Arsenal v Sunderland Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

With Arsenal missing so many crucial first team players, Sam Allardyce will be hoping that his Sunderland team can cause the Gunners problems although they themselves are also suffering from injuries to key personell.

With Francis Coquelin and Santo Cazorla both ruled out for at least three months, Arsene Wenger will have to find a new central midfield pairing to sustain our assault on the Premier League. At the moment that looks to be Matthieu Flamini and Aaron Ramsey that will fill the gap, and Wenger believes that Ramsey will be the key to our success now that he is back in his favoured position. “I believe that a change of positions can help with development when you do well,” Le Prof said. “When you don’t do well, it can change your confidence.

“In Aaron’s situation, I think he has done extremely well – on an individual front, because he has developed a sure technique and I believe he has developed the quality of his runs and his positional play.

“On the team front, he has helped us as well because he balanced a very offensive side by being one more midfielder. That has helped us a lot.”

He can certainly cover some miles on the pitch o maybe this role is taylor-made for him, and hopefully he will find his scoring boots again too. For Sunderland, Wenger is keen on Yann M’Vila, who he tried to buy for the Gunners a few years ago. “He was a very young, promising midfielder and we were interested in him,” Wenger continued. “But the year we wanted to bring him in, they did not want to sell him.

“He had a few off-the-field problems but it looks like now he’s stabilised and he’s of course a very good player who is a regular player in the national team in France.”

With Sunderland missing Jack Rodwell, Jermain Defoe and Seb Larsson today, Ramsey and Ozil should have some extra space in midfield to feed Giroud. We need to take an early lead to settle our nerves and keep it tight at the back.

I have already decided on the starting XI that Wenger will pick, which I discussed earlier


Gibbs Ozil Campbell

Flamini Ramsey

Monreal Gabriel Mertesacker Bellerin


It certainly looks a lot different to our usual starting line-up, but if Ozil and Giroud are in their usual form then I don’t see why we can’t beat Sunderland today. I am predicting one early goal, then another one late on to secure the points.

Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland

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  1. …… Knowing Wenger, he might start Chamberlain but I will go with this line-up, it’s the best we have got presently. I want to see Walcott get some minutes, Wednesday is very important for us.
    I hope Campbell plays well today, predicting 2-0.

  2. Not that taking the lead against wba and Norwich made any difference ?
    Anyways, There’s no excuses for not beating fat man sam, who’s now a wenger fan ?

    5 nil to the Arsenal..

    Giroud 2
    and Walcott to come on and score 1.

      1. Hahaha it’s gonna cost them 6 shirt’s to make one fit me, mate! ?? just kidding, I’m not after a shirt,
        I’m good, walking around like Tarzan ?

  3. Won’t be surprised to see

    Ox Ozil Ramsey
    Flamini Chambers
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

  4. I hope we hold on to a 1 0 scoreline today and neither ramsey kos monreal or bellerin should get injured
    an ozil goal would be just but enough for me provided we dont concede

  5. I can see us struggling today to breakdown the Sunderland defence and i’m sorry to say the best we’ll get will be a draw.With all the injuries we get every season and the length of time they take to get back, Arsenal FC need to look at there medical and conditioning staff.It happens every season to us but not to the other teams .Why?

    1. we also need to Look at wenger and the nature of players he brings into this team, his Training methods , player utility , rotation policy and his attitude in the Transfer window……

      Wenger may just be the chief / primary reason


      I rest my case….

      1. Fans need to look at themselves, negativity leading up to a day we could have went top. Two days ago I replied to someone asking where an akb is because he imagined he was right to have some sort of beef with, two days later we have chance to go top of table but for Leicester, me thinks they have been complaining for so long that they believe complaining and moaning is their sole purpose forgetting altogether how they are apart of AFC’s support.

  6. I’m hoping OX, Theo and Koscielny play today to at least get some match time for Olympiakos

    I’m hoping OX starts today

    Also, I will be more than happy with ANY type of win, whether 5-0 or 1-0. A win is a win especially in our injury situation

  7. Anytime I see mert in line-up it scares me-we lost so many games.
    Arsenal gotta clean itself of ballast:mert,arteta must go first.
    3:0 today-ox,Ozil and flamini.

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