Arsenal v Sunderland review – Lucky Black Cats survive

Arsenal started the first half with good intent and the incoming Jack Wilshere looked sharp and determined to shine on his first start in some time, with Ramsey and Cazorla in the central midfield positions, Ozil in the number 10 role and Alexis on the left.

We were playing well and creating some really good opportunities but Sunderland were set up to stifle us and defend deep. They did it well but Arsenal also needed to sharpen up with the final ball of the finishing touch.

It was a rare chance but after a quarter of an hour we needed Ospina to be at his sharpest to cut out a through ball which had Defoe going one on one with the keeper and then again with Graham. I did worry that without Coquelin we ran that risk of being caught too far forward.

Our Colombian keeper saved that happening just five minutes after the break with a save thsat would have been played over and over had it been by Courtois or De Gea. And he was called on a few more times even though the Gunners were creating much more.

A host of great chances came and went with the visitor’s goal seeming to have some sort of protective spell cast on it. Alexis had just headed one of many chances wide when Wenger brought Walcott on for Wilshere with 25 minutes left. The onslaught continued but Sunderland still nearly grabbed the opener.

They were saved from an goal by the woodwork but always seemed to be in the right position to block our shots, intercept our crosses and all the rebounds went their way. So with 10 minutes to go Wenger turned to Rosicky in place off the off colour Ozil. Almost immediately the Czech unlocked the door with a great move between him, Alexis and Walcott but Rosicky shot wide.

Pantilimon denied Walcott and he had played a blinder but Arsenal were so unlucky not to score but at least the point ensures third spot. A good game but a disappointing result in the end.


    1. “the emirates is not yet a fortress”……… I got thumbed down for saying this the other time…….. Thumb me down again……

      1. Lol! They see the name KickAssFan and they all go senselessly noughts. They thumb down my comment, whether it makes sense or not (often makes sense, makes sense more than Arsene)

        Watch this: Wenger isn’t tactically sound.

      2. Against Manure,…….A running giroud VS a crawling Jones clearly highlights how ridiculous and mediocre our striking force is…….

        1. Against MUFC, Giroud was just trash. OH, dear heavens!!!!! How come most of you here can see the obvious fact that Giroud IS NOT GOOD ENOuGH FOR ARSENAL???

          1. Over 100 goals this season and Giroud has had minimal input. Think what a top striker would offer?
            Frontline of Reus Sanchez Walcott anyone?

            1. Where are you playing Reus, Sanchez and Walcott. I give you that it would be fast but think about it. Reus is a LWF. That means moving Sanchez to the right as we have to keep him on a flank- with the protection he offers a full back through his tracking back. That leaves Walcott through the middle, are you really happy with that?- holding the ball up & with his back to goal he’s not going to be effective is he? Same with Lacazette, a popular name for people to write on here. That’s why Giroud plays through the middle in our front 3 system. Admittedly he could use some competition.

        2. i prayed: “somebody please teach me how to do hold-up plays against a bus parking side” ….. Solemnly, a voice answered…: “u r deluded and wasted son!”

          1. I wonder where all the “hold-up play” fans have gone. Special analysts of “hold-up” play.

      3. once Theo came on!…….. PantiLimon got busy the whole time……….can’t believe wenger’s wing experiment continued until the season’s end……..wat must it take to bring this deluded man back to reality?

          1. He’s not a shitty keeper, he has the second best saves percentage in the league this season. Behind Ospina.

      4. Had to be the easest game for full backs no defending on Gibbs side.Ozil and Wilshire should have come off half time,they can’t shoot, what a difference Walcott and Rosicky made if they had been on we would have scored hope he plays Walcott and drops Ozil. Ramsey and Le coq best in midfield CB

    2. We have no bite. Midfielders bouncing the ball off a statuette striker is just too predictable.
      Our full backs cannot cross a ball. And playing four attacking midfielders must go

    3. I’m just scared we lose to west brim 3 zip and manure beats hull 5 zip, shiiiiiiiiit.?am I paranoid?

        1. Shiiit ur telling me that’s gonna happen? For real? I think hull won’t go out with a fight plus manure are as shiiit as us at the moment. Plus we should be able to get a posing at home

    1. Man, we have no striker. Subs must be made early. Some players shouldn’t be untouchable.

      1. @kickassfan
        So FCKN right…
        Rosicky, Le Coq and Theo should have started. We would have ran them ragged…
        Instead we had Jack, Ramsey and Ozil tryin to walk the ball thru a fckn blue wall. Hectors sublime crosses went to waste.

