Arsenal v Sunderland Review – Pickford stops Arsenal scoring a hat-full!

Well I must say this was a very strange first half. How on Earth Arsenal didn’t score is totally beyong me, but although the Gunners had all the possession and were throwing everything at the Sunderland goal, there was absolutely no way the ball was going in. Sunderland were defending dourly but Arsenal never seemed to get properly into top gear and Sanchez was well off his game. The only time we got the ball in the net was when the ball came off Giroud’s arm!

The second half started even stranger, with the Black Cats all over us for the first 15 minutes, and they were by far the better team, with Defoe as usual looking very dangerous. We also knew by then that Man City were already 2-0 up and our Top Four hopes were slipping even further away…

There were a few signs of frustration when Monreal ballsed up a back pass and Sunderland were given a free kick in the box, which just contributed to the sense we were watching a farce! After an hour though we had had 20 attempts to Sunderland’s 2, but both theirs were on target while we had only 7 on target. Then we went back on top, but again every time we got a shot a leg or body would somehow get in the way. This Pickford geezer is playing like Buffon tonight…

Giroud has scored 7 out of 7 games against these opponents and with 25 mins to go it looked like he had a great chance with a header, but surprisingly he missed by a mile and the game continues ambling along with no clear cut goalscoring chances. It looks like only half the supporters turned up, and the ones that did were probably regretting it by then…

Approaching 70 minutes and we are still waiting for a goal, but surely we are expecting Wenger to make some subs, or at least change something, and so it proves with Welbeck and Iwobi taking the place of Ramsey and Gibbs to go all out attack. Maybe we should have started like that because just 3 minutes later we finally, FINALLY, took the lead through that man Alexis Sanchez. We can all breathe a sigh of relief but it still feels like an anticlimax given that City have now gone 3-0 up…

This Jordan Pickford must surely be the Man Of The Match as he is either a genius in goal or very very lucky, but after Sanchez calls for a penalty without success, he pops up again with a header and we finally put the game to bed. Alexis is knackered but he is obviously very keen on the Golden Boot and I bet he wants a hat-trick and he has another 10 mins to get it…

With 5 mins to go, Walcott finally gets a run out in place of Giroud, but it’s Mustafi who suddenly nearly scores with his head but Pickford yet again denies him. Arsenal have had 33 attempts now to Sunderland’s 3. Incredible it has not been a cricket score!

The game peters out, but we still have one last chance of seeing Liverpool slip up at the weekend, while we will be watching the battle of the Golden Boot between Sanchez and Lukaku!


  1. Vish says:

    We should have scored atleast 5-6 today.
    What a pass by Xhaka to pick out Ozil.

    1. muff d says:

      pickford bloody hell
      hes a talent

    2. Quantic Dream says:

      Stop the moaning and be satisfied with the win.

      1. muff d says:

        im latching on to your comment cos your about as useful as a circular coat hanger
        ARSENE WENGER announced he’s staying at Arsenal next season while in transfer talks with Sead Kolasinac, according to German football expert Lee Price.
        “It was made pretty clear during negotiations that Kolasnic will be playing under Wenger next season.
        “He announced that to the player and his agents, wary that speculation over his future could hinder a deal.”

    3. Robert Newton says:

      Agreed we were poor and have been poor upfront since Henry left.

    4. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Pickford isn’t the issue ere

      Now who wouldn’t love to pay sanchez ANY AMOUNT to keep him at Arsenal?

  2. greg says:

    Alexis was outstanding today our talisman and “super man” we nervous give him a new attractive contract now!!!!!

    1. muff d says:

      we did he said no
      hes going to a European giant
      say bye bye to our ‘talisman’

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    I see an improved Xhaka. Probably he likes the new formation.

    Pickford is suddenly a world class goal keeper today.

    Arsenal is indeed a dramatic team. I doubt we will make top four this season but don’t be surprised if we Nick it on Sunday. That means Liverpool will lose. LOL.

    Anyway, glad we won…..

    1. RSH says:

      agree. But a lot of the players performing poorly all season are magically doing well. It’s easy when you are well out of the title race and are up against the easiest team in the league. Xhaka has still had a poor season, along with ozil, Iwobi, Ramsey, Bellerin and others, yet they can all pretend like they were pulling their weight.

  4. Sean says:

    How awful our finishing?? Thats what has cost us along with shady defending! To have that many attempts & only 2-0… think of it this way, goal diff could play a huge part in top4 if say liverpool lose n Arsenal draw v Everton means equal points for 4th spot. Most likly wont happen but what if!

    Europa League it is & tbh let the kids/squad players have a crack at it!

  5. Luke bratzi says:

    Well this finishing 5th when we were on a roll with Holding selected against Man City, It ended with him dropped for Spurs and in comes Gibbs with Monreal moved back after scoring 2 goals in 2games. Please sell Gibbs he adds nowt to Arsenal and get a left back wing man to back up Monreal. CB

    1. Elliot says:

      Aren’t we getting that sead kolasinac guy?

  6. greg says:

    If it weren’t for the great saves from Pickford we would have run up a cricket score against Sunderland!

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    That was hard work against the worst team in the premier league, once again we were so bad with our finishing that we made their keeper look world class lol, most of his saves were shot straight at him.
    Anyways, 3 points in the bag, the Wenger trophy hopes are slim but still alive, just hope it isn’t lost on goal difference.

  8. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal played badly but they were lucky. Fourth place is almost impossible for Arsenal, but I am hoping for more entertaining football in the next match. Results does not really matter now.

