a major flaw in our tactics – for me it just highlighted two things (that we already knew):
        We need a better striker
        We need a better DM.

        Should’ve been sorted in the summer, but wasn’t. Some fans just need a reality check – we’re unbeaten in the league and actually had a reasonably good performance today – these things happen in football.

  7. To salvage our season this is what needs to happen in the January window, (Assuming Debuchy, Giroud, Walcott etc are back):
    Out: Mertesacker.
    In: A top Hummels class CB to be bought, Chambers and Hayden cover.
    Out: Areta or Flamini.
    In: Kondogbia and ideally another James McCarthy type player, (if Diaby still cannot stay fit).
    Out: Podolski, Sanogo, (maybe loan). I also suspect Campbell will go. Sell Cazorla if you are not going to use him, (I wouldn’t sell).
    In: A left and ideally right sided versatile fast Winger as cover for Walcott and Sanchez.

    Play Ozil/Cazorla at 10.
    Don’t play Ramsey and Wilshire together.
    Use Ganbry when he’s back.

    Debuchy Hummels type player, Kos, Gibbs
    Kondogbia, Ramsey/Wilshire
    Walcott, Ozil Sanchez

    Will this happen, will it fook!
    Sort it Wenger I’m tired of waiting!

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