  1. We’ve forgotten how to score.

    Swansea and today’s result serve as a reminder that we’re nowhere ready to challenge for the league.

    Stopped watching after 60 mins cos i had a feeling it would play out like this and Lo and behold.

    Meh…i’m bored.

      1. goonsquad8: i hate ppl assuming this mantle of “i’m a better fan than you” and judging others.

        1. Never said I was a better have do you have trouble reading? Who the f*ck doesnt watch the game and support the team when there will be no arsenal games for almost 3 months? I’ll tell you someone who is not a true fan

        2. It’s the truth though, plus he did not say that he was a better fan, I would say a true fan would watch till the end through thick and thin, winning or loosing 85 min i stop watching if it’s like this.
          My 2 cents.

      2. Your entitled to your opinion but i hate predictability (pass pass pass, cleared, for 93 mins) and have an exam to study for.

    1. maybe AFC could consider playing up front w 2 strikers? when u have just one as a target, its easier for defenses to blanket giroud [not that thats too hard to do]
      gotta do something different.
      havent won in last 3 games i believe.
      apart from blackett’s OG, we havent scored in last 3.

    2. We lost our attractive footy the year fabregas and nasri left

      Now we just pass side to side slowly with no intent even tho we have an amazing counter attacking team with pace which would be more effective rather them this crap last 3seasons


      1. I am pleased for Sunderland,they fought hard on this one in order to survive.
        This team barring Giroud was the one we were playing in the start of the season puting us 15 points behind Chelshit.
        We got stronger when some of those guys were injured.
        Our best team had Sanchex and Ox on the wings,us playing quick counter attack but no mr Wenger wants to play it a la Barca,slow aaaaaaaaaaand tecnik.
        We don t have the players for that,our only world class players are sanchez and Kosc.Ozil need to play with fast guy to be effective with his passes.
        Ramse and Wilshere are inconsistent,we nedd to keep Walkot and just buy a striker,a DM and cech but not necessary.

  2. Lucky Cats? It was us who were lucky, Sunderland deserved to win by the look of the chances they had. We had 30 shots against them, maybe 2 of them were dangerous.

    Horrible, horrible Arsenal. We don’t look like a team who deserves to play in the FA final.

    1. Now Arsene may finally realise that we are a few quality signings short, definitely a striker any how. If won our last games and claimed second spot Arsenes belief in the lads would be stronger than ever, he was even talking for a while as if we had second sewn up.

      Dont know what i was smoking for i could have sworn sund where already safe before game.

      Sick to death of not having any midfielders who can strike a ball from distance, wouldnt mind but its not even huge distance as opponents arent even threatened when we are twenty yards out. They just block all passing routes and cover runs, its like they know exactly what we are going to do ;-/

      1. Sunderland congested their defence surely shooting form distance wasnt going to work, since the chances of the ball hitting their players were almost 90%. Maybe we should have created scenarios where they would mis-tackle and cause a penalty. More skilful player the Sanchez, Carzola etc should have been more in the box than outside.

        1. You go over the players and high into corner behind keeper, if you are any good you can do a bergkamp special from Sanchez position.

    2. Im with u men, arsenal players and specially wenger has yo be embarrased….3 points in the last 4 games! 1 goal in 4 games! (A deflected shot) and is chelsea the boring team? We wing win epl nevera if We dont change….Lucky cats? The truth is that even if we had 50000 chances, they have the betters (two hand to hand with Ospina) Now wenger forgot his “quality rather than quantity”….finally, wenger attack a team like swansea to play for the draw and he plays IN HOME, manage a big team with too Many much resources and go with a midfilder without goals like wilshere on the wing and bench walcott…that plus ozil who dont know how to shoot eather (i like ozil, but nobody can say that he has goals)…those things show us that wenger is unambitious men and dont like to win

  3. With 4 games left Arsenal had 2nd place in our hands. Proceeded to bottle the last 3 games and prove there’s still a significant gap between us and winning the title. We have no clue what to do when teams park it.

    1. We’ve had one goal in the last 4 games, this is effin embarrassing. We can’t go on camping outside their box. It’s easy to defend against, it’s easy to counterattack against. When are we going to learn? I’m starting to think we need a new winger more than striker, playing with ramsey/wilshere on the wing is just killing our attack.

