Arsenal v Standard Liege Form Guide and Team News

So Arsenal aim to continue their unbeaten run when they take on Standard Liege tomorrow night. They are also on a run of 10 games without loss at home in the Europa League since the embarrassing defeat to Ostersunds the season before last, winning the last 5. We have played Standard 4 times in Europe before, winning all 4 and once winning 7-0. Another stat is the Liege have never won an away game in England.

As for current form, let’s look at Leige’s last six away games in this competition….

I can’t see anything there to make me worried about their visit to the Emirates, especially if you look at Arsenal’s recent home record in the Europa…..

I’m sure we can maintain our unbeaten run at Fortress Emirates, no matter which side Emery decides to go with. One thing is sure, Lacazette and Smith-Rowe will definitely not be involved, and I am also sure Emery will continue to play a very young side that have been performing brilliantly so far against Frankfurt and Nottm Forest this season.

The good news is that Holding, Tierney and Bellerin are available for selection, and if Chambers also starts we could be seeing our new back four together for the first time, although Mavropanos and Mustafi are also possibilities. Aubameyang is expected to be rested, giving Martinelli and Saka the chance to run the forward line, with Willock and Reiss Nelson in with a shout too. Martinez is nailed on be in goal I think. The only other big question is; Will Emery embarrass Ozil again by naming him in the line-up?

So here is my predicted line up…..

26 E. Martínez
23 H. Bellerin
20 S. Mustafi
16 R. Holding
31 K. Tierny
21 C. Chambers
34 G. Xhaka
11 L. Torreira
28 J. Willock
77 B. Saka
35 G. Martinelli

So what do you all think of that starting line up? Possible?



  1. Lineup predictions are as useless as amateur weather predictions.
    Rather say this is the team that I would like to see on the field, then we can comment. To comment on a team prediction with UE in charge, is meaningless.

  2. Did I just read the word embarrass ozil?.. So ozil is suppose to do nothing and expects to be be paid at the end of the week. When did doings ones job become an embarrassment?

    1. It’s like when a CEO of a multinational company is demoted to office boy.
      Last week he was omitted from the lineup, if this time he is included it means he is deemed not good enough for first team. Much to do with his stature I believe.

      1. Or the fact the manager just cannot seen to realise that if we had Ozil or Cellabos in a CAM role we actually stand a better chance of turning these mundane draws against lesser teams (Watford 2pur7 Manure ) into wins.

    1. You must be thinking of Wenger
      Who played Ozil on left wing, Eleny CB, Flamini LB and even Nelson at RB

      I swear the criticism and insults to Emery are getting more and more comical and idiotic

      1. Innit…. to be less “idiotic” please watch AFTV and what Emery did wrong in last game. Maybe you will understand…
        Thank you

      2. Really-So playing a diamond midfield at Anfield allowing their two fullbacks all the space they wanted wasn’t idiotic?Playing THREE CDM in games where a bit of creativity was desperately needed wasn’t idiotic?Cech in goal in Baku?Xhaka Captain?Not dropping under performing mistake ridden players?…………….
        I was no Wenger lover in his later years but compared to this incompetent second tier fraud I would have AW back over him every day of the week.And trust me PAL-for me to state that says it all

    2. My suggestion on Sokratis is to get him a pair of game mitts without a thumb – this way he can’t grab anyone and the danger of a penalty goes way down. I think it could work 🙂

      1. Not really Sue.. I’ll be watching Lucifer all over again from season one, while I wait the final season.
        I’m not sure you’ve seen it, it’s one of the best series out there, seeing as you love comical lines also, you’ll love it.
        I think you should check it out.
        Trust me you’ll love it.

        Yea yea about Bellerin and Tierney I know, but that competition bores me to death, the only thing more boring than that competition is our away games.
        I ain’t gon be seeing any Europa league game this season, of cus if they make it to the finals, I’ll see that. Enjoy yourself tomorrow babes, it’s at the Emirates, so don’t worry, you’re safe for now, no heartbreaks

        1. I’ve not seen it, but if it’s as good as you say, i ought to check it out! I’ve been watching Good Girls (Netflix) again… love it!
          🤣🤣 safe for now! Phew!!!

