Arsenal v Spurs: I wish every Gooner could have been there – Sheer unbridled joy


Travelling down from Scotland via the M74, M6, M11 and M25 to Cockfosters underground station, getting off at Holloway Road and entering The Emirates always gives me time to think about the game and how my journey home would differ if we won or lost!!

Cockfosters at 10.35 and there were plenty of red and white shirts around and parking the car was a nightmare.
There was also plenty of bravado from the fans on the train and a few choruses of our favourite Spud song was heard.
At Holloway Road, there were hundreds of fans, patiently queuing for the lifts and one could feel the tension in the air.
Crossing the main road and, as usual, being offered tickets for the game from touts (how DO they get tickets??) and heard the price of £300 being suggested!!!
The Armoury shop was doing brisk business as I looked around, before entering the ground at 11.20.
The Clock End was filling up and the chants were loud and varied.
Both squads, the Spuds first, came out to loosen up and go through their warming up routines and as the Arsenal players left, they were cheered by a rapidly filling stadium.
As the two teams came out for the kick off, there were still lots of fans filing in to their seats, but the noise and tension was enormous and we started off like a house on fire!!!
Chants for MA and the players were non stop, as we dominated the game and it was to reach a crescendo when TP fired in a wonderful shot that was nothing more than we deserved… our noisy neighbours looked shell shocked as fans all around sang, rocked and asked “Who are you” to the motley away fans who, to be perfectly honest, had been as quiet as a mouse.
It seemed we could do nothing wrong… oops… a penalty drew them level and, to the chorus of “Harry Kane, he’s one of our own” those Spud fans suddenly woke up, as did their team and, for the next 15 minutes, took the game to us.
However, the crowd rose to the occasion and sang their hearts out, with the players responding and we went in at 1-1.
Second half was a riot of noise from the Gooners and, when Jesus bundled in the second goal, I understood why there hadn’t been a roof put on The Emirates… it would have lifted off into space!!!
There were chants and songs being sung that I’d never heard before and it was bedlam.
Then the red card – believe me that was a dead cert correct decision.
My seat is just a little to the right of the incident and a little bit higher and it was a cynical foul borne out of frustration by being given the run around for the entire game.
Of course, as the player sauntered off, he was told exactly what the crowd thought of him.
We continued to dominate the game in every aspect and when the third goal went in, it was absolute magic, chaos, bedlam, just sheer unbridled joy is the only way I can describe it!!
The spud fans were already leaving in droves and, when the final whistle went, there were no more than a hundred left (in my opinion) and why they stayed to clap their players, I fail to understand… it was an awful, inept display.
However, our players were cheered by an ecstatic Emirates stadium, still, seemingly, full to the rafters, singing and chanting with “We are top of the league, say we are top of the league” being my favourite.
As we filed out, it was just as raucous in the concourse, with young and old singing, dancing and having a ball.
High fives with fans I’ve never met was taking place and “Tottenham get battered everywhere they go” was the never ending chant being the favourite!!
It continued all the way to the Arsenal underground station, and I have to say it was such a wonderful experience to be part of it.
One more fact, this is the only game that I have attended at The Emirates, where I had to stand the ENTIRE match, such was the excitement and commitment of the fans.
Believe me, there is something big brewing at our club and the fans are a very important part of this.
How I wish every Gooner could have been there and I hope this article gives those who weren’t, a taste of what we, the lucky ones, are capable of doing.

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  1. What was there not to like in last Saturday’s win. A great goal, Arsenal playing some pure football ,lots of character and team spirit and the Spuds fans leaving our home ground in shame. Could feel the love from our fans all the way here in Wollongong, Australia at 11.30 PM. There are some positive vibes around our club at the moment. I’m confident we can take Liverpool on and will be disappointed with nothing less than a victory. Man. City I have mixed feelings about. In one sense it’s a good thing our upcoming game against them has been postponed while they are running rampant. What is there to say about their depth, quality and that beast of a footballer Harland. On the other hand I am also raring to see how we match up against the Champions and get a more complete picture of where our team will be at before the World Cup break.

  2. Great piece Ken. I enjoyed reading it, it gave me a feel for what it’s like at the stadium in these times when you stand for a whole match due to the excitement around.

    A helluva journey from Scotland for the match! You must’ve been exhausted by the time you got home.

  3. My son has a season ticket close to the visitors end and gleefully sent 3 photos:-
    Full visitors’ section followed by
    Half full area
    followed by
    Empty Zilch perfick!

    You realise I suppose, that from now on we will expect one of these pieces every home game!! Brilliant read and then some!!

  5. If you travel down again Blackhorse road has a fantastic pay car park that isn’t a nightmare early enough and train links are fantastic from there not sure if that has changed in recent times.