            1. He’s still got it. don’t you think, he he’s a winger, bangs a few in for city, and is realistic.

              1. A) not a winger, he’s a CM
                B) He would improve the ‘squad’, yet it’s the first 11 that needs improving.

                If you’re looking at picking up a bosman transfer it has to be Gourcuff from Lyon for me, perfect Rosicky replacement who won’t demand crazy money or masses of playing time despite having unreal ability. Milner? good workhorse but not improving us.

                1. He would be a free transfer to replace Rosicky who made just 5 starts this season….

                  Not saying bring him in at Ozils expense, just as experienced quality cover should Rosicky depart. Gourcuff ticks every box imaginable as Rosickys replacement in the squad, and for free would be a savvy deal.

                  What don’t you get about that? He’s injury prone? Ok good thing he’s simply cover….I bet he’d still get more than 5 starts.

                2. So your implying that rosicky doesn’t start because he is injured? Is thay correct?

                3. No I’m implying a free agent with as much quality as Gourcuff would be a savvy move to replace a guy who barely has an input in the team (rightly or wrongly).

      1. Perhaps both. We need a winger who can pick the ball up 30 yards from goal and dance his way through 3/4 defenders out of sheer ability – why Ox is so sorely missed even though his end product isn’t there yet he commits defenders all over the show. Highlights the sensibility in looking at Sterling tbh.

        Giroud is a quality OPTION, but he’s not a star man. A ST like Higuain is needed, someone who offers genuine world class ability. I know some on here like to call Giroud world class, but the true world class players don’t have any real doubters of their status. If Giroud played for Liverpool many of us wouldn’t bat en eye.

    2. when teams park it, we pass side to side until we’ve compressed the sh*t out of them. it’d be better to invite their D to come out and play with more open space. for f**cks sake, we have to do something different against these parked buses: everyone’s going to be doing it to us. the other thing, is that on the rarte occasion when they come out, we need to have pace to counterattack — but we cant do that bc OG is 2 steps where he needs to be on counters. bellerin passed a couple of times to the sweet spot, and OG was 1 or 2 yards behind.

    3. Team looks very fatigued and Wenger keeps playing the same names even when we’re virtually safe. The man really needs to rotate or step down the trainings because this is not a good look for us. Sanchez already hit the 50 games mark and the season didn’t even end yet.

      Start Wilshere, Walcott, Rosicky, Chambers, Gabriel and maybe a youth player vs WBA to give some of the lads a breath especially Ozil, Santi and Sanchez they’ve dropped alot in their performances in recent weeks.

  4. We wasted our 1st half, Walcott should start than try out wilshere on the wing. Giroud is a waste of space.

    1. lets not let OG’s 1 purple patch over last 3 yrs blind us to the fact that he’s not AFC material. he will NOT lead us to a PL title. we canNOT do it with just giroud. sorry.
      we had van persie, henry, other greats. now we have a goat .
      lets not forget what we are, what we can be.
      OG is a symbol of settling for less.

        1. Any striker surrounded by 8 defenders will struggle to get hold of the ball. But the problem with OG is when he get that precious opportunity he misses!

      1. 13 years we had one or both of those two – just 2 titles. What happened the other 11 seasons? RvP one very good season in 8 then f**ks off – and what did our “world class” man win for us? Sorry not using him as a benchmark of what I want at our club.

  5. You know whose gonna love the fact the we haven’t been able to score recently? Christian Benteke.

  6. We never wanted the win, so slow and lethargic, you could tell Arsene is content with the point. We’ve gone back to our old one dimensional ways since the Chelsea game and it’s really annoying to watch.

    1. We parked in sund half as much as they parked themselves, id hardly call that being content. End of season we always see pace being dropped off not passing quickly also we do tend to underestimate teams expecting a goal will open fludgates only to find that first goal a bitch to score especially if no clinical touch.

  7. Wilshere syndrome is back, and the zombie wenger will probably start walcott at right back in d next game. Useless manager

  8. How can we take positives from this? Someone please let me know, if I’m not mistaken we’ve now failed to score in 3 consecutive home games.