    Hopefully there will be a director of football that can build a better team next season, because I feel Arsenal is weak in player transfer department, due to Wenger’s total control and authority. Arsenal should be getting players with better technical quality or they will get similar result next season. Any formation and system would be useless if the players’ qualities are still standard.

    It’s good that they are still winning and having the spirit. I wish Sanchez will stay and hopefully there will be more players like him coming in the next season.

    1. Josh37 says:

      The only part of our game today was our finishing.. Ozil had 12 key passes FFS. No player has done that in the PL for 8 years!

  9. Goonerboy says:

    Liverpool have a bad home record in most recent weeks so that might affect them and we could also slip as well if we start as we started this game against Everton

    We keep fighting till the end…

    1. Kedar Damle says:

      They will play against Boro which another terrible weak team so I don’t see them dropping points this Sunday.. We are going to Finish on 5th this season…

  10. Kedar Damle says:

    It was very Poor 1st half by Arsenal….. They were horrible in the 1st half not to end the game in 1st half… We have discussed lot about Wenger’s Leaving the club today or tomorrow but who is the right candidate for this club to move forward… That is big question…

  11. greg says:

    Xhaka ‘s pass to find ozil was really sublime!

  12. Sean says:

    Sanchez offer that man 270k now along with the captaincy of the club. The man shows true heart & determination, why not Henry & Cesc were captains that played by example. To sweetin the deal let him suggest 2players to come to Arsenal to play alongside up top & show ambition that we want the league this year even with no UCL. One season if it doesnt happen then we will sell if he needs to leave to win things as we know hes a winner. Surround him with new stars along with Ozil, Xhaka, Boss, Holding, Mustafi, Bellerin, Ox.

    Ramsey, Theo, Per, Gibbs, Debuchy, Ospina, Giroud

    LB (free transfer)

  13. John0711 says:

    Bellerin can’t cross or pass
    Xhakas best game yet
    Pickford quality
    Sanchez give him anything he wants manager, players, money what ever

  14. wenger out says:

    Czech made some good saved today, that back pass and to stop ball reaching defoe .

  15. muff d says:

    28 goals.
    16 assists.

    if we cant keep him. whats the point kids?

    1. Elliot says:

      I’d go insane if, or when, he leaves. Surely he must make the club money just on shirt sales? I didn’t buy a shirt this year because I’m pissed, but if I did, it would have Alexis on the back.

      1. Janssen says:

        Sanchez is gone get used to it. Wenger is only lying when he says Sanchez is staying.

  16. MPDwn says:

    Pickford was incredible.

    Xhaka was excellent, sat deep and just picked out passes, pulling all the strings. Made about 3 or 4 that coudlve been pass ofon the season. Shouldve started Welbz.

  17. inkfight! says:

    On a slightly separate note, in addition to us finishing 4th and winning the FA Cup, I hope Giroud also gets to 100 goals by the end of the season.

  18. Robert Newton says:

    Holding and Xhaka have impressed me in the last 2 weeks

  19. 4th place junkies says:

    The Wenger 4th place trophy on the line.
    Arsenal fans all excited about 4th place again.
    Keep Sanchez so we can get 4th again.
    That’s the spirit.
    Barca was too hard for sanchez.
    Arsenal is his level now.
    No pressure to win anything and he thrives.
    Just like Arsenal only thrive when the pressure to win the league is gone.
    Ozil is the same now. He’s won big trophies now he is in cruise mode.
    200 p/w for strolling around with no pressure to win any big trophies.
    Arsenal retirement village team.
    Silent 0wner, old decrepit manager, players cruising on huge wages
    with no pressure to win big trophies, silent fans in the library
    reading the stock market all living off 2004 memories.
    Fans will say “2-3 decent signings and the glory days will be back”.
    But they say that every summer.
    Then in Feb out of the League race humiliated in the round of 16 ECL.
    Then the race for 4th again,again,again.
    13 years and counting.

    1. gmv8 says:

      Don’t blame Alexis, when everybody else’s heads were dropping, he never stopped. Apart from the last couple of games, he’s virtually taken us to where we are on his own.

      1. 4th place junkies says:

        Did not blame Sanchez.
        Just that who ever we sign
        Cech Mustafi Xhaka Ozil Sanchez
        it doesn’t change anything.
        Still the annual scrap for 4th place.
        De ja 4th all over again again 🙂

  20. gmv8 says:

    Where was Perez? Thought he was supposed to be playing or at least on the bench tonight.The whole thing about Wenger not sanctioning Perez, which is why he won’t play him is the only explanation I can think of for this ludicrous behaviour. If true, it is pretty difficult to swallow, as it could’ve made the difference to our season

  21. Twig says:

    Fifth…. here we come!!!

  22. Robert Newton says:

    Arsenal needed to win by 5-6 goals.

  23. ArseOverTit says:

    Sanchez really put himself in the shop window tonight.

    Ozil was even seen making an effort.

    Shame only a few turned up to watch us slay a relegated Sunderland..


  24. John Ibrahim says:

    Liverpool will qualify

    We blew it when we had the chance

  25. gmv8 says:

    Depends what he wants to do with his life … Arsenal always looks after their legends, and he is knocking on the door of becoming that …. other big money clubs don’t care .. look at van Per$ie … bit the hand that made him, won the league for Manure, who then discarded him like used loo roll .. where is he now? We don’t know what he’s doing , let’s judge him on his actions rather than click bait.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      He is at fenerbache and all teams discard the players they no longer need. Real did it with Ozil.

      It’s the norm in football

  26. Gunner 71 says:

    Ozil was brilliant in this game. What a pass to set up Sanchez. Set up 12 chances which is a premier league record in a game.

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