Arsenal v Spurs – Two points lost or one point gained?

Two points lost or one point gained? by OA

As Arsenal supporters we all have that one hope to win titles such as the league, but there are many things that we disagree on. However, one thing that admittedly all Arsenal fans can agree on is the fact that we were shocking against Spurs. The performance seemed to replicate how we played against Bayern away last week, apart from we were lucky in that we played against Spurs and not Bayern.

Tottenham clearly came into the game with an obvious but intelligent game plan, pressing high; not allowing us to get the ball down, keep possession and play our usual passing game. This was of course shown in the way in which we played. We seemed to get the ball off Spurs, kick it into their half, obtain possession and then the high pressure stopped us from passing the ball. There were no players from Arsenal who were busting a gut to try and go towards the ball in order to help a team-mate and eventually players became stranded. This is of course was what led to Tottenham’s first goal, players being out of position and a ball through to Harry Kane, before him scoring. Their game plan was successful but in the end, the score of 1-1 didn’t pay dividends for Tottenham as we clinched a draw in the 77th minute. Therefore, as a result of injuries, a shocking display and a perfect substitution in bringing Gibbo on for Joel, did the draw give us a platform to build on after the international break with the one point, or was it a disappointing result and thus it was as though we lost two points?

As the majority of Arsenal fans know, City also drew 0-0 with Aston Villa, a result which gave us a huge chance to claim the top spot of the Premier League, had we beaten Spurs. We would have headed into the International Break on top spot, before Walcott and the OX were back from injury, which would carry our march on towards the title. A win would have been the preferable result in order to have achieved this and therefore drawing to an of course ‘mediocre’ team like Spurs is disappointing when we would have liked to have gone top of the table. Two points were arguably lost due to this as we are sitting in second place instead of being top of the league.

However, I don’t believe that this game is two points lost, but more so one gained, for the reasons that we have an injury list that is mounting, City also drew today and the run in of fixtures that we have after the international break. From how we played today we certainly didn’t deserve to win, let alone draw and we got the undeserved point. When getting something that goes against the run of play, one point is a good point. Three vital players in Oxlade Chamberlain, Walcott and Bellerin will be fit after the upcoming break. This will be close to having our best team back in action, which means that we can mount a real title challenge after the break with our best starting XI. This result doesn’t put us in a bad position but leaves us in a good position as we matched exactly what Man City did today apart from we drew to a better team than they did – as admittedly Spurs are better than Villa. This in a way makes it seem as though we gained points on City, instead of matching them, which is the perfect mentality if we want to believe that we have a chance to win the League this season. Up until Christmas we have a much easier run in of fixtures than City do. We are on the same number of points and surely comparing fixtures, we shouldn’t drop points, whilst it is expected that City do, which will bring us ahead of them. This point may leave us in second but also forces us into being joint top, which is certainly positive. The positivity around us having injured players back fit soon as well as having an easy few next 4 games or so makes me believe that this is a point gained, rather than a point lost. Agreed?


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  1. We got a point from the match. Our team is a depleted one. Hope to see Hector back soon. Am missing him and others. There were only three players (all defenders- Ospina, Gibbs and Gabriel) on our bench.

  2. Although i am content with the point, i still think we could have nicked it if giroud hadn’t miss some good close range chances! The free header the best of them! But we have to settle for a point in the end, which very much could have been 3points!

    1. we’re #2: better than we’ve been for a long time. we’re still in the race despite that monsieur wenger decided to handicap us by not buying in the summer and now pretending to be shocked we have so many injuries. wonder how long it’ll be before he starts trotting out the injury excuse.


    2. Tot had the better chances. We lucked out. Cazorland Alexis looked exhausted. Our midfield was weak. Denver was making Coquelin look weak. We need players back asap.