    1. Positives was Koscielny. What he does on defense goes under the radar sometimes. Great performance from him.

  9. With teams parking the bus, one of our best bets was scoring on counters. But we move ours too slow.

    1. when playing at home, other teams will park bus and our best chances come on the counter. Giroud shouldnt play in these games bc he cannot keep up with our counter attack. [and our counter is too slow; in the counter we need to make a small number of big passes instead of tiki-taka’ing it up the field & have someone who can run faster than giroud ]
      walcott maybe the person for such games as ST; but he can bottle it too.
      we just dont have that fast, clinical striker.

    2. More runs would’ve also been helpful. Probably had our best chances from those.

    3. am I missing something here. A team which park the bus will never leave their area how then will you counter when they are always parked in their half?

  10. Wenger likes to talk about balance but where is it? Awful attacking display.

    Pls tell me how we have progressed this season? Last season we ended up with 79 points. This season we can get a maximum of 75 points. Thats not progression people.

    Different results but same old arsenal.

    1. Not making excuses, but you have to remember that the injuries we suffered the first half of the season. If we had the same team + Coq back then, I’m sure we would’ve added a few more points to our tally.

      1. No, I think the core of the squad would’ve been knackered in februay-march again and we might’ve missed out on 4th you never know.

  11. The last few games have shown we are not ready to win the PL yet!! We are not even close. Hope this will make you realize to spend big this time during summer!! F#cking cnut!!

  12. 30 plus attempts and we can’t score, rubbish, not good enough, we can’t break teams down.
    Villa will do the same, i’m now worried.

    1. Being from India I thought only cricket is fixed but seeing the last two games how much ransome money our players have eaten……. I am very upset… We can’t score a team fighting for relegation… We definitely need one striker and a winger… We can’t play santi in deeper position… We require schniderlin, Pedro and cavani or jovetic. ….

  13. Sherwood already has d perfect tactics. How does arsene expect to win this type of games without natural wingers

  14. No plan B what so ever. All small teams park the bus and rely on counter-attacking. We could easily have lost this.

    Why not sub, e.g. Cazorla with Paulista and throw him up top..or Mertesacker for that matter, to create som havok.


    Props to Sunderland. They stood their ground!

      1. I don’t. Just a fools hope I guess.

        But we could’ve used maybe Sanogo or another tall mofo in the box.

        Lord Bendtner secured at point last season vs Cardiff, which used similar tactics

  15. Pathetic arsene Wenger and playing wilshere as I blame that little shit useless, Arsene Wenger please leave the club as west brom beat Chelsea 3-0 and don’t think arsenal can beat anyone now.

    1. LW: sanchez, 2nd player: missing.
      ST: giroud, 2nd player : welbeck not good enuf
      RW: ox injured, walcott ?, we play a central player out here.

      CAM: ozil, cazorla . we play cazorla as B2B or something.
      B2B: ramsey (maybe wilshere?). but we play caz here, and ramsey at RW.
      CDM: coq (given day off). dont have a quality sub for him.

      defense: much better than in prev years despite AW doing nothing last summer (had to buy paulista mid-season, played monreal at CB and other crap)

      i’m glad about this bad run in a way: maybe it’ll make AW pull his finger out and do something in summer. had we had a bit of luck and finished 2nd, he may have done nothing in summer.

      1. Our other LW can easily be Welbeck, he is actually pretty productive there
        ST – We need one no doubt about that
        RW – for my money Theo and OX are the best pair of RW’s in the league (Arsene’s Fault)
        CAM – Ozil – Cazorla I think that is a great CAM combo as well. Who ever is on form plays
        B2B – Ramsey and Wilshire again a pretty good combo
        CDM – We need one + Coq (Schneiderlin, Kongdobia, Wanyama)
        Defense: I dont rate BFG would prefer a faster CD in his place but we have bigger problems
        GK – Ospina is actually a good GK, Cech would be better

        Cech -Kongdobia(Wanyama) -Lacazette would be a good transfer window for us.

        1. then it appears we’re just playing people out of position.
          only 1 of ozil/caz should play.
          only 1 of ramsey/wilshere play and neither plays on the wing.
          we have an unbalanced squad and AW insists on playing all his best players which means 2 cams and 2 b2bs play and no RW or CDMs.

  16. How many fking times did we play it square across there 18 yard box, that shi7t really pi$$es me off, no end product!

  17. Sunderland weren’t lucky. They had a gameplan and executed it well.

    We play every game the same way. Pass pass around the box and tries a one-two and it fails. So predictable.