          1. Actually, Sue Lucifer was on Fox season one to four, Fox got it cancelled last year but fans of the show actually called Lucifans, millions of them anyway had to protest on Twitter and other social media with the hashtag SaveLucifer. That movement was powerful enough Netflix took charge instead and released season 5 this year, an amazing and the best season yet, the final season airs next year. So you should be able to see it on Netflix, I just don’t know if season one to 4 would be on Netflix since it started under Fox.
            Anyways, I intend to download season one to four and have it saved on my PC😆😆
            You really need to check the show out

    1. nice one eddie. do you know if the green bowls are back on the telly yet ?, exciting stuff , lol. anythings better than europa league i think.i think i might just sign up to a tiddlywinks club for thursday nights , just for the winter mind !>

      1. Gerry I don’t really know about that since never saw it personally.. Tiddlywinks much more better than the football we play nowadays😂😂

        1. agreed eddie, there is so much more fun in tiddlywinks. i dont think any of our players are enjoying football this season, that spark is totally gone.

    2. Totally agree Eddie, i didnt watch the game Mon night and from what i hear it was P poor, even when wenger was at his worst i used to watch the games
      I cannot stand being bored to death its like watching a cheaper version of mour

  3. I wish we could rest Aubameyang but we can’t

    I’m thinking we could start martinelli and bring on Aubameyang if needed


    Bench: Leno, Holding, Bellerin, Tierney, Smith Rowe, Guendouzi, Aubameyang

    1. We can rest Aubameyang in this game and still shine with the youngsters. We have to believe in them. Martinelli is not a nine day wonder. He is a baller and will be much better with time.

  4. Pepe must play in Europa games to get his game going and develop an understanding with his teammates, as I mentioned in the previous article. It is important that Pepe plays himself into form using these games.
    It’s a game between two teams, so there is no embarrassment in playing for your club. Remember we got roasted by Watford not too long ago.
    Btw, Xhaka needs some time off to sort his head out before being played even in these tournaments. Captain or no captains he is badly out of form.
    I’m hoping Freddie is in charge of this game too.

    1. Viju Jacob
      Your comments are starting to sound like jokes, do you really think an assistant coach can do anything with the head coach, please get real Sir.

        1. Leno, if you saw the Forest game, it was Freddie barking instructions from the touchline…it was on the screens, not my imagination. Please check.

          1. I know your dislike for the coach but to say Freddie selects tge Europa team is a joke, the coach has said it countless times that he will use youngest in the Europa league, but I guess you choose to see and believe what you want.

          2. I’m going by what I saw during the Forest game, so don’t be fire & brimstone with me. The instructions were clear and the lads played well. Emery just stood there and his contribution was hooking Ozil at 71st minute.

            I can’t change your mind too, Lenounhappy. Sigh!

          3. I agree Viju and expect the same Thursday when I expect the B team to again play with flair and freedom and win the game. Then back to reality Sunday and a struggle against Bournemouth with Fraser running riot🤬

  5. There is no place for Ozil in this game too, as the Tinkerman decided to play coy when asked a direct question at the presser.
    Now we can all put out our suggested lineup in peace.

    Saka. Ceballos. Pepe
    Willock. Torreira
    Tierney. Chambers. Holding. Bellerin

      1. SAGooner, I was quite surprised he was overlooked for Captaincy, as he had all the attributes. He is not even in 5, sadly.

  6. OT*
    Anybody now anything about us trying to sign Odegaard from RealM? Saw it on Eurosport. Says we have to get rid of Ozil before we can make that move though…

    1. Rumours are that Barcelona are coming for Ozil.
      Another one is that Wenger is taking over at AC Milan and Ozil might head there.
      The sad part is that none of these rumours are about he playing the beautiful game for us. Our loss.

    2. Don’t know about it, but more importantly is he good? Back then, he seems like a overhyped wonderkid, I wonder if he makes the cut?

  7. SUE, way too much seven up altogether ,but tis well worth it . that game at white tart lane will never be forgotton, by us arsenal fans, hahahahahaha.

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