  3. Well we stayed tied with City and United have come two points closer

    We gained one point on Chelsea though lol

    Thanks Donkey boy for your missed opportunities

    Ozil = MOTM
    Giroud = Donkey of the match
    Mertsacker = Tortoise of the match

  4. here’s the thing w giroud:
    not that he scores 17 or 20 per season or so: but that given the position he plays (6 yards right in front of goal) and his height etc., there’s a plethora of chances he misses.

    and because they are right in front of goal usually, we remember how close we were to getting those crucial extra goals which could make/break our season.

    i’m sorry, but i dont think we’ll win the title as long as he is our #1 striker.
    [i hope he wont be this season, really hoping walcott gets better soon enough]

  5. I am thankful for the draw and the point. Wenger made the right sub and Arsenal prevented the loss – that was great.

    And believe me ….. Spurs would have given anything to beat Arsenal. Their plans were foiled. That is a big comeback and point for Arsenal.

    1. You’re absolutely right – Wenger did save the game, and I wouldn’t have seen him doing that last year, so already that’s one positive about the game. The second is that the press are so negative about our performance, yet we had absolutely no pace and a decimated squad against a virtually full strength Spud side.

      Pace is the one thing you can use against the Pochettino-Spud high pressing tactic, and it will easily defeat that, causing the Spuds to use a lot of energy for no gain, so they can be easily picked off later in the game. You could see the effect of Gibbs coming on, so imagine the effect of our super speed merchants aka Bellerin, Ox and Walcott.

      If I had to pick the biggest loss though, it would be Bellerin, he could’ve easily taken on the Spudette (forgotten his name now), that everyone was going on about on the right wing, and also injected that pace. Mertesacker has to wake himself up, I think many other managers would’ve replaced him with Gabriel by now, and it is only Wenger’s faith in him that is keeping him there, but that will wear thin.

  6. Judging by how we played the game, Its definitely a point gained for me. We were tired and most of our players were out. No real attacking player on the bench as well…

    Mesut Ozil breaks Premier league assist record against Tottenham. He became the first man to assist a goal in 6 consecutive games in a Premier League Season. Bravo Ozil! I am happy for him….football pundits are applauding him now. We all know He is worldclass, Now we are enjoying his play (Assist) and he looks stronger now. He does chase the ball at times and make some tackles. We cant hear his critics anymore…

    Arsenal will be back and better after the International Break…..

  7. Let’s not forget that Tottenham are a top four side (ignoring Leicester City here who will undoubtedly drop out soon) and are undefeated in 11 including beating Manchester City. I don’t think this is a bad result at all. If we can avoid losing to top four opposition, we are well on our way to the title.

  8. I very much doubt that we will be seeing Bellerin and Walcott back after the international break, maybe the Ox and Rosicky but the other two will be out for a few weeks longer!

    Some fan’s seem to think that wenger is a genius for bringing on Gibbs to replace Campbell…
    But my thoughts were, why hadn’t he played Gibbs in that position before, eg, since the Ox got injured.
    He is too Indecisive, that’s why!
    He also knew before kick off that Cazorla was unwell but he still sent him out to play, thinking that he would be able to shake off his dizziness ? Wtf is wrong with wenger?
    If he would have started the game with Flamini instead of Cazorla and Gibbs instead of Campbell, we would have probably won, because we basically played the first half with 10 men as Cazorla wasn’t able to do nothing!
    And as for Gibbs, he is naturally a winger that was converted into a LB.

    I’m tired of hearing the same old excuses, injuries and deluded belief that our injury prone squad is stronger enough to win the league.

  9. It was a point gained we where the lesser team for 70 mins before we kicked into abit of gear. our guys look tired and need a rest (hopefully they can get at least some rest in the international break)

    people are about to go in on Giroud yes he missed 3 chances but lets give him some dam credit for trying and he has been scoring constantly for us. That type of match we missed Theo upfront to really run at the Centerbacks.

    The main thing is we did not loose we are still #2 and we have got players coming back.
    Hopefully Bellerin, OX will be back and Theo and Ramsey not to far behind with wellbeck hopefully back in Jan.

    we can do this we can show our worth

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