  18. Seems now like we’re laying a trend for teams to come to the Emirates and leave celebrating. Very disturbing and would you know it this started with the Chelsea game. I wish I was getting 100 gran a week just to show my face…

  19. Were useless, lack of invention, slow, no passion, Ramsey is back to giving the ball away too much and should have been taken off, as for Ozil well I think he’s not worth £42.50 let alone 42.5 mil, if we continue in this vein we won’t beat Villa in the cup final. My verdict -Couldn’t score in a brothel with a fistful of £50.00 notes, absolutely useless.

    1. He is good when teams do not park the bus, otherwise he is to be criticised for that amount of money…..!!!

  20. Sanchez is a f***ing piece of filthy shit
    the only time we looked like scoring was during the mid 80s when all the play was from the right side.
    Sanchez is OVERRATED poor player. The sooner we realize the better. PLZ get rid of this ‘poo’ player in the summer.

    3 matches in a row we have failed to score

    1. I completely disagree……….he just need rest…….as a manager, sometimes you have to overrule players wish…….!!!

      1. There’s a reason barca let him go
        He disrupts attacks
        his crossing is worse than gibbs
        his dribbling is predictable
        his shooting is ordinary
        his creativity is almost 0
        his defensive work is overrated.

          1. Fine u want to be in denial, so be it.
            its only a matter of time before ur illusion breaks

            1. He’s so bad most pundits have positive things to say about an Arsenal player for once. If you cant see he’s burnt out then you need to watch earlier games again.

        1. You’re fu*cking blind, if it wasn’t for him we’d be in Liverpool’s position!

          1. Nokia810 may be a bit out or hash but sanchez did has his weak points. He is too one dimensions, hold the ball to long, he break our counter a lot of time. His energy and goals did help arsenal but he is still not WC to me.

            1. No, Sanchez is out of steam. He MUST BE RESTED at the week end and it will bring a little bit of competition for his position.

  21. seriously, we should reLocate……… I mean, is THE EMIRATES placed under a curse?

    1. Giroud did show class when back from injury but last few games he look so lethargic, I think he do more work out (bed) lately. Or maybe that just his standard(10 mils), definitely need a better striker.

  22. Sunderland managed to create 4 chances with just Ospina to beat.. 4 one on ones.. we passed it sideways a lot and missed a couple of decent chances.. We were the lucky ones

  23. I don’t know how to describe, but why don’t we play the whole game like we played in the last 10 minutes……. Why is Wenger so stubborn, I mean I can feel the players are tired, why doesn’t he change them with other players, are they just there to enjoy the match from the best seat in the house.???????

    I have so many questions to ask???????(

    1. wenger dont know much about rotation and subbing. he’s better this year. but still a ways to go.

  24. How many times have we seen that in the last decade…the AKB’s will be happy. Yet again, Wenger is clueless when teams sit deep, and hit us on the counter. We looked much better when Walcott came on and Rosicky, but we all know those two will benched for the next game. Pathetic!!!!

  25. I’m sorry. But that was an awful display from arsenal.
    Yes Sunderland came to try and not lose the game.
    But we just kept going sideways, backwards and gifting them the ball back. So predictable…..
    As for wenger playing Wilshire on the RW?? This game was crying out for Walcott to start.
    I’m actually starting to worry about what arsenal will turn up from the fa cup final…..

  26. Majority of the teams we play next season will most likely resort to this tactics. Pathetic display

  27. Rubbish… We will never win any big trophies with our one dimensional play.. All the players coming inside even though it’s not working..

    Sanchez has got to stop being one dimensional too, he has become so predictable it’s so frustrating, always cutting inside, what the fck??

    Ozil, You lot can keep going on about him but he is not a PL player, never changes any game, he has not been a stand out player at Arsenal, he just blends in as always.

    Giroud as I keep saying, he should be our second substitute Striker. But where are we going to get these world class strikers, I think Benteke is much better than Giroud but not world class too..

    Our attack is so predictable and weak it’s unbelievable.. Up against better opposition we can’t win games. We played City at the right time they were going through a bad patch,,

    We are so frustrating.

  28. Folks said leaving Old Trafford with a 1-1 draw against Utd felt like a win, so what would you call leaving the Emirates with a 0-0 draw against Sunderland? You can say I’m overreacting right now but this sure as hell feel like a loss. Major improvement needed before the FA Cup final.

  29. Pathetic and ridiculous. 0 creativity, only sideways passing around the box. Alexis cazorla ozil and giroud were awful. One of the worst performances I’ve ever watched. Sigh at least we tied, and basically guaranteed 3rd.