    Anyway, lovely piece and your point on standing fills me with envy, that was what I always loved about away games you stand and you sing!

    1. Angus, the car park that I think you are referring to, is no longer there!!
      Buildings are now in situ – shame, because that was a secondary route we used when the M25 etc had problems.

  6. Great post Ken. I was with 2 Hong Kong Gooner mates watching the game live on TV, 6,500 miles away. We loved every moment, especially the crowd involvement.

    Made so much noise the bloke next door came and rang the door bell asking us too keep the noise down. We said “Will do in about 40 minutes when the final whistle’s gone mate”. He was not happy but there were 3 of us too chuffed to care. And anyway he wasn’t even a spud supporter!

    Come on you Reds!

  7. But Ken1945. Has Arteta put our doubts of Arsenal winning the EPL title this season to rest, with our home win over Tottenham Hs last Saturday’s afternoon?
    Great that you have a wonderful traveling experience to the South of the border from the North in Scotland.
    And from all indications, you’ve enjoyed this your travel experience when you watched Arsenal played a big deby home match against their arch North London rivals Tottenham. Who Arsenal beat to remain on top of the table on 21 points after winning 7 but only lost once in the so far 8 games season played campaign in the EPL this season.
    Ken, for your Sharing the wonderful experience that you’ve had in your journey to watch and watched Arsenal played and won. I give you big kudos. Accept them from me please. For, they are now all yours.
    Back to the question that I’ve asked. I think if Arteta does next Sunday’s afternoon lead his Gunners team to a rare EPL victory over Jurgen Klopp’s Reds team. And follow up the victory with another one away to Leeds Utd. And immediately win at home after beating Leeds to collect a total of 30 points out the 33 that were available in 11 outings.
    Then, my doubt of if Arteta can this season guides Arsenal to a first Premier League title win since the Arsenal Invisibles, will gradually starts abating. As Arsenal will show me that they are very up to the task to stand up to Man City to not allow them to undo Arsenal to the title win this season.

    1. Nice one gotanidea. Me, I’d have wait for the pound to slump further before considering another spell in the old dart.

      1. Australian dollar hasn’t plunged as bad as the pound yet?

        I think the airfare will be the lowest in January and February

        1. Ken oh ken…
          If you are in Nigeria now I bet I would have given you a bowl of hot catfish peppersoup with a good red wine…
          Absolutely breathtaking this is Peter dudry or Jon champion dishing out commentaries of how we dissected spurs our first I bet TP will hear me echo his name it’s one of those games ken bless you man really do appreciate hoping someday I will seat and watch my darling arsenal lift the EPL or champion League
          Bless up.

      1. If we come as tourists, we can only watch a few games. But the excitement will worth the price if we watch the games at the Emirates, to share the joy with other Gooners

  8. Thank you Ken for giving me a feel of what the place is like.
    It’s almost like I was there, you must continue to be descriptive like this whenever you visit the stadium mainly for person like me who cannot be there in person.
    I often wonder what the place is like now, if the building need painting or seats needs repairs etc.

    Know the feeling got a taste of it in preseason, but when you describe it like this you add urgency to my vacation, the game had classic written all over it.
    What a job the gaffer has been doing, until you visit again, beautiful pic you left on my mind

  9. And with piece of at, you have officially you will from now own be required to be giving us graphic description of everything you do on match days from the time you wake up. The tension you feel walking round your house to the time you leave the house and arrive at the emirates. The feel you get at the emirates and the rollercoaster of emotiins you go through the matches then after the match. Where do you end after the game and does it end? You have the gift to paint to us. Beautiful article. Thank you Ken1945

  10. Thanks for the first hand account Ken. Twitter has been full of little video clips of goal celebrations and singing. As you say something big is brewing at our club – any librarians left at The Emirates must be having kittens.

  11. That’s a great description Ken. I can say for once in a very long while, that I can walk along the streets of my area in Aba Nigeria, tall in admiration of my ‘enemies ‘ fans of Chelsea, Tothenham, Manu & Man and Liverpool without being mocked. If only everyone (coach & players do the right thing, we shall get there (top 4) this season. Congratulations boys. Congratulations Arteta

  12. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed my article.
    I’m glad it’s given you an idea of what The Emirates was like on Saturday.

    I should have added that, once the whistle went for the end of the game, the concourse is jammed tight and the walk past Tony Adam’s statue to the Arsenal tube is station would normally take 5 minutes, but on match day, one can expect 45 to an hour while queuing and, of course, the crowds (when we have won!!) is just a riot of noise.

    As the chant goes – Oh to be a Gooner!!!

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