    1. I have been reading this whole season, just don’t know which is the worst. Maybe admin should come out the top 10 worst performance.

  30. It was 100% tactics failure. Everyone knew sunderland was gonna play for a draw and they were gonna park the bus.
    And AW started ozil at CAM when we got no runner up front? we knew giroud was gonna just stand inside the box 24/7 and wait for a header or tap-in; left-footed wilshere wouldnt fancy crossing a ball on the right but shift to the middle and play tika-taka; right-footed sanchez would never stand wide and make space for midfielder but forever dribble to the right and wanna take a shot. WE NEEDED SOMEONE WHO COULD DIRBBLE PASS PLAYERS a 7 years old kid would know that.
    In these occasions it’s time when you should play ozil on the flank (to make a perfect cross for giroud) and rosicky at CAM cuz weaknesses of ozil (slow and 0 defending) wouldnt be exposed!

    1. That’s why Ozil has got to vary his game too, we can’t keep going on about no runners bullcrap.. If no runners then why doesn’t he try to shoot more often even if he gets in good goal scoring positions time and time again..

      The whole team is so off and predictable. We need to step up or it will be the same old rubbish next season and season after that..

      No leaders in the team, no player seems intelligent enough vary their game in difficult situations..

      1. Jesus … Makes what difference … Attack with him and giroud will never be more than 3rd or 4th… Cos both are average players … Wenger better invest in serious attacking option or it will be same shit as last ten years

  31. Why does the team pass million times around the box? Are they not allowed to shoot from outside the box??

  32. Guys this is the same problem as earlier in the season, playing players out of position
    We cannot t win the league with this squad unless the best 11 play in their normal position

  33. This is how teams will play against us next season at the Emirates.. We need to find a way of playing with teams that play 11men behind the ball. What worries me is the fact that we also give teams an opportunity to score against us while they pack the bus. Seems like we win games this year when we dont over posses the ball…Emirates is to quiet for mi. Maybe the players are tired and their minds are on the FA Cup final. We need to get our mind right before the final.. Anyway, We will finish 3rd and i have a funny feeling about Hull Vs Manu….I dont see Hull winning simply because Steve Bruce don’t win against Manchester United but might draw since they are fighting for survival…..

    1. We need to start pulling defenders out there pockets and stop passing it across there goal line.
      I counted 20 passes and the cats became a defensive blur, remeinded me of a swarm of bee’s
      If the arsenal piss the hive off we get parked (stung)
      I don’t know of that made sence, I’m angered AGAIN, pised AGAIN
      Oh to be a gooner

  34. Not good enough. Basically once the injuries have cleared up Wenger is back to playing his nonsense team selection again. Our good periods were only due to Wenger’s favorite’s being injured and forcing him to play players in position .


  35. buy carvalho big guy to play a yaya tour role
    we need a pacy world class forward (lacazette)
    and maybe cech i we can get him
    theo deserves to start sunday he has played well in last 2 cameos
    sanchez and cazorla need rests so does ozil
    we should play TR7, TW14 and Coquelin sunday
    If we play as we have last few games then we will not defend our FA cup

    1. We need wingers as well bro, so add that Fifa (never gonna happen) wishlist, Pedro, or El sharrroway, or both.
      250 million should do it.

    2. Lacazette still has way to go before being called World Class, he has the qualities needed to get there.

  36. lol couldn’t even hit our 2nd place target when it was in our hands to lose…anyway we DEFINITELY need to score goals against W Brom coz this form might affect our FA Cup hopes

  37. 3rd place is done, the B team will be deployed this week end and key players rested for the cup final.

  38. For this match, we need at least one more big man up top to attack a cross ball. A striker such as Benteke or a midfield like Fellaini would do the trick. Giroud was gang up and the rest are small midfielders.

    Putting Welshere (or Ramsey) on RW is wrong enough and everyone knows it. And no plan B and C is just too one dimensional. Small midfielder cannot win you every game.

    Sign up time wenger!

  39. Now….everybody will be slating Giroud. Whereas all our attacking mids couldn’t even shoot….Walcott was the only joyful thing about tonight….and ospina to an extent!

  40. Missing Welbz and The Ox…pace and directness

    Well done Theo for slightly shifting dimension and Rosicky too

  41. I said it before and I will say it again WENGER only has a plan A that is PASS PASS PASS PASS and then get suckered. Wenger’s time is well up let someone else have a go. Arsenal have become stagnant under Wenger we have become an also ran team. Arsenal need to take the next step and become contenders for premier league and Champions League. The top 4 and the last 16 are not good enough for Arsenal. We have had this same old same old year after year.Wenger more or less said he will not be bringing any big Names coming to Arsenal in the summer window.
    He is banging on about how Coquelin is worth 40M so read between the lines no big names
    coming to Arsenal this summer.So Expect the same old crap again next year.

  42. Not matter how many player the fans want or wish to buy, they will never come truth when wenger is still the manager. He pick what he want.

    We give injuries as our reason for not being the champion but I think injuries did help us in some way.

    Next season if we want to challenge, I still think is not who we buy, is whether Wenger know how to evolve and change his stubbornness or we shall remain as runner up than be the champion.

  43. I feel sorry for the fans and the rip off prawn sandwiches they have to eat.
    I can’t remember the last time i watched 2 games in a row and nearly fell asleep.
    3 games no goals=WTF!

  44. Wenger gets paid £8 million a year but still does not know how to beat a team that parks the bus. This is not good enough it’s clear Tippy Tappy football won’t win us the league, we need to play more direct football. Flag me down all you want but we need a manager that knows how to play football that’s tailored in the 21st century coz this is not 1998.

  45. Why are we playing the same 11 all the time when a good proportion of these players, most obviously Giroud and Alexis look either tired or injured?

    And why are we playing Cazorla as DM, which is quite obviously a position he HATES playing in, and consequently our defensive structure was non-existent, while leaving our DM enforcer, Coquelin, out of the game?

    It’s not experimental, it’s just annoying playing people out of position, if he was looking to be experimental, he would’ve played different players like Gabriel etc, other than the same old tired 11… Really don’t understand the point of tonight.

  46. Team for the last game:

    Rosicky – Zelalem – Gnabry
    Flamini – Wilshere
    Gibbs – Mert – Gabriel – Chambers

  47. Only saw the last 18 minutes or so but the stats tell me Arsenal (I nearly said `WE`) had 75% procession. During the time I was watching Sunderland played without the ball.
    How in Gawd`s name can a team like Arsenal have all that procession and not score a single goal?
    I hate him but, what would I give for Suarez the animal? Wenger you are too frustrating for me!

  48. one word WTF…i know that sunderland will die today to qualify but what was that play from arsenal..pls fa should investigate about match fixing..
    positives :how koscielny didnt get into team of the season is beyond me..what a player we have and to think he was cheap..this goes to show you how a keeper can save u a point or 3 point.tnk u Ospina without you we would have lost..again tnk u walcot and rosicky for playing the way they did..
    negatives:am sorry to say it but gibbs cannot improve anymore he cant cross to save his life..we need a lb seriously..
    everybody is talking about walcot must go or should go but the person in my opinion that needs catching on is wilshere gosh wtf atleast ramsey can score or can hold his position when played out of position. never saw wilshere today at the wing he was always shoking them in the God what has happened to sanchez..i guess he needs rest seriously…the less i say about giroud and ozil the better…and cazorla cnt shoot to save his life….am so angry right now…to tnk we were talikng about second spot….i thought our injury was the reason why we were on a good run…because it was easy for wenger to choose but ones his favorites are back we started loosing and drawing playing the way we were playing at the beginning of the season…we clearly need a rw badly more than aany oda position i tnk we need rw lb st dm and maybe a goalie but am ok wit ospina szceszney and martinez….

    1. Don t be too harsh on Gibs,the lad has too few games,you can forgive him for a mediocre performance.
      The problem is Wilshere,his best position is in the middle but there is many guys in the team better than him in this place but him being a wenger favourite he is forced in the team creating a filthy balance.
      Sanchez seems to be mentally burnt.
      Wenger is a lovable respectable old man and our coach but we will not not win again big under him.
      For all he has done for arsenal let us be patient with him until he goes and stop to dream about winning things.

  49. Nothing has changed .. The performance wasn’t that bad just lacked a cutting edge …But we still need a quality left back a powerhouse in midfield and a quality attacker … And there is no way mertesakher can be a first choice all teams know he can be skinned on the counter as happened tonight on half a dozen ocassions and against a joke attack.. So either wenger continues the bs or he fills the gaps … Let’s see in the summer

  50. Just want to thanks ospina, kos and Walcott for their mtom performance especially to Walcott, keep it up, I enjoy your play tonight.

  51. Reinforcements next season:

    CF x1: Higuain, Benteke, Lacazette, Lukaku or Berahino (Sanogo to leave, Akpom on loan to promoted team)
    DM x1: Schneiderlin or Kongdogbia (Flamini and Diaby to leave)
    GK x1: Cech
    Bonus player: midfield to replace Rosicky who looks like leaving and maybe Theo if he does not want to stay – Milner, Pedro, Isco (Never gonna happen) Sterling (a very long shot) – I think Gnabry will take that spot

  52. When Alexis joined us it was like a breath of fresh air, he carried Arsenal on his back for weeks.
    It was at that time I made a comment, ” will Wenger do to him what he`s done to others before him? Will he become a scullery maid not a footballer? Well, he`s no `scullery maid (yet) but unless we get some serious strike power he`ll end up taking Asharvin`s, place on the bench.

  53. ‘We want to show that the Swansea game was an accident’ – Wenger prematch conference.

    Looks like it wasn’t an accident.

    Now he says players are jaded. Then how will they play in FA cup Final?

  54. Whoever piss with Wenger better don’t watch or read his post match comments, will make you more piss. Is like he know the problems but keep repeating it. Our manager and players keep repeating the same reason of failure but not going to solve it, how to have faith that we will challenge for the champion next season.

  55. same shit, different season, yet people on here will still say we can win title next season. Eh, season over anyways but its hilarious Wilshere got a start over Walcott today. Not surprised we didn’t score. I’ll flip a shit if Wilshere starts in FA Cup final though.

  56. Wenger admits theres fatigue yet he refuse to rotate and rest players….

    time for a change

    time for to go Wenger

    same shit last 10 years

  57. Big fan of Wenger. But how can he say the some players were “jaded” from Sunday’s ManU game, yet still trudge out the same starting IX? He says Arsenal are a big squad with capable players–he should play them and bring the “A” players on as substitutes if necessary. No excuse for the lifelessness of the past few games.

  58. It was one of those matches that even 15 minutes in, you knew we weren’t going to score, you know? Something comes over our players and they’re all out of sync with each other. Passes are misplaced, runs mistimed, we lose the ball very easy and the player on the ball has no options to pass to. But we go on watching and hoping that it will come together secretly knowing that it won’t. Very disappointing.

    There was no quick pass and move attacks. It was side to side, pass the ball to the wing, they’ll realise there’s no one in the box to cross to other than Giroud who’s standing still at the back post and impossible to get the ball to, so they then pass in back to the middle. The guy in the middle looks up, realise there’s nothing on and pass it back to the guy on the wing. Occasionally they’ll mix it up and pass to the other wing, but that’s it really.

    We need another Alexis Sanchez. We need someone willing to take the ball, beat a man and have a shot on goal. A player capable of making quick runs and making space for themselves in a crowded box. Alexis has become far too predictable, he always cuts inside, he has no left foot. Great players that cut inside, like Robben, are only successful because the defender isn’t sure what they’re going to do – they can either cross or cut inside. With Alexis, all you have to do is show him down the wing, knowing he can’t cross on his left. I think we need to move him back onto the RW now that he’s been found out. He’s lethal there too, but we have no other LW to replace him with – we need Reus.

    People will be quick to slate Giroud and yes he was awful tonight, but if you look at successful teams that break down defences that sit deep, it’s generally theo wide players that do it. Barca with Messi and Neymar, Bayern with Robben and Ribery. That’s why I think getting Reus would be just as valuable to us, if not more valuable, than getting a player like Lacazzette or Cavani. Bayern trounced Europe with Robben and Ribery, with Mandzukic as their striker, a top player but by no means world class. A target man like Giroud if anything.

  59. I didn’t watch the game, so I can’t feel ur pain, when are we going to change our manager? He is lackadaisical in is approach to things and that trait can be found in my players. They take things easy, believing everything will be fine.

  60. Wenger is really insane and will never learn. After the Swansea game we all knew that Sunderland will do like wise, yes he responded by leaving out Coquelin but still played a very narrow team. We need width. had he played a winger instead of Wilshere we could have stretched them. had he then made that substitution in the 55 or 60mins we could have improved our chances. For once he pulled out Ozil! phew!

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